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 Uzumaki Clan

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Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin

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PostSubject: Uzumaki Clan    Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:12 pm

Clan Name: Uzumaki Clan
Clan Location: Sunagakure
Size: 10
Clan Ability Description:
Fuinjutsu Affinity: The Uzumaki clan have been long known for their specialty in the sealing arts. They have created a number of high-level Fuinjutsu techniques that are capable of sealing living entities into human containers, such as the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Four Symbols Seal, and the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style. They are also able to utilize their own unique Fuinjutsu technique, Adamantine Sealing Chains, from their special chakra. Uzumaki clan members receive a 30% discount off of WC training for Fuinjutsu techniques.

Enhanced Life Force: The Uzumaki are known for their exceptionally strong life force, which grants them heightened willpower and longevity. They have the ability to transfer chakra into others to heal injuries through the Heal Bite technique, making them adept medics. The Uzumaki are just about the only ones who can survive a Bijuu extracted from them if they were it's Jinchuriki.

The Uzumaki clan are distant relatives to Konoha's Senju Clan, and they both share enhanced stamina as a common derived trait. However, while the Senju clan had a loving philosophy that they wished to spread throughout the world, the Uzumaki were more self-centered and sought peace only for their own people. Back in the clan wars era, the Uzumaki made new fuinjutsu to protect themselves from enemies such as the Uchiha and Senju and only made treaties or alliances that had a long-term impact. The Uzumaki worked together to drive their enemies away, and fought only to survive rather than to dominate.

The emergence of the ninja village made them broaden their family as they united with ninja clans over the world, but that too was for the sake of survival against the rise of a major power system. As the founding clan of Sunagakure, they chose the Land of Wind to inhabit so that the terrain would help isolate them from the rest of the world and prove to be an effective geographical advantage. In representing Sunagakure, the Uzumaki and other founding clans have set up an image of tranquility and peacefulness. However, in truth, the Uzumaki have dabbled into several military projects that involved the development of new weapons, research into kekkai genkai, and more recently, the creation of Jinchuriki. They sought to wage war to protect the peace within their borders, using any means necessary to accomplish them.

Bloodline Reputation: The Uzumaki is revered in Sunagakure and well-known for their fearsome Fuinjutsu capabilities. They are equally well known to the higher-ranked shinobi of other villages, but the low-level ninja do not know much about them.
Clan Jutsus:

Name: Uzumaki Sealing Technique
Rank: B
Type: Fuinjutsu
Element: None
Range: Close
Description: After forming the necessary hand seals, the user slams their hand on the ground after which a sealing formula, that originates from the user's hand, forming underneath the target. When the seal activates, anything directly above the inscription is sealed within the formula itself.

Name: Adamantine Sealing Chains
Rank: A
Type: Fuinjutsu
Element: None
Range: 30 meters
Speed: 80
Description This technique moulds the user's chakra into extremely durable chains which can be used for various purposes, such as directly combating or physically restraining their targets — foes even as powerful as a tailed beast. According to Orochimaru, these chains could also be used to bind the chakra of a target, completely neutralising them. Using her chains, Kushina could also erect a barrier strong enough to prevent anyone or anything from entering or leaving the perimeter defined by the chains. The chains are very durable, as it requires A-rank attacks or weapons to get through them.

These chains also made up her seal, completely pinning the fox down with several spikes in her own mind. Even while near death, Kushina was able to use these chains in the physical realm to restrain Kurama, enabling Minato Namikaze to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal.

After Minato sealed a portion of Kushina's chakra inside of Naruto Uzumaki, she was able to manifest a weaker version of this technique through Naruto. In conjunction with her "special chakra", Kushina was able to temporarily restrain Kurama in Naruto's subconscious.

Name: Heal Bite
Rank: C
Type: Medical Ninjutsu
Element: None
Range: Close
Description: By biting and consuming her chakra, Karin can heal the injuries of others as well as herself. This ability has been shown to heal even life threatening injuries in a short period of time, and is capable of quickly reenergising those Karin heals. However, this technique rapidly depletes her own chakra reserves, and Karin is left with a permanent bite mark every time she uses it. Due to its depletion of chakra, it is dangerous for her to use this ability more than once a day. No chakra discounts for this technique.
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PostSubject: Re: Uzumaki Clan    Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:50 pm

Looks great, approved
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Uzumaki Clan
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