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 Guard Duty [A-Rank, Private]

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Akio Uchiha
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Kiri Chunin

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PostSubject: Guard Duty [A-Rank, Private]   Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:01 pm

Mission Briefing:

A grumble would come from the young shinibi's mouth as he turned tossed and turned in his bed, a result of the chirping birds outside his window. Sighing Akio would kick his feet out and fling them down, propelling his body up right to a standing position

Shuffling lazily out of his room be would creep into the bathroom, stripping down before forcing his tired body into the shower. Slowly showering off the boy would emerge from the shower clothed in his regular attire. Which included a black t-shirt along with a black high-collar cloak with a grey inside. He would also be wearing dark blue leg warmers and matching sandals.

Yawning loudly Akio would pulled the door open, still feeling groggy as he did so. Pulling the door shut behind him Akio would be greeted by a hawk with a blue container on his back landing on his shoulder, one of Kiri's messenger hawks.

Glancing over to the hawk with a curious look on his face Akio would hesitantly unlatch the container and pull out the rolled up parchment that was within it. Slowly closing the latch on the metal container Akio would run a finger against the underside of the hawk with a smile as it flew off, back toward the village.

Unraveling the note Akio would be confronted with a mission he was expected to take. Apparently the circus he had talked to only a day ago are having problems with some undesirable customers they need kept out. While Akio was not obligated to take the mission he wouldn't argue about it. After all he at least enjoyed the circus animals, plus how would it look to deny only his second A Rank mission? So as he rolled the parchment back up Akio would place it in one of his empty pouches before hoping down from the houses elevated position into the forest behind it. From there he would turn to the direction he remembered the circus to be located now and would hurry off toward the circus in a brisk pace, seeing as the note mentioned he had to be there before they opened for the day. Which was only in half an hour or so.

Darting through the woods Akio would see it as a challenge, as if he was seeing just how fast he could get to the Circus. Darting through trees Akio would grin widely as he dodged them all at the last second. Dashing through the forest the Uchiha would not notice the circus in his rush until he was just about to step out of the forest and into the clearing it was residing in. At which point he would slow his run to a complete stop before walking out of the trees and toward the entrance of the circus.

As he approached the main tent that toward over everything, but the trees themselves Akio would cut in front of the long line as he nodded to the guy currently watching the entrance. The line would become agitated by him cutting before they had realized he was most likely working for, or at least with, the circus seeing as they let him cut in front of the line and walk in to the tent without any problem.

Entering the tent Akio would be greeted by a sight that was quite different from what he had seen last time. The building was lined with hundreds of places for an audience to sit once the circus were to open and let them in. While their was a sort of back stage area where every animal has their own large pen that was shaped to fit their size along with each handler having an area outside the tent for their animals to roam when the circus is closed. Furthermore the tent was massive with a large sunken circle in the middle where the animals would be a safe distance from the crowd, while still remaining in view of everyone.

As he observed the inside of the tent Akio would truly be in awe at how much had improved in such a small amount of time. He couldn't believe that the small circus with only a handful of animals and acts that use to be performed in a dirt circle was now in a tent that dwarfed the small circle they had used before agreeing to a business deal with the village of Kiri. At the back was an enclosed area of the tent that was right above where the entrance to the circle below was. It being the only place inside the tent that wasn't visible it would logically be where the ringleader of the circus would do all of her work.

Going off of assumption alone Akio would walk into the enclosed area, to be greeted once more by the woman from the frst time he visited. "Hello, hello!" She shouted in an excited manner. "So do you like the look of the place, it's a bit more homey if I had to say myself." She followed with before standing up from her chair and flipping through some papers. "But that will have to wait I suppose. Seeing as we will be starting soon and that means you'll need this." She said before handing Akio a paper with a bunch of sketches of the blacklisted people. "Anyway get out there and make me proud!" Rolling his eyes as he grabbed the paper Akio would take his leave.

Chuckling as he looked over the paper Akio shook his head. The ringleader sure was much happier than she was last time and seemed a bit more energetic, perhaps even a little nutty. Which Akio found both entertaining and enjoyable. Although he could not dwell on the matter for too long. Stepping out of the tent Akio would take up a position beside the entrance, opposite from the circus' original guard. For the most part Akio's job would be an easy one, most of the black listed shinobi would agree to leave at the sight of Akio as fighting with a shinobi would be more dangerous and get them in even more trouble than normal.

As for the black listed civilians two of them would leave disgruntled. The third one however would be a bit more of a handful, arguing and yelling at Akio. "Who are you tah 'ell me I can't see the circus? I 'ave money, let me in." The man had a slight tan and was a rather heavy set man, muscular and tall. He would have a scare on his chin that was just barely visible through his beard. The smell of alcohol was faint, but still evident on his breath as he spoke. "I don't make the rules sir. The circus didn't tell me why, but you aren't allowed in most likely due to previous visits." Becoming aggravated the man would get in Akio's face.

Then as he opened his mouth just before the man could say something a senbon would strike Akio's hitai-ate, bouncing off the metal before the side of the needle would hit the other man's stomach and fall to the ground. Following the senbon a kunai would hit Akio directly in the calf. The pain bringing the Chunin to his knees as the line of customers dispersed due to fear and the other guard drug Akio inside the tent. A hooded figure would be unseen from the woods as he would retreat from the scene. After waiting a minute or so the circus members would carry Akio back to Kiri, his mission complete, although on a technicality.

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Guard Duty [A-Rank, Private]
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