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 Settle [Voltaire vs Horus]

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PostSubject: Settle [Voltaire vs Horus]   Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:55 pm


The war drums could be heard from miles away in anticipation of what was to come. The scorching desert called out to two in particular to settle a debt. One that must be paid in blood, otherwise an age old dispute may not be settled. The battle field was the deserts just outside the village. Their arena spanning from one hundred meters from the village gates and further into the horizon. They will have as much room as they required to be able to cut loose. And that they shall without anyone there to stop them beating each other to a pulp. Horus, or as the vagabond as he's known was ready to go. The man simply stood awaiting the arrival of his opponent. But who was this Horus anyway?

Horus of the desert is a tall individual, standing at 6'1, appearing to tower over those that are more vertically challenge. The Shinobi possess a certain presence about himself, considering that he doesn't seem to care all that much for appearances. Horus appears to be more unkempt than anything else, which is why he was dubbed the vagabond based on appearance alone. Handsome is not to be associated with Horus, he was far from being a lady killer too. A most average looking person, often so scruffy and rough around the edges. Horus as he stands now, have long brown hair, that falls perfectly in the sense that he doesn't try to style his hair. The unkempt style however adds more to his appearance than it takes away. His hair is spiky and reaching beyond his shoulders in terms of length. A portion of his locks often covers his right eye, leaving only his innocent, while sadistic looking green eyes. Horus' eyelids are red and black in colour, with the top half being black and bottom being red in appearance. Many would often liken it to eyeliner, but he is not the sort to dabble in make up.

Horus has bandages wrapped around his neck, well placed as to not be used against the man. Strangely enough, Horus also had bandages, better yet a pair of tags that seem to stick diagonally on either side of his face. One is particular sits diagonally on his left cheek. Meanwhile the other tag sits of the right side of his face. This particular tag sits just along his chin area and his throat. Both tags also has Kanji written on them, and whether or not what is written is obscene is up for debate. Despite the scruffy and vagabond like appearance of Horus, the man's face is always clean shaven. Although he himself often questions why he even bothers to try and keep up appearances. There is also a pair of black jewels earring in either ear, but there are not made of metal. Wrapped around the abdomen area of Horus are also bandages, and above those are also even more random tags stuck to his body. None of the tags on his body are as of yet of a explosive nature though. Furthering this, Horus sports a green and red Kimono.

This Kimono is held in place by a brown rope tied around his waist. The knot from the tied rope sits of the left side of Horus' hip. See picture or think Orochimaru's attire. Horus very rarely wears both sleeves of his kimono over his shoulders. His right hand and shoulder is usually covered up by his Kimono. But as for his left shoulder, it was almost always exposed, as Horus tends to leave the sleeves swaying at his side. The Shinobi again has numerous tags on his arms, that are visibly to onlookers. The entirety of their visibility of course depends on the manner in which he sports his attire. Moving downward to his trousers, Horus sports a green pair trousers, but is of a darker green compared to his kimono. The Kimono worn by Horus of course sits over his trousers, reaching to his mid thigh section.

To stick to the theme of him being a vagabond, Horus wears no shoes or sandals. Instead the man has his leg and feet wrapped in bandages. And over these bandages are a kind of long black socks, with his length of his trousers tucked inside them. Again, please see picture for reference. When all is said and done, Horus also possesses a strong body, showing that he takes pride in his own health as a Shinobi.

As for the battlefield, the sun was as high as ever. There was an eerie silence which grabbed hold of the area. A storm was brewing now, and Horus could not wait to see the back of it.
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Settle [Voltaire vs Horus]
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