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 Top Secret Missions

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PostSubject: Top Secret Missions   Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:37 pm


It was his time, he had finally been drafted into the Anbu Training program. A program that scouted out potential ninja who had what it took to become Anbu . . . or at least that seemed like they did. It wasn't rare for ninja to have their psyche broken down during these trails and the village made each sign a waiver before hand, so they were accountable for their own actions and break downs. Soul didn't worry the slightest bit, he was confident in his abilities and he felt he had learned to think with his mind and solely his mind without letting his heart alter his path. Logos He thought to himself as he waited at the Kumogakure gates for the last ninja to arrive, he wasn't late, but he wasn't early and that seemed to peeve the Cell Leader, one who was currently among the Anbu ranks. 2:15 on the dot and the ninja appeared. As soon as he did, no formalities exchange, the Anbu ninja snapped into action. "Finally all here, good. Simple mission. You are on watch duty, but the way we Anbu do it. Post up in spots along the road to Kumogakure no Sato, hidden of course. Scouting out all who walk the path, if any shady characters come by, one returns to warn the guards, while the other two engage with intentions of subduing. Normally you are taught not to engage targets without full cells, that's no longer the case. Am I understood?" Each nodded and Soul then volunteered himself to be the one to return to deliver note of any shady travelers. The other two nodded and the group headed out. Not down the road they'd be watching of course.

Out on the outskirts, then they finally took to the local vegetation to hide. Soul chose a bush, but disguised himself as a small squirrel using the transformation jutsu, while one other took to a tree, and the final ninja used the Invisibility Cloak technique to blend in with the tree the first ninja took to. All hidden well, they silently remained in position, watching those that rarely walked down the path to Kumogakure. The area was wide and open, just near the exit of the forest, so all who were hiding in the forest as they approached the village would be forced out into the open to find new means of stealth if they wished to stay hidden. In time many came by, but none seemed out of the ordinary save for one duo. Both big in stature, they wore odd headbands that belonged Otogakure. Purple haori's over short kimono's, their allegiance was foreign. As a squirrel Soul fled into the depths of his bush, then dispelled his transformation as soon as he used the Hiding Like a Mole Technique. Perfect timing allowed for his dispelling of the transformation to cause no change to his surroundings. Traveling tot he gates, he explained the situation and the Anbu ninja fixated his mask, then with Soul headed to the situation. Both the ninja's were conversing with the Otogakure ninjas, but the air was obviously tense and their tone was hostile. "Sara Fubiyashi! We know she is here and this village is harboring a wanted woman! Allow us entry!" Soul grew nervous, for Sara was currently traveling with him and was in the village in his apartment at this very moment. The Anbu Cell Leader stepped up and in front of the other two then spoke grimly. "This isn't an issue now, but one more step towards those gates and it is. Once you have word from the Otokage and approval form the Raikage, you may enter our village. Until then search elsewhere." The ninja's hesitated and Soul felt combat would ensue, but it did not and they left without more words.

"Good response with not immediately resorting to combat. This situation and training session went well. See you again tomorrow again for the same exercise." Soul nodded and the ninja commanded them to return to the village before him in case the Otogakure ninja got wily and returned. Warning the gate guards of what happened, for now the occurrence was diffused, but everyone in the vicinity was on guard and was extra heavy on checks with travelers who entered.

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Top Secret Missions
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