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 An Electric Challenge! [Event]

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PostSubject: An Electric Challenge! [Event]   Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:47 pm

A gruff, angry looking man with paper pale skin and a large, bronze bell chained chained to his back. He appeared to be around forty and was far from a people person. He looked haggard, and small, wanting more than anything to get back to his home. He wore a cloak that contained most of his body and he appeared to have a red gleam to his eyes, maybe with a black pattern, but it was there only for a moment. He pulled a stick from his sleeve and slammed it on the bell, which resonated beautifully, calming his deep social anxieties for only a second, which was all that he needed. Instead of anouncing what needed said like he had been asked, but most definitely not expected to do, he put up a sign and then scurried off, allowing for the sound of the bell to lead people to where he was standing before. The note pinned up on the wall of the arena read as such:

Ninja of Kumogakure are able to fight over the title of Raikage.
This means you're the head ninja of the country.
You have 24 hours from now to sign up.
Sign up by coming here.
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Kumo Genin
Kumo Genin

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PostSubject: Re: An Electric Challenge! [Event]   Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:46 pm

The day had already been a rather long one and the woman with hair of silver was simply strolling through the village on a lazy walk. She had spent a good deal of the day training and furthering herself in the art of her blade and of the puppets which she so adored. Her walk saw the usual: a village decrepit and falling to pieces, poverty ran amok as the people simply lazed about listlessly. The sight caused her some despair, though she let it pass. The poor were rampant, sure, but they were not dangerous, at least not here in the Village Hidden in the Clouds. They were destitute and boring, if anything, without even the energy it seemed to demand wages or healthcare or anything that may help them in their plight.

The reason seemed simple enough: no one was here. The council did nothing and the ninja population was at an all time low. The village seemed to be dying slowly and soundlessly and no one at all seemed to care. This was evidenced by her seeing the sign posting a tournament for the new Kage. No one was there, no one was around it, no one cared, and no one had signed up. She supposed that she would have to then, if for no other reason than to try and make a difference for the nation. She was uncertain as to whether or not she could single handedly turn the village around, but she thought it best to at least try. Perhaps this once proud village of clouds could become the heart of peace in an otherwise violent and war torn land. She approached, mumbling that she supposed she could give it a shot, and then departed, off to go marvel some more at her puppets.

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Elixar Takoyaiba
Kumo Jounin
Kumo Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: An Electric Challenge! [Event]   Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:34 pm

(OOC: Got Permission from Ryujin to be here <3)

As Elixar got to the sign, it was already being removed by someone from the council, as they'd forgotten to take it down after the dismal response from the country's shinobi. Elixar broke into a run, holding out his hand and calling out to the councilman who saw him and gave him an ugly smirk, plucking the poster from the post it was attached from. Elixar's response was to toss the single kunai he had on him to pin the paper back to the wooden post.

"You're late, Kumo has no need for a Kage that can't keep time."
"I was double booked with missions, besides, Kumo has a need for a Shinobi they can trust."
"And you expect me to believe that people trust you?"
"The villagers do."
"A child has no place in the council work. You have no authority, you're not imposing enough."
"I'm on the Takoyaiba board, you should know this, I'm at many meetings already."
"Bodyguards don't count."
"Bodyguards are pretty imposing aren't they?"
"It's a different kind."
"Something like this?"
The councilman, who thus far had been avoiding eye contact now looked at the boy quizzically, he was met with the golden glow of Elixar's eyes, who had rather lost patience with the councilman. The councilman had a vision of himself being impaled against the post that he'd taken the poster from, replacing the thin piece of paper that was currently stuck to it. He shuddered violently, stepping away from the poster in a cold sweat, his mouth lined with shock and his eyes wide in panic. Elixar wrote his name on the sheet and gave the man a pat on the shoulder to bring his awareness back to the land of the living.
"Thanks for letting me sign up." He strolled off, he probably didn't have much time, but he had enough that he could get some stuff done before heading to where he needed to go.
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PostSubject: Re: An Electric Challenge! [Event]   

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An Electric Challenge! [Event]
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