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PostSubject: The Birth of the Samurai (Plot Training)    The Birth of the Samurai (Plot Training)  Icon_minitimeTue Sep 15, 2015 5:18 am

As Kimura started the basic training he was one of many kid's he where starting the training. Of the 18 Kid's who started Kimura looked the most promising the teacher's thought. Being that his family was none for being great warriors. And the fact that most people could tell that he really wanted to be a great warrior and be just like his father by the way that he acted. He tried his hardest with each and every thing he did. He would never give up no matter how many times he would fail. And this was one thing that his instructor’s liked about him. Kimura’s instructors tried to give him harder work then the rest of his class to test his ability's. That started to make some of the parent's mad that they were giving Kimura special attention. Even thought he was way ahead of the class. And even though it would hurt them since it would slow Kimura down they had to stop giving him harder work then the rest of the class. So he started to get restless at the Academy and just stopped paying attention and started disrupting the class with pranks and other useless things. And the Instructor’s started to get a little agitated sine he was just wasting his pure talent. But he though there was no reason for him to have to do what he already knew how to do. This was something that the instructor's started to get anger at.

So they did the only thing they could they told Kimura's Parent's but this did not help. For Kimura saw no point in him just going to the Academy any more he could do all the things they where teaching him with no problem. So what was the point of him sitting there in a room with a whole bunch of kid’s that he had already surpassed and learning what he could already do. It made not point to him. But no one could get into Kimura's head that there were a lot of thing's he was not ready for since he was very stubborn. So they did the only thing they could think of they proved that he was wrong and that he did not know everything he needed to know. So they the managed to convince one of Kimura’s older brothers Niashi who was just a little older then Kimura to try and talk some since into his little brother Kimura but he could not get into his little brother Kimura. That he had not learned everything and still had a long way to go. Before he was a great warrior like his father. So his older brother Niashi was starting to get a little agitated with Kimura for leaving the academy. But he did not understand that Kimura was mad at him. For leaving him and going off to be a great warrior without him. So as Kimura looked at Niashi. H would look deep into his eyes and told him "why should i listen to you.

All you did was leave me here to rot after you told me we would always be side by side". As Kimura said this he started to build up anger. Then he lunged at Niashi with a small knife that had been given to him by his father in his hand screaming "Die you back stabbing trader"! So Niashi did the only thing he could do he fought back. As Kimura was inches’ away from him Niashi pulled out a small knife that was hidden in the sleeve of his green shirt. Then Niashi would duck as his little brother Kimura Lunged with the small knife in his hand with all his force at Niashi’s throat. But Niashi was too fast and he managed to avoid his little brother Kimura’s attack with his duck. Then he would hit Kimura right in the center of the stomach with the small knife that he pulled out of his shirt sleeve when he started to duck Kimura’s attack. As Niashi did this his little brother Kimura would fall to the ground trembling and gushing blood from the wound in the center of his stomach. As Niashi looked at his little brother's trembling body he could only think that he had took it too far and started to cry a little. So he Picked up his brother and ran back to their house in the village as fast as he could. As Niashi entered the living room of their house holding his trembling brother's body. His Mother went into a tremble of shock as she looked at her youngest son Kimura Trembling on his brother's shoulder's dripping blood. She then took an instant look at her other son Niashi and in very angry tone with tear’s running down her face as she started to cry said " Niashi what have you done to my baby boy.

Niashi looking at his mom with a very worried face said “well I went to talk some sense into him about all the stupid stuff he has been doing and leaving the academy and he attacked me saying I was a backstabber and stuff so i stabbed him with a knife , but i may have over done it just a little bit. So you may have to heal him before he dies mother". Niashi would say in a sad face as a few tear’s would start to fall down his face. With a very evil look Kimura’s mother would manage to look at one of her older son’s Niashi and said "Lay him down on the couch and get me some hot towel’s and ice cold water". "And Niashi I am not threw with you just remember that we will settle this little incident latter. With that Kimura's mother Kira started using som old school medicine on him to heal up the main part of the injury. She would take the warm towel’s that where heated up to a very hot temperature and place them on his wound. This would clot up the wound and stop the blood lose. She then took a dry towel and put in the bucket of ice cold water and put it on Kimura’s forehead. To cool down his fever that he had gained from all of the blood lose. As Niashi watched his mother healing his little brother in the living room of there house. He could only think of what she would do to him when she was threw with healing Kimura and he was all better. Cause even though he felt bad for what he had did to his little brother. There was still a chance his mother would do worse to him. Niashi new that his mother was crazy and would come up with a harsh and tuff punishment for what he had done. Like the time she left him and his older brother Zanji in the desert for lying to her about some stuff that had happened in the village.

But she did come back for them after two weeks. But those two weeks in the desert really did change Niashi and his brother Zanji they learned how to defend for them self and not take stuff for granted. But Niashi did not want to leave his brother Kimura's side after he was the one to do this to him. It took Kimura's mother Kira a little longer then she had thought it would to heal Kimura but she did it. As Kimura Started to wake up a week later he could not remember anything after he lunged at his Brother Niashi. Then all Kimura could think of was that he had accidentally killed his brother.

But then he heard his brother's voice and could see the bandage's around his Stomach. And he knew that Niashi had done something to him. So as Kimura tried to get up from the bed his mother and brother walked in and told him not to strain the wound he was not completely healed yet. So he set back down and ad his mother and brother told him what had happened. And then Kimura knew that he was not read to become a great warrior like his father. No matter how much he thought he was. This had just showed him that he was far from ready so Kimura would go back to the basic training. And this time he started paying attention to the instructor’s this time and started to train hard to beat his older brother Niashi One day.
As Kimura reached his house after a long day of training he would see his oldest brother Nat’s and as they had often played out, Kimura crept silently through the shadows of the tall buildings and ever extending pipes, he walked along a long narrow pipe that went over the door of his house. Upon reaching the door, he would drop down atop of Nat’s yelling with wild abandon and showing him what he had learned from basic training. Kimura reflexively spun around as he fell, giving himself momentum, as he came in for a powerful smash against Nat‘s.

He was close to hitting him when a large shuriken flew at him and caught him by the collar of his shirt and stuck him to the top of a tree he pouted as Nat’s emerged from the shadows across the street. "No fair Nat's, you can't use puppet’s as distractions!" Kimura complained as he swung subtly as he hung from the shuriken that had imbedded him to the top of the tree, Nat's only laughed a little and his face turned back into a stern one, one that concerned Kimura. "What’s wrong Nat's? "Nat's sighed as he walked towards Kimura and pulled the shuriken loose, which dropped Kimura to the ground as quick as it had stuck him to the wall, however, Nat's caught him in by the shirt and sat him down on the ground as gently as possible . "Let’s go inside Kimura.....there’s something we need to talk about."Nat's spoke in a soft, almost sad voice, not very fitting of a 25 year old world class warrior, who had on occasion, brought to him the heads of large scorpion’s or serpents of the dessert.

As the two walked into the house, Kimura couldn't help but wonder what was going through his older brother’s mind, his face looked so confused, he could tell something was seriously wrong as Nat’s facial expression changed from happy to a depressed, saddening visage, he wanted to ask what was wrong but was afraid to so he just followed his older brother into their house so they could talk to their parent’s. As they entered the House, Kimura ran into his room and threw his extra close on the bed, he then opened the bed side table next to his bed as he took out two kunai, made almost exactly as normal kunai but they where dull so they would not do real damage like actual Kunai. Since they had been made for practice.
. He then ran into the family room with an eager expression, wanting to show Nat's his newest trick‘s. "Nat's watch this, I learned a little more about fighting, watch! Watch!" Kimura exclaimed eagerly as he ran to Nat's then stopped and suddenly stepped back and did a back flip onto the hanging light of the ceiling, hanging on for a few moments before he flipped back down and tossed the kunai at Nat's, which went right at Nat‘s face . But would instantly stop before they got to Nat’s face and start to come back to Kimura’s hand. Since he had put a very thin but sturdy and almost invisible string onto the hilt of the Kunai. So that he could control them even after he had thrown them. He sighed and tried to calm his heavy excitement.

As he smirked and looked at Nat's, who couldn't even make a decent smile or look him in the face as he could only look at the ground, noticing his older brother’s current expression, Kimura took a step back as Nat’s face showed sadness with a mix of anger. “What’s wrong Nat's you seem as if someone has died ?" He stuttered as he looked at his older brother a little worriedly, who had taken a few moments to notice that he was visibly trembling, he looked at Kimura and sighed as he went over to the longer couch and sat down, he motioned for Kimura to come and sit across from him. "Sit down Kimura, we need to talk about some stuff." Kimura looked at him for a moment as they walked to the couch and sat down. He started to get a little nervous about what his older Brother Nat’s was going to tell him.

He looked at Nat's incredulously, Nat's looked down and sighed as he then took a moment to steady his breathing then he looked again at Kimura. "Kimura.............are parents are dead..........they were killed this morning by another villages assassins."Nat's looked even sadder as he confessed the truth to his little brother Kimura, who couldn't understand it right away, minutes passed before Kimura took it all in, it was a slow change as his face changed from angry to confused to frightened and then to an extremely sad look, he cried that day, he cried so hard that nothing could stop him. He yelled and screamed as he fell to his knees, to him his entire life was gone, it was as though he had seen them killed in person and had even participated in their killings, he pictured his father, then his mother, and imagined how they were slain, all of the images only made things all the harder for him to bear.
Kimura then heard screaming. He then would jump up and out his bed as if it was on fire. Kimura had a weird dream that his oldest brother Nat’s had came home after being gone for a long time and told him there parent’s had died. And so as he walked out of his room and down the hall to his brother Nat’s room he looked in it. Just to make sure that his brother truly was not there. And that his parent’s dying was truly a dream. But as he opened the door to his brother Nat’s room. His brother was there on the floor trembling as though something was wrong with him. And as Kimura saw this he relished that it was not a dream his parent’s truly had died yesterday. So he would look at his brother and start to cry. His brother would then snap out of his trance and run over to his little brother Kimura and hold him and tell him everything was ok. Kimura and his brother Nat’s would sit there for hours in pure silence. Just wishing that there parent’s where truly not dead. After a few hour’s Nat’s got up and grabbed Kimura and told him that they were going to go for a walk. As the walked there the sun was starting to set. And the owl’s where starting to come out.

But Kimura and his older brother Nat new that they would have about two are three more hour’s of light. So when they got to the training ground Kimura would walk over and site in the middle of the training ground. Since it was getting late everyone had went home for the day. So Nat’s and Kimura where the only people there at the tanning ground at the moment. Kimura would then sit in the middle of the ground and started to meditate. Focusing his mind and all the energy around him to become better focused with the world. Kimura then started to fell his body change. It was as if he was getting more energy into his body. Kimura thought that this was a very cool thing, the energy was just vibrating inside of his body.

Kimura liked what was going on in his body. It made him fell as if he was getting stronger and more powerful. This was something Kimura loved. Kimura loved power and anything to do with power but it was getting dark. Since Kimura had been meditating for about a hour and a half as his older brother Nat’s just watched him as he stood there in silence. But Kimura didn’t care much. So Kimura would meditate a little more as his older brother Nat’s would watch him. They would then make their way home in the dark. Since Kimura and Nat’s had been at the training ground for some hours. And as they started walking they started seeing bats fly high in the sky making their screech, and caching bug’s like it was nothing. They would also see the owls’ making there who noise and turning their head in a circle like it was nothing to see what was all around them. They also saw them caching mouse like it was nothing using there since of hearing and not there eye’s.

Which Kimura thought was very cool. So Kimura and Nat’s would keep making their way to the house in the silence of the night . He knew that he would probably get into trouble for not being there on time if his parent’s where still alive, and is started to make him cry a little So he took his time getting home for he had a lot to think about. Since his whole world had just changed. And know what his older brother was going to do. That his life had been affected by this as well as all of his older brother’s. But Nat’s was on a journey to become a great warrior and now he can’t continue his journey. Since he was now going to have to take care of his little brother Kimura. And Kimura did not want to mess up Nat’s life with his own. But there was nothing he could do to try and prevent it. Since he himself was still too young to take care of himself. So someone was going to have to take care of him. But in the process he did not want to ruin anyone’s life.

Screaming, Kimura stood up and knocked over the coffee table as he swiftly rushed out of the door, and through the halls of the House , it was all he could do to stall or even lessen the unbearable pain that he was indeed in. But he would still rush out of the house and through the streets of the village they lived in, tears were running down his face as he ran to the closest street by the forest, people turned to look as some looked on with confusion and where wondering what had happened , others looked on with understanding of the boy's pain, as they too knew of the news of his slain parents. He lost his voice as he neared the forest, his tears continued to come until he reached the beginning of the forest, he stood as he looked down at the forest, his eyes stared at a tree gazing into the tree, it started to reminded him of his father and mother, it all the more made him saddened as he wiped the rest of the tears from his face. "Kimura “Someone behind him spoke his name in a soft caring voice, he turned to see Nat's his older brother, they looked at each other for a moment, both had eyes of pain for the loss, Since they both had just loosed there parent’s and did not know how to handle the situation , they looked down as Kimura then rushed towards Nat's.

They embraced each other as they let their tears take over, it was against the Warrior’s code to cry in front of others since it was a sign of weakness and weakness did not sit well with warrior’s , but in their cases it was an exception to those how saw them, Kimura bawled loudly as he pressed his face against Nat’s shirt, who in turn, only held him all the more tighter, they stood there for a few minutes as they embraced each other. Within the hour they were sitting up in a tree, looking out unto the forest sighing as they reminisced on the memories they had with their dearly departed parent’s, they stayed there even as it started to rain and as the sun set, that day, both of their lives had changed and they didn't know what'd happen to them at that point.

It had been only a few months since his parents had died, Kimura hadn't fully recovered from the traumatizing event from just two months ago and had left him mentally and emotionally scarred from what had progressed that day and the few days after that followed. Nat's had sent Kimura to stay with their grandfather. for the past two months, and too keep him from being sent to a group home that was composed of war orphans and orphans made so by parent's killed on missions or from other causes. Kimura felt relieved to be taken in by his grandfather. As this was the man who would show him the code of Bushido as well as help him to start to see his love of weaponry even more. As his grandfather tended to tell him non stop stories of all of his great adventures as a ninja and the things that he did that not many ninja would even get a chance to do. Plus even though Kimura was close to his parents they tended to work a lot and leave him at his grandfathers house for the most part so it was best that in the long run that Nats left him to stay with his only other relative besides his brothers who were all out living the ninja life. And it would be this way even when Kimura became a Chuunin at the age of 12.

Especially since it was an easy fixation to adapt to one another as his grandfather had been there since he was born and was one of his favorite people to be around.
Kimura sighed as he walked the streets of the village, looked to the ground as he thought about what he'd do now that his parents were dead, he stepped through puddles of water as he was walking in the rain, that was not customary to the Village and so when it rained people seemed to be happy, there were little too few people in the streets that day, as everyone was at the funeral service of his parents, who had died two months ago, he however didn't go, for he couldn't stand to be around the memories of his deceased parents and be burdened by the saddened and mournful faces of everyone around him. He sighed heavily as he continued to walk around the village, he looked up as he noticed he was nearing the village leader’s office.

He knew that if he wanted to see the village leader he would need to schedule an appointment and probably go through a process of evaluation to make sure he wasn't a would-be assassin, he again sighed as he walked past it, not caring to look again. Walking past the office of the village leader , Kimura continued as he neared the village practice field, he stopped as he looked at it, it wasn't the most impressive thing, but it was as it was the only one of its kind that Kimura had actually known or learned about while at the academy. He noticed the cool looking warrior’s around the practice field as the high gates electrically charged with high voltage bolts lined the outskirts of the practice field, suggesting that someone had once tried to infiltrate the practice field without permission, but obviously had failed, it was time consuming as he noticed the rain starting to lighten up and the sun began to show through the clouds, but only slightly so. As he would continue about his, seemingly daily routine walk around the village, it had been another few weeks since the his parents had passed, he was becoming more and more confused and secluded, he had stopped all training and had even closed himself out from the world if he wasn't walking, if not walking he would be in his room, his dark room that he had painted a dark red in the way of blood, everything in his room was dark red which gave it a blackish look. He slowly walked through the streets of the village, he noticed many things since he took on the role of walking slowly around the village, he noticed a new construction site of a new practice field, it had been in delay for awhile with only a few hours of working between each break they would take, he also noticed the largest tower of the village had been redid, which he had read had been the headquarters of a man that took the village over many years ago, one of the leaders of a secret group that had ruled the village for a few decades about two hounded years before, he read on how the entirety of the group was being controlled by a man who was suppose to be dead not just any man but one of the greatest warrior’s in the world. Although little was known about the except the details of one of the biggest war’s in history which were horribly vague and ill-described as countless people had been too busy to record much. This brought Kimura to start and bring himself back to his studies with his ninja squad and managing to work it out and become Chuunin with them all at the age of 12 being some of the youngest Chuunin the village. Though being a Chuunin didn’t make everything much better for Kimura like he thought it would.

Moving down a dark street, as he got halfway through it from out of the shadows appeared two muggers that both held switch blades and threatened him with it, he didn't move, not because he was afraid but only because they were threatening him. In the recent month he had learned to treasure and take more seriously his life, and when threatened he acted diabolically become even more dove deep into his scarred state of mind, he scowled at the obvious leader of the two as he neared him with the blade demanding money. "Give me your damn money kid!!"The mugger roared at him obviously getting annoyed at the Kimura’s in cooperation, the man neared close enough for Kimura to reach out, quickly and without his knowing he moved all of his energy to his fist and swung at the thief, the power of his blow knocked the man into the wall of the closest building, the next thief had gotten extremely scared and charged at Kimura. But Kimura’s older brother Nat’s who was secretly following Kimura, who instinctively attacked the mugger ready to take the man's life who had dared threaten to take his little brother’s life, as the man grew closer, Kimura ducked low preparing for a devastating uppercut, but in a flash something was wrong.
All Kimura saw when he opened his eyes was the attacker laying on the ground and a figure standing in front of him, he looked only to see Nat's staring back at him angrily, he knew that him walking around these parts that were bordering the village and the open dessert were dangerous, and could have possibly proved to become fatal. He ran his right hand over his face as he watched as Nat's turned to the first mugger Kimura had hit to make sure he was down. Then he would turn back to his little brother Kimura, then looked back at the muggers and finally stared at Kimura from the corner of his eyes, he then put his face in his hand and shook his head. "Kimura what the hell is wrong with u ? Why are you around these parts....there dangerous and you know that, just because you’re a Chuunin now doesn’t mean your invincible! "Kimura looked to the corner of his eyes to the right as he tried to avoid the gaze of the seemingly disappointed older brother Nat's, he couldn't help but look back at him only to meet the gaze of a pissed off Nat's. He sighed as he prepared for a punch that he was sure would come, and not to disappoint, Nat's laid him low with only a quick and soft jab to his stomach which made Kimura fall to both of his knees and clench his stomach, he spat up some of the contents of his stomach as he looked up angrily at Nat's, who was the one wearing a disappointed and saddened look on his face, despite him not being the one who got hit in the stomach by a 20 something year old well trained warrior. "I do this because I care about your safety, Kimura." Kimura only looked to the ground as he braced himself with his right hand and clenched his stomach with his left, he spat in a puddle of water that was before him, he didn't or perhaps couldn't fight as Nat's grabbed his arm and helped him up. "Let’s go Kimura, there’s something we have to do."Nat's spoke confidently and even smiled something he hadn't seen in awhile.

Which made him wear a confused look on his face as he followed his older brother as they began to walk through the alley and into the streets, the direction they were going to was directly a straight shot to their house? "What’s up with you Kimura? You’ve secluded yourself from society, you've neglected your training, and even neglected your duties ever since the anniversary of mom and dads know normally you would've been found to be AWOL and you know how bad that can be. "Nat's seemed to actually be happy, it was a change from his usually gloomy, but trying to recover, attitude. Although he was kind of glad to see his guardians slash older brother smile and be happy, he couldn't help but wonder what was in store for him.

As they arrived at the house, everything seemed brighter, he looked around and noticed that some plants had been planted in the front of the building around a playground that he had remembered playing around, it was like a little model of the village as all of the village's main and most dominant characteristics that set it apart from other places. He shrugged as he followed behind Nat's, who was already in the building and heading up the stairs to their apartment, Kimura quickly rushed into the building to follow him up to their house, as he reached the door, Nat's had just opened the door and walked in. The thing that was most offsetting of the house was that there were two bags packed, Kimura looked half shocked and a little curious but he suspected that Nat’s wonted to go on a trip, he then walked around them as he looked at Nat's who had just come from the back with some food and put it into one of the two empty bags, Kimura looked at him as he wondered what was going on, as a matter of fact he would ask. "Nat's, what are these bags for? Are you leaving? "Nat's laughed as he tossed to Kimura the two bags, he reached out for the bags and caught them in both his hands, he then looked at the bag to his left then to his right and looked back at Nat's who was placing some more objects into the bags, he then looked up at Kimura and smirked. "Those bags in your hands, fill them up with your most needed possessions, clothes, money, cleaning wear, and hurry and do it, we don't have a lot of time to waste." Nat's had some joy in his voice as he demanded Kimura to fill the bag with his most needed possessions, he had started to protest but was quickly hushed by Nat's and shooed away to go pack, reluctantly followed the order and walked to his room and packed. Within the hour, he had both bags almost fuelled and was ready to leave as he walked into the living room with one bag strapped over his back and the other he was just finishing up and zipping it up and placing it on the ground as he stopped and looked at Nat's, who had fallen asleep on the couch with a copy of Make out paradise book on his face and was snoring loudly. He threw his bag at Nat's who had raised his hand and knocked it away as he looked up from the book with a nonchalant look on his face and with confusion and sleep still in his eyes, he looked around as he then looked at his watch. "What? Your finished finally? "Kimura blinked furiously showing confusion and anger on his face, he took a deep breath as he prepared to yell. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN 'FINISHED FINNALLY?' I'VE BEEN FINISHED FOR ALMOST FIFTEEN MINUTES!! WAKE UP AND TELL ME WHY I HAVE MY STUFF STUFFED IN TWO BAGS!!!"Kimura roared loudly at the just awakening Nat's, who responded simply by standing up and picking in his ear, he took out an ear booger and flicked it aside, he then looked at Kimura confused as he played like he didn’t here him. "Huh? Did you say something? "Too angry to speak Kimura just shook his head as he moved to the side.

They just stood there as Kimura looked at Nat's, who had walked into the kitchen just as a bell had sounded, Kimura looked instinctively at the kitchen, where Nat's had been cooking food before he had given him the bag to put his clothes and stuff in. "What’s that?"Kimura looked as Nat's stood up and walked into the kitchen, where Kimura followed, smelling the wonderful scent of food that had just been freshly prepared, he watched as Nat's reached into the microwave and pulled out Instant Ramen in a cup Kimura looked at the ramen hungrily as Nat's set the food on the table and sat down as he seasoned both cups. " sit and eat." Nat's commanded Kimura, who reasonably sat down quite fast as he began to eat the ramen greedily, he loved Nat’s cooking, it was better than his mother and father's cooking but remembering started to make him feel sad, which he had been the test subject that they would try out new methods of cooking on. After taking a few minutes to begin eating and around the midst of their meal, Nat's sighed as he leaned back in his chair, and placed his hands on his stomach and burped as he was now obviously full. "Ahhhhhhhh, now.....can you tell me what those bags are for?" Nat's sighed as he rose from the table, he walked over to the bag that Kimura had threw to him earlier and picked it up, he then tossed it to Kimura he walked back towards the door, picking up both of his bags he then looked back to Kimura with a smile. "We're going on a long training trip."Nat's spoke with pride, confidence, and eagerness, one could tell by the sparkle in his eyes that he had taken awhile to plan this out, by the way Nat's spoke about the training trip, Kimura could tell that it was going to be a very long one. "Um...a training trip?" Nat's nodded eagerly as he opened the door and motioned for Kimura to hurry up and leave. "Yup a training trip, I'm going to make you stronger so we can go on missions together! Kimura’s eyebrows rose as he looked shocked, he never thought about training harder so much so that they would be able to train together, without any more words they walked out of the house and started to walk through the village streets towards the gates, they were going to leave the village on that day and only return to the village when their training was complete, with one last look back at the village, they nodded to each other and left.
As Kimura and Nat’s embarked on their journey to train, he knew that it would be a very difficult thing to do as they firstly left the gates of the village, they were two gate guard's that where warrior’s watching them as they left. Nat’s and Kimura had just left their village to train instinctively, it would be a rigorous first week but they were going to be able to pull it off as long as they stuck to it. They had only been out of the gates for little over an hour now as they had been traveling along a dirt road that they had stumbled upon after the first thirty minutes after they had started walking. As the minutes turned to hours, and the hours passed by slowly, Kimura had started to get bored, he thought that they were leaving to train, not walk for hours on end, but he didn't want to complain much as this trip seemed to make Nat’s happy, so as long as he was happy, Kimura wouldn't even think about getting in the way of something he knew was so important to his older brother. He thought about things as they walked, his first thoughts drifted towards what he would do first if they were attacked, he wasn't too sure, he was just a simple kid who had just managed to become a Chuunin and only knew a few basic things when it came to he real ninja world that he was taught while on his journey to be a Chuunin., but he was still confident in is abilities to operate without them, although he only had a simple understanding of real life or death combat or even what it was like to be in a real fight. Somehow Nat's must've picked up on his thoughts as they started to slow, they then began walking slowly as they then reached a stop, and Kimura looked at Nat’s curiously. "Why'd we stop?" Kimura asked curiously as he gazed at the figure that was Nat’s, who had his head in the clouds, a surprisingly happy smile graced across his scruffy face, which only made Kimura more confused, Nat’s then looked at Kimura with a weird smile on his face. "How much do you know about controlling your energy?"The question seemed to have came directly out of Kimura's mind, he was dumbfounded that his brother would suddenly ask something that he had recently been thinking about, he let a slant smile roll unto his face, something that Nat’s hadn’t seen on Kimura since the day he told him about his parent's unfortunate demise.

"Um, only what they taught me at the academy and the little that my genin sensei had taught me........but virtually not too much." Kimura explained to Nat’s about his ability to control his energy, but Nat's only nodded and put his hand to his mouth as he understood Kimura's disposition, he then sighed and ran his left hand over his face and through his hair, he nodded his head to the left, a signal for them to move that way, but the only thing that way were trees. With a shrug, Kimura only followed behind the lead of his guardian Nat's, as they ran across the dirt road and then through the trees, Nat’s then took to the treetops as Kimura quickly followed behind, having little practice in using his energy as such a way since it wasn’t many trees in suna, he had to be extra careful not to fall, which would prove to be disastrous. Despite the obvious dangers, Kimura continued to follow after Nat's, he sighed as he would only be able to see the back of his guardian's figure as he then jumped down from the treetops to the ground, Kimura soon followed suit, breathing slightly heavier as they had rushed through the area. The place he was taken to was a circular field surrounded by trees, he looked around at the beautiful sight as it was a lot to take in, he gasped as he saw some of the leaves begin to fall, spiraling around them, he looked to Nat's as he had the same expression, but only different as to look that he had seen it before. "What is this place Nat's?" Nat’s laughed which made Kimura smile some, he then began a slight chuckle as he cracked his neck and then tossed his bags aside into a brush of trees that had changed into a cabin. "That Kimura, was a mind trick......but this place is my training grounds......this is the place where I will train you in the ways of energy. "Nat's smirked as he looked at the awed face of Kimura who was busy taking in the sight of the training ground to grasp the words of his comrade at that moment. It was within a few minutes after taking in the sight Kimura looked at Nat’s and nodded as he was proud to start training with his oldest brother who some say was a even greater warrior then there father.

Kimura sat down as he listened to the instructions of Nat's, he was being lectured on the rules of the training grounds, Nat's had wanted to keep the training grounds in top shape for his training, and as a result he would only train basic’s and his energy control here in the training grounds like this. Since Nat's only wanted to preserve its natural beauty. Kimura understood it all as he also wanted to preserve the training ground's simplistic and all natural beauty that had so enticed him into wanting to train with everything he had, he would do whatever it took to reach the level of skill his father and mother had, no! He decided that he would do more than just reach their level, but he would overpower and rise over the limits of his father and mother and reach a new level of strength as he would become the only his age with a monstrous control over energy such as Tail's the leader of their village. "Now Listen Kimura, when I train you, you must forever swear to follow what I say, you will live by these guidelines, One: You will never fight your friends, Two: You will never kill or attack innocent people, Three: You will not let yourself be blinded by emotions, Four: You will grow up to become a Splendid warrior, and finally Five: You will become stronger than me! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT Kimura!?!" Kimura paid his full attention to the speech of Nat’s, who was in the middle of having a moment, it was a great speech and Kimura was inspired by it to the fullest, his head nodded as a tear fell from his eye from the intensity of the powerful speech. "Definitely, I SWEAR TO YOU !!!!!"The two brother’s were stuck in an almost extremely dumb moment posing with their fists in the air and their eyes shining with a bright intensity of determination and ultimate pride. The two stood there stuck in the moment as they would soon begin their epic training that would prove to create a true monster......a monster called Kimura.
Darkness covered the training grounds that Kimura and his master and best friend Nat's, his oldest brother who was once a special member of a select group in suna. The area he was in belonged to Nat's, who had taken him from his village to train on his chakra, thusly, Kimura had the chance to realize his dream of becoming a strong shinobi with chakra equal to kage's even at such a young age, he knew that if anyone in the world could teach him, it would be Nat's, and he wouldn't have it any other way than that. The night time air was comforting and greatly revitalizing in resuscitating as Nat's stood in the night air staring blankly and in deep thought, or so it seemed, he was thinking if it was the right thing to do, to teach prime jutsu to Kimura at such a young age and with so much conflict in his heart, it was confusing and he wasn't entirely sure whether or not he should actually start it in the morning or never. He couldn't readily grasp his thoughts or even try to reach enlightenment underneath the stars as he hoped to gain some knowledge from someone or something that could possibly help calm his mind that breezy spring night. "Whats up?"A sudden voice startled Nat's and made his lose his chain of thought, the voice sounded sleepy and tired, it was Kimura's who had awoken in the middle of the night due to a bad dream, Nat's then smirked as he looked at him and shook his head. "Nothing, just looking at the stars, you should go back to bed Kimura" he said Kimura looked sleepy and pissed at the words of Nat's as he had just commanded Kimura to do something that he was already planning to do, it was funny, mainly so because his train of logic didn't make sense to him, nor did it need to for he really didn't care. He then yawn and stretched outwards as he turned around and walked back to the cabin. "Whatever Nat's.....good night." Kimura waved to Nat's as he went back into the cabin and went back to sleep, Nat's couldn't help but laugh as he listened to and watched Kimura act like a real kid and not be all gloom and depression. "Yea good night Kimura ."Nat's then looked up to the sky and sighed deeply wondering deeply what he should do, his answer would come in the form of a bright and brilliantly shining shooting star, he ran his left hand through his hair and put his right hand on his side as he nodded.

As the sun rose, the first person up was Nat's, yet again, although he barely got much sleep last night, due to Kimura's intense snoring and overly dramatic nightly movements while he was sleeping, he was fully energized and ready to being, he was going to train Kimura in the ways of energy and make him into a blazing shooting star. Kimura was late to wake as he stumbled through the doorway of the cabin and began to yawn sleepily, he almost went back to sleep as he saw that the sun was just rising, he then shrugged and swatted at the sun as he turned and headed towards the door. However form out of nowhere a blast of wind hit him and sent him shooting forward rapidly, it was weird as he was barely able to understand and comprehend what had just happened to him, he was hit and he was sent forward, that was all then he knew. Nat's had used a weaker version of Great Breakthrough to get Kimura's attention and keep him full awoke. Kimura rose off the ground behind the cabin, as he had been blasted so hard that he had burst through the wooden walls of the cabin and into the tree behind it, he brushed himself off as moved through the hole he created and the doorway of the cabin as he stared angrily at Nat's. "Why?"The suddenness of the question and the seriousness and tone of the voice of Kimura had spoken in had made Nat's laugh out loud, this upset Kimura as he sighed and picked up a piece of wood and chucked it at Nat's that had landed a clear blow on the head of Nat's. After getting up and bandaging his head, Nat's cleared his throat as he then started to get serious, which Kimura could clearly see by the stern look on his face and the seriousness surrounding his stance. "Ok Kimura its times to start your training.....first we're going to start with a training technique that was firstly used long ago , by some people who were destroyed a few years back, during an attack on their clan, which resulted in its utter destruction due to the lack of a leader and sufficient strength of their military which had decreased over the past fifty years. "Nat's expression was one of disappointment, a few of his friends were members of the clan at the time of the destruction, and they were all dead now, all he had now was Kimura, and all Kimura had was him, they were codependent to one another. Since there other brother’s were busy with their own lives.

Kimura watched as Nat’s reached out and took a leaf from the sky as it was falling down, he sighed as he placed it on Kimura's forehead, he inhaled deeply as he prepared for a possibly lengthy speech, which Kimura didn't want at all. "Listen Kimura, this will help your concentration, so focus your energy on the single point of this leaf and don't let your mind wonder no matter what, because if you do it will fall off your head....ok?"Kimura sighed as he nodded slightly, assuring Nat's that he understood what he had to do, and that he would cooperate with that despite the growing argument that he wanted to instigate. Nat's backed away from Kimura as he was going to let him get to his concentration that would prove to be vital if he ever wanted to gain the skill and practice of being one of the strongest warrior’s, in terms of energy control. As Nat's left away, leaving Kimura to himself and to his training, he took one last look at Kimura and smirked as he nodded his head and turned back around as he practiced his martial arts , whose real purpose was to provide a distraction for Kimura, who was now starting his concentration training on the leaf. Kimura focused his energy to the defined point where his head met the leaf, he would have to hold it there as he would concentrate on that exact point, however with Nat's in the background it was growing more and more difficult to concentrate as he would increase his efforts to distract Kimura. He concentrated hard on the leaf that was on his forehead as he had help concentrating by looking up at the leaf and seeing almost exactly where he would he'd have to concentrate on, he also went by the touch that he felt on his forehead from where the leaf was, it was all helping his concentrate and helping slightly to ignore the distraction of Nat's. He sighed as he stood perfectly still, looking at the leaf for help and guidance and as a focal point to keep blocking out the distraction that was Nat's who was in the background doing cheerleading dances, purposely just at the edge of his eyes sight, which meant that he would have to move his head and eyes to get a good look at what he was doing and he dedicated himself to not letting himself get distracted.

With the leaf on his forehead, Kimura had only one thing that he needed to do and that was to focus, he blocked out the distractions that were present at the moment, because of the foolishness that was Nat's, he found it hard to concentrate as Nat's paraded around like a high school cheerleader on speed working for a scholarship in gymnastics. Kimura's only choice to lock out Nat's was to keep his mind focused on the leaf as he looked upwards trying to avoid seeing the form that was Nat’s, and also allowing himself to gain much needed control over his energy, it was completely mental as he would need to keep focus and have the discipline to continue to only think about, to dream about, to focus about, and to concentrate on, his energy control. Without skipping a beat he struggled against his urge to look and perhaps grab something and throw at Nat's for being so stupid, but it was all the need to watch the leaf only, and meditate on his energy. Hours went by as he continued to sit still and focus on the leaf, even as Nat's seemed to stop, Kimura didn't even bother to confirm the apparent situation, he just continued on his way of focusing. Soon it became evident that it was tougher than it looked, to maintain the steady flow of energy to the leaf over the course of a few hours. He almost looked at Nat's as he grew closer toward Kimura to continue to distract him further, he tried to not look but he couldn't help it, he looked at Nat's and the leaf fell, as a result, Nat's placed his right hand on Kimura's head, who in return looked up at Nat's, only in time to see the estranged look of sinister on his face as he channeled energy to his hand and effectively shocked Kimura, the equivalent of being hit with a tasser gun up close. Kimura let out a wicked scream as he received the shock, it only took a few seconds, but to him it felt like minutes as he slumped forward breathing erratically as he had tried to recover from the shock. Nat's only laughed as he began to walk away, the sun was starting to set and he knew that it was time to get some rest as he struggled to his feet and moved towards the cabin to get a good night's rest for tomorrow’s training.

As the night fell, once again Nat's was out under the stars looking at them with hope of receiving more galactic guidance and for another sign of whether to continue this method of training until it was all done, or to change the methods and start a different one in the morning. The thought of Kimura becoming an extremely powerful warrior in terms of energy, made Nat's smile with such pride that a man of his age would only show for the most prideful moments with one’s own son. One could say that Kimura was looked upon as an adoptive-son by Nat's, both having lost their family to the ways of the warrior, Nat's was secretly happier than he let on to have Kimura training under him, but he surely wouldn't announce it to Kimura just yet. Although Nat's was the only one looking at the stars that night, he wasn't the only one that was awoke, Kimura couldn't get any sleep as he kept thinking of the leaf, consequently, as he tried to keep it only on his mind during his training, he now couldn't even get it off his mind as he wanted to sleep so that he could regain his energy for tomorrows training, but he didn't want to get his hopes up, he only wanted to get past the training, he crawled out the hole in the cabin and into the back of the cabin, he was looking for a leaf so that he could finish the training right then and there. After scrounging around in the dark he found a full leaf, with a quick glance back through the hole in the cabin to make sure Nat's was still focusing on the star’s, Kimura moved to the cabin and back through the hole as he then placed it on his forehead to begin his concentration training anew. Kimura sat collectively on the floor of the cabin as he focused on the leaf on his forehead, concentrating his energy towards the leaf on his forehead, he used the darkness to help him block out any distractions and focus completely on the leaf, his progress was rapid as within the first two hours of his continuous training, Nat's was able to feel Kimura's energy as it steadily rose a little, he smirked with pride as he then looked back to the stars. As this would only be the beginning of the journey of Nat’s and Kimura.

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The Birth of the Samurai (Plot Training)
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