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 Hisoka the mind dweller

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PostSubject: Hisoka the mind dweller   Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:00 pm

Name: Hisoka
Nickname: N/A
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Height: 5"7
Weight: 125lbs

Hisoka being at the age of 14 years of age stands tall at 5"7, weighing in at about 125lbs give or take. His skin is unusually pale for a Sunagakure shinobi though is due to his preference for clothing which covers his entire body, shading him from the sun. If one were to be able to see through the shade provided by his clothing, you would notice his dark colored eyes bordering on pure black, accompanied by his dark eye-lashes and as we go further up you would notice his dark eyebrows as well. Paying more attention to his black hair one would notice his spiky hair which goes down to his chin on both sides as it covers his ears, though his fringe only seems to go down to his nose. Oftentimes one would find Hisoka's fringe to be styled as to not obscure his vision. Beneath his dark eyes one can easily notice the lack of sun taking an affect on his body, as the dark rings below his eyes are easy to spot combined with his pale skin adding onto it's dark color.

His usual attire consists of a thin, long-sleeved shirt, allowing air to pass through the shirt easily enough to keep him from overheating though it remains comfortable at the same time due to it's slightly baggy size. This white shirt is accompanied by slightly baggy light grey pants, sitting just as comfortably on the boy as the shirt itself as well as allowing some air into the pants for his body to breath, cooling him down. His feet have grown accustomed to harsh rocky areas where he grew up as a young child, so he finds no use for shoes as even a sharp rock stepped upon gives him no pain or discomfort, most likely due to the many times he has injured his bare feet as a child leaving behind little to no feeling in the soles of his feet.
Village: Sunagakure
Character Rank: Genin | D
Clan: N/A
Element: N/A

Nonchalant: Hisoka tends to be very nonchalant, not showing a lot ofinterest in things nor care within his body language, expression or tone of voice at the very rare moments he does decide to speak.
Love of The Mind: The mind has always attracted Hisoka's attention, the mysteries beneath one's mind, how it works and just plain out the potential one's mind has, has always peeked his interest. So much so that he has devoted his life to mastering the arts of the mind, Genjutsu. Though this fascination has had a great impact on his core personality, with Genjutsu having taken over his interest for anything else and being the center of his train of thought. It has twisted him in ways one can not imagine, though he will imagine it for you if he must, as he likes to mess with others' minds. Oftentimes one can find him messing with the minds of those he doesn't even know, playing with their minds, twisting them further to his own will to fit his own needs. A lot of times these mind infiltrations could be found being used in a more below the surface fashion as he gathers information on those he could use it against. He usually takes on missions which require intel gathering as well as manipulation and interrogation, as he specializes in remaining undetected and infiltration itself, whether it be village infiltration or infiltration of the mind, he heavily prefers the latter.
The Silent Type: Through the years of mastering the mind arts, Hisoka has lost interest in actually speaking. Instead he uses Genjutsu to speak to others, which is a great advantage in the field if he were to transfer a message onto an ally without anyone else noticing. He's developed a Genjutsu by the name of "Voice of The Mind" a few years ago which allows him to create an inner reflection of himself which only his target can see, through which he would speak to the target which was usually his allies. This replica used to be himself and himself alone, though his obsession with mind games has turned on himself as it evolved into further personalities of himself, those he has kept deep within, suppressed by his own mind for so long.. His "feelings".
Sadniss: Sadniss is the first inner Hisoka to make itself known, named after Sadness itself. Sadniss would almost never surface on Hisokas outer expression, though it can easily be spotted when he uses "Voice of The Mind". Sadniss will always shed tears as he speaks to those Hisoka wants to speak to, and will usually convey messages which have deep saddening emotion attached to them.
Petti: Petti, just as the rest of the inner Hisokas, hardly makes itself known physically, and is named after pity itself. When used through the "Voice of The Mind", it will make itself known as Hisoka showing great and clear pity as it speaks, whether it be the one he speaks to or is speaking about. It's clear within his tone of voice as well as body language and facial expression that Petti is filled with pity once making itself known, coming forth whenever Hisoka is conveying a message handling with pity for the receiver, another person or even himself, though he rarely feels pity for himself.
Rhage: Rhage is so far the last of the inner Hisokas, named after rage itself. Even though it is the latest inner Hisoka, it's the one that makes itself known on the outside of Hisoka the most out of the three inner Hisokas, though the amount of times it has happened remains small. Rhage will make itself clearly know when used through the "Voice of The Mind" when conveying a message to someone if that message has a connection to rage itself, whether it be Hisoka's own rage or him expressing someone else's rage, with the latter tending to be comedic as Hisoka appears to be filled with rage for someone else's concern.
Character History:
Birth of a Virus: His parents were nothing special, being two civilians from a small village in the Land of Wind. During his mother's pregnancy with him, their village was raided for food by a group of wandering shinobi in need of supplies. One of the invaders was a women who specialized in Genjutsu herself. She invaded his parents' home however when pleading for her life his mother explained to the women that she was pregnant. The invader had used her Genjutsu on his mother as well as the developing Hisoka in order to confirm her pleads' reason. During that small moment she was allowed into Hisoka's mind she found some interest in the child's mind as it showed some above average potential and development considering it's current condition, though it was cut short due to his underdeveloped body not being able to support the Genjutsu's effects for prolonged periods of time. For a while the women had spent her time observing his mother and her habits up to the point of a full stalk on a psychotic level of obsession. She had even gone to the point of warning the woman, threatening her with her life if she put Hisoka at risk. Once Hisoka was born, things took a turn for the worst, his father being a mere civilian with little ability as a shinobi felt helpless as he watched the women come for Hisoka on his day of birth whilst his mother cried and begged for the women to leave Hisoka where he belonged. The women didn't listen to her pleads as before and took Hisoka with her where she would help him grow as a shinobi and Genjutsu user such as herself atop of the mountain ranges far away from the Land of Wind, located in the Land of Lightning.

Developing The Mind: The first few years Hisoka grew up alone on the mountains, staying inside a wooden house with cracks and holes in it where it oftentimes rained. Having no actual money for clothes, he walked barefoot his entire childhood and grew accustomed to it. The first few years were hard for him as his feet would get scratched and scraped on a daily basis on sharp rocks located on the mountain he called home, however he soon grew to care little for it as his feet would start to loose any affiliation of pain they had left. His new mother had watched him grow as an infant each day as the rest of her group had supported her by bringing supplies up to the mountain where they stayed on a weekly basis. Her interest in Hisoka would remain as high as it did during his mother's pregnancy with him as he continued to show signs of possessing a mind better than most his own age. After the first few years of him growing up, she would start teaching him about the mind itself. Since he didn't have much to do after years of doing the same thing as a child on the mountain, it peaked his own interest to find something new and unique with many mysteries to uncover. A year later he was already learning basic Genjutsu. It was then that she decided to move with the child to Sunagakure, having no more fear of his mother discovering him as he no longer looked anything the same as he did as an infant, nor did the dark cloudy climate within the Land of Lightning help with keeping his father's dark tan skinned similarities as his skin grew pale and he developed dark rings beneath his eyes. Once they moved to Sunagakure she would take on small jobs in the village in order to gain some income to support the two of them. This support he had gained from her and her alone, according to his own knowledge at that time, helped with him growing a bond with her as they continued to spend time together and learned the mind, a thing both of them turned out to love without a doubt. Hisoka was silent even after moving to a highly populated place, which only worsened after he continued to progress with Genjutsu over the last few years, which resulted in him showing little to no emotion or care for most things. One thing he clearly cared for and was clear to his new mother, was the fact that he not only enjoyed practicing Genjutsu on the minds of animals, but even more so on the minds of civilians within Sunagakure.

She decided that it was time to show him the true dark side of this world and what would happen to him if he got caught messing with Genjutsu on Sunagakure civilians. She took him on a mission with her where bloodshed took place on a daily basis through a course of about 8 days. It didn't take long at all for him to realize that the same could happen to him if Sunagakure officials caught him, though in a sick and twisted way it encouraged him more so to do it on the officials to test his true potential with remaining undetected and Genjutsu in itself. About three years ago, after suppressing his own emotions for so long, the first inner Hisoka was born. It has been a while now that he's possessed his own creation of Genjutsu, "Voice of The Mind", though it was the first time that his creation through which he spoke took its own emotional appearance. He called it Sadniss, the true embodiment of sadness. He figure it was due to him not having shed a single tear for as long as he could remember. His Genjutsu prowess only grew more and more during the last two years, but so did his own suppressed emotions as the second inner Hisoka would make itself known on the day his mother died, when he was 12 years old. His Genjutsu instinctively activating in order for his voice to be heard, however it was casted on no one but himself. Petti was its name. Petti showed true pity for Hisoka himself that day as it stood alongside Sadniss, however Sadniss had taken over Hisoka as he laid over her dead body, shedding its tears. A year later his latest inner Hisoka would give birth to itself on the anniversary of his mother's death. It was created due to the built up rage he had for her deceased mother having left him throughout the year, day by day building up, until it eventually made itself known when he wanted to speak to his mother at her grave, of course again "Voice of The Mind" was casted on himself and only himself through instinct. During the last year of his life so far, Hisoka has been doing a few missions for Sunagakure as the money his mother left him had run out, a few of which included him infiltrating the surrounding minor villages for information inside the Land of Wind to secure Sunagakure's position as the strongest militant village within the Land of Wind.
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PostSubject: Re: Hisoka the mind dweller   Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:21 pm

Fascinating. He even looks like an Emo. But okay.



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Hisoka the mind dweller
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