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 A thief's dream (Mission)

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PostSubject: A thief's dream (Mission)   Sun Sep 13, 2015 7:43 am


Zenkichi was walking gloomily through the streets. He had just been to the job board. None of the jobs there attracted him. Most of the high reward jobs are already taken, and only the weird or low paying jobs are left. Zenkichi ignored those jobs and just left. Zenkichi wasted most of his cash yesterday in the bar, since he finally received a day off from training under. He blew away all his cash on booze and gambling last night. His head was still pounding from the hangover. He haven’t drank this much ever since he was freed. Now, he’s out of cash and he needs cash soon for his meals. ”Dammit, I need cash, and fast!’ After shouting this, he heard a “Psst” coming from the alley he just passed by. Turning around, he saw a figure, a hooded figure gesturing him to come.

As he approached the figure, the figure said, “Psst. Did you just say you’re in need of cash?” Zenkichi slowly approached the figure before nodding his head suspiciously. “Then good! I’ve got a job for you. From your build and that sword on your buckle, I can see that you’ve been fighting a lot. So, here’s a job for you. There’s a supply cart coming tomorrow,” says the man, as he passes Zenkichi a piece of paper, “ and they’ll be carrying this material called gold sand. I want you to grab 5 bags of it for me.” Zenkichi listen to the guy attentively before asking, “What’s gold sand? And why can’t you grab it for yourself?” The guy facepalmed before continuing, “Well, I can’t get it myself because I need you to steal them for me. Duhh. Do I look like a buff man to you? Gold Sand is used to make fake gold, which I can sell in the black market for a huge profit!” Hearing the words ‘steal’ and ‘fake gold’, Zenkichi then say, “Do I look like someone who will do your dirty work for you?” The figure smiled and say, “Well yes, since I’ll be paying you good ryo for the job!” Zenkichi’s eye shone and he says, “I’ll get the bags. Meet you here again tomorrow.” Zenkichi then walked away, as the figure started chuckling.

After reaching home, Zenkichi took out the piece of paper the figure gave him. Unfolding it, he realizes that it contains some instructions on how to get the gold sand. Here’s what the note wrote : “Gold Sand Mission. The supply cart will be taking this route,” Under this was a map of Kirigakure with a route traced. “They will be taking this route to their store room. In this storeroom, many goods will be stored, and among them, will be the gold sands. They are stored in the bags that is tied up with a red string. They will have the label “Gold Sand” on the sacks. This store room will have 5 guards guarding the goods. They aren’t really strong, but they aren’t a force to be reckoned with. Good luck!” The note ends that way. Zenkichi fell on his bed, and stared up to the ceiling. Although he is confident is his skills, he thinks that he should be using the element of surprise to his advantage. After spending some time planning and coming up with strategies, he decided to sleep, and prepare himself for the mission tomorrow.

At the break of dawn, Zenkichi began his preparation. Putting on his gauntlets, he dressed up in black and took a cloak out. Putting on the cloak, he marvels at the comfort it provides. He then places the hood on and see whether people can still recognize him or not. When he finds out that it doesn’t totally hides his face, since it’s daylight, he took out his shirt from his wardrobe and wrapped it around his mouth like a bandana. Knowing that walking out of the front door this way will make the caretaker of the orphanage suspect him, he decided to exit from his window, jumping to the nearby alley. He then placed his hood on, and started trying to blend in with the crowd.

Finally, after walking slowly, camouflaging himself within the crowds, he managed to reach the hideout. As he looks at the building, he could see the cart being unloaded by the guards. Three of them were moving the goods into the storeroom, while another 2 was guarding the cart. Acting as planned, he went up to the cart, took a random sack out of it, and started making a run, trying to be as obvious as possible. He caught the attention of one of the guards, and he grinned. The two guards that were guarding the cart chased after him. Running into an alley, Zenkichi waited in the corner, and the moment they run into his view, he executed a nice low kick, with the intention of tripping the guard. The guard who chased him fell to the ground. Without any hesitation, Zenkichi grabbed the guy by the collar and pulled him up, punching him right at the guts. The guard could not react to the attack, and received the attack. Zenkichi then quickly tied the guard up with some strings he prepared. As for the other guard wielding a spear, he instantly charged towards Zenkichi, ready to stab Zenkichi with the spear. Putting his speed and Taijutsu training into good use, Zenkichi managed to cleanly dodge to the side, before executing “Ground Breaker” on the poor guy, smashing him unconscious on to the hard concrete road. Smiling to himself, Zenkichi thought, ”Two down, three to go.”

He then moved towards the store room, and this time he found the guards finishing unloading the goods. “Goddamnit, I bet Sam and John went off because of booze or chicks. They will regret it once they’re back.” said one of the guards. The guards continue chatting as they head into the store room. Swiftly, Zenkichi dashed forward and stopped the door from closing just in the nick of time. He then pushed the guards in and shut the door. Cracking his knuckles, he say “You guys have two choice; Let me get what I want peacefully or end up like your other two partners.” Zenkichi sighed as they chose the latter. Two guys with swords came towards him while the other prepares his spear for battle. Sighing to himself, Zenkichi took a deep breath and calmed his mind down, executing his “Seikuken Stance”. As the swordmen came into his hand’s range, he quickly pushed the blades away from the blunt side and gave one a kick and the other a punch at the same time. These two swordsmen were pushed out of the way. He then looked at the spearmen, saying “Ready to suffer the same fate as your frien-” Before Zenkichi could finish his sentence, the spearmen already plunged his spear towards Zenkichi’s head. Dodging it barely, he suffered a cut right through his face, cutting his homemade shirt mask. “Urgh...That was my favorite shirt!” Zenkichi then prepared his stance for his strongest combo, Jankenpo. He first executed the clap, which stunned the spearmen along with the other two swordsmen that were getting back on their feet. He then charged at the spearmen, thrusting his palm into the man’s body. As the spearmen spat out blood and flew back, Zenkichi did a spinning jump for style points before using the momentum to smash the guy on the ground, completing the combo, and creating a crater on the ground. The spearman was now in a horrible state, balancing between life and death. Looking at the swordsmen, he said, “So, wanna have a go?” This time, the two swordsmen ran off, without a sense of hesitation Zenkichi smiled as he said. “Yay, Looting time!”

Grabbing the 5 sacks of gold sand, he moved them into the supply cart before whipping the horse, driving them towards the rendezvous place. There, he saw the hooded figure waiting for him. The moment the figure saw him, he started clapping his hands. As Zenkichi hopped off the cart, the figure passed Zenkichi the cash before whispering, “You should forget today’s incident. And make sure no one gets a word about this.” Smiling, Zenkichi showed the thumbs-up sign before walking off.

Jutsu used :


Chakra : 100 - 25 - 10 - 2.5 = 62.5/100

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A thief's dream (Mission)
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