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 A Sandy Situation Part 2 [EVENT]

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PostSubject: A Sandy Situation Part 2 [EVENT]   Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:25 pm

I was told to make this topic separate of the other, for the battle between me and Bastian in regards to the Kage Tourney.


It's Hot in the Desert

till within the walls of Sunagakure no Sato like the other contestants, Sachio stood in the vast desert space that was the arena for the Kazekage Tournament. The sand blew lightly and curled round his body in a weak wisp with the presence of a fresh breeze. Despite the wind being fresh, it still remained blazing hot like normally in the village, but Sachio was unbothered. Properly hydrated like all who trudged the Land of Wind should be sure to be, Sachio was in peak condition for this battle that was to occur today. He'd trained diligently for such a bout, traveling far from his village to face people and ninja from other lands freely in the wilderness.Some would say it was a grim way of training, the taking of lives only for one's betterment, but Sachio felt it was for a just cause. His own future. One fellow he had encountered while slinking through the Land of Wind, was simply used for target practice. Not even a formal introduction was heard from him, before the mummy of a Chunin slipped a kunai out the holster and sailed it cleanly through the air to take his eye out. However, these tales were irrelevant now, only the fruits they bore would matter and not how the fruits were gathered.

Moving out from the Eastern entrance with maximum speed attributed to a shinobi of his capabilities, the Chunin released a small emission of chakra to the scroll that was on his back. This worked to release volumes of Iron Powder to slither out the scroll to an area around him in all directions save for his front and sides. He needed his line of vision unsalted, but the protection from the rear would possibly be crucial in the case of an ambush, though such things were unlikely. With this emission and simultaneous manipulation of Iron Powder a single clone was conjured up form its volumes. This clone travelled along side Sachio inside the protection of his Iron Powder and though it was born from a material which was ebon, it was colored the same as Sachio and looked just like him. Even with being a Chunin and knowing he'd be facing nin who boasted higher ranks, Sachio's confidence stood unbent and his head unbowed for he already figured how he'd dispose of his foe before. Beneath his bandages that covered his mouth a grin lathered in venom was made. Some may wonder why Sachio had bandages over his mouth, but to those who have come to know his knew appearance would understand how efficient it was and how not so odd it was. Many Sunagakure Ninja had a way of clothing that could be seen as odd, but it was only birthed from looking for protection format he elements Kaze no Kuni had to offer. Wind, sand, and heat.

Insulated like the mummified corpse of an ancient being, but well and alive, Sachio was wrapped expertly in bandage like strips from head to toe. All that remained uncovered and exposed to the elements were his eyes, a small area around them, and down below his nose, but before his lips. Though wrapped up securely, his movements wouldn't be impeded by this garb that acted as a medium for his fuinjutsu, as it wasn't too tight, nor too loose. If he willed it, the bandages could unravel off a section of his body with considerable speed to be utilized in a way he saw fit. No strands were loose off his body to allow for grabbing and his blood could flow just right in the scroll made to bandages, it was just right. Accompanying these wrappings was a headband where his eyebrows would be, that was dark blue in color, plated in standard metal in the center was the insignia of the Sand Village. This headband was styled like a sweatband and had no straps or loose slack that could be tugged. In regards to actually wearing his headband, it wasn't that that he had any note worthy pride for the village, but he felt it was only appropriate given how official the event was. On his lower body he also wore loose cloth shorts that were nothing special and stopped below the knees. They were the same color as his headband and on the outer thigh portion of each leg were holsters for three kunai. The holsters were strapped down and secured and four kunai of the six had their handle's clothed tightly with an explosive tag. On the back of his hip was a tool pouch which held shuriken. He would be able to reach for these stars unimpeded by his scroll on his back if need be. Last was his newest addition to his arsenal of carry-ons, the Scroll of the Desert. Two seals were out in sight for all to see as the scroll was actually wrapped inside out saving the wielder the time of unraveling the damn thing, given he'd be indulged in combat today. Though the seals were identical, each held different things. One held Iron Sand and the other, Iron Powder. The seal for Iron Powder as previously mentioned had already been released, though only a fraction of its contents whereabouts were noticeable to the naked eye. Like mystical fog or the presence of a evil spirit, the Iron Powder hung around Sachio and his clone's vicinity never obscuring their vision. Enough to cloak only his body in a cocoon was currently out around his body, but it was compacted lightly in snake like trails to give the impression that not much was yet released from the scroll. With the seal already released, on his command with no additional chakra cost, more Iron Powder could be drawn out the scroll at any given moment, though he didn't think he'd need more, for as far as Sachio was concerned he already had the strategical advantage in this bout.

Having entered from the Eastern side of the battlegrounds as he was directed he figured he wouldn't have to worry about his opponent approaching from behind, but he still was on his guard. With him coming from the East, his opponent would presumably have entered from one of the three remaining cardinal directions. Together only fifty-meters deep int he nearly two hundred meter arena, the Chunin and his clone would stop. Standing with the scroll on its back against the real Sachio's scroll the two watched opposing directions. Sachio facing the West, while his clone faced the East, both their peripherals covered the remaining directions when considered as one, so they were well aware of their surroundings. Had the other contestant made his presence known, the other would be alerted, so that they may both be aware. In a cartoon like illustration of an alluring aroma, the Iron Powder would linger around both in an orbital way. Sachio hadn't come to lose and with his seamlessly executed tactics, some of which were covert and all of which consisted of his opponent being out of sight, he and his clone felt confident.

Word Count: 1,182

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A Sandy Situation Part 2 [EVENT]
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