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 Ryuu Yamauchi

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Ryuu Yamauchi


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PostSubject: Ryuu Yamauchi   Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:19 pm

Name: Ryuu Yamauchi
Nickname: The Ebony Dragon, The Burned Dragon, Katsuro Senju, The Burning Ghost
Age: 44
Gender: Male

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 160
Appearance: Ryuu’s appearance is not what one would expect when they hear what he is called. Lightly tanned skin is wrapped tightly around his muscular frame, showing off the muscular system of someone that is used to an extremely hard life When the young man is stripped of his clothing, the crisscross pattern of both deep and shallow scars prove that Ryuu's life after leaving the village was a hard one. Numerous wounds healing over and over leave his body pockmarked with grotesque scars that remind him exactly as to why he instills nightmares in young Senju children of his home. The scars range from the minuscule marks of his acne filled youth to bite wounds from wild animals and stabs from other humans. The most grotesque of his collection would be the massive burn scar that grotesquely stretches across a majority of his back and wraps around his right shoulder ending in a shape that looks much like a dragon's maw agape. The most noticeable of this collection, however, is the scar the traces from his left ear to the left corner of his mouth, giving him a permanent lopsided smile.

Aside from the scars dotting his body, Ryuu's appearance appears to be on that was once handsome. Brown eyes and once straight nose in perfect symmetry with the rest of his face. His once full set of teeth is now missing several on the left side of his jaw. The only thing left of his former appearance is the unique hairstyle that no one around seems to have. Cut close on the sides and kept longer on the top, his black hair is carefully kept combed to the right as if he was once wealthy man.

As for clothing, Ryuu prefers to keep things utilitarian. Wearing a tight fitting long-sleeve shirt made of light material that forms to his form, clearly showing off his muscular system. For pants, he wears a pair of baggy cargo pants that feature several pockets and a light anti-rip material that is stronger that protects from the underbrush he now calls his home. On his feet are a pair of black, closed-toe shinobi sandals. As for his forehead protector? Well that has long since abandoned after he was forced from his village. All that is left is a single black tattoo on his right shoulder showing he was one of the elite soldiers of his home.

Village: Rogue Nin
Character Rank: B-Ranked Missing Nin
Clan: Senju
Element: Earth, Water, Wood

Personality: Once a sweet kid with a loving heart, Ryuu has since turned into an animal with the temperament of a cornered snake. No one knows when he will snap and strike out at the nearest bystander, not even himself. He uses this to his advantage when dealing with the criminal underworld of the Shinobi nations. No one wants to mess with the man who set a building on fire before going into it and killing those inside. That is the most basic form of Ryuu's personality. A man that has been abused and wronged for just long enough for his mind to snap and be reduced to nothing more than an animal looking for its meal. Still there is still an underlying personality traits that have yet to be purged from his mentality. Ones that exist from his childhood in Konohagakure.

The chief of which is the code of honor he operates by. Generally, no one is off limits for his criminal activities but save for a small group of people. Children. Children are only to be killed when they pose a direct threat to his safety. He is willing to abuse them, belittle them, reduce them to a puddle of blubbering tears with only an inch of life left in their worthless corpse, but he cannot be the reason they die. If he does beat a child to within an inch of it's life, he will nurse it back to health before abandoning it in some random village to find its own way home. Unless there is one that particularly peaks his interest. That brings him to his second trait that has yet to be purged from his mentality.

He is always on the search for a prodigy that will replace the child he lost so long ago. He is always on the look out for a strong child he can corrupt and pass on his teachings so that his legacy can continue after his death. As with every human, he wants to live forever and the only way he knows how to do this is with building a group that will pass on his teachings.

The last trait he has yet to get rid of is the intense hatred for himself. He holds himself responsible for much of his failings and problems in life and as such punishes himself however he deems fit. Whether its trying to burn himself alive as he kills those that killed his child or confronting a bear with only his bare hands as weapons. Recklessness, anger, and a disregard for his own life are what governs how he does things in all aspects of his life.

Character History: Born to the Senju clan, Ryuu was born the third son in a group of children that would eventually number just north of eleven in total. Except that Ryuu wasn't always called Ryuu. He was born with the name Katsuro Senju. He was destined for great things. No he wasn't a genius. The only predisposition he had was one for working hard for whatever he wanted. That was what he was good at. Whatever he set his mind to achieve he achieved it. It's why he was said to be a greater shinobi than his brother, a natural genius. Despite this, he had no conflict in his family growing up. They all got along well enough. Like all families, they had their spats and tiffs but the fabric of their relationship held strong. For many years. But our story doesn't start there. It really starts forty-four years ago when Ryuu was born. Twenty years before the founding of the Hidden Villages and the destruction of Iwagakure, Ryuu was born to a nomadic group of the Senju Clan. Like the rest of their family, Ryuu's family were mercenaries who moved from place to place fighting for coin to feed and arm themselves. That and prestige. That's how Ryuu grew up. Constantly on the move searching for the next contract that would feed the traveling band.

Fourteen years Ryuu grew up on the move learning the art of warfare. After becoming an adult to his family's standards, he stepped into the spearhead formation that would push their way into armies opening the way for the main combat troops. They were the shock troops using earth, water, and wood jutsu to decimate the front lines and damage the enemy's moral enough so that when they met the rest of the army's formations they would crumble to dust. He would rise up the ranks eventually becoming a leader in his own right. Upon his eighteenth birthday he obtain the tattoo that now sits on his right shoulder, one that shows he was apart of the spearhead unit that killed many Uchiha and other enemies of the Senju and those that chose to hire them as mercenaries.

It was when Ryuu was nineteen that he married his sweetheart and had a child soon after. The beautiful daughter was everything to the man that was Katsuro. He worshiped her very footsteps until she was lost. Seven years of age was too soon to lose the bubbly personality of his daughter and it was such a shock to his very foundation that he abandoned his very ideals and sought vengeance. And he would have it. At a price. Lose a majority of his memory for know the satisfaction that he avenged someone he loved deeply. All he remembers of that night is a blazing inferno as he begins slaughtering those responsible for his heartache. Then blackness. He woke up with no recollection to who is was before. Just that he had a festering hatred deep in his soul. In a hut, he was in intense pain as he felt the constriction of bandages around his face and torso. He had suffered many wounds but he didn't know why. The pain just angered him even more than he was yet he could do nothing for it. All he wished to do was rend the flesh of someone he didn't even know anymore. Someone he knew he once trusted but no longer could.

Days turned to weeks turned to months. He stayed in the hut being fed by an old woman who would visit once a day until he could move by himself. Then she no longer showed up. Food would be left outside the door for him to eat until finally the portions would dwindle forcing himself to find food himself. He would change his bandages himself. As his body scarred over so did his heart. The wounds forever visible to those who chose to look deep enough. Hardening deep within himself. He was always angry. He punished himself by fighting everything that he perceived a threat until the bear. A long drawn out battle later, Ryuu had even more scars to show that he was no longer truly human. He was a monster and he felt it. He no longer felt pain. Those nerves were long gone. Then one day he burned the hut down in a fit of rage before leaving.

His first criminal act was one of murder. He didn't know how but he felt his muscle react before his mind did. His hands formed strange signs that resulted in a carriage being swallowed into the ground. The occupants were dead and he had a new found power that he thought unique. A power he somehow knew without knowing. And he honed it throughout the years. He trained his body and his mind and eventually his memory came back to him. His family. His home. His wife. Then the memory of his daughter came back. And that only made him more angry. Something bubbled inside of him and thirteen people died before he snapped out of it. Fresh wounds on his body that tingled with a feeling he had not felt in a while. Pain. That's how he first came into the Bingo book. The Burned Dragon. The scar was his identifier and it earned him a measure of respect with the criminal element as the years waxed and waned.

And as the years went on, his memories slowly flooded back to him. It was strange. As you got older your memory was supposed to get worse but his only got better. Until finally he understood why he was so angry. Someone he loved had killed his daughter and set him down his path. Someone he had to get vengeance on before he would be allowed to pass on from this world. Someone within the village of Konohagakure. He had a new goal now. And just like in his childhood, he would not stop until he achieved this goal.

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PostSubject: Re: Ryuu Yamauchi   Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:37 pm

A 44 year old special jounin Kat? Really xD
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Ryuu Yamauchi
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