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 A Challenge to the Powerful! [Event]

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The Council


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PostSubject: A Challenge to the Powerful! [Event]   Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:23 pm

A gruff, angry looking man with paper pale skin and a large, bronze bell chained chained to his back. He appeared to be around forty and was far from a people person. He looked haggard, and small, wanting more than anything to get back to his home. He wore a cloak that contained most of his body and he appeared to have a red gleam to his eyes, maybe with a black pattern, but it was there only for a moment. He pulled a stick from his sleeve and slammed it on the bell, which resonated beautifully, calming his deep social anxieties for only a second, which was all that he needed. Instead of anouncing what needed said like he had been asked, but most definitely not expected to do, he put up a sign and then scurried off, allowing for the sound of the bell to lead people to where he was standing before. The note pinned up on the wall of the arena read as such:

Ninja of Kirigakure are able to fight over the title of Mizukage.
This means you're the head ninja of the country.
You have 24 hours from now to sign up.
Sign up by coming here.

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First Mizukage Rei-Sama

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PostSubject: Re: A Challenge to the Powerful! [Event]   Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:49 am

Rei had been in his secret training spot, the spot that only he and his student Takeshi knew about: the spot where they had first met and Rei had been impressed enough to decide to take the young Uchiha boy up as a pupil, along with another Uchiha with a trouble recent past. Sweat beaded up on his forehead from a light work out routine he had developed, he was just now getting ready to begin his daily exercises. A sound interrupted his focused thoughts however, a peculiar ring, that of a bell somewhere within the village of Kirigakure. It was an odd sound to be going off in the village, the source resonated somewhere in the center of the village and Rei decided that his daily routine could wait a bit until his curiosity was satisfied. The sound itself wasn't all that strange, but a resonating sound of the bell to draw attention of others? As a Jounin of the village and someone who promised his deceased loved ones that he would protect the great village that they loved and had lived in, Rei couldn't turn away at the possibility that there might be danger within the safety of the mist.

He wiped the beads of sweat from his brow and used his forearms to suddenly push himself upright onto his feet from the push-up position. He walked over to the log which his dark grey shinobi flak jacket was hanging from and put it on, he zipped it up quickly and then breathed the fresh air as he dashed towards the location where the bell had sounded from. Arriving soon after the initial beats, Rei appeared on a nearby rooftop and looked around, there was nothing but the hell near the village's information board. A quick scan of the board told Rei that there was a new listing on the board. He visited here daily to get the latest news of the village, so naturally he would see he newest paper.

He leaped down from the roof and strolled over to the board and read the paper. it was a memorandum, an official documentation, a declaration from the Council to decide their Mizukage. So... they want us to show who is most fit to rule the village. Combat is not the only means of ruling a village, there are other qualities as well as personal character and resolve. I should take part in this Grand Royale, can't have the wrong person leading the village Rin and Yin loved after all. he said to himself in his mind, somewhat excited but quickly sobered himself up as he walked away from the board and found a shadowy spot nearby where he could see who all came by. It was important to gather information to understand and know what the potential opposition was.

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PostSubject: Re: A Challenge to the Powerful! [Event]   Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:57 am

No techniques may be used in entry
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Akio Uchiha
Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

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PostSubject: Re: A Challenge to the Powerful! [Event]   Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:42 am

Akio would be assembling his new set of armor as he heard the odd sound of a bell ringing in the village. Hearing this the young Uchiha would quickly slap on his armor, making sure every piece was secure and correctly fitted to his body as he hurried out of his house and into the village. Truly he would look an odd sight seeing as nothing was visible of his body besides the top of his cheeks and his eyes. Usually this would raise a flag, but instead everyone would be heading in the same direction as Akio was in search of the reason for the bell ringing.

Arriving at the board Akio would quickly move up to the board to read the parchment on it before realizing his new Sensei was standing beside him. Turning in his direction and looking up to him Akio would grin widely, the only sign of the boys joy would be his cheeks raising and his golden hues closing. He wouldn't mention or show anything to give away his identity, although he would not remember how rare of an eye color he had and would let that detail slip as he gazed up from beneath his kasa. Which was red to match the color of the rest of the armor.

Knowing Rei he would be competing for this title known as Mizukage. While he may or may not have been found out by his Sensei Akio would be competing either way. Although if Rei knew it was Akio or not from first glance was a mystery for Akio. Having left one of his pouches at home, the one with the scroll in it Akio was sure to bring his tools still. A black pouch located on his hip which contained his senbon while one on the other side of his hip held the rest of his tools. The same ones he would be using in this tournament to combat Rei.

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PostSubject: Re: A Challenge to the Powerful! [Event]   

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A Challenge to the Powerful! [Event]
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