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 Mission Mania {mission Private}

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Heavens Will


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PostSubject: Mission Mania {mission Private}   Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:28 am


Word has come from uptop that Katsu has to deal with a robbery in progess. It has come to there knowledge that a man is robbing one of the vendors in the village. A vendor who makes quite a sum selling the products he has in his stall. Katsu preferred that they get the police involved, but for whatever reason this task was left up to a village shinobi. That village shinobi being none other then Katsu himself. The newly appointed chuuin. Katsu sat atop a roof slowly stannning the area looking for the culprit he needed to apprehend. As he scanned the area below him he realize it wouldbn't be hard to spot a man, whom was running like crazy to get away from the area he had just stole from.

Not even a few second later after the thought had come across his mind. He spotted a man running threw the market place. He was running into people and pushingsome to the side as he tried to make his escape. He also noticed that the man was being chased by a few people. From Katsu vantage spot he could clearly see that the men chasing the man was apart of the kohona police department. He watched as they gave the man chase running into everyone the man threw in there way. Katsu merely shook his head as the man made a quick right down the alley way and froze. He was simply waiting to see if the police had saw him turned down this alley. If they had he would make a dead sprint down the alley way. If not he would be in the clear. He heard the sound of the police as they ran right by the alley way he was in. Katsu now understanding why they wanted him to catch this man and not the police. The police was a group of idoits indeed.

The man now letting out a sigh of relieve as he thought he has gotten away scott free with the items he had stolen. He look over the area where the police had ran by. He peeked his head out the alley way to see that the police had already reach then end area of the market place. The man chuckled as the police seemed lost and confused. He then turned around he head backinto the alley and take the back routes to his hide out. He turned only to be met with Katsu gaze. His red and blue ice looking ever menacing. The man was taken back a little as he was caugh off guard by katsu appearance out of no where. But he quickly recovered as he realize that he was merely a kid. " What the hell are you doing here kid... get lost". The man stated as he barked at Katsu in anger. Katsu realize that the man was older and much taller then he was. Standing around 6'4 and fairly build. The man was not intimidated by katsu much smaller size and height. This made katsu give off a slight grin.

"sir... I'm going to need you to return the product you stole and come with me quietly... I'll hate to have to use force against someone much weaker then i am". Katsu stated hoping that his taunt at the end was good enough to get the man roud up so he would want to fight katsu. It had been awhile since katsu had actually fought anyone. Although this would be a fairly easy fight for him he felt as though a warm-up was better then nothing at all. Katsu watched as the man face turned slightly red as he man anger rose due to katsu taunt. " Who the helldo you think you are kid?" The man exclaimed. " Normally I wouldn't put my hands on a kid, but it seems like you need to learn your place kid". Katsu grinned became a full on smile has he ralize his taunt was a success. As the man now pulled out a little blade.

Katsu place his hands in his pocket as his jacket started to move around like crazy. This made the man freeze as he was about to run at katsu. The man stood there for a second before shaking off the thought of katsu jacket moving as he now sprinted towards katsu. " Idiot" was the only word that left katsu mouth. As hundreds of bugs swarmed out of katsu jacket. The man stopped in his tracks as he looked on with horrow." What the hell is that.... you freak". As katsu said no other words as his swarm of bugs covered the man in what seems like an extra layer of armor. " Devour his chakra". Katsu stated as the man now yelled out in fear as katsu bugs went to down on the mans charka. His yell was soloud that not only did it catch the attenetion of near-by people. But it also caught the attention of the police that had ran by the alley way.

As the police returned they had to push pass a large group that had just formed blocking off the alley way. As they pushed there selves threw they seen katsu and a swarm of bugs that seem to outline a body. As katsu bugs had finally drained the last bit of the man chakra. They removed themselves as the body had now come into viewing as the bugs flew back to katsu and almost seemed like they disappeared once going back into katsu jacket. As the police now scanned the body realizing that it was the man they were just looking for. They checked his pulse because his body was not moving after the bugs they saw leave his body. After confirming the man was alive the looked over to katsu. Katsu locked eyes with them " You may take him away.. I'll informed the council that this has been taken care of". Katsu stated as the officers didn't say anything to him and just nodded there heads in agreement. They were still lost on how this little boy had taken down a man that was clearly twice his size. After he stated what he was going to do katsu turned around and leaked onto a near by roof top and started heading towards the council office to inform them that he had completed his mission.

WC= 1065/600
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Heavens Will


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PostSubject: Re: Mission Mania {mission Private}   Fri Sep 11, 2015 4:57 am


Another day another mission so to speak. Although a day had not passed by yet since his last mission he felt as though he was still able to take on more missions. Due in part to his last mission being fairly easy. Catching a non- ninja isn't something that really makes you break a sweat. Katsu now took a quick glance at the paper that was once folded in his hand. He had recieve this mission from the council via messager bird. This mission was fairly easy as well, all he had to do was scout the wall making sure nothing that wan't suppose to get in got in. If it did get in he would have to take care of it or send word for someone to take care of it. As he finshed reading the words on the paper he simply refolded the paper and place it in is pocket.

Katsu was sporting his normal attire. This consisted of some black shinobi scandals, some grey slacks with a black tee shirt. Covering the jacket and his pants was a black hooded jacket. The jacket strenched all the way down pass his ankles. merely a few inches from actually touching the ground upon which he walked. Katsu was nearing the village gate as he noticed two guards on each side of the gate. They were pretty much standing still lookingout to the forest that was not to far away from the village itself. One of the guards notice katsu coming up as he moved from his position to greet katsu. " How are you doing today Sir". The ninja stated. Katsuwondered why the man called him sir since they both were of the same ranking which was chuunin. Katsu tried not to think about it to much" Hey i'm here to help montior the gate". Katsu stated to the other chuunin in front of him. The guard nodded " yes we were informed about your arrival sir". The man said " I'll let you get to your surveying Sir. May I suggest you start from the east and work your way west. Since there normally more activatity on the east side of the wall version over on the west.". Katsu looked at the man a bit confused." Thanks but I think i'll work thewall the way i want to". Katsu said bluntly as the man said nothing but simply nodded and bowed slightly as he let katsu walk by and he returned to his post.

Katsu decided to go from west to east. If there was more activatity over on the east side of the wall it would be best if he went there last so he could spend more time over on that side of th wall. He nodded as seming to agree with the way he thought about it. He moved towards the west side of the gate. Once he arrived to that area he lookled around a bit. He then lifted one finger into the air near his face. He kept it there for about a second as a bug appeared out the side of his finger. This was one of katsu tracker bugs, it flap its little tiny wings as it flew off katsu finger and flew into the forest near by heading east. This was one thing katsu was very skilled at thanks to his bugs. If the bug he just sent out finds something out of place or filled with a high level of chakra it would send out a message to the rest of the bugs in katsu body. This way he would be able to locate and take car of anything or anyone he came to cose to the village.

Once the bug was out of sight katsu began his walk atop of the village gates and walls. He figured with his luck nothing would happen and he would have to report a blank sheet of paper to the council informing them that there was nothing currently going on at the gate. Katsu pretty much took his sweet time walking the scale of the wall from the west to the east side. As he walked he survey the area briefly stopping every minute or so just to look into the forest area as if he had sense something. Although he knew it was nothing as his bug he sent out not to long ago still han't picked up on anything out of the normal. It took him about an hour or two to get back to the half way point which was pretty much the gate. as the 4 guards he had seen there when he first arrived to the gate were still there in the same spot not having move at all. Katsu knew that this was something he could not do everyday like these chuuins. Granted it was a fairly easy job but it was extremely boring. He would rather take on mission then do that everyday.

He quickly walked by the 4 guards two posted on each side of the gate. They all bowed slightly as katsu walked by them, he returned the bows in kind. As he walked by them and countined his walk to the far east side of the gate. By this point his bug had found a few things that were at least decent in size of charka. But though turned out to be false alarms. It was merely shinobi coming back from missions and a few merchants coming into town. Lucky enough katsu bugs could tell the diffence between friend and foe. Well for the most part anyway, as another hour or so had gone by he had reached the other side of the gate. As he feared there was nothing to report, katsu let out a slight sigh. He was really hoping to find something he could actually fight and hopefully get his bugs to fight. Although theyhad a nice meal eariler. They wouldn't be against eating again if the chance came about. As he got the edge of the wall he took another look outside towards the forest as his bug he sent eariler came flying back. He lifted his finger into the air as the bug landed on it. A small hole appeared on the side of his finger as the bug crawled into the hole as the hole now disappeared. He stared out unto the forest once more. As he now turnt and headed to the council to report thathe found nothing out of the normal while patroling the gates.

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Heavens Will


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PostSubject: Re: Mission Mania {mission Private}   Sun Sep 13, 2015 12:08 am


It would seem as the council enjoyed using katsu as some kind of pack mule. Throwing him all the lower rank missions due to him just being promoted to chuunin. He thought of it as an insult or was it more due to his age. He was still pretty young when it came to chuunin so to speak. But if anything that should show that he was more then capable of handling his own. Katsu let out a small sigh as he read the paper he had in his hand, it was another low ranking mission although similar to the one he took on the other day. The only real different here was that it was now twoof them not one. Katsu thought maybe they would be more fun then the one guy he fought the other day. Katsu was now perched on a rooftop that overloooked one of the banks within the village. He watched as village police swarm infront of the area all of which were lined up infront of the entrance as one man now begain yelling in a bull horn telling the two guys in the building to come out with there hands up. Katsu watched on to seeif the guys would comply. The police also stated that the place was surrounded and there was no way of getting out.

Almost as quick as the officers stated his case. A loud "BOOM" would be heard as a nice size fire ball erupted from the from entrance of the rank forcing the officers near it to run for cover as the fire ball scrothed anything that came into contact with it. Katsu grinned heavily at this point, it would seem as though the councilmen had neglected to inform katsu that these were ninja he were after. He watched them dart out of the bank leaping onto a near by roof. Katsu grinned slowly faded as he let outanother sigh as he now seen who they actually were..." Genins" he mumbled to himself as he watched them take off in the opposite direction of the rooftop he was perched on himself. Pretty much confirming that he was correct in there ranking. Although they looked very young it would still normally be hard to idenifty a shinobi ranks without knowing them or being able to sense there charka level. However with every rank there stuffyou know and do better because of you being in the "fields" more often so to speak. The fact that they didn't sense him when he was clearly not tryingto mask his presents stated that they are not of jounin rank. Even a jounin who wasn't that great at sensory would have sense him there due to him being only a few meters away from him. But even that could have been passed. But what made him know that they were genin is what they just did. They appeared out of the bank and as they did they did not look around to see if there was any shinobi nera them and finally they made no attempt to mask there presents which stated that they didn't no how to. Which in katsu book is what genin always do. He should know because he use to do it as well asa genin.

Katsu knew this would be yet another easy mission. Katsu was sporting his normal attire minus the jacket. He was wearing some black shinbi scandals, grey slacks and a plain black shirt. His hair bing in themessy style we was known for as his red and blue eyes trailed the two genins who by this time still had not gotten far away from katsu as he now made his move towards them. As he was racing towards them closing the gap quickly hundreds of bugs appeared next to him as they quickly formed a copy of him as the clone looked over to the real katsu and nodded as it darted off in front of katsu. Leaping over the genins that were running in front of him stopping them in there tracks. The real katsu keeping a nice size distance between them so the genin wouldn't known that what was in front of them was a couple. " I'm goingto need you to hand over the money and come back with me quietly". The genins looked at each other then back at the clone. " This guy has to be kidding right brother?". One of the genins stated as the one he was talkingtolooked back and seem the real katsu back serveral meters away.

The genin could notmake out katsu face due to him being so far away." So the council sent two of you guys to catch us?, wowthere must really want us to get off the street". The genin stated as he now put down the twobags of money he had hauling over both his shoulders. " Jin you take care of the guy behind us and i'll take care of this loserin front of us". Katsu clone chuckled at the man words. As the genin name jin looked over to his brother " You got Aki it". As jin now turned towards the real katsu and place the one bag of money he was hauling on the rooftop as well. As Aki got into a fighting stance to take on the clone standing in front of him. Jin darted towards katsu as he formed hanseals. Thehandseals were very slow and katsu knew what attack was coming. As the boy took a deep breath before exhaling as large fire ball towards. Katsu let out a sigh as the boy move was easy to predict as he simply moved to the side dodging the fire ball. Katsu darted towards jin moving at great speed as jin eyes wided as he now realize why this made kept his distance between them as he was about to blurt of his brother name he was met by a face to his face. Sending him back a bit. Katsu had dialed thehit back a lot. He didn't wan to kill these kidssohe knew he had to hold back on most of his attacks with these kids.

" So your brother is one who can wield fire jutus. Have to say a little disappointed... thought it would be you". The clone stated as this seem to have pissed aki off as he now blindly charged katsu as he came in with a hard punch aiming forkatsu clones face. " Devour..." was the only words you would hear as the clone bursted into hundreds of little bugs that now surrounds the boy's body as he try to swing and kick his way out of it. But there was nothing he could do as the bugs now started to drain himof hi charka. It memrely took a few seconds before the bugs left aki's body and headed back towards katsu body. He had hoped this attle would be a little better due to him fighting other shinobi. But it was the same more or less. As katsu walked up to jin's body laying there not moving.His hundreds of bugs had not re-eneter his body. instead the bugs starting devouring jin charka. Katsu just wanted to make sure he dotted his "i" and cross his "t" as he now walked over towards the bags of moiney that were left on the rootop. Katsu waspllaning on returning themoney then having someon to come back and retrieve the bodies, due to the fact thathe ha noplans oncoming back this way sine to council office was in the opposite direction. After katsu bugs devour jin's charka they finally returned to the inside of katsu body. As katsu now moved to return the money and then head to the council office to inform them that the mission was a success.

Wc= 1300/600
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Heavens Will


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PostSubject: Re: Mission Mania {mission Private}   Mon Sep 14, 2015 3:43 am


It would seem like yet again katsu will be requested to do another boring mission. Again he was called upon to montior the gates. A mission that was dull to the extreme he would rather stay home and watch the ceiling fan spin more so then do this mission again. But again he was called upon by the council so refusing the request was nearly impossible. He honestly believe the council wasmaking fun of him by assigning him these missions. But katsu said nothing as he once again was seen headed towards the village gates. He was wearing his normal attire of black shinobi scandals, some grey slacks, A black shirt that was hiddened todayd by his brown jacket with the hooded attachment place over his head creating a shadow within the hood to conceal katsu face. Today he would prefer not to be bother by the woman of the village.Who enjoyed walking up to him and trying to get him to go out for drinks with them clearing not caring about the boy's age as he told them he was still to young to drink. They always seem to never care and it was always a group of different woman making him wonder how many woman they had in this village that were single. Katsu pondered this thought to himself as he grew every closer the the village gates.

He was taking his sweet time to get to the gate showing even more so how much he did not want to be there. As he arrived to the gate he removed the hoodn from his head as he now gazed up at the village gates as one of the 4 guards waved to him. It was the same one as last time he had came down to talk to him the last time he was here. Katsu wondered if this guard requested that he come here during this time just so he could katsu. Katsu shrugged at the thought as he watched one of the kunochi come down from the gate. He had never seen her before as his blue and red eyes watched as she decended from the gate. " You must be katsu its a pleasure to meet you. I've heard great thigns about you. Hopefully you live up to the talk". She stated with a smile on her face. Katsu found it odd that she did not state her name while informing him she knew of him. But this held little interest to katsu as he nodded to her " Thank you i'll try not to let you down". He said as he moved to the side and walked by her, He was prettymuch planning on doing the same thing he did last time he was here. Which was start on the east side of the wall and walk down towards the west end. Hopefully it would be more intresting this time around then it was last time, But katsu highly doubted that.

It didn't take him long to get to get the east sideof the wall. Maybe just this time he wanted to finish it faster then he did last time. The sooner he did it the sooner he would be able to leave. Katsu once again lifted one finger into the air as this time two small bugs appeared tocomeout the right end of his finger. They both wasted no time and took to the air heading into the forest. Katsu believe that he didn't pick up on anything because he only had one bug case the forest before. Maybe this time if he used two he would get a better chance at finding someone or something that was out of place in the forest. Katsu after the bug had reached the forest placed his hands in his jackets pockets and walkied along the village walls.  Scanning the outer layer of the forest to see if he could see anything out of place. Every so often looking back in the village to wave at someof the citzens in the village. The lot of them being kids who were just playing near the village walls. Something the land of kohona was a very common thing. The parents in this village had no fear that harm would come to there kids. So often times you would seem them playing about with little to no supervision. This thanks in part to both the village police and the  shinobis' that resigned in the village. Katsu of course being part of that shonbi class. Katsu watched the little kids for a while thinking back to his own child hood which wasn't that long ago merely a few years.

Katsu was so trainined in his own thoughts as he walked the wall he didn't even realized he had madeit back to the gate which was the center area of the wall. This was the area where he knew he was half way complete. He almost bumped into the kunochi who had orignally came down to talk to him before he had scale the wall. She of course not realize that katsu had almost bumped into air looked over tohim and nodded. " Whenyou get some free time I wouldlike to speak to you privately. My name is Akkio by the way". She stated. Finally giving katsu her name he smiled lightly " Sure no problem". He stated as he walked by her and theother three guards to hit the west end of the gate so he could finally leave. Katsu thought tohimself as he started his walk down the west side of the gate. What could she possible want to talk to him about in private. As far as he could remember he had never met this woman before there meeting on the gate today. However her name did sound familar like prehaps he had read it some where or maybe someone had informed him about her. He honestlycouldn't remember. The thought of what she wanted didn't last long in his head as he now turned his attenetion the forest once again. Still nothing knew as always as he started to reach the end of the gate. He suddenly paused as one of his bugs had returned to him. He removed one hand out of the jacket and liftly it slightly into the air with one finger pointed outward as the bug landed on it and a small hole appeared on the right side of the finger as the bug now crawled into it. Afterward the holeclosing back up, it seemed like one of his bugs had not returned. This wasn was normal seeing as that bug was task to travel farther into the force then the one that had just returned.

Katsu had finally reached the end of the west pointof the gate. He lifted the hand that was outside the jacket into the air once again. With only one figure extended outward as the bug landedon that finger.Almost instintly a hole appeared on the right side of his finger as the bug crawled into it and as soon as the bug made its way in the hole closed. Katsu let out a smalvlsigh yet again. " great another boring day on the wall". Katsu stated as he nowleaped down from thje gate and started heading the councils office to once again report nothing out of the normal is going on by the gate. " What a drag". Katsu mubbled to his self as he leaped from rooftop to rooftop heading to the office.

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Heavens Will


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PostSubject: Re: Mission Mania {mission Private}   Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:41 am


Finally a mission worthy of him taking it. It would seem as though the council men have finally seen the greatest and skills that are katsu. The council has finally given him a mission that actually had some risk in it. Word has gotten back to the village that some bandits are terrorizing even killing people outside of the village. It has gotten to the point where people and merchants won't even come to that side of the village. This of course is not only bad for business but it would also show that the village is weak and can't handle small issues like this one. The village is far from weak and katsu is going to make that point clear today. This mission will be his first solo mission B rank mission ever not only that but it will be his first B rank mission since he was promoted to chuunin. He was indeed looking forward to this the intel that he receive stated that some of the bandits knew a few jutus as well. Meaning they were shinobi in the past or were trainined by a shinobi in the past. This being very common during the warring times, when citzen would get into the cross fire of clans battling. Some passing shinobi would teach citzens how to you basic jutus to protect themselves during this time. Of course for the most part this would hurt them more then help them. Due to the fact if another clan seen them use it. They would be mistaken as a threat and killed with no remorse.

It didn't take katsu long to get to the gate. He was sporting his normal traveling attire which really wasn't that different then his normal attire. Which was some black scandals, some grey slacks, a plain black shirt with his black jacket covering the shirt. His jacket was very long only a few inches from the ground just like his brown one. The hood was over his head which casted his face into the shadows hidding his blue and red eyes. As he drew closer to the gate it didn't take the gate guard long to realize who he was as he signal for them to open the gate and let him threw. He nodded to katsu as he walked by and assoon as katsu walked threw the gates they were closed right behind him. Katsu paused once the gates closed as he looked around briefly he stuff his hands into this pockets as a hole appeared in his cheeck as two bugs came cralwing out of it and flew into the forest afterward he started walking again letting out a few more bugsin the process as they followed the scent left behind by the two female bugs that flew off first. This was how katsu was ableto track his bugs. The women had the ablity to leave a scent trail behind that the males could followfor up to about 20 miles or so. A very impress feat he katsu did say so himself. It didn't take long for katsu to find the camp as his males bugs seemed top disperse in every direction. Although if you were not a bug tamer or knew anythign about bugs you wouldn't haven't even realize they did this or even realize the bugs were katsu bugs. But once they did this katsu knew only one thing he was surrounded. Katsu paused as his hands were still his jacket and his hood was still over his head.

"well well well, what do we have here?". Stated a man who had appeared from behind a tree. " You lost boy?" the man said as he drew closer to katsu. Katsu could now hear laugher almost all around him as another 10 men appeared out of no where. Katsu not even bulging from his current stance didn't even look around he could sense his bugs had laned on each of the men. He counted 12 in total including the one that was standing right in front of him. " How about you give us all the money you have on you and we will think about letting you go". The man said while laughing. Katsu could easy tell this man was the leader of the group. He stood in front of the pack there were 6 in front of him and another six that kind formed a circle around him. " So i'm guessing you are the leader here". Katsu stated as he now looked around trying to discern which of them were the ones who could possible know some kind of jutus. " What if I am kid", the man exclaimed looking at his buddys as they all nodded in agreement with him. " Well..." Katsu started to say as he slowly lifted his hands out of his jacket " You will be the one i need to kill" As his hands were now fully out of his jacket as a swarm of bugs flew out and about. He darted to the side as his hood now feel from his head reveiling his ice cold blue and red eyes. He kicked a man in the chest sendinghimflying backinto a near by tree before moving on the the next closes one which was to his left. They were all preoccupied with trying to swat the bugs away. A foolish mistake as katsu grabbed two daggers that one of the men had holsted on his hips and with two quick slashing motion decapitated the man. As he now moved to the next man to his left which seems to have stopped worrying about the bugs and tried tofocus on katsu as he pulled out a katana and blocked katsu attack which was a slashin motion aiming for the mans throat. The man grinned as katsu sense a man approaching him from his back side. A smart idea indeed try to keep his attenetion while another comes from the back and trys to stab katsu. This probably would have worked if katsu didn't have all these bugs swarming about. They weren't just there to be a distraction they almost help katsu keep track of all the men here. If some moved from there spot katsu would know because they would have to run threw his bugs.

Katsu let a sinster smile appear slowly on his face." Devour him" Katsu stated as the bugs that were swarming around the three closes men. The one that was blocking his attac. The one that was now charing towards him. Then finally the man that was 20 meters away swing at the bugs. They all swarmed up on the man that was coming up behind him. It took them a mere few seconds to drain the man of his charka and he fell lifelessly to the ground. as the bugs moved from his to the man that was 20 meters away from katsu and repeated there process of draining themans charka. Now they were moving from thatman to the man that was blocking katsu attack. As the man now lifted one foot into the air and thrusted it towards katsu chest sending him back a bit as he now focused on the bugs that were swarming towards him. Katsu had recovered fairly quietly from the mans kick. He watched as the man infused his blade with chakra. Letting katsu know he was one of the one who could weild jutsu. Katsu grinned a little bit as he now darted back towards the man. Who focus was now on the bug swarm that was in front of him as they drew closer the performa vertical slash towards the bugs as a wave of his charka went flying towards the bugs. Katsu slightly surprised never seeing something like this before watched as his bug simply opened up and let the verticalslash fly right threw them. At this point katsu was right behind the man as he leaped into the air lodging one of the daggars into the man's next. As his blood came flyinng out. As he quickly removed the daggar from the mans neck the blood shot out like a spinkler system as he fell to both knees and then on his face.

Katsu now turned his attention to the leader and the nine men that were left still standing. The leader looked over to katsu seen his three men on the ground. He seems very outraged that this little boy took out three of his men in less then a minute. The man quickly formed hand seals as he slammed both his hands to the ground. Katsu felt the earth shake as he slowly started to rise into the air. It would seem this jutsu the man used allowed him to alter the area in which he was in as another man now leaped into the air forming hand seals as he inhaled and exhaled a jet stream of water. Katsu having no where to run just brace himself for the impact of the water stream. As it contacted katsu wasslightly surprised by how strong the stream was as it sent him flying into a near by tree. His bugs that were once swarming around the enemy had now returned to him as he slowly rose to his feet from the last attack. He looked up to see kunais coming right at him as he ducked and leaped to the side avoiding the kunai which were now lodged into the tree that was behind him. He didn't have time to think about his next move as more kunai came flying at him as he just repaeated his last moves.

Volley after volley came right behind each other as he dodged them all. Now darting forward towards the men in front of him as he now sent his bugs ahead of him. The leader quickly forming some more hand seals as he placed his hands on the ground as awallappeared in front of him and his men. Katsu could only grin as the bugs went around the wall engulfing two of the nine men draining them of there charka. Due to the wall that was now blocking his view of the men and theres of him he quickly formed the needed hand seals as a clone of him made up of the bugs that were still near him formed. Katsu knew he had to end this quickly or he would use up all his charka. This was the best idea he could come up with on the spot. as he halted to a stop a few metes in front of the wall as his clone was some what behin him still running as it leaped into the air katsu cupped his hands dropping both the dagger he had in his hand as one of the clones feet landed in it and he thursted the clone over the wall that was formed. The cloned now hovering right above the leader threw the daggers it had in its hands at the two bandits nearest the leader with such force that when they landed one loding into the man's skull sending him to the ground with great impact. The other leanding in the man's chest sending him to the ground hard as well.

The leader simply smiled at katsu as he came soaring down. Realizing the katsu had no weapons now he quickly pulled out the kunais he had in a ponch he had on his leg as the thrusted the kunai in the air katsu being mid air could do nothing but guard his vital area from the kunai hitting them. The kunais hit both his legs and both his arms as the man now grined widely as he thought that was the end of katsu. As puff of smoke appeared and there came the bugs covering the leaders body up within a few seconds. a loud scearm was heard before dead silence. The wall that was once standing inbetween katsu and the bandits had now rumble away as his bugs now returning to him. As the remain six bandits looked at each other then back at katsu. Whom's eyes seem lifeless as the bugs now swarmed around him. It would seem as though fear would prevail this day. As the last of the bandits would now high tail it out of there. They did not want to end up like there leader who they thought was dead. But in reality was only drained of his charka. Katsu slowly walked up to the leader as his bugs began to return to the inside of his body threw the mutilpe holes that were open. The leader with what strength he had left looked up towards katsu. As katsu kneed down towards the man's body picking one of the kunais that had fallen to the ground after the leader attack on katsu clone. His eye's now locked with katsu own red and blue eyes. " Wait I know who you are you're...." Katsu didn't wait for him to finish his statement as he slashed at the back of the man's thoart. Katsu rose to his feet and conutined with the process killing the other men who were drained of there charka.

As he finshed the last one and rose to his feet. He couldn't help but smile evillyat the job he had done. He was keeping the village safe. That was all he really cared about. He down turned to head back to the village and informed them of his job being complete and them hopefully sending a clean up party because he sure as hell didn't feel like cleaning this up. In all honest he doesn't even believe he has a jutus that could even do that. He thought for just a moment before walking off to the village.

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Mission Mania {mission Private}
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