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 Feng Du [Done]

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Feng Du


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PostSubject: Feng Du [Done]   Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:36 am

Name: Feng Du

Nickname: N/A

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10

Weight: 154 lbs

Appearance: Feng Du is a man of average size and weight, reaching almost six feet and slightly over 150 pounds. Though he is rather light for being a master martial artist, most of his weight is, in actuality, his muscle. He has a definite six back along with biceps, noting his physical prowess. He has black hair which is fashioned into a Chinese style braid that reaches down to his shoulder blades. He has a widow's peak along with beady, black eyes. He has bushy eyebrows and a thin mustache as well. Being of rather foreign descent, he has a more yellow skin-tone than most. Due to his age, his cheekbones are more pronounced along with his jaw and chin. He also has somewhat big ears. As for clothing, Feng Du commonly wears a pink chang pao with martial arts pants and shoes.
The sleeves are a notably dark blue with a red embroidering on the area where the sleeve begins. On the left side of the chest of the chang pao is a white circle embroidered with red with the kanji for "Kill" (Satsu) in it, noting his job as being primarily a assassin. Alternatively, he sometimes wears a more regal outfit. This consists of a purple changshan with a square on the chest. In the square is a oriental sky design with hills and in the very middle of it is a black circle with the kanji for "kill" in red in it. The changshan itself  reaches the ground and underneath it is a purple white, sleeveless robe with a red and green design on the bottom of it. This one has no other markings besides this. He also wears a small, red bow on the very end of his ponytail. He has notable body hair as well, mainly on his chest, arms and legs.

Village: Sunagakure no Sato

Character Rank: A/Jonin

Clan: N/A

Element: Wind Release (Fūton)

Personality: Feng Du is a stern and serious man who tries to maintain a reserved and aloof attitude at all times. He rarely ever smiles, laughs, or show any emotions, instead, he just maintains his normal stern look. Even in very sad moments, he chooses to retain a silent air of sadness rather than show any sort of actual emotion. He personally believes that emotions, to a extent, can hinder his abilities as a assassin and, thus, keeps to himself. That being said, he does not have much allies. Not because people hate him or anything, but because hardly anyone knows him outside of his reputation. Despite this, he still shows a natural polite attitude when it comes to most people, always saying "Please", "Thank you", along with "Sir" and "Ma'm" to his superiors. He also still as a kind heart, which is evident as he took Narahiko in and the fact he will naturally protect the weak and innocent. This extends to his opponents as well. When fighting innocent or weak opponents, he generally tries not to be lethal. Rather, just using enough force to come out as victor. He is also quite cunning and very intelligent, more so than he leads on at times. He usually leads people on to his advantage, when needed that is. As a healer, Feng Du will heal just about anyone so long as their goals and morals are in check. That being said, he is not very loyal to any village, usually pledging his allegiance to the one that benefits him the most. He does not betray on a whim, however. He goes by morality in determining whether he should leave or not.

Though a skilled and smart combatant, Feng Du can become very reckless, usually in the case of protecting someone or something. He is not above fighting with still fresh wounds, risking to tear them open and strain them. Thus, he is shown to be a very brave man and is not afraid to die, looking at Death in a rather defiant manner than anything else. Prideful,he is also not above showing his humility, especially in the case of protecting others he cares for. Feng Du is also very perceptive, something he demonstrates by providing important and logical decisions at critical times and by evaluating the situation from an objective point of view. Despite all of this, he is still a assassin. A man who kills for money. Thus, he has a large amount of killing intent and does not shrink the idea of using deadly force against strong enemies. He is indifferent of gender and age for the most part. He has no qualms about killing though, he will not assassinate innocent people.

Character History: Born to Feng Han and Feng Xia on a small island off the coast of The Land of Wind. Though not registered on any maps or recognized as anything, it housed a very small village by the name of Tsukigata Village. It.............was of no real significance. It most certainly had no political power. It did not produce fighters or ninjas or samurai or anything of that nature. It was a simple, tiny, fishing and farming village that kept to itself. Feng Han and Feng Xia were different however, as they were merchants. Naturally, as merchants, they would set out to the main land annually for new business as well as to restock in their supplies. Han was 23 at the time while Xia was 19.  Xia was pregnant at the time with Du. Eight months to be exact. The couple was traveling through the Land of Fire, gathering various herbs, fruits, and other things of value. They were deep in the wilderness and, thus, were quite far from any village. Thus, it was not a surprise when bear came to them, growling and standing, for they had invaded its territory. Han, having no weapons but wanting to protect his child and wife, stood before the bear as he commanded Xia to run.

And run she did as her soulmate as torn down by the rabid animal. Xia ran as far as she could before her pregnancy began to take a toll on her. She had to stop and rest, least something may happen to her baby. She sat there for hours on end, unsure of what to do. There was no way she could navigate out of the forest by herself in this condition. But she couldn't stay there either. For the next few weeks, she stayed there, alone. She ate berries and such to survive and managed to get water from streams while avoiding any wild life. Weakened drastically, a light of hope came along when a old man wearing a orange robe came to her with his mule. He managed to get the half-alive woman onto the animal and began to walk. Xia, too weak to talk, simply allowed it. Days turned into weeks as they exited the Land of Fire and went the Land of Wind and, within due time, to a Monastery. The old man, who turned out to be the sole member of the Monastery, did his best to nuture Feng Xia back to health, but she was too far gone. It wasn't long until she gave birth to Feng Du and died from it, living the the freshly born baby in the hands of Raimitsu, the monk.

For the first three years of life, Feng Du was a normal boy. He played, he was out-going, and he was kind. He was also quite thirsty for knowledge. Raimitsu, deciding to train the boy, took him under his wing. He began doing the basics of teaching him responsiblity and meditation. Slowly, this transformed into studying various texts and philosphies and then into actual combat. But the age of 19, Feng Du was a rather powerful martial artist. It was then that Raimitsu introduced him to the village of Sunagakure no Sato. Feng Du was in awe, having never really been in a place like it before. Amazed by it, Raimitsu had to remind him that they were simply helping the village. And that they did. Feng and Rai annually visited Sunagakure, giving money to the poor, offering their services free of charge for anybody who needed it, etc. While happy that he could help, Feng Du slowly began to grasp the concept of money and how much value it had. Time and time again he would try to convince Raimitsu to give their services for money. For something with actual gain. Raimitsu would always harshly decline and reprimand Feng Du. At the age of 25, Feng Du had had enough and, despite Raimitsu's wishes, joined Sunagakure no Sato.

Feng Du, with his years of pure training, quickly bolstered through the ranks and, within time, developed his own personal fighting style. Dim Mak. A very dangerous fighting style that could pierce the body without any use of a grandiose jutsu or weapon. Raimitsu became infuriated with Feng's behavior and forbade him from ever coming back to the Monastery. Feng Du simply agreed and, for the next 10 years life went on. Feng Du made a name for himself and his assassinations while Raimitsu lived alone peacefully. It wasn't until that Feng Du encountered Raimitsu in the desert that they met again. Naturally, both spat at each other and fought. The battle was fierce, what with Feng Du's Dim Mak and Raimitsu's Shinken-ryū Kung Fu pitted against each other. In the end, however, the student surpassed the teacher, leaving Feng Du the victor. Though the winner, Feng did not feel good about his victory. To him, Raimitsu was always a father. Never a enemy. He buried his old master and friend in-front of his Monastery before returning back to his old life. Four years passed before Feng Du is assigned to go to Kirigakure to pick up a shipment of spice that was mistakenly shipped there. It was then that Feng Du encountered Narahiko Uchiha and his poverty stricken family. His mother pleaded Feng Du to take him in and, unable to turn away, he did. For the next three years, he trains Narahiko and treats him like a son, even as he puts up with his antics. He hopes he can actually become a man of good rather than go down the dark path he has gone.

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PostSubject: Re: Feng Du [Done]   Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:56 pm

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Feng Du [Done]
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