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 Roku Kaguya

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PostSubject: Roku Kaguya   Sun Sep 27, 2015 1:08 pm

Name: Roku Kaguya
Nickname: N/A
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 161 lb.
Appearance: Roku has a slender form and a muscular frame.  His muscles have extremely distinct cuts, though they do no bulge, suggesting a natural development of his muscular system by means other than lifting weights or other traditional forms of strength training.  He is of white descent, and his skin tone is quite dark due to the extreme exposure to the sun in his homeland of Iwagakure.  Roku has white hair, traditional to members of the Kaguya Clan, but lacks the red markings on his forehead that are also characteristic to his descent, probably because his mother is not a member of the clan.

Roku's face is very angular, described by many as vampiric even.  His brow is very defined and his nose curls to a slight point. His eyes are grey and piercing, very uncharacteristic of his usual nonchalant personality.  His jaw and cheekbones are also very defined and come to a slight point at his chin. He is also very clean shaven due to his inability to grow facial or body hair.  Roku also has a long broad scar on his back, streaking from his right shoulder to his left hip from the tip of Kurama's tail in the destruction of his village. His clothing remains very much static in that he can almost always be found wearing the same type of kimono, albeit in varying colors.

Village: Konohagakure
Character Rank: D/None
Clan: Kaguya
Element: Suiton

Personality: Roku has, historically, been very nonchalant and, entirely different from the rest of his clan, entirely pacifist. He prefers making a joke about an insult or something similar and shrugging it off over confronting the instigator in what could become a violent altercation.  He has been very polite, always saying sir or ma'am, and always respecting the authority and accomplishments of others.  He tended to be quite playful, often playing games with other kids and his younger brother before his brother became a ninja and had too little time on his hands.  Anger, hostility, dislike, hate, jealousy, and almost all negative feelings were foreign to him. He was the perfect little boy.

However, that has all changed.  In the past month, Roku has been entirely negative.  In his very limited contact with other people he has lashed out, been extremely manipulative, and has not yet experienced a single positive emotion.  He has been plagued by night terrors of Kurama and of his father's death; awaking in tears has become a thing as familiar to him as bad morning breath; that is in the few times that Roku has actually slept.  Whether this is just a stage of grief or it is a way of life for Roku now depends on the actions that will now follow in Konohagakure. Time will tell.
Character History: Roku was born into one of the Terumi-Kaguya arranged marriages. However, though it was an arranged marriage, the spouses seemed quite happy together. They both loved each other and Roku unconditionally and would have done anything for one another. They were both part of two of the most prominent and richest families in Iwagakure, making Roku a born noble. Roku learned to love just as well as any other child. His mother was a Shikotsumyaku wielding Kaguya clan warrior, one of the most powerful in the village, and his father used both Terumi Kekkei Genkai; also one of the most powerful.

So it was only natural that the two began training Roku to be a Shinobi at a very young age. And he had a natural talent. By age 7, he had abilities beyond the level of an academy graduate, and by age 9 he could defeat almost any Genin in the village. By age 11, he could defeat many Chuunin. But he never fought. He never became a Shinobi. He was a gentle boy and could not imagine hurting anyone. And so he kept putting entrance into the academy off. However, he knew being a Shinobi was something his parents were passionate about, so he never told them that he didn't want to be a ninja.

That is, until a few weeks after he turned 11. His parents pressured him into sparring with his little brother, age 10, and so he did. When his little brother moved in to strike, Roku reacted on instinct and performed a maneuver that would definitely not have hurt either of his parents; the only people he'd ever sparred with. But he fractured his little brother's arm. At that moment he decided to never fight or train again. And so he didn't. Three years passed and Roku never trained or fought again. His speed, strength, and reflexes all deteriorated. He lost the ability to perform most of his jutsu and could barely even control his own Kekkei Genkai. He was only about as powerful as an academy graduate.

And then it happened. At age 14, Roku lost both parents and his brother. There was some sort of event happening in the village one day with the ninja, so Roku stayed home. He couldn't bare seeing violence, and that was all that ever happened around ninja. But it happened so fast. His house was turned into splinters, and he saw a giant orange paw. A paw. Before he had the ability to identify it, Roku was snatched by his father, who also appeared from seeming nothingness. They were hurtling away, and he felt it. He felt the streak of pain before his cognitive abilities caught up. An enormous orange tail had torn directly through his father, completely obliterating him, and left a large gash across Roku's back.

He was scared, so he hid. Soon, it all stopped. It was quiet. There was no more screaming. So he stepped out. Death. Everywhere. He searched for days, for weeks for his family among all the bodies. His father was dead. He knew that. But he couldn't find his brother or mother. Eventually, the hunger ate at him badly enough that he had to leave. He hadn't slept since the... fox? had attacked and only ate when he could find food laying about in the rubble of the destroyed village. So he went East. Eventually from hunger or exhaustion, he collapsed, and a few days later, he awoke in a Konohagakure hospital. He gave up hope on finding his family. Now he had another priority. Revenge.

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PostSubject: Re: Roku Kaguya   Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:13 pm

Completion bump-
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PostSubject: Re: Roku Kaguya   Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:29 pm

Okay. As long as you're a Kaguya only. Cant have you claiming both Terumi and Kaguya at the same time lol.

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PostSubject: Re: Roku Kaguya   Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:37 pm

Yes, Kaguya only lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Roku Kaguya   

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Roku Kaguya
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