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 Shinobi World War Plotline

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PostSubject: Shinobi World War Plotline   Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:50 pm

~Site Plot and Timeline~

Part One
The bloody era of warring states has now become the past. For years on end the clans have warred against each other, striving to gain power in order for their own to survive. The Senju and Uchiha were without a doubt the most famous two clans, feared by just about everyone except for each other. Clans who were at war with each other would buy the cooperation of these two clans in order to keep on surviving, to defeat their enemies, and destroy them in the process. If one clan paid the Uchiha, another would pay the Senju. Through this process the two clans gained fame and fortune, a lot of it. Through this fame and fortune it was made possible for the Senju to gain enough power and influence to change the world for the better, or so they thought. They created the first Major Shinobi Village, Konohagakure. With this came the second Major Shinobi Village Kirigakure as their rivals, the Uchiha clan, followed their footsteps in order to maintain a balance between the two, more importantly, to keep them from having the numbers and strength to completely wipe the Uchiha out. These two villages contained the "secrets" and abilities of the rest of the smaller clans who inhabited these villages. Bonds were formed within the two lands and the rest feared for their survival just as the Uchiha did, so the rest of the world followed as the last three Major Shinobi Villages in the Five Great Lands were formed. The Hyuga clan formed Kumogakure, the Uzumaki clan formed Sunagakure, lastly the Kaguya and Terumi clans bonded together to form Iwagakure. The rest of the villages saw this bond as a form of weakness as they couldn't do it on their own, little did they know it would be the start of the end for the new era of Shinobi, the Major Shinobi Villages and peace. The ninja village system gained favor from the daimyo of great nations, allowing the villages to prosper from royal funding in exchange for use of the ninja's special skills. Within each village the Shinobi were split into ranks to establish a hierarchy. For a while the founding clans ruled their own village, but as everyone knew quite well, even then, trust wasn't the Shinobi's forte. 23 years and a few months passed since the villages' creation. The people had decided that there must be another level of power added to the ranking system, the Kage rank. The Kage would be the most powerful Shinobi each of their respective villages, he or she would be the one who would rise to the challenge and defend his or her people from outsiders and yes, even those who seek to destroy their beloved homes from the inside. So a Grand Tournament was to be held in order to decide who was the best suited to lead their village's people, and what better way than to have the strongest of the Shinobi be pitted against each other in a fight for strength and power. Weeks went on after the decision to hold the tournament before the final day approached for this Grand Tournament, but it would all be interrupted by an enemy the Shinobi World has never faced before.. The First Jinchuriki.

Part Two

For thousands of years the world has known the fear of the nine Bijuu, they've destroyed families, wiped out clans, and were on the verge of destroying the entire world. Though Iwagakure and their bonded founding clans, the Kaguya and Terumi, had found a way to contain one of these nine legendary beasts of destruction within one of their own Shinobi. At first it was just to protect their own home, but soon they discovered the immense destructive power that lies within the Shinobi who was used as a medium to hold the Nine Tails Bijuu. They had planned for the Jinchuriki to stand by and watch as the Grand Tournament went on in order to find the strongest of each village, and then eliminate the four threats with their new weapon. Their plans were to come to an end however as one of the villages sent spies into each of their four counterparts. They were scared of course as they had control over one of the Bijuu, and not just any one, but the one which was said to be the strongest of all of the nine Bijuu. The Senju did what they swore to never do, work alongside the Uchiha, as well as the founding clans of the other two villages, being Sunagakure and Kumogakure. With concern running through the four villages, they all agreed to build an alliance against Iwagakure and their Jinchuriki. They hid their knowledge of the Jinchuriki and used an excuse of good faith in order for their trojan horse to enter Iwagakure - They proposed to have the Grand Tournament be held inside Iwagakure. Little did the four nations know that they weren't the only ones who were afraid of the Jinchuriki.. The first, true, and up until then the only Jinchuriki was their creator, the Sage of Six Paths, so indeed they were rattled by the power of Iwagakure. On the day of the Grand Tournament, the alliance was ready to strike as they knew exactly who the Jinchuriki was. The alliance's attack was interrupted however as the Bijuu's attack had started. First two Bijuu arrived at the doorsteps of Iwagakure, attacking the Village and destroying everything in their paths. The alliance had no way to win the battle against these two Bijuu and it was no doubt that the one Jinchuriki, who has yet to fully harness his power, could defend his home. So the alliance broke as each took care of their own in order to escape this brutal attack alive. Blood filled the streets of Iwagakure that day, mostly the blood of Iwagakure's own Shinobi, as they were all wiped from existence. The Alliance was no more and they all knew of the ability to contain a Bijuu inside a Shinobi host. With the relationship broken between the four remaining villages and the Bijuu roaming the Land of Stone without any sign of them leaving, the villages decided to hold the Grand Tournament separately inside their own villages. Only Jounin could enter, and only one could walk out victorious. But the question remained, who would get to the Bijuu first and claim the power that they hold for their own?
Timeline: Attack on Iwa happened 23 years and 11 months after the founding of the Five Major Villages. One month has passed since the attack on Iwa and we are now 24 years after the founding of the Five Major Villages.

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Shinobi World War Plotline
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