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 Overwhelming tasks! [Mission, Private]

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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin
Ume Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Overwhelming tasks! [Mission, Private]    Sat Sep 12, 2015 6:55 pm

Mission set one :
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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin
Ume Uzumaki

Posts : 106
Join date : 2015-08-11

PostSubject: Re: Overwhelming tasks! [Mission, Private]    Sat Sep 12, 2015 8:10 pm

Mission one cont.

"Ume, you do not have to go on theses tasks. You are the head of the clan now and you could be in severe danger going on theses assignments, you could lose your life. Now listen we can easily send someone to be your replacement, a simple matter that I will get on right now."  A man covered head in too in a strange attire, his face not visible at all.

"HOLD IT!" Ume would say raising his voice to a point that he even shocked himself, not speaking this loudly in a very long time. But that is what he had o do, he couldn't let this man do this. " I must undertake this assignment and not back down, I need to hold up my own appearance. I will never back away from any assignment... as Yoko wouldn't have done that, she would never do that. So neither will I do such a thing." Ume would say as he would continue to put on his attire.

The man would grunt at Ume's outburst, not finding it respectful at all. "Ume, now you speaking like that is truly foolish. Please, just think this over. You do not want to lose you like we lost Yoko, not another heir. You are truly valuable and special and we can't allow you to fall in battle. So just change back into your regular attire so that we can get the festival started going. We need t-" The man would stop his banter as Ume would raise his hand.

The young clan head would turn around, a blank expression on his face. He would put on his glasses as he would place on his face before he spoke again. "Your concerns are all valid and honestly, I would agree with you and be on your side if Yoko was in this position.  I would beg and plead for her in anyway to make her reconsidered her decision, as her life as head and also my twin would be put up extremely high. Tears would even fill my eyes as all i wanted was for her not to get hurt at all, not even a small hair on her head. And I couldn't risk her going out. But you know what... I would fail in my attempt. As I said before Yoko wouldn't turn down an assignment especially ones like theses. What she would do is this..."

Ume would place his hand on the man's shoulder. " She would place her gentle and heavenly hand upon my shoulder, and speak genteal to me. Ume-chan.

'Do you think I can't handle this?' That alone would get me flustered and unable to respond. But she wouldn't stop with just that. She would then follow up by asking. 'How about this. You come with me and protect me, while I protect you. Is that fine?'

Ultimately I would nod my head like a child and agree without any second thought, and I would still do that to this day. And added to what she would ask she would have the most lovely expression on her face that would make me turn red, and feel numb all over. Her beauty enough to change everything I was thinking.

So let me say this.... Why not send one of your best guards, which you probably have watching me anyway, come along. The assignment would go smoother and incase I am in trouble that said guard could protect me. And also if things get too rough... I will retreat, back up fromt eh conflict if there is one and regroup. Deal?"
Ume would ask him, his hand moving from his shoulder after he spoke. A warm smile, that was similar to the one Yoko gave him, would appear on Ume's face. It was a beautiful smile that would make the man, under his attire, being to sweat. Beauty was something that could affect anyone, no matter what gender, and was something that was truly powerful within this world.

"O-okay, You have convinced me Ume. I will assign someone to go along with you, but stay close to him. He will be your sword and also shield. Now will you excuse me." The man would say as he would turn around and head out of the room, but stop when outside of the door. And place his hand on over his heart. Not liking how he was persuaded in such a manner. He would shake his head and go to do as he said he would, assigning someone to protect Ume.

Ume would lean back on his dresser, sitting his but on the edge, and place his index finger on his cheek. "Honestly, I thought I would have to do someone more to convince that guy. I guess I am pretty good at getting what I want, just like Onee-sama. Whelp!" Ume would stand straight back up and head for the door, grabbing a white robe before doing so, and heading out. "Time to get rid of threats." Ume would say as he would begin to walk through the halls of the large Uzumaki Compound, being in the main building. Due to the terrain of this village the Compound was extremely large and was different than any other building. It was special. It was made completely different, well beginning to be made, in a special way. Sand or whatever was used for the other buildings was being changed out.

This was to keep the Uzumaki clan trully protected from any threats, and also this was the first task Ume had given others after becoming clan head. Simple, well he believed it was simple. The cost for this honestly was a bit extensive, but reachable. Ume, finally, would make it out of the Uzumaki Compound and was at the guarded gates, not of the village but still of the Compound.  

Yes, he also had ordered that there be guards and a main entrance with a few hidden entrances and exits. Nothing all that special but just for safety precautions. "Now where is this person. That that man said would be my shield! My sword! Where is he?" Ume would say as he crossed his arms after putting his white robe on.

"Sorry, my Lord. I was gathering supplies." A voice would say as they would come out of the Compound. The somewhat large and muscular brute of a man would stop and bow before Ume when he turned around, he would then raise up and begin to speak again. "My name is Shun, and I was told to protect you on your missions. Again, I apologize for my tardiness."

"No worries. Let us just hurry and get to this task, first this bandit camp and then we participate in a war." Ume would tell him as the two would begin to walk through the village until they reach the North village gates, they would show their scroll on why they were leaving and begin to travel through the desert.

made by sei

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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin
Ume Uzumaki

Posts : 106
Join date : 2015-08-11

PostSubject: Re: Overwhelming tasks! [Mission, Private]    Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:45 pm

Mission one complete

"Due to the time of day we should be able to take care of this task quickly, theses bandits aren't clever nor are they impressive. Though, their numbers are something that need to be taken into account. If we are not able to slay the heads of the beast the body will put up an attack to prevent us from getting another chance. Honestly speaking the two of us could kill them all effortlessly, but.

Doing that would waste precious time we surely do not have at this present time. From the details listed within the assignment scroll a total of thirty men are in this bandit camp, but only two are the leaders and a bit skillful.

And from what we can hear they are all having some sort of party, their obnoxious laughter and cheering being an obvious reason I think that. My thoughts are that at least one of the leaders are out there  having a good time, as the intel says that one of the guys always got drunk in the village and such. The intel about the other is that he was always into pleasure.. so expect there to be civilians here. Maybe against their will maybe not, they are sadly of no concern.

The two heads of the bandit leaders are what we want, especially since they are rogue shinobi from our village. Their lives can not be spared... at all cost we kill them. And then we head to our real task. "
Ume would say as he and Shun would be looking down at the Bandit camp, it located in a oasis in the beautiful and harsh desert of the Land of Wind.

From their position, on top of a large dune hidden in the sand, they could actually see down at their camp a bit. This is how Ume could come to so many conclusions that actually were right on the mark,  as he could see almost everything down there. Shun though was different he couldn't see all the way down there and was actually amazed at how Ume came to such conclusions.

"So which target am I going after?" Would be the only question Shun would ask. He understood everything and was ready to get this over with whenever Ume was.

"Simple, you take on the drunk one... and also anyone else who comes at you. That would draw the attention primarily on you, which is good. I will use that time to kill the other leader, so be quick. I want to take him before he can get ready to get his men in order. " Ume would stand to his feet, still hidden as a cloud would cover the moon and prevent its light from revealing Ume. Ume would then make his ways down, carefully, stealthily and,  skillfully, and at one of the large tents. Once there he would put up his hand to give Shun a signal. Ume would then wait.

"Alright, Shun. Focus...focus.. I may not be able to do what the others are able to, but I have made myself stronger in other ways. " Shun would reach behind him and remove a large claymore from it's sheathe. He would then take in a few death breaths before beginning to back up. Once at a good distance he would then rush forward before take a large leap into the air, he was able to go pretty far and right to the spot he wanted. As he came down he held his claymore tight and moved a bit within the air to maneuver himself above one unsuspecting person. Shun would come down hard and the force sent the person he landed on to the ground in a awkward position, along with Shun's claymore driven into his head. The people around him looked in complete shock as they dropped their drinks.

Ume at that time would then sneak into the tent he was behind and well watch as a pig of a man violated a few woman, and Ume was disgusted. Though, he didn't show it at all. He would keep an emotionless expression on his face as it was bad to show any emotion toward an enemy.

Strangely the guy, when he noticed Ume, would just jester him to come over and join. Probably under the impression Ume was a girl from his feminine facial features, Ume would just use that to his advantage. Ume would reach for one of the weapons the guy had laying around, a kunai, and get close to the man. The guy was busy indulging himself as Ume got closer and closer. Ume would, sexually, get on the back of the man. The man wouldn't stop what he was doing as he thought Ume would begin to start kissing him or tongue his ear. But Ume would quickly stab the man right in the back of the neck.

Ume isn't at all a strong person but the man also was move back and forth so that helped in getting the kunai through the skin. And when the guy had felt the blade on his neck he also snapped his neck back in shock, thinking it was something freaky.

His body would fall on top of the woman, and they would wiggle from under him. They would then run out of the tent screaming in horror as blood had gotten on them. Ume would scalp the guy and put it within a protective case. So he had proof the guy was killed. Once he left the tent he would see Shun fighting, but the fighting would end when one of the bandits would announce, in horror, that their bosses had been killed.  Gaining this from seeing Shun kill the leader outside and seeing the woman run out their other bosses tent covered in blood; and that Ume would follow instead of their boss.

They would begin to run away not wanting to share the same fate and having better things to do other than die. Ume would walk over to Shun and motion him to follow him, "We are done here. Mission Accomplished.. now we head to the Northern area of Kaze no Kuni to being our main task, well my main task. You are my shield.. you are my sword." Ume would say as they would begin their real journey. Ume believed it would probably take them a few hours to get to their intended area.

made by sei

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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin
Ume Uzumaki

Posts : 106
Join date : 2015-08-11

PostSubject: Re: Overwhelming tasks! [Mission, Private]    Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:50 pm

Campaign begins! -

"The Village Hidden in Mirages and the Village Hidden in Heat. Theses two village honestly, if merged together, could prove to be a extremely large threat to Sunagakure. I just say that so you all can have an idea at their power together. Separate they still a bit of a threat and should never be taken lightly, as they aren't simple fodder. Now, at this point in time we all three are going against each other. And for a great cause.

Here! In this beautiful and vast mountainous area. It is rich in minerals, but also has thousands of liters of clean water running throughout it. We want.. no we need this place. As it will be able to change Sunagakure forever for the best, the same goes for the other two Villages. Mirages and Heat. Currently the Village hidden in heat controls this place is on the defensive, and will do whatever to keep this place.  

As with this place taken their village may take a hit they may never be able to recover from, and they will ultimately hate the winner and also other loser of this struggle.

We will be those victories they hate and despise! It may seem cold hearted but I want you to also know... this war will not only hurt those that want to kill us for this, but those who don't even know of this hidden war. That don't even know what they will be losing. Children younger, older, shit he same age as ou or those in our village will go without water. I want you to realize this.

What we do here builds lives but also destroys them. I tell you all this so that you know what is all at stake here, as we must put ourselves. Our village and it's people first. We must build our lives for the better instead of letting it be destroyed. A life of a shinobi is a hard one where we make many selfless and also horrible decisions... but are the only things we can do.

With the brief information I have told you prepare to move out."
The man that spoke had only one eye, a large scar running down his face in horrible fashion. He spoke though kindly but also seriously his words giving the shinobi present mixed feelings about this assignment.  But, each and everyone of them would soon come to the conclusion that they had to do this for the village and their families.

The location the group of Sunagakure shinobi were at was their camp, within the cave of one of the many mountains in the area. It was a bit of ways from the location of where the main battle had been and contu to take place, for safety measures.  

Ume would walk out of the cave and gaze out at the surrounding area, he wasn't alone. There was also a sensor ninja there to make sure no one was going to come here without their knowledge. And also Shun who would be concerned about Ume. "Is something bothering you my Lord? Is it what that shinobi said about the war?"

"No, I-I..." Ume was lost for words for a second," I feel dirty for what happened a the bandit camp..." Ume would speak no more on it as Shun place his hand on Ume's shoulder.

"Don't worry about it... just forget what happened. It is irrelevant now, and you can just focus on the task at hand. " Shun would tell Ume.

"I guess you are right, I shouldn't think about it. Forget forget forget...." Ume would say as he would do so and no longer like about what happened, have the whole experience leave his memory.

"We are heading out!" The man from earlier would declares as everyone, would begin to leave out of their camp and travel down the path of the mountain.

made by sei

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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin
Ume Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Re: Overwhelming tasks! [Mission, Private]    Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:27 pm

Campaign begins! -

A simple scouting assignment had turned into a somewhat bloody three way altercation; there being a band of seven Mirage Shinobi , five Chunin and two Jounin who were all skilled shinobi. Sunagakue's forces would be the second most as there were five shinobi in total, not including Ume, four Chunin and one Jounin. Shun was the jounin within the group.  The heat shinobi only would arrive with five.  The battle between the three was actually even in a way as there was no casualties and no one was getting the advantage within the battle.

All this happened after groups had been created once the Sunagakure, main, group had left their camp. Ume was put in charge of the group that was supposed to scout forward and check for traps, but they ended up getting ambushed and then the Shinobi, the Heat shinobi, also were ambushed. So it turned into a double ambush, which was something that rarely happened.

"Tch! Shun, I want you to focus on those five Heat shinobi. Everyone else push back the Mirage shinobi! We can't allow them to attack us like this." Ume would say as from how the ambushed happened the two opposite factions attacked the Sunagakure shinobi from both sides.  It wasn't on purpose but taking care of the Sunagakure shinobi would make things easier for the other groups.  

Shun would clash with a heat shinobi, sending him flying back with devastating force. Shun had more strength behind him when the clashed and had won that ordeal, at that same time two heat Nin would rush Shun from the side as he was landing. Shun's blade was large and sharp, but also light to him. So, notching them, he would quickly spin around in a circle this being able to decapitate one of the Heat shinobi. The other though was a bit more skillful a she would be able to lower himself to a point where he could completely avoid the attack.

The heat shinobi's kunai would plunge deeply into the side of Shun, making him stop his spin.  He would then jump back, toss shuriken at Shun as he backed away. Shun would try his best to shrug of the pain as he remove the kunai with his left hand, his right hand holding his claymore. Shun at this point had killed two of the Heat shinobi and there were three left. One reeling backwards throwing shuriken while another came under Shun to strike from below.

Sadly, for this skill Heat shinobi's plan would fail. As he didn't conceal his chakra as he hide underground and Shun had been using his sensory to keep track of all the people he was fighting. He would use the kunai he remove from his side and toss it town, it going right between the eyes of the Heat shinobi. Now there were two left.

Shun would though, in killing the Heat shinobi below, take damage from the shuriken thrown at him. They weren't lethal attacks though but they weren't supposed to be. Shun would try and remove them but he couldn't so he would leave them. He would rush at the one who throw them but as he did this he would notice the other Heat shinobi was running behind him, but not attacking.

The Heat shinobi Shun was running at would run to the side but Shun wouldn't follow him. He would abruptly stop and turn to attack the one that was behind him. His claymore having enough length to reach him when swung. His attack would simple by jump over and also his left hand would be yanked to the side, the shurkin in it have string attached that allowed this.

"Shit!" Shun would say as this caused him to be off balance and in a bad predicament. Though, his life would be saved a two chains would fly through the air and one would wrap around the neck of the Heat shinobi that jumped into it. The other would grab the shinoi by the legs. This wasn't to kill him but it did stop him and have him in the air above Shun, who would drive his claymore through the chest of the guy.

The fighting had ended and also the other Heat nin was killed. How this happened was by Ume and the oehr driving back the Mirage shinobi and going to assist Shun, and right at the right time. Saving his life. They had finished this assignment and a signal was given for them to regroup.

"You did good, but don't almost die again. You are my shield and sword remember, and I shouldn't be protecting you. " Ume would say as he would pat Shun on the shoulder. The group would then go back to the others and they would all head to a new location.

Now at the new location new assignments would be given they were, everyone, to secure a cave so that it could be mapped.  Three shinobi will be mapmaking while others will be escorting them through the cave. Some shinobi will be lighting the cave with torches and lanterns. Three groups will be made, each having a map marker, so that this could be done more quickly.  

Shun, Ume, and a few others would be one group and would be the first to be grouped up. As they went down their path they felt this was actually easier than the scouting missions, those in the group that was in it. Ume though didn't like this. Everything was going to easy especially since they all were at war right now. "Wait, this marking... this isn't natural. Someone... a Fuinjutsu specialist... has made theses marks. "

"STOP THEY HAVE SURROUNDED US!" Shun would say as he would be able to sense their chakra signatures, as ume would remove the fuin that was placed. The Fuin hiding their chakra signatures and also this would reveal the torches already here that were placed by the enemy.

made by sei

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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin
Ume Uzumaki

Posts : 106
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PostSubject: Re: Overwhelming tasks! [Mission, Private]    Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:50 pm

Campaign completed! -

"Ume, stand back we got this! You are injured to badly to fight." Shun would say as he would stand in front of Ume who was leaning against the wall of the cave. This fight was horrible as this place wasn't good for such a battle, and nor was it stable for one. Also the group of Heat shinobi attacking Ume's group wasn't a lot, around ten, as the rest were attacking the other two Sunagakure groups.

The fighting had been going on for about twenty minutes and during the fight Ume was severely slashed across the chest, and knocked back. He could still fight but Shun told he not to, and stood there protecting him. Ume didn't receive any medical assistance at this moment though as everyone was fighting, luckily though the sunagakure shinobi were winning. And that was all the groups.  And slowly but surely the enemy would be killed and this place would now be under the control of the Sunagakure shinobi.

"Whew, now we just leave this cave and head to the next assignment in this war. " Ume would say as he was getting healed and bandaged up, Shun would help him up and the group would begin to go meet up with the others. At the mouth of one of the exits in this cave. Everyone was here, only a few banged up but not casualties.  

As he was walking with Shun he had to say it," Shun. I have to say thanks... you really helped me out. You actually were my shield and sword back there when I foolishly got hurt, thanks. You really helped me out man. I respect you for that, but don't do it again. All lives are precious within our village, so don't risk it like that." Ume would say.

"Alright, I will my Lo-" Shun's words would be cut short as a Kunai would go flying and hit him in the center of his head. He would turn to Ume before he would fly to the ground others would fall from kunai and everyone who didn't took cover. The Sunagakure shinobi had been ambushed right as they made it to the exit of the cave.


That was the order given, and it included Ume. Ume though didn't want to retreat but he had to he was tired and also he couldn't do anything to help right now, sadly. Their escape would be successful and a group, of about seven, would be heading back to Sunagakure. All of them though were in complete shock though on their journey as they spotted two beings that could kill them all. Luckily they were ignored but their direction was of Sunagakure.

made by sei

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PostSubject: Re: Overwhelming tasks! [Mission, Private]    

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Overwhelming tasks! [Mission, Private]
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