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 The Suna Announcement

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PostSubject: The Suna Announcement    Wed Sep 30, 2015 6:23 am

A week prior to your present day, the hidden sand village held a competition that was to decide on who the new Kazekage would be. The competition would see Jounins and even lower ranking Shinobi compete among themselves. This way the village council and higher ups as you would have it, would then be able to put in place a suitable candidate for Kazekage. The hidden sand village for the longest while now was under the command and whims of the council. While a few of these old coots wanted things to remain under their control. A few good men among them did stand up and push forth for a Kazekage to be head of the village. That didn't mean the council would become obsolete, instead they would remain in the shadows, with even less influence. The competition went ahead as scheduled, held outside the village so that the villagers wouldn't be at risk if a potentially vicious battle took place. This made sense in some ways, since a candidate for Kazekage may well be a powerful individual. The competition being held outside the village was quite suspicious. And even scarier was the fact that not many of the competitors thought this to be the case. Horus was however not of the same opinion, since it bothered him for some time. The vagabond had heard about the misfortunes of Iwagakure, and it was under the same exact circumstances too.

In any event Horus bore witness to the sudden appearance of the Bijuu and the destruction that took place there after. Majority of the council was wiped out, the ones spared were the ones not present at the time. Horus himself moved to do battle against the Bijuu, but before much of the devastation could happen. The Bijuu were taken away as if summoned away by another. There was a mastermind behind it all and Horus bore witness to it from his vantage point a week ago. After what transpired the council narrowed down their shortlist of few and so Horus was chosen as the new Kazekage. The villagers wasn't given time to deal with the announcement, since many of these men and women were too busy grieving. Many of the villagers became paranoid, seemingly living in fear. As such the timing of the Kazekage being appointed was of grave importance. The five great nations have been without their kages for a while as council reigned supreme over the village. It would now appear that such a time had come to an end. There was a great deal of work that needed to be done, and Horus needed to somehow give assurances to the villagers. This was Sunagakure's way of responding to the calamity that claimed so many lives.

The masses had began to gather, both shinobi and civilians alike as the word spread of the new Kazekage. The council wanted to introduce the chosen Kazekage to the village. The vagabond wasn't exactly sure how they would respond to him. Horus was a nobody in his own eyes, and in some ways this was more like a fairytale for the Kazekage. His eyes peered out onto the balcony while inside his office. The shinobi had guards at hand to protect him. Meanwhile Horus also had his sensory abilities activated, searching for any abnormalities and disturbances in the area. He had to be cautious, since he wasn't naive enough to think everyone would immediately approve of him. The old geezer who played a pivotal role in the vagabond's life was also part of the council. And luckily or suspiciously he was missing from the spectators seats during the Kazekage competition. Horus will have to look into this at some point, for now he would enjoy the moment. Besides, he trusted the old geezer and saw no reason for mistrust at this present moment. Horus had a nervous disposition about him, not used to these kinds of events. He had never known himself to be at the center of attention.

Maybe it was high time he started believing that he actually earned it? People came out in their hundreds, man woman and child. Some excited, some indifferent and with some it was difficult to tell their exact feelings. In any event Horus was most pleased about the turn out, since it suggested that the people cared. Maybe they were also someone to stand up and be their leader during a time of looming terror. Horus had several thoughts swirling through his mind. All the while the council addressed the public at large. Horus was told to come up with a big speech, but he was too much of a simpleton for any of that. People needed to see him for what he is and take him as he was and not someone he was pretending to be. The vagabond stood in his new robes that will be worn at presentations and formal meetings like this. A white and green hat with the Kanji for Kazekage written on it. Horus was motioned forth by the old geezer, and so the vagabond stepped forward. Horus emerged from his office and walked towards the edge of the balcony where the people could see him. There was a huge cheer much to his surprise, as people whistled and rejoice while shouting words of encouragement. The vagabond was taken back by it all, becoming speechless for a few minute seconds. His eyes flicked from side to side meanwhile surveying the whole area.

The sun was in the east on a day with clear skies, the time being midday. Even the sunlight was gracious enough not to create a blinding glare. Which means the guards and others could keep an eye on the skies. The sun wasn't an obstacle for the Kazekage either, as it remained gentle on his eyes. The usually ferocious winds of Sunagakure caressed the village rather gentle. Not enough to blow people away or even cause any disturbances. The stage was set for Horus while a genuine bright smile was now on his face. He was still nervous, not even certain of the ways in which to start things off. With a small amount of Chakra being channeled to enhance his vocals, the man waved before the crowd settled down.

"People of the hidden sand village, it is an honor to be chosen as your Kazekage". The man said while looking at everyone for a moment. "I wish the timing could have been different, since as you all know our precious village came under a vicious attack. And my heart goes out to the people who have lost during such a wretched incident. I was there when the Bijuu came and I'm proud to say that I was more than happy to put my life on the line to protect this village. This is why I will make it my duty to ensure that this village is better protected. I will also make it my duty that those who had lost their loved ones, will receive some support. I will make sure to put in place structures to ensure we can stay safe should an attack like that should happen again. I will make sure to become even stronger, should that I can better protect this village from the terrors of man and beast alike. And most importantly, I will make sure to hunt down those responsible for the attack. Whether its the Bijuu or not, they will be made to pay!". The Kazekage's voice boomed and echoed throughout as he spoke with conviction to the people of Sunagakure. The man bowed and waved as cheers from the masses echoed throughout the walls of Sunagakure.

The man then stepped back from it all after waving goodbye to his people. His speech was short and sweet and much to the point like Horus wanted it to be. He wasn't the greatest with words, but he could often get his feelings across to others. It was now time for everyone to get to work. He needed to go forth and assign a few people with tasks and other missions. He also wanted to know what the situation was with the other villages. The Kazekage may just take a trip or send one of his diplomats to investigate. For now he was off to get this done and so he left the area with haste.

Keep in mind this whole event of the competition, choosing the Kazekage and his inauguration happened a week ago.

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PostSubject: Re: The Suna Announcement    Thu Oct 01, 2015 11:43 am

Sachio sat on the rooftop of a building that was a few blocks away from the whole ordeal unfolding. Not only was it crowded down there, but Sachio wasn't necessarily present to listen to the man's political speech and hear him blurt out what the Special Jounin would perceive as empty promises. He was here to make some money. With the building he sat on hanging above the masses, but not the building the Kazekage was own, Sachio sat with a scroll in his lap painting the scene before him. Surely such a piece would make for a nice sell when he was complete. Digesting the words of the Kazekage as he illustrated the sight that was before him, Sachio was mildly amused, not impressed or interested really, but he was amused. Amused to see how the villages future would now play out. With such a position of power one's individual influence was now what painted these sands rather than the joint opinion and judgement of the Council. Would they fade away and become redundant? Surely they wouldn't but Sunagakure would positively see some changes, Sachio only hoped it meant not leaning on the other Shinobi Villages for assistance. Sunagakure did fine on it's own so far and wouldn't need their help aside from combatting the Bijuu and their mysterious summoner. After such a thing was investigated and solved, Sachio hoped ties would be cut should they be made. "Maybe I'll go investigate myself . . ." The thought was something that would linger in his mind long after the rally was over and the masses dispersed as he finished up his piece, before departing.

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The Suna Announcement
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