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 Disheartened Reunion

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Hitomi Shiruku
Kiri Jounin
Kiri Jounin
Hitomi Shiruku

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PostSubject: Disheartened Reunion   Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:27 pm

The dry dessert sands under the heat of the sun wasn't much trouble to the shinobi named Hitomi who was wandering these treacherous lands in a specific formation towards the village housings. The stone-like structures both sturdy and cooling as she knocked on the door to the house. Worry and anxiousness filled her mind, she was to ready herself with the realisation of reliving the worst years of her life once again, in mere seconds. These people she knew well, this was her extended family. Her father after all did come from Suna and moved into the greener village. These people were her uncle and her cousin. Neither of the two were a scoff to the wind with dilemmas since her own cousin was admittedly insane, still this would be a difficult conversation. She came here with Sey to aid in her realisations and now she has come to clear up the questions they would hold. Hitomi had to explain to them now, what happened to her family. She'd have to tell her uncle that his own younger brother is dead, that his nephew as well is no more. That Kasai would never hold another outfit from her mother's kimono collection, she would never have her hair fixed or given appraisal during her many psychological sessions. Hitomi had to stand there and break her family apart, all because of the truth.

It was disheartening to know the aching feeling of realisation. But she had some hope, some stability in all of this madness. That was Sey herself, and everything about her. Perhaps the oddest part to this entire thing would be the missing arm Hitomi had, sure she could hide it with her hair but it wouldn't be right to leave out these parts.

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Daisuke Minatoya Ansho
Kiri Jounin
Kiri Jounin
Daisuke Minatoya Ansho

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PostSubject: Re: Disheartened Reunion   Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:24 pm

Sey would stand there, gazing towards the door after they arrived. Her eyes would bat for a moment before looking down to Hito. It was odd, how she, the cold as stone woman actually started to feel emotions because of Hitomi. She'd never display them of course. No, that was something the weak did. Instead, she'd keep them hidden away. But she had them. As the time would approach to meet the people before her. Sey would place her hand around Hitomi's waist in an action to attempt and comfort her. A small peck on the top of her head was also the next course of action that she would take. And with that, Sey was ready to battle the future that was about to burst wide open. Perhaps, a closing to a long and dreadful tale. A tale, that left those participating happy, sad, and distraught with all that has happened. This wouldn't be a time for celebration. Nor would it be a time for revenge. This was a time for grieving. Something that Hitomi had only just begun. And Sey knew this too well. Her eyes would stay that cold golden color as she awaited the next movements. Her body would stay as close to Hito as possible, so she knew that the woman which was her rock, would never fade away.
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Disheartened Reunion
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