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 Street Rats - C rank

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PostSubject: Street Rats - C rank   Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:25 am


It’s been a few days since Zenkichi was bestowed by Lord Jashin the gift of Immortality. Ever since then, he decided to do extreme trainings to get stronger. He soon realized that the best way to get stronger is through missions. However, to get practical missions, what he has to do is to first rank up. He decided that to achieve his goal, he will start to rank up to get tougher missions.

As he arrived at the Job Center, his eyes caught sight of a scene. A man was shouting and complaining to the people behind the counter, ”I came here three times already, three times within the last month to report about those Black Fingers! Those wretched scums! They’ve been robbing my shop every single night. Not only mine, but the whole row of shops! The guards that you’ve sent have done nothing but embarrass Kirigakure! I want these people captured as soon as possible, or else, I’ll confront the Mizukage myself!” As the man behind the counter tries to calm the man down, Zenkichi goes toward the counter, place his hand on the man’s shoulder, and say, ”Robberies? Guards failing their duties? Please, tell me more about this. I’ll gladly pick this mission up, a mission that the guards of the city is incapable of doing!” After hearing his words, the man behind the counter hands him a scroll, and say, ”Here’s the data that you’ll need for the mission. Once you’ve done everything there, you will be rewarded.” Picking up the scroll, Zenkichi thanked the man and proceed out of the Job Center, and unrolled the scroll, and started reading it.

As he reads the file, he found out some minor details that can assist him. First of all, he found at that this group, the “Black Fingers”, are a group of five. They’ve suddenly appeared in the slums, and now, they’re currently robbing and stealing from shops at night. Many attempts have been made to arrest them, but they either slip away easily from the guards, or they take them out with their skills of ambushing. They’re famous for the little dirty tricks, and they know just about every hiding spots or escape route in the alleys. They aren’t really skilled individually, but when they are together in a group, their fighting power increase exponentially. They’re dressed in full black clothings, which helps them blend in and hide in the dark. Their equipments consist of daggers and short swords. From this detail, Zenkichi deduce that they rely more on their dexterity than their actual strength. ”Hmm...this might be difficult….”

After thinking for a while, Zenkichi decided to walk to the area where the thieves usually target. Approaching the line of shops targeted by the thieves, he entered one of the shops and asked whether he could stay over in his shop to capture the guards. Without a single hesitation, the man welcomed Zenkichi with open arms. The man himself has been plagued by the thieves, and was willing to help Zenkichi get rid of the bandits. Smiling, Zenkichi thanked the man and went to prepare. He started observing the store’s layout so that he can use it for his advantage when he has to fight them. Finally, after being satisfied, he went under the counter, to hide. ”Perfect” he thought. All there’s left is to wait for them to come.

Thank god Zenkichi brought along a book. This book was the same book Takeshi gave him; the book on Jashinism. He spent his waiting time reading, and man, time does fly when Zenkichi reads the book. He finally stopped reading when it started getting dark. Putting away his book, he started fiddling with the store’s goods that are kept under the counter. He found a well-maintained sword there, most probably planned to be used by the owner in case of bandits. By the looks of its condition, Zenkichi is sure that it had never been used before, probably because the owner would just shiver in fear when a bandit appear. ”This will definitely help me in the fight.” thought Zenkichi as he placed the sword close to him. After some time, he finally heard some footsteps. ”Travis! I’ll be taking this store, you guys handle the rest.”. After those words, the footsteps starts getting louder, and soon, Zenkichi could see the shadow of a person. Softly, Zenkichi unsheathes his sword. Soon, Zenkichi could see the figure’s legs, and once they are in full view, Zenkichi swung with all his might towards the figure’s legs, and it of course caused a deep slash into the victim’s legs. Thanks to the element of surprise, the first step of his plan succeeded. The thief gave a loud scream in agony, and without wasting another second, Zenkichi got the ropes he prepared to tie the thief’s legs and hands. He also gagged the thief with some cloth, and stood up.

He knew, by now, that the thieves’ partners will start to appear. He stood in a ready stance, as he waits for the rest to appear. As soon as he sees a figure appear, the instantly dashes towards him, and swings his sword towards the man. The man barely dodged it, though he did get a scar. Without even waiting, Zenkichi took another leap while the man was trying to regain his balance from the leap. He then took another swing, and managed to slash the other thief’s thigh. As the man fell down and clutched on the scar, Zenkichi stabbed the other thigh, to make sure he is disabled for the rest of the fight. His scream was loud, and soon, the other three emerged from the other shops. ”This is going to start being tough…. thought Zenkichi.

Zenkichi looked at the figures. There are two guys in front of him, about 30 meters away, and one other man 20 meters behind him. ”I should take that one out before I face the other two. thought Zenkichi. Zenkichi then dashed towards the isolated target, and took a swing. The man managed to pull out his dagger at the right time, and blocked his attack. Smiling, he sent a kick right to the opponent’s gut, similar like a donkey kick. As the opponent is pushed backwards with such force through their stomach, it creates an opening for Zenkichi, and he quickly dashes once again, stabbing the opponent cleanly into his thigh.

Pulling the sword out, he let the man wail in agony as he turned around to get a good view of his other two opponents. The two were just 10 meters away from him, and they already had their weapons ready. Zenkichi, too, changed his stance, one of alertness. After waiting a while, he realized that they wouldn’t make a move, so he decided to break the silence by charging towards them. As they see him charge, they immediately got their weapons ready to block. Even though he knows this, Zenkichi still slammed his weapons down as hard as he could against one of the thief, and that thief managed to block it, though he was pushed back a bit. As the other thief tried pouncing on him, Zenkichi managed to dodge it slightly, though he received a cut on his back. Ignoring the pain, he took his sword and sliced it towards one of the thief’s leg. ”Arrgh! That hurts! Jack, let’s attack him at the same time!” The thief name Jack replied, ”A’ight, James!” After that, in a swift moment, Jack attacked him from his left, and John came at him from his right. Zenkichi made a swift step backwards, and attacked John once again, this time cutting deeper into his legs. As John grabbed his leg in pain, Zenkichi took another slash, deeper into John’s other leg. He then looked at Jack, and smiled. Jack, who was in anger, made a reckless charge towards Zenkichi. Zenkichi smiled, and blocked the attack with his own sword. He then pushed the guy backwards with his sword and slashed the sword at the man’s stomach. Jack managed to dodge it slightly, though he received a cut through his stomach. Zenkichi, being the cold guy he is, slashed at the hand that Jack uses to hold the dagger without any hesitation. This attack indeed manages to cut deeply into his hands. Jack, grabbing his hand, sank down. Zenkichi gave him a blow right on his head, hoping that he faints, so that he can easily tie them up before handing them to the guards. As he was busy tying the bandits, suddenly, Zenkichi felt a killing intent nearby. He immediately jumped back, and was lucky enough to dodge a dagger thrown towards him. Looking at the direction this was thrown from, he could see that it was from the first bandit that managed to free himself somehow. In anger, he smiled mercilessly at the now unarmed man, and unleashed a furry of blows and kicks at the unarmed bandit.
As soon as Zenkichi tied the bandits up and tended to their wounds, the guards started appearing. Seeing that the bandits had finally been subdued, the guards started smiling as they thanked Zenkichi for his effort. Zenkichi smiled and brought all of the bandits to the guards.

After handing the thieves to the guards, the guards thanked him once again. Zenkichi proceeded to help transport the bandits to prison, as he is afraid that they manage to escape after he tried to subdue them. He would get pissed if that were to happen. After transporting them to prison, Zenkichi smiled as he headed off to the Job Center to collect his well earned reward.

Wordcount : 1614
For completing mission-250 EXP, 300 Ryo
For extra wordcount(x2)-100EXP x 2 = 200 Exp

Total : 450 Exp and 300 Ryo
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Street Rats - C rank
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