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 Resell and Repair of Items

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PostSubject: Resell and Repair of Items   Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:36 am

An item, though it is something that many Shinobi rely heavily upon in combat and even outside of combat, can be a terribly fickle thing to use. Sometimes you outgrow a weapon that used to be your baby, and sometimes your baby gets broken by somebody else's. This is just fine! Look here to understand the mechanics of resell and reforging!

Reselling: Your items have value you to you, and once you no longer feel that you need them we will happily monetize that value for you. Of course, we will not be giving a full refund. That simply is not how it works here, as it would not work anywhere else. You may get a return fifty percent, exactly one half, of whatever you paid initially for the item. This would look something like this:

  • D Rank: 50 Ryo
  • C Rank: 200 Ryo
  • B Rank: 250 Ryo
  • A Rank: 500 Ryo
  • S Rank: 1,000 Ryo

Now as you may be thinking already, there are several items which were charged over that minimum do to the abilities that you added on. The cost of your abilities will be factored in slightly differently than the base cost. The ability costs will be returned to you at a rate of fifty percent. This is what that looks like, to give you an idea:

  • Minor Ability: 500 Ryo
  • Medium Ability: 1,000 Ryo
  • Major Ability: 1,500 Ryo

Reforging/Repairing: When a weapon is broken it is surely tragic, but fear not! It is not lost forever! One can come here to have their precious possession returned to its original state. This will be factored based upon the level of damage as well as the quality of the item. Here are some details on the relationship between those things and the cost of your repairs:

  • A nicked or dulled blade of any level: 100 ryo, this is an easy fix. Come in and we'll have that baby cutting like new!
  • A destroyed weapon: This will cost half as much as purchasing a weapon equal to it in rank and you will have to pay the full price for any damaged abilities. Not any black smith is capable of adding those, so there is no need to be cheap about it.
  • Inscription/Engraving: This is a nice touch to add to personalize a weapon once you have gotten close to it. Just digging in with your kunai could damage the integrity of your weapon, so have it done professionally here at a low cost of only 50 Ryo. Can one really put a price tag on lovely sentiment?
  • Improvements: One may boost the stats of an undamaged weapon for a price. Going from D Rank to C Rank costs 100 Ryo. Going from C Rank to B Rank costs 300 Ryo. Going from B Rank to A Rank costs 500 Ryo. Going from A to S costs 1,000 Ryo.
  • Adding Abilities: If you'd like to add an ability it must be first approved of here and then it will cost the same as it would had you purchased it as a part of your weapon. With Minor as 1,000, Medium as 2,000, and Major as 3,000. It should also be noted that not just any weapon may be given just any ability. A C rank is necessary for a Minor ability, a B Rank is necessary for a Medium ability, and an A Rank is necessary for a Major ability, but depending on the power of it we may request that you go for an S Rank before adding it.

Thank you for your time, and I hope our repair quality will rekindle your love of weapons use!
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Resell and Repair of Items
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