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 The Shield of Kirigakure no sato

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Kiri Jounin
Kiri Jounin

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PostSubject: The Shield of Kirigakure no sato   Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:34 am

Name: The Sheild of Kirigakure no sato
Rank: S
Type: Gunbai
Materials: Made from an ancient and unique spirit tree from which only ritualistic items were made.
Visual Description:  It is a wide fan with tomoe on it and has a long handle with bandages wrapped around the base, It is brown with a black border, with red tomoe. Its handle is three feet in length, while the fan itself is three feet wide in width, two inches thick and four feet in length.
Ability 1: Uchiha Return: By utilizing the Gunbai Uchiwa to block an incoming attack, the user nullifies the effects of the attack by converting the incoming chakra into Wind nature transformation which is reflected. As this reflection of an attack occurs both suddenly and unexpectedly, the reflected attack can prove difficult for opponents to evade as they will be blown away by the force of their own jutsu. The Gunbai can nullify S ranked attacks and below once the user has the chakra to spend to match with each rank of jutsu he dispels.
Ability 2: Gunbai Fanned Wind: [/b]The user waves their gunbai as a fan to create powerful gusts of wind, strong enough to blow away several enemies that is one rank above this fan and below in one swing in and out of battle. This wind can be used to power up the user's Katon jutsu as well. When the wind is used to power up fire jutsu the wind is treated as a B ranked jutsu.
[a]Ability 3: Juggernaut:[/b] This ability gives the Gunbai the durability it needs in battle. It can block the user from substances such as acid, lava,fire, lightning, explosives. The fan is wider than the user so he would be able to fit behind this fan with ease. It is durable to crush bones, muscle tissue, rocks and even metal when it strikes these items. The Gunbai can only be damaged by S ranked jutsu and the user no longer has the chakra to maintain its Uchiha Return ability.
Cost: 1500 ryou
Requirements: This item can only be used by Uchiha Sanosuke and will only retain its ability in the presence of his chakra.

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Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: The Shield of Kirigakure no sato   Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:05 pm

The Uchiha Gunbai is S-rank at least, bumping the minumum price to at least 2000 Ryo.

Uchiha Return: This is a Major Ability, which costs 3000 Ryo. This bumps the minimum price to 5000 Ryo. Also add in that every use of this ability requires chakra. The chakra taken from you must be equal to chakra cost of the jutsu you're reflecting.

Gunbai Fanned Wind: This is a Moderate Ability, which costs 2000 Ryo. This bumps the minimum price to 8000 Ryo. Add that when using this to enhance Katon, the wind gust will be treated as a B-rank Fuuton.

Juggernaut: This is a Major Ability, which costs 3000 Ryo. This bumps the minimum price to 11,000 Ryo. Speaking of durability, add in that only S-rank attacks can damage/destroy the gunbai.

I don't think there's any need to raise the price, so this item will cost you 11,000 Ryo.
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The Shield of Kirigakure no sato
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