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 Sand to leaf

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Neah Senju

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PostSubject: Sand to leaf   Sat Sep 05, 2015 2:08 am

Neah sat within the confines of his hotel room as he sat on the bed. The curtains to the room had been drawn and he was alone.He placed his backpack over his shoulder and put on his cloak to prevent him from the deserts heat. It was time for him to head back to the leaf village his mission had been a success but sadly he was unable to use his vouchers perhaps next time he visited the sand village he would have better luck. He brought his Hands together e and formed the clone seal as well as in chain the tiger handseal in less than half of a fraction of a second. He was using the dustless Bewildering cover jutsu. The shadow clone appeared in a poof of smoke while neah disappeared from sight. The clone stretched his arms upwards and knew what he was to do. He was to make for the south gate while the invisible neah was to make for the north gate and head back to the leaf village. He had used a bit of chakra true but it had been worth it to ensure his secrecy. and so the clone neah would open the door and the true neah being without physical presence or being able to be detected since his chakra source was also gone from detection. neah would follow behind him as thy would exit the hospital and scatter to the winds both heading towards the leaf village but taking different paths.

(Neah exit)

Jutsu Used:
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Early Man
Suna Genin
Suna Genin

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PostSubject: Re: Sand to leaf   Sat Sep 05, 2015 2:25 am

The day was well into it's life span, the time now being about 5 o'clock p.m. The sun burned red hot as it just begun to sink into the sand far beyond the walls of Sunagakure. This put the sun in front of the walls. The walls of sunagakure being two enormous pieces of earth and sandstone making a pathway, Sachio was right at the end of the this pathway, practically outside the village on the left side, his back to the village. To his right would be the exit/entrance way through the North Gate of Sunagakure -10m wide-. The walls enclosing the village being circular in nature, there were currently four in number. An exit/entrance in each cardinal direction. While with the use of Earth Jutsu this could change at a moments notice, it wouldn't be happening today with how things were going. Nothing out of the norm, practically another boring day of guard duty, basically a task that was seen by Chunin how Genin saw pet sitting and pet walking. It was just something to keep them busy, but Sachio begged to differ. He took guard duty very seriously as he felt it was always a chance to watch some drama unfold. It also put him on the first line of defense should an attack on the village occur, but such things were fables in this generation of ninja. Clothed in what was now the norm for him, Sachio was rather comfortable in his mummy like garbs that was tagged with sealing formula's in all the right places. Like always it was packed with his tools, being fourteen kunai, all of which wrapped in explosive tags on the handle, twenty shuriken, four more explosive tags that were loose, a container of water, a breathing mask, and a radio if he ever needed it on the fly.

Standing opposite to his right was a Chunin acquaintance he had made while on guard duty various other times. The two seemed to be assigned the same days and times, so it was only natural they got acquainted. He looked over on a whim at the Chunin to see he was drinking water from his canteen. Some of which seeped out the sides of his mouth to his chin to drip down onto the hot sand stone surface. The moment the water hit the surface it began to sizzle till it faded away. The heat was truly something, but this was nothing new especially at this time of day. If children had the water to spare it wasn't rare to see them playing with their makeshift "ninjutsu" making mass amounts of steam curl off the hot sand. That in mind, it wasn't much of a task for those on Guard Duty to notice the subtle streams of steam proceeding through the gates then move out further beyond them. On top of that, foot steps were made by this source of light trailing steam that moved forward towards the desert of Kaze no Kuni out the village. Regardless if there were footsteps or not this steaming  would alert the Gate Guards of what was unknowingly a shinobi from Konohagakure. "What the hell is that." At this point in time the mass was 7m away from being beyond the village gates and with his words the Chunin that drank water would kick sand and sling water with enough force for it to possibly hit the target in question. It wasn't moving fast at all, but if the sand and water were to hit it would give away that this was the works of a jutsu and not some odd phenomenon of the desert. This was because the way the jutsu worked was to manipulate water vapor to create a veil that made one invisible by bending light rays. If the water were to enter the proximity it would become part of the jutsu and wouldn't proceed to the ground, while the sand on the other hand would -if you lack a physical body- or would physically hit something to halt its movement -your body-. Nonetheless, Sachio's eyes were all on this anomalous occurrence and was standing by to respond.

[shit post cuz i got some homework]
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PostSubject: Re: Sand to leaf   Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:04 pm

(OOC: Sorry for the intrusion, but I'm just wondering, based on what I just read, did you just use an NPC to attack a PC?)
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PostSubject: Re: Sand to leaf   

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Sand to leaf
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