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 Training time - Private

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Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin

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PostSubject: Training time - Private    Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:19 am

Trained Jutsu:

It was with a great deal of pleasure that Nana strolled onto the training grounds this beautiful afternoon. The air was fresh and warm, but a gentle breeze tousled her hair around every now and then. Trailing behind her was a young man in his twenties whom did not look as pleased as she did - seeing how he was sort of being forced to train with her. It had all started two evenings before when Nana had yet again engaged in a little betting game during the drinking. She had met a fellow ninja whom was cocky enough to think that he could surpass her skills and drink the young woman under the table. Alas, he was proven wrong. And the day after when he woke up on the dirty floor of the bar - Nana had been standing over him with that look of hers when she was done winning a bet. The look of a very -very- smug person. Once he had gotten his bearings sorted out, the man was informed that he had indeed lost and now it was time to pay up. Instead of taking all of his money, she had instructed him to meet her the day after for some training.

And here they were today. Facing off on the unusually quiet training grounds.

"So, what exactly am I helping you with today?" His voice echoed a small deal of defeat as the blonde haired, sturdy built man with the sharp and emerald green eyes scratched the back of his head and glanced towards Nana.

"I shall take it that you don't remember much of our previous conversation, so just let me state a few things before we start. You told me that you were nearing your Jounin rank. Of course I'm not sure how much of bragging that was and how much was the truth, but I'll take your word for it. Second of all, you told me that you had worked with many weapon users and were a taijutsu user yourself that had started using weapons a few months back. You prided yourself of having a keen eye for bodily movements and could probably help out anyone that needed help when it came to training with your bare hands or with weapons." She paused a little bit and watched his reaction. Despite looking a little bit embarrassed, he only nodded and confirmed that what he had been bragging about was true.  "So, I am a weapon user and I wanted to get a few techniques straightened out. And you are supposed to help me with that."

A soft groan escaped the man. "Alright. I sort of figured as much. So the name is Jun. If I remember correctly, you are Nana?" The blue haired girl in front of him nodded in confirmation. "I see you have a katana strapped over your back, so I will be assuming that is your main weapon."


"Alright, so you will be wanting to focus on speed - and often it is good to have strength on your side as well. Now most people like to focus solely on the speed and their accuracy rating, but for me it's just a matter of what suits you best. So what is it that suits you?"

"I agree wholeheartedly with that. Strength is my best asset whilst speed would be the second one."

"Alright good. We can work with that. So explain to me what you want to do, and we'll take the techniques one by one."

Nana reached her hand backwards and untied the sword off her back - before she started dragging the long blade out of its secure position inside of the scabbard. Once free of that, she placed the scabbard onto the ground, before she studied the katana slowly and then faced Jun. "My first idea was an attack to take opponents off their guard. Something a bit sneaky. I don't want anything complicated, just perhaps be able to make one swift movement. I wasn't sure if it'd be best to aim that attack at the feet or head of the opponent." A few short minutes of silence fell between the two before the male Chunin spoke out again. "Well, show me a few moves and we'll take it from there." His previous annoyance seemed to have disappeared by now because of his professional curiosity and interest in the art of weaponry. A few minutes were spent with some stretching and katana swinging, before Nana started a few small series of attacks. Jun made no comment until the young woman in front of him stopped and gave him a questioning look. "Alright so the problem I see right away is that you claim to want to make the attack very sudden and easy, but you have just been showing me some flashy moves. "

Nana frowned but she knew he was mostly right. Did it maybe make her a little bit nervous to have an onlooker? "Well, can you demonstrate a bit for me yourself?" Jun shook his head but started walking towards her. "No, but I can help you out a bit with your movements." A raised eyebrow was all Nana had to say about that matter as the slightly taller male positioned himself behind her and gently clasped her arms. "Relax a little bit. I wouldn‘t have pegged the ‚bottomless Nana‘ to be shy." The teasing tone caused the blue haired female to both chuckle as well as scowl in his general direction. "I‘m sure you‘ve heard many times by now how to use the weapons like they are part of your own body. Now, I also want you to start moving with them like you are dancing. Each flow and movement has a purpose, but it is also graceful and oftentimes difficult to notice with the untrained eye." As Jun spoke, he started moving Nana‘s arms a bit around as she still held the katana. She had to admit to herself that even if he didn't look at it, he was quite smooth. And not just with words - but also when it came to moving with a weapon. Despite her being the one holding the katana it almost felt as if he was the wielder of the weapon. The young female was very glad that he had not been bragging without reason that other night. It was probably rather rare to meet a person like Jun, someone with as much of insight as he had with both the body along with the blade.

"And when you are done dancing a bit with the opponent, you can very suddenly sting like a little bee that no one noticed until at the last minute. I mean, who would have expected the pretty butterfly that fluttered beautifully around to be able to become deadly all of the sudden?" They both swept forward in a stabbing movement, something she hadn‘t even noticed they would be performing until it was already happening.  Jun let go of his hold, and then proceeded to instruct her on how to do this on her own. Naturally it took some tries, but she was starting to manage a bit more graceful movements – and the speed of the jabbing motion was also increasing gradually. Just as she was starting to get the hang of it, her training Sensei instructed her on just the right moment to use a small burst of Chakra in order to make the speed even better. The whole idea behind the move was after all to catch others off guard.

As much as one can say they have mastered something in a day (or more like the two hours this took all in all) then Nana felt like this move was ready for now. She could practice it more later and get more familiar with it on her own.

"Well, seeing as this has been a success then onto the next move."  

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Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin

Posts : 47
Join date : 2015-08-26

PostSubject: Re: Training time - Private    Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:11 am

Trained Jutsu:

"So, what is next on the list?"

"Well, what I had in mind was something that shouldn't necessarily be fatal with the katana yet it would have to hurt like a motherfucker."

Jun's face was like a blank sheet of paper as he viewed the young woman in front of him. "So you'd like to hit them with the hilt of the katana? I've known a few techniques like that. A hilt to the stomach is generally-" The blonde haired man came to a stop as Nana waved her hand around impatiently. "No no not with the hilt. I had more thought of something like slapping people with the blade itself. ...In the face." Her voice sort of died out as she watched his eyes turn bigger and bigger in his tanned face. He probably took her for a halfwit, but this was something she genuinely wanted to learn!

"Hold on, you want to slap someone in the face with a blade? How much have you been drinking throughout your life exactly?"

Her pale blue eyes narrowed dangerously as Nana considered trying this idea of hers out on the man whom was supposed to be helping her train but not discourage her ideas. "Just let me try this out. I won the bet, remember? So I have a say in this matter." Jun shrugged his shoulders in defeat, although Nana was sure she'd heard him mutter something about stubborn women under his breath. With one last final glare in his direction, she swung her katana out in front of her before stopping it in midair. I need something to actually practice -on-. I'm pretty sure he'll take off if I start beating him with my katana so... She stalked towards a nearby wooden pillar and positioned herself in front of it. Then after inhaling deeply, she raised her katana, swung it forward - and just before she would hit the target with the sharp end of the blade - she turned it slightly and hit the wooden surface without scratching it. It felt a bit strange and uncomfortable at first as the blade vibrated all the way up to her hands - but Nana was not done with this. Jun still hadn't said anything, but she knew he was watching her and her blade carefully.

Again she took a stance, before striking the katana out like a viper would suddenly strike for its prey. Again at the last second did she turn the blade and successfully hit the surface without chopping into the wood. As she intended to repeat this for the third time, then Jun stepped forward. "Alright I see what it is that you want, but you need to time it a little better and also concentrate on the right timing with the Chakra. You can't just slap the katana around without thinking about what you are doing. Here, do it to me." He took up a stance in front of Nana, and braced himself. His hands were up to defend his face as he watched his opponent. With a silent nod, the young woman repeated what she had just been doing to the wooden pillar - and she couldn't help but wonder just how bruised his arm would be after this once the slapping sound echoed through the air.

"Nice, you seem to have a very good control over your strength. And you are also stronger than you look..." The last words were murmured as he rubbed his arm. "Right, so this is a very easy technique, you just have to concentrate on that last second for the burst of Chakra. This shouldn't be a problem at all." He walked a bit around, then found what he was looking for and returned with a small wooden board in his hands. "Get this next time, but focus your Chakra so that you can break it in half." The blue haired female inhaled deeply before exhaling slowly, took her stance, and swung her katana forward before flicking her wrist a bit to the side. The impact was good - but not hard enough. She had yet again forgotten about the Chakra focus. So again and again she tried, until she could see what it was he talked about. It was almost as if time slowed for Nana as she watched her blade nearing the wooden plank, before she'd burst forth a small bit of Chakra in order to make not only use of her own strength but the strength of her Chakra as well.

And the breaking sound of wood was very satisfying in her ears as she finally managed to get the technique somewhat under control. In just around an hour. For a few more times she tried it out - managing to time the burst of Chakra perfectly in about 90% of the tries. Sweat was already starting to drip down her forehead as she stopped to take a breather.

"Good. Now let us see how much more you can do before this day is over."

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Training time - Private
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