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 More Than A Delinquent

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PostSubject: More Than A Delinquent   Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:28 am


Narahiko had finally thought that his time had come. A criminal had tried to kill a city official. It seemed like a big deal, but in Nara's mind the only thing that mattered was that he was given permission to end the criminal's life. That made Nara smile, it made him super happy. He had been waiting for this day since he was 9. It was officially his time to prove himself, and to learn if he really would enjoy killing people. He believed that he would, maybe the thought was just getting to his head.

While walking around in the village, another Shinobi approached Narahiko. He was out of breath mostly due to the fact that he had been running all the way to him.

"Hello Narahiko. We have gotten news of the whereabouts of the criminal that attacked the city official. He was last seen with a spray can beside his artwork. Follow me, I'll take you there."

"Fine, lets go."

He followed the other ninja without question. He knew that if he didn't question or same anything that he wouldn't bring up any topics to talk about. Nara hated talking, especially when he was thinking about his favorite thing to do; or so he thought. They ran for about 2 minutes until they reached the site of the artwork. There seemed to be nobody there, until the sound of footsteps came from the shadows of an alleyway beside them.

"Hey Nara, I think I have a mission to get too?... Well, bye!"

Narahiko laughed at how the other shinobi was scared. How could one be scared of a simple criminal when he was with Nara. He was confused at how he became a ninja after all. Weren't they suppose to be fierce and courageous. It didn't seem like that was the case with this one. There he was again, Nara got lost in his train of thought. Forgetting about the footsteps that he heard a few seconds ago.

"Hey criminal. Do us both a favor, and get the fuck out of there."

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PostSubject: Re: More Than A Delinquent   Sun Nov 29, 2015 1:05 am

He placed both his hands in front of his chest getting ready to fight this bastard, also ready to commence his hand seals. The man walked out of the shadows, and starting to clap and laugh simultaneously. Nara was always used to these kinds of approaches. He would be judged by his age, but not his strength. The next thing the man would say make Narahiko much more ready to kill the bastard.

"Is this really the shit that the shinobis of Sunagakure sent against me. I thought by attacking that fuck tard of a official, would make my name a bit more popular. "

Narahiko didn't want to answer his comment, he would show him that he was wrong. He started with a rat hand seal, and swiftly converted to a ram. Nara never thought that he should say what jutsu he was doing before he performed it. That was just stupid. But, before the criminal could realize it he was stuck in Nara's realm. Stuck in his illusion. Nara had taken him to a black box type of setting. All of the sides were black, except for the room which emitted sunlight. The man was very confused, but didn't let it get the best of him. He obviously didn't know how genjutsu worked.

As the man ran over to him, Nara would release an evil laugh. His laugh resonated throughout the room, ringing in the criminal's ears. Once the man finally reached Narahiko, his arm quickly approached Nara's stomach. Right when they both were in contact, the man's arm went straight through Nara. That was one of the pros of a genjutsu, Nara was everywhere and the man couldn't know that. He would only see the image of Narahiko and would have to base his attacks of off that.

Nara rapidly multiplied himself in the illusion, making the man corned with clones of Narahiko. They all released the same evil laugh at the same time. As the sound resonated around the room again, the man clutched his ears begging for this shit to stop. The pain had gotten to him, and he was on the ground whimpering and crying. Nara wanted to play around with the man so he stopped the illusion. Once it stopped the man, slowly stood up feeling hope.

"Do you really think I'd let you go scotch free. I came here to kill someone, and that someone is you."

He placed his arms in the same positions as before, ready to perform another hand seal. He did one ram hand seal and that was it. He had released another genjutsu, but one of his most effective ones. The man had started walking in circles, smiling and seeming happy. Narahiko had placed him in an illusion, and made it seem like he was walking out of Sunagakure. But little to his knowledge he was only walking in circles.

Nara wanted to end this. Nice and sweet, make the man burn to a crisp. He wanted to get his first kill with a little flair, and a memory of home. He positioned his arms in front of his face again, ready to commence another jutsu. This one would be tedious taking him a few seconds, but it wasn't as if the criminal was going somewhere. Narahiko started off with a snake, then to a ram, then a monkey, to a boar, to a horse, and ended it all off with a tiger. After his seconds of initiating the jutsu, he placed his fingers right below his lower lip. Then in one go, he blew air out. But what should have been air, was fire. He released a roaring ball of flames that left a giant crater in the city's alley. Inside the crater was the ashes of the criminal.

Walking away, Narahiko knew that his first kill was sweet, and the more that came the better.

[End of Mission]

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More Than A Delinquent
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