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 Chicken Sandwich [Open, NK]

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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin

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PostSubject: Chicken Sandwich [Open, NK]    Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:47 pm

"Hmm, so I finally will be a...sensei? Why? That is pointless... I still am not even sure about taking over as clan head, so why would the village put me in charge of some child, though. I guess they wouldn't know of my status since it hasn't been made public yet." Ume would sigh, a bit irritated. He would rub his forehead as he would lean back against the tree some more, so that the back of his head was gently against it.  It was not that late in the afternoon around 4 pm. The weather was the usual sunny with a scarce amount of clouds in the sky, shade in the area Ume was almost vacant. He though was able to find one good source and that was the tree that was in this place, a tree that held a bit of sentimental value. As it was a tree he and Yoko had planted just for the purpose of shade. Why the two twins had done such a thing was because when they hung out they trained sometimes ,this place being the training ground located just outside of the Uzumaki clan compound. The size of the training ground was around the same, if not large, than of the regular training ground located in this village.  The size of this place didn't matter though as no fighting should occur at all, as it was constantly watched by certain members within the Uzumaki clan. Also, to make note all Ume had on him was, obviously his clothes, but also a book.

ooc: For Bast. But others are welcomed to join. And don't talk bout my crap first post.

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Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin

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PostSubject: Re: Chicken Sandwich [Open, NK]    Sat Sep 12, 2015 4:53 pm

"You have all you need, Bast," Claudia asked without looking up from her book.

Dressed in a jogging pants and a tucked in white t-shirt, Sabure finished off the last of his meal before answering, "Yeah, I should be home sometime this evening. Don't wait up for." He gathered his plate and cup and tossed both in the sink before attempting an exit. Claudia glanced up from her book and gave Sabure a rather serious look. Catching the hint, Sabure turned around and cleaned up after himself. "Thank you, my dear," she said in a sweet tone as only a mother could. Sabure replied with a grunt and nod before heading out the door.

He had been on a nonstop run lately, in regards to his missions. For his efforts he was finally getting matched with a sensei, though the information regarding this was mum as to who it actually was. It mattered little, however, since this meant a chance to participate in even more challenging missions.

As he traversed the village he was stopped by a familiar face, the Kazekage's favorite messenger apparently. "What is it now? I don't feel like dealing with anything you have to say or bring," Sabure stated plainly. "Just wanted to congratulate you on being assigned. You earned it kid, I'm sure your gonna love your new squad captain." At the mention of the squad captain Sabure's right brow raised as his curiosity showed. "You know the person," Sabure asked. "Sorry I know you don't feel like hearing anything I have to say or bring, as you stated. Just wanted to wish you luck." "Fuck off," Sabure stated before walking pass the messenger, completely ignoring his chuckles.

The information he had received about the meeting location was near the Uzumaki Compound. Apparently there was a training ground nearby, though Sabure was unfamiliar with it. The message said that the meeting would be under a tree, which made the task much easier considering the environment. When he entered the grounds, Sabure spotted someone who appeared not much older than himself. He waited to speak or gesture a hello until he felt he was within range to be heard without raising his voice.

"So your waiting for the squad captain, too," Sabure asked as he moved closer to the tree. His moon-like trailed upward as he spotted a bird feeding its chicks in their nest. He placed his hand flat on the tree, still watching the birds. "A tree in the desert. Don't see this every day," he said before removing his hand and bringing his attention back to the young man "I'm Sabure, a pleasure to meet you." Sabure bowed as a gesture of respect.
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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin

Posts : 106
Join date : 2015-08-11

PostSubject: Re: Chicken Sandwich [Open, NK]    Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:19 am

"No, I am the squad Captain. Ume Uzumaki! And it is nice to meet you Sabu-chan! You can call me just Senpai though." Ume would say as he would stand to his feet and also strike a pose, but immediately sitting back down. He was tired for some reason when he had did that pose, but whatever, he wanted to relax on the tree anyway. Why he spoke like that was he thought Yoko would do that, no, she had done that when first meeting her students. So Ume just tried his best to mimic that, even if it was weird. It was awkward now for a few seconds so Ume would say something, "Oh, I planted this tree. When I was younger with my Twin sister." Maybe giving him information about this tree would make this less awkward.
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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

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PostSubject: Re: Chicken Sandwich [Open, NK]    Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:00 pm

Kenao had been quite uneventful and inactive for a while, he has had less missions though he was told to start training that he would soon go on another, right now, that was what he was doing, he wanted to increase his stamina and physical strength, he had been jogging endlessly for the past 2 hours in the sun, his whole leg was not feeling good, the muscles were burning up, and it was like they were yelling 'No' to any form of movement, despite the involuntary action of his body not to move, he would still struggle and enter an inn that was nearby, where he was served with 2 bowls of ramen and was treated to some cups of water, Kenao payed for the things he bought, he had never really been to where he was since he had been in Sunagakure, his course mostly involved village gates, grocery shops and just random roaming about the same place, though he went to other streets when he was assigned to on missions. Kenao would decide to keep jogging when he met 2 sunagakure shinobis under a tree, maybe he could get a shade, since his body had been craving for a dark spot since he entered the inn. He would walk up to the two shinobis, Hey there, he would wave to them, so that he would get their attention
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PostSubject: Re: Chicken Sandwich [Open, NK]    

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Chicken Sandwich [Open, NK]
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