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 Puppet system

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PostSubject: Puppet system   Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:55 pm

Puppets (傀儡, Kugutsu) are used as weapons by puppeteers. They are most often humanoid-looking creations, but depending on the creator, can resemble anything. They are fashioned in a manner that uses every part as a weapon, giving the puppeteer a myriad of ways to manipulate it. Puppets are long-ranged type weapons that can be used offensively, defensively or for supplementary reasons, and are controlled via Chakra Threads. Because of their design, the weak point of any puppet is its joints. There are two types of puppets: ones made from material such as wood, and Human Puppets. Famed puppeteer Sasori of the Red Sand was the inventor of human puppets and also created a puppet which he wore like armor, bypassing the usual disadvantage that puppeteers had of being weak in close-ranged combat. Puppets are often sealed within scrolls using fūinjutsu, for ease of transport.

When it comes to wielding puppets, one should abide by the limitations set on them by the Skill System. This allows the user to wield puppets at certain speeds, may it be slower or faster than the users own depending on how many puppets the user is allocating their chakra threads to. The Skill System also sets the limitations to the amount of puppets one may wield at a time as well, so it is extremely important to be acquainted with that section of the systems if you are interested in puppetry. No matter the ranking of the puppets or size, when wielded they count as a puppet being manipulated. Additionally, even with no solid size limit to puppets, staff reserve the right to deny puppets solely due to being too large or perhaps maybe even too small. Only one puppet may exceed the user's rank and only by one rank.

To start off with creating a puppet, you must first purchase a puppets frame. This is basically the puppets body, may it be animal like or shaped like a human or anything else one could think of. The prices of puppet frames are shown below. If one wishes to upgrade a preexisting puppet, they would simply have to pay the difference between the ranks.

  • D-rank Puppet: 300 Ryo
  • C-rank Puppet: 600 Ryo
  • B-rank Puppet: 1,000 Ryo
  • A-rank Puppet: 1,500 Ryo
  • S-rank Puppet: 2,000 Ryo

Now as shown in canon, puppets can be loaded with a plethora of weapons and devices. They can be chakra activated or simply activated mechanically. For mechanisms that involve the release or manipulation of chakra rather than just utilization of physical weapons, blades, opening slots, etc the Puppet must at least be C-Rank.

Puppet Modifications via Rank.

  • D-rank Puppet: 10 Slots
  • C-rank Puppet: 15 Slots
  • B-rank Puppet: 25 Slots
  • A-rank Puppet: 30 Slots
  • S-rank Puppet: 40 Slots

When puppet frames are purchased, the max amount of slots comes with the purchase. One may look at this and think that's a lot of modifications for a puppet, but that's because one modification doesn't necessarily take up one slot. Size is a heavy factor. This is to allow maximum usage for people who only want a small amount of modifications and would normally have some left over. Then on the other side of the scale, to allow people who favor having a lot of modifications and tricks up their sleeves to have the space needed.

Generally, as a modification goes up in rank, it occupies more slots. Below will be the minimum amount of slots a modification takes up via rank. Please remember, though you may have the slots, do you have the actual physical space in the puppet to pull off the modification? Additionally modifications are solely modifications and do not include ammunition needed for use, i.e.:Kunai Launcher. Things like this should include the max amount of amoo that can be stored for use. When it comes to placing Fuinjutsu on Puppets, this takes up a single slot by default and should be ICly placed on the puppet along noted in the puppet's application.

  • D-Rank: 2 Slots
  • C-Rank: 3 Slots
  • B-Rank: 5 Slots
  • A-Rank: 8 Slots
  • S-Rank: 10 Slots

One is limited to 10(ten) modifications to a puppet max and of these only one may exceed the puppets rank and only by one single rank.

Moving on, we now touch on the subject of materials. What's your puppet made out of. This is extremely important, because puppets are indeed breakable. Though overall durability is based on the puppets rank, the material a puppet is crafted from is also very important. Though puppets are usually made of wood, it is not unheard of to have puppets made of metals or in possession of metal areas for specific defenses.
Puppet Template

[b]Type:[/b] (Defensive, Supplementary, Offensive.)
[b]Slots:[/b] (According to Rank)
[b]Description:[/b] (Materials, Height, maybe weight, images are nice, minimum of 300 words.)
[b]Modifications:[/b] (Names of Modifications along with their placement on the puppet.)
Modification Template

[b]Slots Occupies:[/b] (How many slots does it take up.)
[b]Description:[/b] (Describe the Modification. All launchers and shooter must have ammo purchased prior and are not inclusive.)

Now onto a more advanced subject, that being Human Puppetry. A human puppet (人傀儡, Hitokugutsu) is a type of puppet created from human corpses, developed by Sasori during his time in Sunagakure. By removing the internal organs of a foe and preserving the body to prevent decomposition, as well as adding weapons and defences, Sasori can make powerful human puppets. These puppets are different from normal ones, as they retain their use of chakra and any kekkei genkai that the human host once had.

A human puppet can only be made out of a PC's body and not an NPC unless they were part of a site wide event and rp'd by staff. As said above, chakra natures including Kekkei Genkai are retained within the corpses, along with this Hiden Clan Techniques are retained too. Simply put one is limited to the jutsu the corpse had upon death. One may not purchase more jutsu for their Human Puppets, customization comes after the excavation process with weapons and other fun tricks. Creation of a human puppet requires someone with the Medical Skill of at least 4 and a 1,000 Word Count Topic removing all innards and things of that nature. Next comes the armament of the now hollow body which cost the equivalent amount of ryo as if you were purchasing a puppet. The rank of the puppet mirroring that of the shinobi when they were killed. Upon this Ryo being paid, the Puppet is ready for use.

In reference to replacing lost limbs with puppetry parts, one must purchase the limb as if it were an item or weapon. TO attach it to a body requires the puppetry skill of 3 or a medical skill of 2. This limb has 1/5 of the total slots it normally would according to rank.

When it comes to turning ones own body to a Human Puppet the same steps are followed, but this time included in the 1,000 Word Count topic needs to be someone with the Fuinjutsu Specialization at a minimum of 4. This is for the creation or rather isolation of a core that is used to hold the person's consciousness and life. So obviously upon destruction of the core, the Human Puppet dies.

A universal rule for Human Puppets is the user must have a solid 5 in Puppetry to use them at any rank.
~Credits to Poncho for the entire system~
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Puppet system
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