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 Whim of Winds[mission, nk]

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

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PostSubject: Whim of Winds[mission, nk]   Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:35 am


The young child sighed to himself as he preformed his weekly check-in at the village's HQ. His hand rubbed past his stomach, which replied with a soft growl. The village had given him accomodations, but he still needed to work to eat. His roommate had been busy training with his new sensei and the cupboard in the meantime had gone bare. It was a pain, but it was either work or starve. His mother would not approve if he starved himself to death because he was broke.

As the young genin stepped into a small room inside the headquarters, his eyes were drawn to the lone chunnin sitting at the desk. His attention currently focused upon one of the many papers littering his desk, before shuffling it in and fitting it into another seemingly random folder. A small black sign stared at Vaati from the front of the desk, with gold lettering spelling "Overflow". The chunnin didn't even bother looking up to him as he neared, only raising up his hand with a piece of paper outlying the mission. "Take it..." He said as Vaati grabbed the document from him before turning to leave the premises. "Don't forget to sign the clipboard" he called out as the genin was about to leave. Vaati muttered something uncomprehensible under his breath and turned and signed his name on the clipboard near the door along with the mission number before walking out.

Wincing as he left, the bright sun burned his eyes causing him to take a moment to aclimatise himself before looking down and reading the details of his new mission. "They have me doing what?" He questioned, finding the irony in the situation he found himself in. In order to get money to buy food, he needed to do a mission where he had to hunt and gather food. With a soft laugh, the small boy headed to the village entrance. The desert was hardly fertile hunting ground, but if it was one thing his clan knew, it was the desert. The feel of the wind, the motion of the dunes, and deadly scorch of the sun.

Knowing the dangers of the sands, Vaati kept his chakra focused upon the soles of his feet, preventing his footsteps from sinking into the sand and preventing other creatures from detecting the vibrations of his footfalls. He kept walking out into the vast void of sand before suddenly slamming his hand deep into the ground. As he removed his hand out a small creature was found wriggling from his hand. A rather long rattlesnake, flailing back and forth. With a sudden motion from his right hand he chopped the head from the snake and shoved the body into a canvas bag. The bag still twitching from the motion of the body, even without it's head, it was still quite lively. "One down" he said. before dashing off before quickly finding another and shoving it into his bag.

Now there was just the plants. Cactus was rather common, but shoving it into the bag with the snakes could damage the meat the way their bodies were still thrashing. No, he would need to go to the wasteland known as the outlaw's den. It didn't take him long, the area was only a few miles away. The steep cliffs and rocky labyrinthine caverns made this an ideal place to take refuge. The reason Vaati was here however, was due to the shade. It didn't take him long to find his quarry. Nestled just at the mouth of a cavern was a large prickly bush filled with small juicy figs. Vaati quickly filled his bag with the figs before heading back to the village. He knew this area was dangerous, and he needn't linger longer then he needed to.

He smiled to himself as he left the Hidden Sand Village headquarters. His pocket was now a little heavier and after grabbing a quick bite to eat, his stomach would be quieter as well.

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Whim of Winds[mission, nk]
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