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 One-ish night[priv]

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PostSubject: One-ish night[priv]   Thu Sep 10, 2015 3:07 pm

With the moon and its fullest, its reflection peeped into Dray’s room to see the young chunin staring at the ceiling of his little room. For the first time in so many years, Dray could feel his thoughts filtering into his mind.. The thoughts that came in were those of an unknown voice that had always tried to come into him but he always tried to shut them out but at this moment, he just let them flow in. The memories filled his head, his mind, his soul, his body and his very spirit. He thought of why his uncle had to die. All he did was hear that his uncle died due to a lighting strike. He was not there to confirm if it was true or not since his father did not let him leave yet. His mind was so young, so unreasonable, so indecisive that he did not even bother to ask where and how the lightning struck his uncle. Was it natural or from a fight. Dray bit his lips and he wondered if his uncle was killed by someone. If his uncle did not die naturally, then the household of the person who killed his uncle would bathe in blood, he could promise that even though he was still a chunin. As dray closed his eyes and tried to sleep, putting all regrets behind him, the thoughts came into his head once more. This time, it was ringing like a bell. A hard and very loud bell that could not be ignored and also, this time, it was accompanied by a voice. A voice he well recognized. A voice that once put him into bed whenever it was night time. The same voice that did not bother to make a single sound when it left dray with his parents in kirigakure. It was the voice of his uncle. Now ringing along with the voice in his head saying.. Until you become one with the clan before you can truly be free.. those were the same words again that always drove dray crazy at night time. He had never understood the word, he doesn't understand it and he doubts if he would ever understand it.. But this particular moment, dray summoned up courage and spoke up..If truly this is not an imagination, then I expect you to tell me how I can become one with the clan....a long silence followed dray’s question as he made up his mind that it was all in his head. It was his imagination tormenting him but contrary to his thoughts, the voice spoke up.. Get up from bed and dress properly. At the edge of your door, move five steps to the left and ten steps foward.. Dray could not believe his ears but the voice had truly answered him.
In a swift movement, dray was all dressed up and armed. As he continued to arm himself, the voice spoke up.. when you become one with the clan, you would not need all those like I did not need them so, you had better learn to do without them....feeling surprised at how he could go out unarmed, dray was baffled but he obeyed. He dropped the weapons and got out of his room. He moved five steps to the left and ten steps forward... As he was about to ask what next, the voice interrupted him and continued.. cover your hands with chakra and perform the bird seal. After that, dig you hands into a meter distance from your spot... It all seemed strange to him. What exactly was his uncle up to. Ordering him around or what, it was all seeming unreal but he decided to play along. He did as his uncle’s voice had instructed him to.. He covered his hand with his blue chakra, and dug his hand into a meter distance before him.. To his surprise, his hands went in easily due to the chakra on his hand and he could feel something at his reach.. pull it out. .the voice said calmly. He did so and pulled out what turned out to be a scroll. How it got there was beyond his own understanding. Had his uncle put it there before he left? Without being told to open it yet, korra opened the scroll since he saw his clan's symbol on it. It had to be something related to his clan and of course it was. When you master the secret technique of the clan which dwell in that scroll and also develop your own techniques based on the knowledge of that technique, then you have become one with the clan this, the voice vanished as silence now ruled the area together with the moonlight. He took in all that he had heard and understanding all that had just happened, he was set to begin his training.

There was just one secret clan technique. It should not be that hard he thought but before that, he felt the need to warm up and practice some techniques that he was still training. The first jutsu he wanted to do was the swallow storm jutsu. A jutsu that allowed the user to manipulate the particles in the atmosphere and change it into crystal birds and direct it at opponents. The jutsu was pretty impressive. Since the birds would go diving into the target with sharp beaks, it was really offensive he thought. Picking a good stance, he performed the horse, bird and tiger hand seal.. As the particles in the air began forming around his arm, five bird like objects soon appeared on each of his arm. He was surprised at first but he went on as he remembered what he was doing. Facing a wide tree, he hurled the swallows into the tree as the birds sprang to life and began flapping their wings as they accelerated. As the birds got within range of the tree, they tucked in both of their wings and dived into the tree. As they dived into the tree, they left a lasting effect as he could see that the tree trunk was bashed but the birds were shattered too due to the rigidity of the tree that had been there for years. Trying to get good with the jutsu, this time, very quick, he performed the hand seals and instead of sending them directly into the tree, dray sent them along a bent path. The birds on the right and left were bent but heading for the same tree. This new style now allowed the birds to attack from both sides and it also allowed him to direct the swallows to attack two targets at once from different. Feeling different, a bit more accomplished and more knowledgeable, he thought about his next warm up jutsu.
He heaved a sigh of relief as he sat on a stone boulder and stared at the second jutsu in his mind that looked more advanced and also deadly in some sense. Once again, he looked at the moon that was still glowing brightly as if it was looking at him directly. Now, he felt like he had almost understood what his uncle meant by being one with the clan. He tried to listen again to the voice.. He now missed the voice of his uncle.. where is this voice when I need to hear it, he thought in his mind.. He closed his eyes and began repeating the same words in his mind..Becoming one with the clan, becoming one with the clan...those were the exact same words but not the same voice he had always heard. Learning just one secret technique of the clan might take him to an entirely different level. He could not help but wonder what would happen when he mastered the first secret clan jutsu of the kal clan. Would he undergo some kind of transformation or what exactly would happen to him.
All these thoughts almost made him lose his concentration as an animal lurked in the nearby bushes around him and this brought back his attention to the other warm up jutsu in his mind... The crystal style: Glacial prison.. If just the name could send shrills down the spines of an opponent, what then would the jutsu itself do.. He tried to remember what the jutsu did and how it worked. They were just rough drafts in his head and nothing set in stone yet. He remembered that he would need to place both of his hands on the ground and infuse chakra underneath where the target was standing.. Soon after the user of this jutsu had done that, crystals would rise in a column around the target area growing up to fifteen metres into the sky. Also, anyone within the path of the crystals will become encased in straight crystals. This jutsu can be used on approaching targets to crystallize them and it can also be used to shield opponents from attacks since the crystals serves as an absorbing material. Now time to put it into practice, he decided. He got up and looked for a suitable target and truly, a target came forward, though it was not truly suitable.
The animal he had earlier seen in the nearby bushes popped up its head and it was an hare. Performing the OX, bird and tiger hand seals, dray placed both of his hands on the ground and infused chakra into the earth and channelled it underneath the hare's area. Much to his surprise, the construction began. A crystal column began rising around the hare. This column rose so fast and dray thought it was never going to stop until it rose up to about fifteen metres high into the sky before it stopped. Seeing the image of the hare in the column, it was static.
Suddenly, his mind began undergoing some changes. In his sub consciousness, he felt the world around him suddenly become crystallized. Everything there was made of crystals. Suddenly, a chair of crystal rose from behind him and his uncle, his uncle’s father probably, some other men who happened to be fathers of fathers and the fathers of his father's father all appeared before him motioning him to go and sit on the chair. As dray went, he sat on the chair and felt different..then the words came forth to him...Thanks to you, Dray Kal, our clan now has another person who has mastered the clan way. You Dray kal have now become one with the clan.... His ancestors said these huge words and faded away.. Now, he had undergone a mind transformation. His affinity with crystals had become stronger. Everything he touched began static and almost turned to crystals.. Dray rubbed his eyes and he found out that he had only being dreaming but it was night time indeed. He got out of bed and he knew that he had to train. He had been having strange feelings and he felt like he needed to get stronger for any forth coming situations that could endanger the lives of his parents. Dray put on some clothes and walked out of the house. He headed to an open area in kirigakure even though the land was more of water than main land. He still managed to find a clean place that was only inhabited by the likes of lower mammals like cows and horses and the rest of them. This was indeed perfect for the jutsu he had to practice. It was sort of like a mind transfer jutsu or no, it was a mind control jutsu. He first had to transfer his mind into the target’s body and then over take it so he had gotten the perfect title for the technique. He would name it the mind override technique because he was going to control the wills of his target. This jutsu that he had drafted out on his own had to deal with fuinjutsu and the help of his crystal skills but it was mainly fuinjutsu. He stood as he viewed the animals in the distance. The system of the jutsu was pretty simple and not really complicated. He would have to slam his palms on the ground and create to crystal dragons. These large dragons that had life in them would bear several fuinjutsu markings on their body. The dragons were only a means of transporting the seals unto the target’s body and these dragons could move underground. They had the ability to move underground at speeds that were not comprehendible. They would suddenly appear beneath the target and bind him. It was not as if the dragons were actually travelled rather they were manifesting under the target wherever he went so with the jutsu, there was hardly any escape. It is not an easy jutsu and escape and if any of the dragons managed to touch any part of the target, then the dragons would shrink into small snake like animals and disappear into the bodies of the victims. After this is done, the fuinjutsu markings would begin their work. They would chain the original mind of the target in a section of the target’s mind and Dray’s own mind would take control allowing him to move the target in whatever way he pleases and use them for anything. Enough talking, more action. He performed the necessary hand seals and slammed his hands on the ground. His target was a horse in the distance. Two gigantic dragons immediately rose beneath the helpless horse and bound it for a short while as they shrunk and disappeared into it’s body. Dray felt himself gain control over something other than his own self and he knew that it was the horse. He began to control it as the horse did all that he commanded. It was a brilliant technique indeed which meant that he could now use an enemy to fight an enemy. He could have another on his side instead of fighting alone. He was a genius. He released his control of the helpless horse and let it feel as if nothing had happened. He could only train his other jutsu in theory because he had nothing to use it for at the moment. It was solely a sealing technique. After performing some hand seals, a mouth would open on his right chest and throw forth chains too drag anything he wanted in. Why not try it,, he thought as he snickered. He opened his buttons so his cloth would fall to the waist level. He formed the hand seals as he yelled out.. Fuinjutsu: Jaw of nothingness! To his supprise as he had never used the technique before, his right chest moved and finally, a mouth opened and it had lots of fangs. The mouth shot out three blue chakra chains as the chains searched effortlessly for Dray’s target but that was because he had no target and the chains returned as the mouth shut firm! He was feeling strong but he knew he was not there yet. It was only a matter of time before he became what he wanted. The heir to the kal clan.
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One-ish night[priv]
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