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 Missions for a kid[closed]

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Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

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PostSubject: Missions for a kid[closed]   Sat Sep 05, 2015 3:12 pm

On the head of a crystal dragon he stood while watching the bloody criminal breathe heavily. The fight had been a long lasting one and Dray would not argue the fact that this person was good. He was good but he had to die and die he will. That was the mission and as a shinobi of the cloud Dray was going to complete this mission. The criminal was a traitor, he had been selling information that belonged to kirigakure to outsiders and this amongst other crimes posed a lot of danger to kirigakure as a whole. If the village was to fall then the villagers would fall to. Dray could handle himself but what about his parents that were not shinobis, that could not handle themselves if war was declared on the village. This was far too risky and he could not let it happen. He had been struggling to end the life of this traitor but something seemed to be holding him back and he did not know what it was. He just felt like he needed to let go and that thing was his humanity. He felt it slipping away from his fingers and once it had completely slipped away, he changed all of a sudden and a dark aura was felt around him. He had completely changed and now all that he seeked was blood and blood and blood. Die!!! He yelled as his crystal dragon charged at the criminal that seemed ready to be received at the gates of hell.
Diee!! Dray woke up suddenly as he realized that he had been dreaming but he was still bitter from what he had experienced in the dream. What if such thing were to happen, what if it was true. He had to get stronger, he had to. Dray got up and sat at the edge of his bed. A messenger bird of kirigakure no sato flew by and dropped a scroll by his window. He quickly got up from his bed and walked over to the window side. He picked it up and the markings of the scroll showed that it was indeed a mission scroll. The d ranked shinobi quickly opened it and began reading it. It read that a ninja got mad at the village because he was denied for a rank up in the shinobi system and so he went rogue. As if that was not enough he began to sell information about the hidden mist village to enemies of the village and Dray’s mission was to take out this missing ninja. Dray jammed his teeth as he felt anger towards this ninja. His dream was coming through and this was so not going to be good, he folded up the scroll as he rushed into the bathroom. He had a quick shower as he proceeded to brush his teeth. He finished this as he walked out of the bath room in a haste and began putting on his clothes. As soon as he was done, he grabbed his ninja pouch that contained basic items that ranged from Kunais to shurikens to smoke bombs to explosive tags to ninja wire and the likes of them. The items might look basic but they were the foundation of shinobi hood and they posed a great threat in the hands of he who knew how best to use them.

He did not know any of his clan techniques yet so the part were he was riding a crystal dragon in his dream, he knew that that was impossible now but he believed that crystal dragon or not, this missing ninja was going down. Dray exited the village gates once the guards saw his head band around his waist like a sash. He had not gone too far when he spotted a shinobi that he had seen in the village before and he seemed to be talking to someone that was wearing a hood. Dray wasted no time in sprinting after the young man and as both parties saw him coming, they bolted. The hooded person ran in the opposite direction of the kirigakure shinobi but Dray did not matter. He was on the tail of the missing ninja and to confirm it all, the missing ninja began to throw kunais that had explosive tags attached to them but Dray evaded this with skill and beautiful speed. The ninja seemd quite good at running but that wouldn’t be for long. Dray reached for his ninja pouch while he was five meters away from the missing ninja as he brought out two kunais and hurled it at the ninja. The young man who was only concerned about getting away did not see these threats as the first kunai stuck in his right tigh and the second kunai in his right torso slowing him down greatly but there was no escape now as Dray attached two explosive tags to two kunais and threw it at the young man that was now staggering and kaboom! He was blown into tiny pieces. Dray was still bitter even though the man was now dead. Serves him right he thought as he headed back for the village.
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Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Posts : 299
Join date : 2015-02-27

PostSubject: Re: Missions for a kid[closed]   Sat Sep 05, 2015 3:49 pm

The mission of the previous day had gone well and Dray had reported how it all went to his superiors. He was congratulated for a job well done after which he left the building and headed for his home. His parents were concerned as to why he stormed out of the house in the morning but he reassured them that he was fine now. The ate his supper and turned in for the night. The night seemed short and the genin woke up to another morning. He reached for his bed side table and picked up a book. He opened it and he flipped onto the page where he had last stopped. He was young but he had gained quite an amount of knowledge that many who seemed older than him did not posses. The book was all about tactics and trickery which brilliant shinobis should possess.

Fighting an opponent is not a big task. The trick is that you have to let them know they are holding the strings. You can’t play hard to get. You have to give your all, leave you wounds open for the salt to be poured in cause that’s what it’s all about! It’s about being defenseless with that one person, letting them crawl under your skin cause if it’s true, they’ll be the first to stretch out the helping hand. You may think that letting them hold your strings is a wicked thing but in the end, those strings that they’re holding are the stitches they use to pull you back together... It's all about convincing them. It's become a part of me, always near but never seen. Born from torment, raised on agony. Devoured my innocence, taken my soul. The demon now has control, a new misanthropic mindset. Countless days, destruction reigned. Clashing thoughts and actions like swords on a battlefield. I've become a puppet, no longer able to act on my own. Pulling my strings I bend to its will, dance to his tune, aged and tattered, It has no use for me. I look around and see nothing, only fading memories of happiness. The smile once upon my face, washed away by tears of sorrow. A puppet today, a puppet tomorrow. What if I one day die and become a human puppet, to an unknown master. I pray he is worthy of me. I didn't know I was your puppet on a string. You tossed me, turned me. Made me swoon, to your every word. I didn't know I was your puppet until you cut the strings, and I fell face-down Into what I thought was love. No, I prefer to be my own master. Being controlled by someone else is worse than I thought. The easiets thing, The easiest thing, I shall make my dancing puppet. Dangling by my string. It will dance for me. Moving only when I want, smiling just for me. Dancing by my whims, fake smile and eyes blink open. Creepy wooden limbs. It will smile on my demand. Wooden original, though it will be- dance on my command.

The books held perfect knowledge and Dray could not help but acknowledge the writer. What brilliant mind could write up something such as this. It was beautiful and it was a shame that he could not finish reading it now. He had a mission to complete and the mission was specifically requested by the shinobi that Dray had helped to find his pole while he was repairing the docks of thevillage hidden in the mist. Dray closed the book that he had been reading as he got out of bed and went to have his bath. He changed his clothes and picked up his pouch and village head band. He had a little breakfast as he headed for the fisher man’s house. The man seemed glad to see him as they both headed for the village docks. Upon getting there, they got into the man’s boat that was previously docked after they had untied it and the man rowed them away to where he claimed was his favourite fishing spot. They got there after a while as the man asked Dray to help him cast his net. Dray accepted as he helped the man. The net was in the water for a few seconds before they felt something tug against the net. It was little at first and then it became harder. The fisher man smiled at Dray as both of them started to draw the fishing net in. The net seemed to have caught quite a lot of fishes because this tug was great but in the end, they managed to bring in the fishes and some of the fishes attempted to jump at Dray but he smacked them down. They cast the net again and were very lucky to catch more fishes. Dray helped the fisher man all through the fishing process and once the fisher man was satisfied, they rowed back to the docks, tied up the boat and the fisher man gave Dray some fishes and ryo before they went their different ways.
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Missions for a kid[closed]
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