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 Compulsory Evacuation Device [Open Event Evac Thread]

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Kumo Genin

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PostSubject: Compulsory Evacuation Device [Open Event Evac Thread]   Sun Sep 20, 2015 5:58 pm



The day progressed much like any other, with the woman with hair of silver waking early and going through her daily routine, showering and dressing herself, grabbing some breakfast from the kitchen on the main floor, and moving out to the dojo that she trained at. Her training for today was a shorter affair, not bothering to actually practice her sparing or anything of that nature quite yet but rather deciding to simply practice some techniques. Partway through her training, the ground of the dojo shook, the walls vibrating and the windows rattling. The students all looked around momentarily, the matches and fights and practicings interrupted momentarily, before they went back to their work. Ayatsuri had an uneasy feeling. While everyone went back to their normal activities, she decided to step outside and have a look around. As she left the dojo, the earth shook once more. Something, clearly, was happening and such a shock bode nothing but ill for the village.

Her mind moved immediately towards war. Had a fight broken out? Were they invaded by another village, another nation perhaps? Had some band of ne’er do wells within the village decided to stage some kind of rebellion? Had they attacked the village for some reason, terrorizing it with bomb or jutsu? Her lilac eyes fluttered at the thought, not in a frail or fainting sense, but in one of utter despair. People could be so foolish, so violent and cruel and hateful, and she despised this. What purpose was there for such anger and destruction? Her gaze, arrested for the moment of thought, turned up and down the street, scanning for any panicking people or aggressors. Left, then right, then frozen, mouth agape, she stared forward, at the distant wall of the village.

Atop the walls, glowing red and shouting, stood what appeared a huge gorilla, a quartet of tails sprouting from him and fanning out against the horizon. The woman’s eyes expanded impossibly wider, black and white threating to consume the dark purple of her irises. The huge beast roared violently before lunging out into the village, molten boulders accompanying its arrival. Not much later, a huge ox-octopus hybrid showed itself, sending off a blast of unfathomable power to the village, decimating a portion of the village. Houses vanished, shops reduced suddenly to dust, lives extinguished in a moment. The scene was horror pure, hell, but so much worse. The twin beast continued rampaging about, spreading even more death and destruction in their wake.


Her words came out only as a whisper, her voice hardly finding purchase in her throat. She managed to avert her gaze then, shifting her eyes downwards towards her mouth even though she could not actually see the orifice. Suddenly galvanized by her own fear, the woman took a step forward, shaking out her long, silver braids. Her own, crippling moment of fear disgusted her entirely. She was a ninja, a shinobi of the clouds, and a peacekeeper. While not strong or powerful and certainly not capable of taking on such a legendary creature, she could help. She could spread the word, help to evacuate citizens, ensure that the village, even if destroyed, was not ground to dust without hope of rebuilding. She could aid in the revival of the village.

She began with the dojo, the closest building to her, entering into it once more in a swift, somewhat frantic state. Her unusual air disrupted the training a second time, heads raising to look at her as she spoke once more, this time a shout. ”Run! Everyone, we need to leave now. Immediately. The bijuu have attacked I think. A huge monkey and an octopus creature have breached the wall. They are destroying the village.” With that she left, vanishing once more out the door. So out of character in the training situation, those in attendance had almost no choice but to believe her, though of course she was well respected which helped to add weight to her words too.

She moved through the village then, methodically sweeping out from the dojo to wind through the streets, helping to get people out of the village and away from the rampaging beasts. More explosions ensued, more fighting and screaming, more volcanic boulders and fire and death. She could not save everyone, could not even hope to do so, but she could help those near her. As she progressed through the streets and homes, she found that her skills in puppetry came in as a great boon to her. Spinning threads of chakra, she would grab people and help them along, pulling children out of harm’s way and helping those who could not move quickly on their own to accelerate towards the far gate of the village. Her head pivoted eternally backwards toward the beasts, seeing their destruction and keeping track of their locations and attacks so as best to avoid them. Judgement, it seemed, had finally come to the Village of Clouds, though Ayatsuri could not know why. The tragedy struck upon all as the council remained silent. Where were they? Who could save them?


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Compulsory Evacuation Device [Open Event Evac Thread]
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