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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin
Ume Uzumaki

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PostSubject: So many things [Private]    So many things [Private]  Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2015 11:18 am

TWC needed 4050:

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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin
Ume Uzumaki

Posts : 106
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PostSubject: Re: So many things [Private]    So many things [Private]  Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2015 11:21 am

Missions go in order
Last B-rank is next post

"Meow meow."

A cat called out afraid and alone, trapped in the tree that it thought would bring it safety. Oh, how things can change to the worst so fast; but the small cute kitten was in luck. SOmething would jump into the tree and quickly back out, but this was no shinobi or helpful civilian. No, it was a vicious tiger that for some reason thought the kitten was it's own baby, so it saved it. Those around looking would be stricken by fear as the tiger seemed to be very disliking of others around it's baby, which could be understandable.

The beast would set its site on the closest person and it would leap forward, pouncing on him or her. The beast couldn't understand which gender it was not only due to it being a human, but how the person dressed and looked. It was strange but this information isn't needed. What is needed is for the Tiger to actually get the target which somehow avoid the pounce.

The person to avoid the attack just stood there; shutting their book as they looked at the Tiger. Others didn't want to watch this but rather ran to save themselves or get help for the person the Tiger was attacking. Most though decided to just save themselves, which could be understandable.

Many people within Sunagakure were selfish they only care for themselves, but that was fine. All of that was fine in the eyes of Uzumaki Ume, as he didn't hold it against them. " I think you are the kitty I was sent to get, you are pretty big." He would say, a emotion expression on his face as he would just look at the Tiger. The Tiger would, at this moment, begin to circle Ume. Looking for it's opening to attack without fail.

The Tiger would pounce once more but miss again. Also Ume would pick up the Kitten the Tiger saved, " If you want your baby follow me~" Ume would say as he would begin to run, at a pace the Tiger could keep up with but not surpass. Due to the Tiger wanting the Kitten it would follow, wanting to kill Ume rather than make him a meal.  Ume lead the Tiger back to it's owner, Miss Kimiko, who had a new place for her pet to stay in so it wouldn't leave again. Jumping into the exhibit Ume would wait for the Tiger. The Tiger followed shorty.

"Here, I no longer need your baby. Don't worry it used to be mine..but you can have it." Ume would say to the Tiger, even though the thing didn't understand him. Placing the Kitten down Ume would then jump out of the exhibit.

"Hmm, now this task might be hard. For me in many ways than one, but I can't back out. Yoko wouldn't do that.." Ume would say as he would sigh and gather himself, he would then knock on the door of the building he was in front of.  He would then put both hand at his side and awaited for someone to answer the door. He stood there in silence for five minutes then the door would slide back and a familiar face would be there.

"Yo~" Ume would say as he would wave with his right hand at the individual, his face absent of all expression.

"Ume-chan, what is it that you want? If you want anything dealing with the Council please wait till there is a meeting, don't come to my home unannounced. As I am expecting someone to assist me today with my Garden. " Risa would tell him respectfully. She was one of the Elders of the Council, in fact the oldest.

"No, I am not here to pester you on matters on...Yoko, as she no longer is with us. Well no I shouldn't say that... it is complicated is a better word. But you don't have to ever worry about me bugging the Council on matters." Ume would say he looked away when he spoke about Yoko, it still a sensitive subject, but he would begin to speak again. " I am actually here to assist with your Garden. So how bout' we get to that? "

"Follow me this way, Ume-chan." Risa would say, not saying much due to hearing about Yoko for the first time. She was close friends with their Father actually, who was a former member of the Council. She also watch the two young children grow up a bit, and liked them very much.  

Once in the Garden she would tell him what all she needed and the two would begin to work on it, Ume more than Risa due to the perks of youth. Risa also didn't need to assist Ume with anything as the boy seemed to know a bit about Gardening. And when it was over he would leave and not say a word, but Risa saw something within the boy's eyes. "Why didn't I see it earlier, he... he is broken inside. That boy is no longer caring like he was for his Sister, and also. No, not that... I didn't see that in him. Ume-chan can grow into something like that, my old age is just getting to me."

"Next on the list... cleaning up others mess, okay." Ume would say, his face still void of emotion but he spoke as if he was eager to do this. Though, he felt indifferent about the task what so ever. So as he walk casually down the rode to his destination he didn't even think of anything at all. He watched as people walked passed him to handle whatever they were doing at that time and children happily play with each other, it all peaceful within the village. And honestly who could be unhappy within this village? Their wasn't a drought, no one was struggling, there wasn't any insane people killing Ramen shop owners. Nothing was wrong within Sunagakure.  

No, there was something wrong. Something complete wrong... "Yoko." Ume would mumble under his breathe as he made it to the spot. He wouldn't take his time to begin to pick up any trash that was covering the ground, no matter what it was. No matter how disgusting it was.

Ume would then begin to realize what this all had in connection with the village. In some spots of this area no trash was there but in others it was in piles, people selecting were to place or how Ume thought 'send' their trash. They could have put the trash where it belonged, a trash can, but they choose not to. So a Shinobi is needed to come pick it up. Just like missions that make no sense Shinobi are sent out to take care of it.  How all this makes sense, or how Ume was trying to make it all fit, was using the mission Yoko was sent on for  a comparison.

There was a scandal within the village, dealing with members of the council, and a group of shinobi were needed to take care of it. Someone needed to be taken care of; and only people expendable and somewhat capable could be sent. Yoko was one of those people.

Their plan did not work and the mission was a failure, but their mistake didn't come to the surface. Well it hadn't yet. Even as Ume picks up trash those who had messed up were thinking of a way to fix it.

"Mister you cleaned up a lot." Some boy would say which snapped Ume from his train of thought.

"Oh, yea." Ume would say as he would look and see that he did more than he needed to, and clean not just the area he was assigned but more.

Ume would rub his head as he headed to the hospital, not for himself though. He didn't need to check himself in for his thought, not at all. Some, if they were in his head, would think of Ume as a bit of gone. But he was fine, he felt he was, and he would finish all of the tasks that he had today. He would speak to the receptionist and tell her that he was sent here for a mission. She would laugh hysterically and stand to her feet, confused Ume didn't know what was happening. She wouldn't say anything but make him sit in her chair. She would then right on a piece of paper that Ume was to be the receptionist till she got back. Not what Ume had in find for a Nurse's assistant, but he cared not.

So, Ume would do what he saw any others receptionist do. And due to nothing really serious happening today he didn't have to do any real work, not even many people came into the hospital today nor did anyone, the Doctors and other Nurses, need anything. Ume would look at the time and see that it was till early in the morning and that he could still take care of his last missions for the day.  And right after he checked the time the Nurse would return and move him out of her chair.

"I am gone then." Ume would say as he would leave the hospital. His next destination would be the entrance to the village. It took him a bit of time getting there but when he did the person he was supposed to switch with patted him on the back and left. Ume would then just stand there and look forward, staring at nothing but the desert.

Time was not as fast as one would think, but i really moved quite slowly. It would be horrible for another person to sit here and just stare out, but Ume was fine. He actually liked this and just thought to himself while he stared out. He didn't slack at all and just, to keep himself standing the whole time, leaned against the wall of the entrance.

"FUCK! LEAVE ME ALONE! I AINT' FUCKEN' CRAZY!" A man would yell as he would toss a chair down the hallway at those pursuing him, those people being Nurses and a Doctor. What the Doctors and Nurses claimed is that this patience was mentally ill and unstable, but also believed they could help him. Getting this teaching from a the Head Doctor of the village, who wants to help everyone. No matter what is wrong with them. No matter how gone they were and how far away they were from helping. This man they were helping had come back from a mission, and well he killed someone after coming back. And instead of being jailed he was admitted to the hospital.

"So he is the one acting up?" Ume would say as he would appear behind the Doctor and Nurses, looking forward at the insane man. Honestly though, to Ume, he looked afraid of the Doctor and Nurses and like he was trying to get away fromt hem. This from him trying to get out through the window, but it not opening. He had actually trapped himself in this dead end hallway, and due to being on the highest floor, there was only one way to get down from here. And it wasn't using the windows. As protective barriers, small but strong, were used to make sure the windows wouldn't be broke or opened up. THe Nurses and doctors only being able to undo it incase of a emergency.

"Dammit... DAMMIT! I don't belong here, I don't. I have to at least tell him, at least do that for her. If I do that then I don't care, then I will be fine with I am already gone. I must before the erase it from me.. I have to. " The man would begin to mumble to himself as he would crawl into the corner of the end of the hallway, eyeing those looking at him.

"So, what is wrong with him?" Ume would ask the Doctor, just a bit curious. He didn't care that much but he wanted to know. He would have to talk to the guy, without hurting him at that, so he should be given some information.

"Well, he came back to the village about three days ago. Returning from a failed mission, a mission he apparently had to report to the Council directly. During his talk with them.... he tried to kill them. He actually, due to how fast it went down, killed one of the guards there. He was though quickly subdued.

When someone does such an act, they are either killed or sent out of the village as an Missing Ninja. But, but I was also there. Outside waiting to have my meeting with the Council. I came in right at the time they subdued him. And also... I told them not to kill them, as I could help him. And since I was able to do it before they allowed me to, but ask I get rid of his memories.

I didn't question them on that and today I was about to do such, get rid of the mission he had been babbling about while he was here. I didn't pay any mind nor did my nurses and just block what he said out.

How he ended up like that though, out of his gurney. Was one of the Nurses was changing it out for a new cleaner one, and he pushed her aside and ran out. He didn't get far as we blocked the exits but he has been causing a racket and throwing whatever he can get his hand on. Sorry if I talked your ear of... but that is everything. But I must ask. What are you going to do? I request more than one shinobi to come help without causing him any harm. "
The Doctor would say to Ume, as he adjusted his glasses.

"Don't worry." Ume would say as he would begin to walk toward the insane man, not liking the information he was given at all. "Hey, tell me what you wanted everyone to hear... tell me why you attacked the Council. And I swear on my name... Uzumaki Ume, I won't tell anyone your reasons." Ume would whisper to the man as he kneel down next in front of him.

"Ume.." He would reach out and grab Ume by the shirt, pulling him close. Ume would raise his hands to the Doctor and Nurses for them not to get close. From the guy's eyes Ume could tell he didn't ant to hurt him, but rather the guy wanted to tell him something. Or well that is what Ume got from him repeating his name and the despair in his eyes. "Ume, Yoko told me to tell you everything... She wanted you to know that we were al sent to kill a man after the Bijuu in Iwagakure, an Uzumaki that was on the Council before your Father.

He was going to seal both the Bijuu there or however many was there and unseal them within this village, and kill everyone. He was going to kill everyone....

Yoko said that we should not tell anyone this missions and we didn't, as we were confident ins topping him. But we failed... we failed horribly. We stopped him before he could get anywhere near the Bijuu but he just laughed as if he knew we were coming, and then it happened. THESE things came out of nowhere...well I thought. Yoko yell they were creatures that were sealed long ago by the clan.

Ume, those things killed us one by one... only Yoko and myself could defeat them. But it exhausted us and Yoko told me to head back to the village. Not to tell the Council about our failure..but something else. To tell you to head into her room and grab a picture on her dresser, and that things she wanted to tell you was there.

She then told me to kill the council... I don't know why, but that was the last thing she said before fighting that man."
The man would then collapse, Ume would be shocked at what he said. And confused. He watched as the Nurses and Doctor took this chance to go strap the guy down again.  Ume followed and just looked at the man, still confused.  Ume would then leave and head to his next task.

As Ume walked the streets, heading to the Academy, he would have a still emotionless expression on his face. Even though he as feeling so much right now, his face nor demeanor could show that. It was all strange it was all weird and he was confused, he didn't even know what he could do the presentation anymore. No, it wasn't even a presentation he was supposed to do. He was supposed to teach some few students that have shown to be extremely proficient in a certain art, this art being Fuinjutsu.

Ume would stop as he would make it to the doors of the Academy, but he didn't walk through them. No, not yet. He had to get himself together before he could go speak to someone in a art that he was, at this moment, the best through the Shinobi World.

"Get yourself together Ume-chan."

Ume would quickly turn around as he could has sworn he just hear Yoko just say something to him, but sadly no one was there.  And when he turned back around, still no one would be there. It was all strange and it made Ume feel actually afraid. Was his sister there? Was she not? Was this something just up in his head? Was those words that man told him even true?

Yes, those words the man told him were true. Ume knew that much as no one could just make something like that up, no one could. Ume would adjust his glasses and sit down on the ground, he had time to sit here and get his shit together. He was early anyway, in fact he had one hour before he needed to even speak to the kids. And one hour should be enough time to allow him to get thing straight.

Ume would begin to breath in and out; like one would do if they were mad and were trying to calm down. Why he did this was because this is all he knew how to do, never really having this probably of confusing before. Yes, he has been worried but that was different from this. And insanely it would work as Ume would also be able to clear his mind.

Ume would stand up and dust off his back side, the sand getting on his cute outfit of the day. He would turn around and open the doors of the academy and head to the room the students he was too teach were in. He would talk briefly and answer a few question before showing the students the Uzumaki sealing chains and also the Four Symbols Seal.

made by sei

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Ume Uzumaki
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Suna Jounin
Ume Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Re: So many things [Private]    So many things [Private]  Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2015 1:17 pm

Missions complete

Ume had one more thing he had to do before be could go home and look for that picture he was told about, and needles to say he was quite anxious to do this.  "I need to focus.. I need to handle this task like I would any other, have nothing else on my mind other than doing that. Focus, Ume... Focus." Ume would say as he would be walking along the streets of Sunagakure.

He wouldn't pay attention to all the graffiti he would pass nor the broken windows of establishments, as all of that didn't matter. He was not only given the capabilities of he target but also his picture, all of it within the scroll he was given for this mission.  

"Thats must be him." Ume would say as he would spot a shinobi that fits the description, and also that stood over the body of someone. If the person they stood over was kill Ume couldn't tell, but he wouldn't say anything to alert the man. Ume would quickly, from his backpack, bring out his book. He would then open the book and point it at the guy who back was to Ume.

The seal on the page 死 would begin to glow before a bright light would consume the man. The shinobi was confused and would turn around but he would see nothing, so he closed his eyes for just a second. And when he would open them again he would be just standing in a all white area.

He would rub the back of his head, "What the fuck is going on here? Where is that guy? Is this a genjutsu?" The guy would ask out loud as he began to try to use Kai.

"No, you are sealed away. And the only way to survive is to defeat me... yourself." A voice would say from behind the guy. The Shinobi would look back and he would looked shocked, as he would just be looking at himself. And this made him also angry. The guy would rush forward and attack his copy. Though, his copy would easily be able to avoid it. Why this was so was simple. The copy knew every move the real shinobi would make. When he was mad calm or whatever, he knew what the real one would do.

As his attacks missed the more angry the shinobi would become, "You will never even hit me if you act like that. You are pitiful, so pitiful. You are the original so you should be better. Right? Or is the copy better due to being controlled by someone else? Hmm, if you think about it. I am better. I even know how to express myself better, so give up." The copy would say as it would bring out a single kunai. "In this place you are able to get any weapon, so get one. I want to end this with you at your best, well like me I should say."

"Tch! If that is true.." The shinbi would focus and he would have an amazing crafted and powerful pair of swords, "Now you fucked up! I'm not your weak as delinquent that runs around this shitty village!" He would say as he would rush toward the copy with the intent to remove his head.

"The head." The copy would say as he simply would duck, the original trying to use the swords as scissors to get rid of the copies' head. Something the original always thought to do with twin swords, something he always wanted to do. The copy, controlled by Ume, would just shake it's head as it would lunge forward and drive the kunai they had into the throat of the original. The fight being over now.

Ume would then send the delinquent out of the book, him not being dead but under Ume's complete control now. "Go and turn yourself in, and ask for forgiveness. Then you will devote your whole life to helping this village and it's people. That order will not change until I tell you otherwise. Understood?" Ume would say to the boy,

made by sei

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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin
Ume Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Re: So many things [Private]    So many things [Private]  Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2015 2:21 pm

a line of notes here

Ume would turn in his missions and quickly head home, run there actually. He would not talk to anyone at all nor even acknowledge them, "Which picture! Which picture!" Ume would repeat over and over as he searched her room. Then he would remember it was the picture on the dresser. One of the whole family. Well Their Mother and Father along with them.  Nothing was really special about it and it was a really old photo, probably the first picture they all had taken.

"Hmm, what am I supposed to be looking for?" Ume would ask himself, removing the picture from it's frame. He would then find it. There was a seal on the back of the picture, "So this is it?" Ume would say as he placed the picture down, having the seal facing up, and then he would undo the seal. The seal was actually difficult to undo and took a good twenty minutes, the longest it took Ume to unseal anything. This showing that Yoko truly was the strongest Uzumaki not of their era, but ever. Why Ume came to that conclusion was because he was considered a powerful Uzumaki. He just needed to have prove that to the world.

"T-this is... No..." Ume would say as he would read the scroll that would come from the seal. The information it had was something he just couldn't understand and didn't want to accept, and for the first time today he would begin to show emotion. Ume would begin to cry and fall to his knees, hurt.

made by sei

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So many things [Private]
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