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 another mindless task[mission,nk,]

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Suna Genin

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PostSubject: another mindless task[mission,nk,]   Sun Sep 13, 2015 12:33 am


Vaati sighed as he exited his home. Once again, his roommate left the panty bare and it was up to him to suffer to eat. "doesn't that fool ever do anything" he thought, cursing his name as his stomach began rumbling. Vaati was clothed with his trademark purple cloak, tunic and hat. Completing his outfit with red linen pants and sandles. The dust was picking up. Looking up Vaati looked into the distance. A storm was on the horizon. It would still take a few hours to reach the village, but sandstorms were dangerous. He would need to be back home before then.

He lingered inside the doorway for a moment, the darkness inside too big of a contrast to the bright sun outside. Taking a moment to allow his eyes adjust, he had already began moving to the door to the freelancer mission assigner. His hand slowly turned the door knob, pushing the door open with a small creak. The sound annoyed him every time he entered the room. it was such a pain. Once again the Jonin at the desk was lost within a stack of papers. Before Vaati had even reached the deck, he lifted up a piece of parchement and passed it to Vaati, his attention focused on other things.  Taking a moment, Vaati looked at the paper before realizing.  "Hey, this is the same mission you gave me last week?" he almost shouted. The painstaking bordom of dashing around the desert was starting to really tick him off. "Sign the sheet on the way out" was all the jonin said, ignoring Vaati's complaint. A dull look of annoyance seemed to slip by the young shinobi as he turned to walk away. "no wonder he's stuck pushing papers.... " he muttered while signing the form and walking out.

"alright" he sighed. His eyes moved to the horizon, the sandstorm was still a ways off, but if he was to do this, he needed to hurry. Quickly he darted into a sprint,  heading out the main gates of the village and out into the endless sea of sand. Snakes  were sensitive to the weather, they would have dug deep into the ground. Vaati wouldn't be able to catch them... no he would have to hunt something else. but first he would dash to smuggler's den to collect figs. It didn't take him long. the narrow valleys and steep cliffs would loom over the small shinobi. He knew the dangers to this area, he did not want to be here for long. quickly plucking the small juicy berries from their home, he placed them into his bag before quickly dashing out.

"alright, meat...." he said, his voice trailing while his eye caught the storm moving in the distance. it wouldn't be much longer, maybe an hour. that meant he only had another 20 minutes before he needed to return to the village. That's when he saw it. Two roadrunners dashing directly toward him. the smuggler's den, they must have been seeking refuge from the coming storm.  Returning to the cliffs he dashed up the side, waiting for the 2 birds so he could ambush them. It did not take them long before they were right under him, with a sudden motion, Vaati tossed 2 kunai out, empowering their speed with his wind jutsu. The kunai quickly found their targets and down they went. leaping down, he grabbed the two birds and placed them in his bag before returning to town just as the sandstorm began to blow in. Turning in his bag of goods, he returned home, his pocket now filled once again with ryo, and soon, his stomach.

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another mindless task[mission,nk,]
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