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 Senji Solo [Training]

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PostSubject: Senji Solo [Training]   Tue Oct 20, 2015 9:18 pm

OOC: Training for

So, Senji of the Oasis was made into a Jounin and as such there were some flaws that he knew he needed to attend to in his form and his arsenal in general. So, of course, the logical next step would be to increase his generation of his most used element of water as it had proved a problem in the face, most so in the burning of most of his face unfortunate incident. Regardless, Senji was aware of a technique that traded chakra for a significant amount of water, and having faced against it on multiple occassions Senji had a rough idea of the workings and principle.  Basically, generate chakra in the gut and convert the nature to water on it's way out of the mouth, so as to draw a greater amount of chakra, with the sole purpose of gushing it out. Of course, greater serving Senji's purposes by generating such a great amount of water all at once. A solid idea, made more solid in his mind by having seen it and it's effectiveness in combat first hand.

Being alone and with no real limit on the time he could spend working on it, Senji took it slow and deliberately. At first building chakra in the gut and releasing it slowly back, moving on to gathering it in the gut and familiarizing it with the water nature transformation as Senji had never done such this way before. After some practice with the conversion of chakra in his gut, Senji focused a clear passage from his gut and up his body, ultimately to and through his mouth. Actualizing all of the steps piece by piece before performing them in perfectionist manner. Finally the practice of expelling chakra from his mouth, which of course the natural and probably unnecessary practice of nature conversion once more.

At this point, Senji raised from his meditative place and was happy to find it still devoid of people and, for the most part, sound, implying a great lack of life in the area. Chosen quite intentionally for the practice of a, hopefully, extended range water creator/atttacker. With that, Senji clapped his hands together in the Snake seal to help in the process of chakra conversion/focusing, so as to make it combat-speed, gathering a great ball in his gut and racing it up and out of his mouth alongside the chakra nature conversion process upon being exhaled. First creating a trickle and wasting chakra, due to Senji's lack of practice but soon enough as expected of someone of Jounin level though, it wasn't a difficult or long process to get something that has been so natural as chakra conversion for so many years. Additionally helped by all of the pre-jutsu training, training. So, before long Senji was spewing the expected amount of water in great gushes from his mouth and soon it created waves and expelled even greater amounts of water, which is where the second part of the technique came in, in using the waves.

Senji easily  concentrated chakra in his feet to stand above the water once he had expelled enough that his feet began to shift, and as the water rose as did he. Within moments raising him to the point of being atop a wave riding throug the forest, the torrents of water before him crashing down against and breaking apart the rocks and dunes in it's path, and best of all the technique preserved the water for the enhanced effects of nearly all of Senji's fighting style, perfectly fitting the purpose of training this, but as expected all the same. Now Senji need only face the final hurdle of this technique in the speed of generating the water. Senji's answer to this question was further practice. Snake seal, chakra to gut, chakra to water, water out of mouth. The problem in this chain of events was the gathering and converting of the chakra and water in the ideal amount. Too fast being needlessly draining and too slow causing a significantly reduced effect. However, repeating in this fashion until the slower and more challenging pieces of the technique were smoothed and ironed out, Senji refined the technique and after some more practice deemed his skill with it worthy of being of use in combat now.

WC: 717

OOC: Training For

Pressing on was Senji's need to up his defensive game, as his motto was to survive rather than to charge in and hope to be stronger at the end. Senji was a man who liked to be ready, and so here he was doing so, though he imagined to himself that this would probably be the part accompanied by a montage if only he could make it happen. In any case, the point of this training was mastery of a technique to allow for the two things that make a defensive move, speed of deployment, and defensive strength. The theory behind the move, and the reason for the training was to combine them both so the obvious choice was to take advantage of what he knew best, suiton. As he had learned the ability to channel chakra through his gut and the conversion process that was required for what he had next in mind, he assumed the training would be fairly smooth, however, he took his usual pre training steps of moving through the technique and mastering the steps so as not to trial and error into a worse than starting position as had happened before. Regardless, as with his previous training he had no obligations that would reasonable interrupt with his time and the area Senji had found was basically devoid of much other life. Somewhat of a signature of the open sands though.

Sighing, as to the length of time he was just beginning to grasp he was going to need to spend out here, Senji began his training. As he did before, Senji began by practicing building and releasing chakra from his gut. This practice was followed up by practicing moving the chakra along his network up and toward and ultimately through the mouth. That being the next part of the practice, gathering the chakra from the gut into the mouth. Followed by the final part, releasing water from the mouth via the chakra nature conversion process, though in this stage of the practice Senji only put forth a small stream of water to make sure that he was still in a refined controlled of the ability. All too aware what could happen if he came used to just belching chakra out as the last technique he learned required him to do. This technique required more chakra, and more water which required a greater knowledge and control so Senji needed to know he was still in fine control.

The time had come at the end of Senji's chakra preperations to put forth training in a more physical manner. Though not before cursing himself for not having clones to make the training easier and without need of interference from others... It was too late for others to join him anyway.

Senji rose from his meditative position after banishing the distracting thoughts and rose to the rather tedious training task he had ahead of him. Focusing on that, Senji created the Tiger hand seal. Allowing a couple of seconds to himelf for chakra build up and preperation Senji lurched forward and began the attempt of pumping water out at the greater degree of control and content, though in the process made some miscalculations of his own chakra control in the form of controlling water output and overestimating his own chakra. The mistake soon caused a build up of water in Senji's mouth that burst and broke the technique and left Senji breathless for some time, though teaching Senji a great deal about what he needed to do to make the technique work in the end.

Senji's next attempt was after another brief period of training via the use of his previously most recently learned technique. Creating vast amounts of water from the mouth and pouring it forward, done for the sake of looking for ways to enhance it. Senji soon came to the realization that he wasn't taking the chakra drain or differences serious enough, though the techniques had a similar appearance they functioned with differing layers of complexity, and thus a greater cost should have been expected. The solution being, Senji needed to afford some of his chakra to go toward keeping the flow smooth and balanced on it's exit/creation to allow for the technique to be realized to it's potential. At least, Senji hoped it would. Senji attempted again with these additional focusing chakra modifiers in place and, similarly to the previous technique, achieved the technique he wanted, creating a cascade of water that warped in an arc, generating tons of water splashing all around, but remaining as a solid wall of water, even stronger than the burst from his mouth. From here it was only a simple matter of practicing the combined steps and full force of the jutsu until it could be done every time in a combat applicable time.

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Senji Solo [Training]
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