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 Advanced Summon System

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PostSubject: Advanced Summon System   Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:10 pm

This is a more advanced explanation of how summons work on SWW. We will be covering everything about summons, from a summon's stats to a summon's skill points, and everything in between.

Your summon's rank will determine how much Tier Points your summon gets.
C-rank: 3 Tier Points
B-rank: 4 Tier Points
A-rank: 5 Tier Points
S-rank: 7 Tier Points

Your summon's rank will also determine how much Skill Points your summon gets. This is equal to a shinobi one rank lower than your summon's rank.
Your summon can receive the "no element +1 Skill Point" reward, though not the "no clan +1 Skill Point" reward.
C-rank: 5 Skill Points.
B-rank: 6 Skill Points.
A-rank: 7 Skill Points.
S-rank: 9 Skill Points.

Your summon may be able to rank up just as you are able to rank up. Upon ranking up, your summon receives +2 Skill Points. The only exception to this rule is if/when your summon ranks up from C-rank to B-rank. When ranking from C-rank to B-rank, your summon receives +3 Skill Points for that specific rank up. Here are the costs for ranking your summon up.
C-rank to B-rank: 4000 Exp.
B-rank to A-rank: 4000 Exp.
A-rank to S-rank: 5000 Exp.

Your character can possess multiple summoning contracts, however you may only make one yourself. In order to obtain more than one summoning contract you have to sign someone else's summoning contract IC (In Character).

Your summon may start with Starting Experience, depending on it's rank it will receive the following Starting Experience in order for it to gain techniques to start with:
C-rank: 500 Exp.
B-rank: 1000 Exp.
A-rank: 1500 Exp.
S-rank: 2000 Exp.

Summoning a summon requires the use of Chakra. You will not pay Chakra for the Summoning technique itself, but instead pay a set amount of Chakra based on the summon's rank.
C-rank: 20 Chakra.
B-rank: 30 Chakra.
A-rank: 50 Chakra.
S-rank: 70 Chakra.

Each summon has it's own Chakra Pool. This Chakra Pool is based on the summon's rank, and all of the techniques it uses as well as it's own upkeep will be deducted from it's own Chakra Pool.
C-rank: 100 Chakra.
B-rank: 180 Chakra.
A-rank: 280 Chakra.
S-rank: 540 Chakra.

In order for a summon to stay in play, it has to pay an upkeep in which the upkeep will be removed from it's own Chakra Pool. The upkeep is dependent on the summon's rank.
C-rank: 10 Chakra every 2 turns.
B-rank: 25 Chakra every 2 turns.
A-rank: 40 Chakra every 2 turns.
S-rank: 40 Chakra every 1 turn.
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Advanced Summon System
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