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 Uchiha's right of passage(Private- Training Sharingan)

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First Mizukage Rei-Sama

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha's right of passage(Private- Training Sharingan)   Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:17 pm

Intermediate Sharingan





2,135 words
The Basic Sharingan grants the user the ability to track and comfortably react to adversaries' speeds up to 10 higher than their own with heightened perception.
By noticing the disruption in chakra flow, a Sharingan user can look at themselves or others and determine whether they are under a Genjutsu of C-Rank or lower.
30 chakra to activate and 12 upkeep.

Name: Shadow Clone
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Can be anywhere in the same country as user
Handseals: Clone seal
Speed: Clone moves at same speed as user
Description: Similar to the basic clone technique, this technique creates copies of the user. However, these clones are corporeal instead of illusions. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing techniques on their own and can even bleed, but will usually disperse after hit by a strong enough force. The clones can also disperse on their own or be dispelled by the user of the technique. Shadow clones can't be distinguished from the original with Sharingan, Byakugan, or Rinnegan.  Shadow clones also seem to be able to think for themselves and feel the original's pain to some extent.

Sharingan35 chakra+12x(5 posts)
Shadow Clone20+65
Chakra Pool180- 10 chakra

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First Mizukage Rei-Sama

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha's right of passage(Private- Training Sharingan)   Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:17 pm

Mature Sharingan



Shadow Clone #1:

Shadow Clone #2:

Shadow Clone #3:

Shadow Clone #4:

2,718 words

Intermediate Sharingan
This Sharingan differs in appearance only in that there are two tomoe instead of one. To progress from Basic Sharingan to Intermediate Sharingan, one must train the Basic Sharingan for at least 2000 words in that enormous strain is placed on the eyes, within the natural OR supernatural limits of the Sharingan, and be of at least C-Rank or higher. The Intermediate Sharingan is more powerful than the Basic Sharingan and one can no longer access the Basic Sharingan once this form is unlocked.

  • The Intermediate Sharingan grants the user the ability to track and comfortably react to adversaries' speeds up to 20 stats higher than their own with heightened perception.

  • By noticing the disruption in chakra flow, a Sharingan user can look at themselves or others and determine whether they are under a Genjutsu of B-Rank or lower.

  • If a Sharingan user sees a technique that they have the requirements to learn, they can learn it later so long as they write the amount of required words. That technique can also be used in that topic ONLY without the required training.

  • 30 chakra to activate and 12 to upkeep.

Sharingan Eyesx5
30 Chakra, 12 Chakra x 5 x 4posts= 90 Chakra
Shadow Clonex4
20 Chakra
50 Chakra per clone= 200 chakra
Chakra Pool=400
Chakra Remainder= 90 Chakra

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First Mizukage Rei-Sama

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha's right of passage(Private- Training Sharingan)   Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:08 pm

Mangekyou Sharingan

Chapter 1

Rei opened his eyes as he looked around the room, he had just woken up from a full night's sleep. His body was coated in sweat and his face was covered in dry tears, yet again he had had another dream about his only sister that had been murdered not so long ago. He sat up and then rolled off of his bed onto his feet and trudged through the now empty and cold house. He and his sister had lived in this house together, she had raised him and been his second mother after his own had died during childbirth. Yin, his sister, had brought happiness into his life ever since he could remember. She had kept their little house pleasant and warm, an inviting place that he always looked forwards to after a day of shinobi work. Now it was a place of distant memories, painful and constant reminders about the lost paradise of innocence he had shared with the one family member he had left. Now he was all alone and with no way to avenged his sister's death.
After that first terrible night, he and half a dozen other Uchiha members had spent the significant part of that night on the chase after the man named Eito who had befriended Yin and then murdered her after brutalizing her body. The Uchiha were a powerful clan, but the one thing that was more powerful than their sharingan was their clan pride. The thought of some outsider taking advantage of one of their women, especially one of their most beautiful women, and then murdering her for some sick passion: that enraged the clan members and a number of them shared the feelings of loss with Rei. His sister had been a prize of their clan, a trophy, an idol and the ideal wife that many of their men sought for her hand in marriage.
As soon as they had heard about Rei carrying his sister's corpse through the village while in a traumatized state, they knew that something had gone terribly wrong and had immediately set out to meet him at his little house he share with his sister Yin. They didn't wait for word from the Council or their eldest clan leaders: this was a clan matter that involved their pride and would not wait for politics. Rei had given them a short explanation and they had set out after Rei had properly covered his sister's corpse. They searched long and hard and only gave up when the Council had heard wind of the incident and the ensuing pursuit. They were ordered to return and give up the pursuit, supposedly there were be a separate search by the village in an official manner: that was of course just politics to "appease" the Uchiha clan's wrath. Whether or not there was an official search for the perpetrator by the Anbu or not, Rei never knew.
Two weeks had passed since the first search had begun and Rei had yet to hear any word from the village in the matter. Rei had attended his sister's funeral during that time: the Uchiha clan had buried Yin in their clan graveyard to keep their secrets and to keep the corpses of their respected clansmen from being exhumed by grave robbers. It was an honor to be buried in the clan graveyard, knowing your corpse would be buried safely and alongside the rest of your extended clan family.
The funeral was a large one, Yin was an extremely beautiful and kind woman. Her charms and warmth had touched many hearts within and without the clan. Rei wore a black suit and brushed out his wild proud Uchiha hair and put it into a ling ponytail. He wore black sunglasses even though it was a cloudy day, he just didn't want anyone seeing him weep over the loss he was feeling. All of the Uchiha clan stood behind him as he was the closest to Yin's corpse at the graveyard as they gave her the passage of rights to burial. The Council and a few other dignitaries and important people of Kirigakure were there as well and sat on the other side of the graveyard in chairs where they could watch and attend silently in respect.
The Council and others expressed their feelings of condolence for Rei's loss and of course to the rest of the clan. More important, they were there to ensure that Rei didn't do anything foolish. They had ordered Rei and the Uchiha clan to not take personal action against this disgrace: that was a disgrace to the clan. How could they demand the clan didn't avenge one of their own? Rei was here for Yin, not for the officials of the village, just as each one of his other clan members were.
The clouds had thickened and it began to slowly rain, Yin's casket was closed and began to descend several feet beneath ground level. Rei and the rest of the clan ignored the rain as his grew harder into a heavy rain. The others, the officials of Kirigakure and the normal citizens moved. Some gathered umbrellas and stayed and the rest left shortly after the rain started. Rei remained at his sister's side as she began her descent into her eternally peaceful slumber. He bent down and gripped a handful of dirt and stood up. He held out his arm and slowly poured the dirt out on top of Yin's casket to start the burial process. If anyone deserved to bury her, it was Rei. He stood there close to the hole as his clan members took up tools and began to fill the hole. He was no longer looking down, instead he was looked straight across to where the Council and other officials sat with umbrellas. Even though he wore black sunglasses, his crimson eyes bore through the glasses, glowing from behind the black lenses.
There was a rage within Rei now and just looking at him, the officials knew that this would not be the end of it. Rei had awoken his sharingan at the loss of his beloved sister, his Uchiha powers were becoming more powerful and the ties with his clan family were becoming that of influential material. Even now as the dignitaries of Kirigakure looked out over the clan of the Uchiha, all of those with the sharingan were already activated and their cursed crimson eyes looked on in rage and agony. A handful of Uchiha had awakened their sharingan at the loss of Yin, she was a much loved and coveted member of the clan. Looking out over the large number of Uchiha clan members, their raging red eyes signified danger and violence: they would not be sated until Yin's murderer was brought to justice. Sir, we can't keep the Uchiha on a leash for much longer without them biting our hand one of them said in a wise realization. One of the Council nodded his head, he agreed.
Rei stayed at the burial ground until the last bit of dirt had been settled and the seal over her grave had been activated. The Fuinjutsu grave master placed a seal over Yin's grave, the seals spread completely around the grave in a wide circle and connected with all of the other graves in the graveyard. Normally, the seal by itself over the grave was average and anyone with a high level of Fuinjutsu skill could unseal it: however, it was an interchanging and connected seal that connected to hundreds or thousands of other graves and created an over-seal that was extremely difficult to break. Without someone with renowned Fuinjutsu skills, it would be impossible to break such a seal. There were few and far between with those who that high of a skill and those who were in or entered the village with such skills were monitored and sometimes even prevented from entering the Uchiha's burial grounds.
After the burial was finished and the seal was made, Rei made a silent promise to his sister, the same promise he had mad to her as he had laid her corpse on her bed a few weeks ago following her murder. Rei wouldn't stop until he avenged her death, and then he would continue on his path as a shinobi and make a name for himself across the land, not just Kirigakure. He would be someone everyone either feared or admired, someone so strong that he could protect all of his clan family and Kirigakure itself. Just wait sis, I'll become someone you'll be even more proud of. But first... I will find Eito and make him pay for this. he smiled a grim smile and took one final glance at her burial spot. He could come back here often, but for now he needed to focus on the matter at hand.
The first problem would be the council and the village itself. First and foremost he was a shinobi of Kirigakure and his responsibilities superseded any personal feelings or opinions he had. That being said, the murder had been done outside of Kirigakure's walls by someone who had infiltrated the village and had killed a dozen or so women. An investigation showed that there was no connection to the women, Eito had targeted them randomly and for no hereditary purposes. In other words, Eito hadn't targeted Yin just because she was an Uchiha. While that was a relief, it was also worrisome. If Eito hadn't picked these women for their heritage, there was an alternative reason why he had picked these specific women and then followed through with his gruesome murders.
The actual reports of autopsies on the women had been classified at top secret material and the victimized families who had lost their loved daughters, sisters, girlfriends and wives, had all been given general autopsy details- nothing that they didn't already know. Rei had been there though, he had been the first to find the corpses of the women and had it reported to the village of Kirigakure. Initially in his moment of shock, he had assumed it was just a series of brutal murders by a psychopath who only desired to kill beautiful women. The more time that passed by though, got Rei thinking about all that he had seen and placed the bits of information together with what he knew. Eito had done something to the corpses, whatever it was, wasn't apparent enough though for it eluded Rei's understanding. The only way that he could find the truth was to hunt down Eito himself and make him talk before slowly killing the man and making him beg for mercy in vain.
Rei thought about all of this days before the funeral for Yin. It was all he could really do for now: the village had ordered the Uchiha clan to not take retaliation or do anything. Rei was directly affected by the loss however and someone knew that he wouldn't listen to such ridiculous orders even if it was from the village he cared so much for and desired to serve and protect. Daily the Uchiha clan had sent people over to Rei's house to check on his and ensure that he was still there and following the orders for the village. During those few weeks, Rei had listened to the restriction of not hunting Eito. He had sat in his house without any lights of heat, he just sat on his bed and thought and thought and thought. He planned took into every bit of information that he could gather from his tired mind, he hadn't slept much int he last few weeks.  Nightmares were all that he dreamed of, the nightmare of losing his sister, only to wake up and realize the nightmare was real.
Now that his sister was buried, the village hoped and assumed things would go back to normal. Rei knew that and expected it, even the majority of the Uchiha clan would accept the burial as an end to the incident and would move on with little more than the occasional remembrance of Yin in their lives. Not Rei, there would be no peace for him even after he would avenged his sister. He was not alone however, a handful of Uchiha that had watched the two Uchiha children Rei and Yin struggle to survive after their parent's early death: this handful of shinobi cared for the two siblings ad were deeply moved and troubled by Yin's passing. If ever they found this Eito, he would suffer the full clan's wrath. That was of course if he was foolish enough to venture back into Kirigakure after the series of murders. His face had been identified and placed up around Kirigakure as a wanted criminal by the village, but more so wanted by the Uchiha clan themselves.
A lot of the Uchiha had remembered his face on purpose in case they ran across him while outside on their villages. The intent was to capture him alive and bring his back to Kirigakure to face proper judgment. Rei appreciated that, but it wasn't enough for him: he needed a more active role in pursuing the criminal and exacting cruel justice on the murderer himself. It was his rite, Yin had been his only surviving family member and Eito had selfishly taken her from him. There were surely a few others within the Uchiha clan who shared the rite of vengeance, but non more so than Rei. As far as he knew, while those families suffered and grieved the loss of the female in the families, none were as deeply disturbed as Rei. They had held their funerals earlier than Yin's, none of them had been clan people and merely wished to bury their dead and be finished and move on. Not Rei.

Chapter 2

Rei opened his eyes again, wide with fear and tears, yet again only to realize he had been dreaming. Dreaming and only to wake up to remember that his nightmare had been real. Occasionally he had woken up startled and frantic, he would run to Yin's room and half expect her to be sleeping peacefully. She wasn't of course and it was equally disappointing as it was crushing to his peace and happiness. It was hard to accept her loss and his subconscious had yet to accept the fact that she was truly gone. Every day was a reminder however, impossible for him to forget or deny the facts that were in front of his face. He ate cold and tasteless meals just to sustain his energy for missions: normally he would look forward to the delicious meals that she would cook and pack for him, her best ingredient was the love that she poured into the food without measure or limit. Now his food didn't taste good, or at least his didn't taste it, his mind was too much into deep thought. He had retreated from the rest of the world inside his own mind and rarely said anything to anyone, if his sister were alive, she would have lectured him about his antisocial personality and how important it was to have friends to help cheer him up and support him.
She was right, he knew it. Even now he had no friends, just peers and senior shinobi he worked with- and now she was gone, no more to lecture him or remind him to make friends. Not that he needed a reminder. He could see now that he relied on his sister Yin too much. with her sudden absence, many things threw him off. These things included his everyday life and luxuries, ranging from his missions to personal time at home. His clothing stayed dirty and piled up until he could work up the courage to do it himself. At first he wasn't too certain how to do it. He had helped his big sister with their laundry when he was little, but as he grew older, she had encouraged his desire to become a shinobi and she picked up the lack around the house. She did all the chores, cooked their food, bought their groceries and constantly bandaged Rei up after he had either injured himself with training or returned from missions. Rei had always been one of those guys who worked extra hard and sustained more damage because they went above and beyond what was expected of them. His sister admired that and encouraged him instead of discouraging him for the wounds he sustained. She was there after all and could take care of his bumps and scratches.
He subconsciously ran his fingers over the two scars beneath his eyes as he recalled how he had suffered them. While they were not life threatened wounds, they had been serious and Yin had babied him for a long time, longer than he would have liked even as a little kid. Their abusive uncle had struck him in the face with a farm tool out of jealousy and anger, barely missing Rei's eyes in the process. Those wounds had caused severe scarring on his beautiful face and Yin had done everything she could to ensure that the wounds healed without infection or further injury. Her tireless effort had reduced the scars to simple thin vertical scars beneath both of his eyes. He retained his beautiful appearance while wearing "badges" of his first real encounter of combat, even if it was with his own uncle. Now instead of just being mistaken for a female because of how beautiful he was, his scars gave him a dominating and somewhat scary appearance when in tandem with his gloom and careless attitude and even his cursed sharingan eyes.
Now that Rei was older and could look back on it, their uncle had mysteriously disappeared after Rei had sustained the scars. Either Yin herself or one of the other close Uchiha clan members had taken it upon themselves to rid the children of their terrible uncle. Either way, Rei knew Yin must have had a say in that matter and he respected and appreciated her tremendously, without her motherly protection, it was highly likely that he wouldn't have made it to adulthood or become a shinobi for that matter. Now Rei lived for his sister's hard work and memories. He knew she wouldn't want him to live for vengeance or even act how he felt: while it was good to be true to your emotions, Yin had always told him that it was better to make yourself act happy and it would eventually make you happy. While he never personally believed it, he always showed Yin his pleasant side because he loved his dear sister. There were few times in Rei's life that he could remember Yin not smiling, of those times were when he had suffered the scars on his face. All of the times her smile could be remembered to be missing, was when Rei himself had been hurt.
Never once had Yin thought of herself, even in her dying moments when Rei had found her in the barn with the other corpses, she was happy to see him while she was dying: she was smiling and crying even though she was losing her strength. Even after losing her vision, she had felt his face and was smiling, she had been trying to say something but was too weak. Rei knew her very well, he was certain she was telling him to smile for her. He wanted so bad to smile for her, to be happy and live a peaceful life full of accomplishments that he knew would make her beam with pride and cheer. He just couldn't do that right now though, there was too much rage and grief in his heart to feel anything remotely close to happiness. It would be impossible until he could exact revenge and learn to move on from the loss, untilt then, he would silently apologize every day to his big sister for not being able to smile for her, even if it was her dying wish. If ever there was an afterlife, he was certain that if and when he ever made it there, Yin would surely kick his ass for being such a sour person and then of course embrace him in a loving hug.
Rei never knew too much about his parents, but surely they would have been similar to Rei and Yin. Their mother was supposedly a legendary beauty: it was believable, after all, look how he and his sister's had turned out. Their father was rumored to be a serious but warm-hearted and loving man who cared for his village above all else: that was something that Rei had inherited from his father without even meeting him, it was like a family legacy. A legacy that Rei himself would have to fulfill for their whole family now that all of them were gone. His mother's beauty, his sister's love and warmth, and his father's duty and sense of responsibility to the village hidden in the mist. He had a few pictures of the parents, a picture of just them two and another picture of them holding Yin while she was a little girl: Rei was in that picture as well, though still within his mother's belly and his big sister hugging the large belly in a loving and protective manner. Even pregnant, their mother possessed a seemingly unnatural beauty. Standing beside her was a serious looking Uchiha male wearing battle armor, their father of course.
It was Rei's favorite picture, it was very true to what he knew about their family and was the only picture where all four of them were together. Now that Yin was deceased, the picture no longer rested in their living room, now it stayed inside a sealed book for Rei to carry with him and look at whenever he desired to. Now that he no longer needed to share it with his sister, nor any of the rest of their personal belongings, everything belonged to him. He left the house as it was though, he didn't desire anything to be changed. He left yin's room just as it was, not ready yet to remove her things. For now it could just stay as a remembrance to her and the loving life she had lived. He had learned to clean the house and keep it presentable even though he never had guests besides the occasional Uchiha member who came to check on him and his health. they understood why he hardly spoke or interacted with them or anyone else, but that didn't mean they would just abandon him. Right now Rei needed space and they were giving it to him. Sooner or later he would come out of his darkness and become stronger because of it: that was just the curse of the Uchiha clan.
He had been tempted to burn it all down, the house that is. The empty memories that were there were nearly too much for the young shinobi to accept and keep, yet he couldn't force himself to remove it. Even though he suffered and retreated from the rest of the world, simply being inside the house and remembering those memories of Yin were what kept him sane and brought him some solace in those dark times. He had no other attachments and without Yin around, he was too fearful to face the world or people, he was pathetic, especially for using Yin as a crutch for his own weakness. He knew this and daily told it to himself in a judging way. He hated what he had become but it brought him the most comfort after losing his big sister. He wished he had listened to her and made some friends, on occasion he wanted to just go outside and enjoy the fresh air. he had tried that a couple of times, after working up the courage, he had gone outside onto the front porch just to breathe the fresh air. It had been a mistake, those nearest his home had noticed he had come from his seclusion and immersed him in warm conversations and tried to socialize with him. It had been too much on both tries and he had been too overcome with emotions and retreated.
A full month passed after Yin's burial that Rei ran out of food in the house. He had eaten sparingly to lengthen the food supply, but like always it came to an end and he was forced to venture outside for more food. He had plenty of ryo from the jobs he had taken before Yin's death, afterwards, he had refused to go on missions and had stayed within the house until this point. Kirigakure had been understanding of his loss and had given him some time to recover. The leaders of Kirigakure knew it was better to just leave him to himself locked inside his house rather than being outside and attempting to go after Yin's murderer. They had their reasons of course, but it was new information that they had yet to get the full report on and they simply couldn't share it with Rei. He may have been a shinobi of Kirigakure, but it was just too dangerous to tell him. If he knew, surely he would be rushing towards his own demise. If there was one thing that was certain about Yin, was that she cared for her little brother greatly. She had never been a shinobi or a fighter, but she had possessed the sharingan and could be very intimidating whenever she felt her precious little brother had been in trouble of danger.
In all truth, they had found out some information on Eito. While they had yet to actually find the man, they had actually fulfilled their promise and obligation to send a format search party and investigation into Eito and his seemingly random murders. While a team of tracker-nin had been dispatched to track the man, their medical shinobi had recovered the corpses of the deceased women that Eito had murdered. The only exception was Yin, Kirigakure had asked the Uchiha clan if they could have Yin's body for an autopsy, but they were unanimously refused and even threatened there would be consequences if they pressed the matter. Yin was an Uchiha and more importantly, she was one of the Uchiha with the awakened sharingan and a valued person within the clan: they wouldn't allow medical shinobi to carve up her corpse for secrets. That was one of the reasons it had taken a bit longer to bury Yin unlike the other dozen or so female corpses. There was that, but there was also Rei. The two weeks that the village tried to talk to the Uchiha about Yin's corpse, Rei stood guard over her corpse and only allowed the medical shinobi to apply a preserving process to keep Yin's body from decomposing too quickly while they waited to bury her.
There was a problem. Even though they had sent tracker-nin to track down and apprehend Eito, the three of the trackers hadn't returned. Over a month had passed by now and there was no sign or sight of the tracker shinobi: it was well past the time frame to be considered killed in action, also known as K.I.A in the village. With that crushing part of the investigation, the village was less than willing to pursue the matter further and lose more of their valuable shinobi to an unknown source. Instead they focused on examining the corpses recovered from Eito's barn before he could destroy the "evidence" luckily, Rei had interrupted his process. Signs of fuel had been spilled over the barn and Eito had been planning to burn it all don when Rei had foiled his plan by going to the farm. While the village couldn't say why the man hadn't fought and killed Rei instead of running and letting his secret be revealed, Kirigakure was at least grateful that only one Uchiha clansmen had suffered a death instead of both siblings. Further investigation into the corpses they had recovered, had revealed a few clues and starting information about this "Eito" farmer that was now a wanted fugitive within the village hidden in the mist as well as the smaller surrounding villages.
4,733 words

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha's right of passage(Private- Training Sharingan)   Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:10 pm

Chapter 3

The masked shinobi studied the ground carefully but quickly as he jumped from tree to tree: he had been separated from his two allies from Kirigakure by an unknown enemy and his basic weapons proved ineffective against the enemy. The tracker-nin turned his head to the side, his Anbu mask having a dark blue arrow running across its face. He thought he saw a movement in the bushes not too far away: he stopped short of his next jump and stood atop a large tree branch. A moment passed and then the ground just in front of him exploded into movement as a body erupted from the ground and attempted to grab him. The tracker-nin jumped backwards to avoid the grab, if basic weaponry proved ineffective against this foe, he would resort to destructive ninjutsu. He began to perform expertly quick handseals as he sailed backwards through the air to a branch further behind him that he had already planned as an escape route. Just as he was focused forward and beginning his last handseal, he landed on the tree branch and breathe in deep air.
Subconsciously he looked down at his footing as he was molding fire chakra in his stomach, his eyes recognized three exploding tags but his body wasn't quick enough. The tree branch exploded violently and taking the tracker-nin to his death with the explosion. The opponent who had ambushed him stepped out into the open and surveyed the damage, this shinobi wore the headband of Kirigakure and also wore an Anbu mask. Not a moment later, a second Tracker-nin appeared from the bushes not so far away: both stood motionless sid by side as they looked down at their now deceased third tracker-nin "ally" Good job boys! It's a shame though, I would have liked to have him for part of my collection. His body wasn't damaged, it would have proved useful. said a third individual who emerged from behind a nearby tree and surveyed the damage done to the two bodies. Both bodies were bleeding from grievous wounds, whoever that third shinobi was, he was very skilled. Eito and his two new body guards had been tracking and chasing the shinobi for over two weeks and he had eluded them several times while inflicting normally serious injury to Eito's two new buddies.
Neither shinobi shown any sign of pain or discomfort, they kept neutral and calm facial expressions. It was a shame, these two bodies were damaged, if he had been able to apprehend the third without damaging him, he could have had a useful subject to work on. Unfortunately, the shinobi had valuable information that could put Eito's whole operation out of order, it was more beneficial to lose one corpse rather than all of the work he had accomplished over the last couple of years. He stood over the exploded spot and scanned the charred wood and chunks of burnt meat: the explosion had been dead-on and very little remained, not enough to be recovered and be useful. Satisfied with his little victory, Eito twitched his fingers and the two Anbu went into smooth actions as they followed him back a good distance to their base of operations. Eito would have to sew the bodies up to prevent blood loss to keep the corpses at peak performance. Little did Eito know, was that the third tracker-nin knew of his impending doom and had spent valuable time in writing out an emergency report rather than escaping. Or maybe he had decided to sacrifice himself to try and free his comrades of Eito's control instead of escaping. A falcon soared high in the sky with a small note rolled and tied up on its back.
This falcon was trained well and bred for long flights, even though they were a great distance from Kirigakure, the falcon managed to find its way back to the village and land in the window it had first been hatched near and trained to deliver reports. It landed just inside the window on a perch and tilted its head to the side, seeing the messenger bird trainer. It was hungry and ready for a reward for completing its mission report. The man near the window saw the bird and rushed over, he picked up the scroll from its back and then fed the bird its a favorite treat, a field mouse. The shinobi recognized the blue wax seal on the falcon's letter: he dared not open it, it was for the Council's eyes only. He rushed from the room and traveled around the side of the village from the messenger center until he reached the Council's Hall. He entered the building under observation and requested permission to enter the council room. Permission to enter, I bring news from the tracker shinobi. A moment of silence and then the doors opened and he was permitted entrance. He entered and then bowed as he presented the messenger scroll.
The council took the scroll and performed a simple handseal and the wax seal peeled off to allow access to the message. Little was written and it was obviously done in a hurry, the stroked used to write the note were done with urgency and were quite sloppy, very unlike the tracker-nin would normally do. A set of coordinates were written down, as well as a little note saying that the other two Anbu trackers had been turned against the third somehow. The council took turns reading the note and then began to discuss how to deal with the situation. Two out of three of their most skilled shinobi had somehow been manipulated for Eito's goals and it was very likely that the third was already dead after sending his report. What worth was there in sending anymore shinobi when they could suffer their ninja being taken control of and their skills and knowledge exploited? They were in agreement that they couldn't afford to lose more skilled shinobi, that being said, they now possessed coordinates of importance that their noble tracker-nin shinobi had taken his valuable time to send them, they couldn't just ignore something so important.
This time they sent a smaller force, a single shinobi skilled in stealth and speed to monitor and survey the coordinates in the message. The matter of Eito was becoming increasingly problematic and it concerned the Council. If a single man could hide within Kirigakure and murder over a dozen people without anyone noticing, and then disappearing and then taking out three of their most skilled shinobi... then what else was this guy capable of?
Rei had finally stepped out of the house after a month, he had run out of food and he was forced to go shopping. As soon as he had left the house, his neighbors saw him. They normally would have approached him, but they had learned from the last two times: instead, this time they pretended not to notice him and let Rei go on his way uninterrupted. It felt good to be outside with the fresh warm air, it was around noon and there were far less people around than Rei thought there normally was. He kept his head low and looked around from side to side, he passed the mission board and noticed missions were still being taken, though his usual ones were still up and had been there for quite some time. Without doing his regular missions within the village of Kirigakure, the missions had built up over time and they seriously needed to be done. Rei knew it, but he couldn't admit to himself that it was his responsibility, he refused to admit it to himself. Instead he went to the market and thought about the groceries that his sister usually bought while she was out shopping for their food. He picked up what he could remember and continued shopping for more convenient things like instant ramen and the likes.
Oh.. You're Yin's brother. Where is she? I haven't seen her in a while. A voice across one of the produce counters said suddenly towards Rei and startled him. A young woman with long blue hair and silver eyes looked at him expectantly, not realizing his hesitance to speak: he noticed that and felt obligated to explain since this girl didn't seem to know about his sister's death.
He choked at first and then cleared his throat, his eyes watered a little as he formed the words in his mind and then spoke them. Yin... Yin died last month. was all he had the strength to say, he choked up after that and tied to continue shopping. The young woman gasped though and paused as she covered her face with her hands and tears welled up in her eyes. Rei looked surprised and didn't know how to react so he just stood there dumb struck. You knew Yin? he asked after a moment and the girl nodded her head quickly and then tried breathing to calm down.
Yin was my best friend, we went to school together. How did she die? explained and then asked the girl as she walked from around the counter and began to place certain shopping ingredients into Rei's basket. Yin always got these when she stopped by, said her kid brother loved it when she used these in her cooking. Oh right... um, I'm Rin. Rin explained and then introduced herself.
Rei was confused at first, but he recognized the ingredients, Yin must have been good friends with Rin and visited a lot during shopping and what not. He felt somewhat relieved that someone knew his sister's cooking list and ingredients. He held the basket while she picked the ingredients and then set them in his basket. [color=red]Yin... got sick recently and died suddenly[color=undefined] he lied, unsure how he should have explained that, it was better to say she died of a sickness than tell her the truth that she had been brutally murdered by a man toying with her heart. Rin seemed surprised but believed what he said, he was Yin's kid brother after all, well, not so much a kid like Yin always talked about him.
I'll tell you what Rei, your sister and I learned how to cook together. Let me cook for you tonight, I'm sure Yin would like that. Rin found herself saying while blushing slightly and trying to keep a straight face. Rei was more surprised than anything, unsure of how to react. He purposefully avoided people and completed his jobs with as little communication as possible. He had completely shut himself in over the last month and avoided everyone all together, now Yin's best friend was offering to cook him a meal: could he really refuse? He nodded his head somewhat reluctantly. Rin smiled and twirled in her steps to yell over the counter nt he market to her parents who ran the little store. I'll be back later, I'm going over to Yin and Rei's house to cook! she explained. Her mother smiled and nodded her head understandingly, her father just grunted and cast a warning glance to Rei, which he partially understood. Rin was a good-hearted girl, both of her parents knew how Yin had really died, but neither of them had the heart to tell their only daughter that her best friend had been brutalized and murdered by a psychopath along with a dozen other women. Maybe Rei could tell her?
Just looking at the basket of food, Rin could tell that Rei had yet to finish shopping. Knowing all the ingredients, Rin offered to help him finish shopping and he hesitantly agreed. Somehow he found himself wanted to be around this girl and talk about Yin and maybe learn a few dishes and how to cook them like his sister used to. He felt at ease around RIn despite his antisocial personality. She walked beside him with a somewhat cheerful but controlled happiness. She was happy to finally meet her best friend's little brother, but she was sad to hear about her best friend's death. It was a mixed and awkward situation. She walked beside him and tried to be cheerful for the gloomy Uchiha, she would glance at him occasionally, he was rather cute. Rei was oblivious to these kinds of hints though, he hadn't had a father figure in his life and he was so antisocial that he had disconnected from normal teenagers and young adults. His big sister hadn't gone into much detail on how to interact with others, she had always encouraged him to try his best though.
They walked together for over and hour while talking about the market and the things yin usually bought, occasionally one of them reminisced about a memory of Yin and Rei realized that h could talk and think about his sister without outright breaking down emotionally. Rin was hurting bad inside, she must to have been with being Yin's best friend, yet she was being cheerful and helping him. Rei appreciated that, Rin was a good person. She was also pleasant on the eyes, her long blue hair was somewhat unusual but it complimented her silver eyes well. She had it pulled up into a single ponytail and her bangs covered one half of her face. Her attire was a black and silver garb. The black was skin-tight cotton clothing of the average kunoichi. The black covered her torso and mid-section and the upper part of her arms. It was low-cut at the collarbone to emphasize her bosom and was partially covered by a loose-fitted silver jacket that reached just passed her waist. A shinobi headband hung from her neck, she too was a shinobi of Kirigakure. She was Yin's age, possibly a Chuunin? Rin caught Rei looking at her chest while he was wondering what rank she was, he wasn't even aware that he was staring but she caught on quickly and realized he was looking at her headband instead.
Don't stare at me too hard, I'd like to keep my clothes on! she teased him, covering her chest with her arms and bringing him out of his stare. He blinked and then realized she was flirting and that his eyes had drifted somewhat. He apologized with an embarrassed face, he bowed deeply in apology and nearly spilled his basket of groceries. Rin, sensing he was about to spill everything, stepped closer and placed her hand on the basket and bent down with his to keep the basket from tipping over. Her foot gave out and she went down on her back, Rei tripped over her fallen legs and dropped the basket beside them with its contents unspilled as he tumbled. He fell on top of her, his chest brushing against her breasts and his legs hitting hard on the ground as he tried from falling fully on her. He managed successfully to not fully fall on her, his knees and elbows had caught him, but his face was still really close to hers on the ground as she looked up at him, a deep blush on her face.
Rei gulped and then stood to a kneeling position over Rin and helped her to her feet, she looked away, embarrassed she had gotten caught up in the moment with her best friend's younger brother. she cleared her throat, knowing he had gotten distracted after knowing she was a kunoichi rather than a normal villager. I'm a Special Jounin. Yin was supposed to be in my team, but she quit the Shinobi Academy after her parents died. she explained, trying to remove the awkward silence that now separated them. Rei was standing a few feet away at this point, unsure of how he was supposed to respond to this situation, but the mention of hi sister brought him closer to Rin and he dropped his awkwardness as he listened intently to Rin's explanation. Rei hadn't known that his sister was originally a ninja of the academy he himself had attended, but he knew exactly why she had given up being a shinobi, she had given up a shinobi's life to raise and take care of him. Rin smiled a bit, Rei was cute and sensitive, he really adored his big sister just as much as she beamed about her little brother every time she talked to Rin. They were the closest siblings Rin had ever seen. Now having met Rei, she wondered why Yin had never mentioned how cute her little brother way. That made her chuckle a little, Yin always saw her little brother as a baby: even thinking back on their conversations, the stories Yin had told her made it seem like Rei was maybe twelve or thirteen.
He wasn't a kid though, in fact, he was only a few years younger than herself and even a shinobi. For some reason, she found herself more excited than she should have been. They had gathered up the groceries and collected enough food for a while, so Rei headed back towards his and Yin's place, Rin knew the place and followed beside him while he carried the groceries. Upon arrival, Rei opened the door and invited Rin inside. She had been here many times, though it had always een when Rei was away training or on a mission. She knew right where the cooking utensils and kitchen was. He sat the food on the counter and helped Rin put them away except for that night's meal. They talked casually about Yin and their own lives a bit, swapping stories about growing up and doing missions as a shinobi. Rin had a lot more stories, being a ninja longer and more experienced, it was only natural. Though Rei felt somewhat out of place even in his own house. Rin remembered Yin talking about her little brother's favorite dishes, so that is what she decided to make that night.
Rei was surprised, she had asked him to wait in the dining area at the table while she cooked, just like Yin made him do. He waited while she cooked, he sat in silence and listened as she hummed a happy tune. Soon, smells came from the kitchen, the food smelled a lot like Yin's did. That brought a small smile to Rei's face, Rin and Yin were best friends and even cooked in a similar manner. Though he didn't understand why Rin was humming a happy tune while she cooked. Neither did Rin really, she hadn't ever cooked for anyone else but her parents and Yin, now she had suddenly volunteered to cook for Yin's cute brother in a house all by themselves. What was she thinking? She asked herself that several times while she focused on cooking, yet her mind began to drift to different ideas, each one more embarrassing than the last. She finished cooking after a bit, it didn't really take too long because she knew how to cook fast and Rei's favorite foods were mostly things that were easy to make besides the dessert. She brought the food out and set it on the table, her face was a bit red but Rei thought it might have been from the heat of cooking. he didn't realize she was blushing for other reasons. Along with her increasingly wild thoughts, he was also the first guy she had ever cooked for. Like most females, the first time was always important to them.

Chapter 4

Rei looked across the table and placed his hand on Rin's hand, she blushed a bit and grinned at him while giving him the eyes that said "You're embarrassing me!" That made Rei grin too, he loved to make her embarrassed in her shy and innocent way. Despite her higher rank and skilled combat, she was still very much a young woman and someone that Rei had learned recently that he really cared for. It was a new feeling to him, he didn't know how to describe it- it was like the love his sister gave to him and caused him to feel, but this kind of love was different? Rin had given him hope. Her cheerfulness and connection to Yin brought him close to her when he couldn't bring himself to get close to anyone else, even those he knew longer. Rin was a beautiful and confident young woman, she knew that Rei had secluded himself int he house after his sister's death and she just wouldn't allow him to return to that antisocial and disconnected lifestyle. Had she not been so persistent, he would have likely continued to hide away in his little home and waste away.
That wasn't the case however. After the first night of cooking for Rei at his place, Rin came back day after day to cook meals for him and keep him company. She stayed cheerful for her sake just as much for his sake. Yin had been her best friend and she felt the loss as well, but being with her beloved brother made things easier. Unbeknownst to them, they found comfort in each other and feelings began to grow between them thanks to Yin. Eventually Rin had been successful in convincing Rei to come outside more often. They went to the park together several times and just enjoyed the outside without too many people. On occasion, Rin had to disappear for a few days on missions: for some reason, Rei found himself awaiting her return eagerly, he even worried about her safety when he had only ever cared fro Yin's safety in the past. To him, this kind of love was unexplored and he was very inexperienced. Rin had picked up on that and while she too knew little of love, she had always had her school crushes, so she had a better idea. Being older than Rei, she knew more and was more emotionally prepared and accepting of the feeling she had realized were there for her best friend's brother.
For two months, she worked with him, cooking for him every day and making some subtle and some obvious hints or flirts. Most of them went over Rei's head completely, while the rest either bewildered him or caused him to be awkward or silent. It was frustrating for Rin at first: she had a habit of talking to Yin out loud sometimes in her personal time- she always used those moments to tell her deceased best friend that she wished Yin would have put a bit more common sense into her brother and taught him a bit about how to return the affection of a woman. Rin knew Rei liked her, just as she liked him. He was more open with it, despite his neutral attitude and indifference to most of everything, he showed interest in her, concern and greatly enjoyed his time spent with her without holding back. Rin liked that about Rei, he was simple in his desires and innocent in regards to love and how to treat a woman. It wasn't until the end of the second month that Rei worked up the courage to make a move on Rin. Beforehand though, Rei had a few sensei that he trusted enough for love advice. These were men that he had gone on missions with, comrades, people that he could trust even if he didn't necessarily see them as important or friends.
Rin... I'm glad my sister brought us together. he said in a simple and serious tone. He had been sitting with her at the park after a day out together. She had helped him overcome his sister's lost and he had helped her cope with the lost of her best friend. They shared feelings and naturally gravitated towards each other without expressing their inner sentiments. They had been sitting close on a small picnic blanket when Rei confessed his feelings and placed his hand atop hers on the blanket. At first, Rin was surprised- it was the most straight forward he was capable of being without the proper understanding of how love in a relationship worked: that surprise changed into a deep blush as she realized that he had placed his hand over hers. She smiled sweetly and clasped her hand in his and squeezed gently as she leaned forward and kissed his softly on the lips once and then leaned against his shoulder, her head against his.
I love you too Rei. she said with a smile on her face as they continued to watch the sun set over the top of the village. After he recovered from the sudden kiss, he smiled too and relaxed completely for the first time since his sister's death. Even if he was complicated wen it came to understanding and expressing his new found love for Rin, the blue haired girl understood him and what he meant perfectly. I think you should cook for me tonight~ Rin teased but somewhat serious. She had spent a bit of time teaching him how to cook some of the dishes Yin used to make. Rei was surprisingly good at cooking and truth be told, Rin loved the food that Rei cooked, especially for her. Rei chuckled softly and nodded his head, Rin did a lot of cooking for him, it was the least he could do for all the trouble she had gone through for him. When he asked what she wanted to eat, she asked for all of the food he loved. That made him laugh out loud, she just wanted to treat him to his favorite food but yet enjoy the food herself with him cooking!
It began to darken as the sun set and the temperature dropped quite a bit. A few months had passed and it was the winter time, so when the sun disappeared, it tended to get really chilly. They had traveled a short distance from the village and it would take around half an hour to return to Rei's little house. They gathered up their picnic stuff and walked close together, hand in hand while Rin clung to his side for his warmth. It was chilly, he knew it and as a woman, Rin wold get cold easier than he would. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer awhile wrapping the picnic cover around both of them and walked slower to spend more time together in such a close and intimate manner. Rin slowed down her gait, knowing and wanting the same thing. Instantly she warmed up to his touch and embraced his side as he hugged her close and wrapped them in an awkward wrap with the little picnic blanket. It made walking somewhat difficult, but as long as they went at a slow pace, they could move comfortably and still make it back to the village before the sunlight was completely gone from over the hill.
There was a reason they went more slowly, even though they planned to go to Rei's house for supper, Rin had never stayed longer than the evening time. They had been dating for a couple of months and only recently had they started acting like an official couple. Rin enjoyed the time she spent with Rei, though he was a dark-natured fellow with a serious and often gloomy attitude, he was a gentleman and honest. Ever since she had encouraged him and pulled him out of his darkness after his sister's death, Rei had taken the initiative and responsibility of village missions again. Every time Rin had to go away for a mission, Rei would focus all of his time on little missions to make the time away seem like short periods of time. Lately, the two had been inseparable and even did a few missions together. They had gotten one complain from the village's client that their weird lovey dovey stuff had made their client sick to his stomach even though they had protected him on a mission. That made them laugh, but they also promised each other they would try to act more neutral and responsible when on missions together: they compromised that they could be all lovey dovey though if they managed to get time alone on missions however.
It took about an hour to arrive at Rei's place in the village, they walked close the whole way, not caring who saw them in their little moment of bliss. It felt good to share their love and receive it unconditionally from each other. Rei had met Rin's parents, the mother loved him and constantly talked about children: that made for awkward moments, fortunately Rin's father was the hard sort of older man and corrected Rin's mother when she overstepped privacy and like matters. Despite Rin's father's personal feelings about his little girl becoming a woman, he liked Rei. Rei was a level-headed individual, smart, calm and only spoke when he had something important or useful to say. he was an honest man and a hard worker, a shinobi at that: what more could the man ask for his daughter? Even still, it was hard for Rin's father to accept him and treat him like a son. By the end of the second month though, both Rin's father and Rei got along great: to Rei, it was like having that part of the family he had never had before. Rin loved it, never had she thought that her strict parents would be so accepting of a man she introduced them to. Ever since she was a little girl, they had tried to make it impossible for a man to be attracted to her even though she was very beautiful. Yet here Rei was, willing to be a part of a family environment: even better, Rin's mother often teased Rin that Rei was a more beautiful woman than either of them. Of course it was a tease to Rei as well.
Finally arriving at the house, Rei got ready to cook. He expected Rin to sit in the dining area and wait like they usually did in alternating turns when one of them was cooking. Tonight was different though, Rin came into the kitchen and put on her apron alongside him. I want to cook with you tonight~ she said in a tone that Rei didn't quite understand, but he smiled sweetly and pecked her on the lips. They had cooked before, but not like this. Every time before had been teaching him how to cook or test tries when he learned something new. This time they were cooking as equals. Their teamwork was flawless, both in missions and cooking. They had spent so much time together recently, the only time Rin was separated from Rei was in the evenings during sleeping hours. Both of the couple were synchronized in each other's movement speed, techniques and knowledge. One would call it an art, whether it was in battle or cooking. The two of them made dinner in record timing while still having plenty of time to play around and flirt between cooking.
With dinner ready, they prepared the table and sat across from each other and talked casually about things over the last week. They enjoyed the food, cooking together and adding their combined love into the food made it extra tasty. They occasionally fed each other and made silly flirty jokes until it got to the end of the meal and both were full and somewhat tired after a long day and a hearty meal. It was a bit past the typical time that Rin would usually leave, but she had yet to decide to leave. Would you like me to walk you home, Rin? he asked her, leaning over and wiping a small piece of food from hr chin and smiled.
Rin giggled and smiled back, her answer was hesitant for a moment but then she responded confidently. No. Not unless you want me to go back so soon~ I think I want to spend tonight here with you, Rei... if you'll let me. she said as she lowered her head a bit while looking up at him with an embarrassed expression and biting on her fingernails. Rei knew her, she tended to bite on her fingernails when she was going out of her way to try something new or do something meaningful. At first Rei thought she was doing it just because she thought he wanted her to stay, but the way she said it and the way she looked at him, showed him that she genuinely wanted to stay the night with him. Of course she could stay the night if she wanted, truthfully he had wanted her to stay much sooner, but he was being patient and understanding.
Of course you can stay Rin. That would make me very happy. he said honestly and tried to keep a straight face, he was trying not to be embarrassed or overcome at the sudden change in direction, but he liked it. He picked up their dishes and put them in the sink, the dishes could be washed tomorrow: tonight was about about each other, not chores. He returned to the living area, thinking maybe Rin would prefer to sleep in Yin's unused room: nope, he found her in his room and making his bed. So that's how things were to be. He helped her make the bed and then grabbed her about the waist and picked her up. She giggled as he held her in his arms and then set her onto the bed gently.
He kissed her gently and she returned the kiss, running her hands up his chest and holding his face while they kissed. He leaned forward, adding his weight comfortably on top of her, being equally forceful but also gentle and romantic. He ran a hand down her side and unhooked the ninja pouch at her waist as her hands slid down his face to his shirt and pulled it over his head. She pulled him closer and wrapped her arms around his neck as he ran his hands up her legs to her hips and scooted her farther up the bed. Rin took the shirt she took off him and threw it across the room and bumped the light switch off.

Chapter 5

Silently and skillfully the shinobi moved about the designated area. he had double and triple checked the location on the map and matched it up with the coordinates the message he had received via the messenger falcon. This was definitely the place. Before his arrival, he assumed it would be some kind of heavily armed fortress, underground bunker or a secret hideout. That wasn't the case however. As the reconnaissance shinobi of Kirigakure arrived at the coordinate location specified by their now deceased tracker-nin, he chanced upon a village. years of experience, personal wisdom and instinct saved his from blowing his cover and losing his life in that instant. Instead of walking into the little village casually, he decided to play it safe and scout the area out before and if he decided to reveal his presence. A few quick and practiced handseals and his body sunk into the ground harmlessly: he erased his presence and began to move through the earth as though it were water. There were many advantages to having a Doton type of chakra, but most important was the ability to mold and shape any given battlefield to your home advantage. In this case, for surveillance and reconnaissance.
He moved silently and concealed through the guard gate to the village, the two guards present were as still as statues and he had mistaken them for wooden posts or something originally. If he hadn't been careful and had decided to just walk in the village, it was very likely that he would have been skewered by the sabers at their waists. It was a wise decision, upon entering the village, he immediately knew something was off. It was early morning and all of the villagers were present, but they were not themselves. They moved about in erratic movement patterns and didn't act like people. They didn't speak and some of them even hung loosely as if they were on threads. There were invisible chakra strings everywhere, the shinobi could sense it- if he emerged from the ground and began to walk about above ground, he would run into these chakra strings and alert these corpses of his location as he would be tangled up n more and more strings. Whoever this was controlling this village was at the very least a mastermind of puppetry.
He continued underground, observing the moving corpses, most of them were alive but a few of them were already dead and moved solely on their master's will. The rest that remained alive, remained connected by the strings and moved as a pulse of chakra was emitted every few minutes. These chakra threads coursed around everywhere throughout the village, all intersecting and overlapping. Without having the eyesight to visually see the chakra strings, the Anbu shinobi couldn't pinpoint the source easily. He had to focus more on sensing rather than hiding his own presence, there were enough people here that adding his chakra presence to their mix wouldn't be enough to single him out or alert the enemy, especially if they were focused on controlling all of these bodies. He stretched out his sensing ability and searched hard for several minutes, that mixed with logic and common sense dictated that this mastermind needed to be somewhere with an advantage height over the town to effectively coordinate and control the puppets to attack invaders. Looking up and feeling with his senses, he could see a tower near the center of the town, a large course of chakra was emitted from the tower periodically.
Instead of going straight there, the shinobi gauged the chakra sourced by basing the intensity of the chakra pulse and the frequency of how often the pulse was emitted. Whoever it was, he had an exceptional chakra source and enough skill to control all of these puppets to give them basic movement and combat. The Anbu himself wasn't very battle oriented on solo missions, he was an expert at sneaking and gathering information however. The problem with this mission, was that he couldn't effectively get above ground without alerting the target that he was there. There was that, but there was also the fact that all of the villagers of this town, including the children were under some kind of control. He couldn't ask them questions or know if any were actually enemies. He couldn't interrogate them and retrieve valuable information. Instead he would have to search the distance of the small village and collect as much environmental data as possible to assess the situation and come up with a plan to get closer to the mastermind to figure out what he was planning. From the report, this was the same Eito who had a series of murders within Kirigakure and had targeted just women, beautiful ones at them.
Logically, if Eito was going after the beautiful women, on would assume he just wanted sex or to enjoy himself... but seeing this level of control over this small village, was enough to instill different opinions. As a smart man who planned several step sin advance and tried to read his opponent's movements steps ahead of their plans, this Anbu came up with a different hypothesis that was nearly spot on in the mastermind's mind. This Eito was practicing something, something difficult and he had chosen beautiful females originally as a means to drop any man's guard. He was planning control over optimal targets to bypass security for an opportunity to control someone or something powerful. As a puppet master, it was logical enough to think that this plan could lead towards the leaders of Kirigakure in an attempt to overtake the village as a one man army with the least amount of bloodshed, struggle or even knowledge of the switch in power. This Eito was a clever man if that truly was his intentions.
While he had the opportunity in concealment, he wrote down several points- such as the total enemy count and how they were being controlled, as well as possible lines of reasoning as to why a puppet master would go to such lengths. It was highly likely that these villagers would be used as a small tireless army if it came to direct combat. Of those present, he counted two out of three of the tracker shinobi, he could only assume the third one was either dead or being controlled somewhere else. With enough information gathered, he prepared the transport of the information, but he would wait until he knew more about the situation. He stored the scroll of sealed information and neared the tower while carefully avoiding a few ground level chakra strings. Whoever this man was, he was a smart and careful man, but he was careless when he thought that he was in an impregnable fortress. Sensing out, the Anbu couldn't sense any chakra strings in the immediate area on or around the tower except the large bundle leading down into the village that came from the puppet master himself.
Using chakra at his feet, he emerged from beneath the ground and began to walk up the side of the tower, it would be foolish to walk up the steps and either be spotted or be a victim of boobytraps. He scaled the side and climbed to the very top of the tower and peered over. There were two men in the tower, three if you included the corpse on an operation table with one of the other two men leaning over him. His back was turned to the Anbu's position, so he shifted his eyes to the man controlling all of the corpses below. The Anbu nearly fell from his hold on the tower at what he saw. The man controlling the puppets was already apparently one of the patients of this man with his back turned. Some kind of operation had been done to the man. His body was patched and sewn up with some kind of kunai stabbed deep into the man's head with a sealing tag hanging from the kunai. The man controlling the puppets was just another puppet to the real puppet master: which was apparently the man with a high level of medical skill as well. Even now, secure and feeling safe in his tower surrounded by tireless guards, he operated comfortably in a complex procedure on the man before him.
From his perch, the Anbu could see that the medic was implanting something inside the corpses body. For the sake of inforamtion, the Anbu settled his stomach and continued to watch Eito grabbed a large wad of explosive tags and stuffed them inside the corpse and then sewed the body back up to look mostly normal again. An alarm went off in the Anbu's head, all of those villagers on the ground below had similar incisions and sewing. Eito was making a tireless and expendable kamekaze army! There was no telling how many explosive tags were within each corpse, but one tag was enough to decimate an area of five meters. A large bunch of explosive tags could take out a whole block in a village! Equally impressed and fearful, the Anbu recorded what he saw: his prime directive was to monitor and record Eito's plans and movements. He had the idea of attacking the man from behind, but if he somehow missed or was tricked, he would blow his cover, die, become one of these mindless puppet weapons and quite possibly lose the information advantage he had gained over Eito.
There was too much on the line for him to make such a rash decision: and yet he had to decide carefully, if he decided wrong and didn't kill the man now, then the village would have to plan a contingencies plan for all of these suicide bomber. He had to be sure. He watched Eito for some time while fully concealing his presence. One after another, Eito brought in the corpses and stuffed them with explosive tags and providing them with weapons. Wherever he had acquired all of these weapons and explosive tags, the Anbu couldn't be sure. Possibly he was from a larger rival village who was supplying him with enough weapons to destroy a village? It was the only logical conclusion he could come up with that made enough sense. But then again, Eito appeared to be a ne man army: it was highly likely that he had been planning this move for many years and manipulating those around his to acquire the bodies and weapons he now possessed. By the looks of the bodies he controlled, they couldn't be dead for more than a couple days at most, with the exception of the two tracker-nin corpses who Eito had somehow preserved.
Likely Eito had taken of some of their organs and replace the fluids in their body with some kind of preserving liquid. To the best of the Anbu's knowledge, those shinobi were still fully functional. This meant that Eito had control of all of their techniques along with any of the other bodies out there in the village he controlled who might have combative knowledge and abilities. If this Eito was careful and planned enough as the Anbu thought him to be. It would still take quite some time to fully understand and utilize those corpses at his disposal. Roughly another two weeks were necassary for the single man to know his own army enough to use them effectively. He pulled out the scroll again and wrote down detailed information about the corpses he saw Eito place explosive tags and other weapons into and on their persons. Careful thinking gave the Anbu the ability some options, he could temporarily sabotage Eito's plan by maybe a day or two without being discovered. Surprise would be key in a counter attack against a force this size. Without a source of chakra, the explosive tags within all of these bodies were harmless unless set ablaze or activated by chakra. There were just too many bodies there for him to effectively cause a chain reaction.
All he would do would be reduce Eito's force by roughly half and allow the man to escape. It would be more dangerous to let the man escape than to stop him here and now. It was a gamble, but it was one that the Anbu and his village would have to play carefully, a miscalculation could result in the destruction of their village if Eito's plan was to attack and destroy the village if his initial plan to seize silent control failed. A slow plan was formulating in the Anbu's mind, the weakness to Eito's plan of attack is that it would take a tremendous amount of chakra to animate and control all of these bodies with puppetry. Along with the body count, activating the explosive tags would require at least one tag activation within each corpse to cause the intended chain reaction Eito would need to cause extreme damage. If his attacks were successful, he would have expended an enormous amount of chakra and likely be unable to defend himself. The plan was to force him into a situation where he couldn't detonate the corpses without blowing himself up. If they could manage that, then the puppet master would expend all of his energy just using the corpses to counter a counter attack.
7,937 words

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Chapter 6

The Anbu read over his report carefully before finally finishing it, he wrote down a few more small details and then sealed it within the scroll and attached it to the carrier his messenger hawk carried on its back. While the hawk would deliver his message, the Anbu shinobi would stay behind and monitor this Eito and his movements. Such a man like this couldn't be left to his own vices for fear of something far worse transpiring than what the village would already be aware of. He watched his hawk fly high into the air and slowly disappear as it became a dot in the sky before no longer being able to be seen at all. The Anbu breathed a sigh of relief that nothing had happened to the hawk: things could get very bad for Kirigakure if that messenger hawk was intercepted and prevented from delivering the vital information to the village. The Anbu turned his back on the swift messenger hawk as he turned his attention to the matter at hand, there were a few ways he could potentially slow down Eito's complete plan if he moved carefully.
First thing was first, it had been a very long last two days while he had been monitoring Eito and his routines. The Anbu hadn't slept much at all and he severely needed the sleep to stay at highspeed and not mess up the plans he had already set into motion. He performed quick handseals and sunk into the ground and traveled at a fast pace to put some distance betwen himself and the maniac's puppet village. He found a high vantage point where he could rest without fear of ambush or anyone noticing him. He shifted his body into a comfortable position beneath the ground and positioned his face to be just outside of the dirt as he released his hold on the Doton chakra around his body. The earth around his body shifted as he became tangible again. He let go of the flow of chakra and just laid there in the dirt, concealed but his face revealed to monitor the area and breathe. He closed his eyes and listened as he felt around him: there were no wild animals to threaten his exposed face either. Slowly he felt into a much needed sleep.
The messenger falcon traveled fast and true to the village it had been trained to return to. It took aout a full day's trravel to get there and the bird was quite tired upon landing. The falcon landed on the window ceil, much too tired to consider landing or climbing onto the perch it normally did. It lay there and make a shriek to get the messengar falcon handler's attention. The shinobi jumped at being started, he jumped up and ran over to the falcon and took the message, he would have to take care of the falcon after he delivered the message to the council. He rushed down the hallway and mt the guards at the Council's door: he urgently requested entry and it was given upon his request. The Council had expected to hear from him soon it would appear. Upon entry, he bowed low in respect and held out the messenger scroll which was still sealed with the Anbu's insignia on it. One of the council members took the scroll and performed some handseals to unlock it. Once unlocked, the scroll opened and its long pages fell down with lots of information written on it. The council member read over it for a moment and then handed it to the other council members and ignored the messnger falcon handler.
This is a serious matter. Unless we do something, Eito and his kamekaze living puppets might destroy the whole village! one of the council members said out loud, voicing all the other's opinions. They nodded their heads in agreement, though they knew that they couldn't act rash. They had an Anbu out in the field that would at least buy them a couple of days, but until then, they needed to make a counter-measure for such a large scale attack and still keep the civilians from going into a panic. That was the hardest part.
I believe our best course of action is to start doing evacuation drills for the civilians into the bunkers beneath the village. While the Anbu buys the village some time, we should send a small group of skilled shinobi to go and do as much damage with the intent of capturing or killing Eito at all costs. one of the council members suggested. All the rest nodded their heads. They could do evacuation drills and none would be the wiser: if things came to worst scenarios, they could pretend like it was just another evacuation drill... or at the very least, give a place for all the civilians to be protected in.
With that matter decided, the council leaned over the table with the map on it, on the map was marked both the village and the location of Eito's hideout. There was a couple of days travel by foot. If the council sent out a team today, they would be two or three days out before they found the village and started the attack. That was if Eito and his army hadn't made a move by then. Only part of the plan was to defeat the army before it got too close to the village to deal any damage: the other part was to foil Eito's possible plan for a silent power struggle within the Council itself. If Eito was the puppet master that the Anbu said him to be, then it was likely that Eito's true goal was to take over the village by secretly controlling one or all of the Council. They couldn't have that, of all the options, it was much safer to evacuate the civilians into the bunkers and then rebuild the village afterwards. Who knew what a man like Eito would do with the power of a village backing him. He was a sadistic man who had enjoyed murdering over a dozen helpless and beautiful women for his apparent own pleasure: surely there was wore he could do if he controlled the village.
All of the Council understood this silently, the sneaky and manipulative Eito would have to be thwarted before he could carry out his plans. By their reasoning, Eito knew nothing about them knowing of his plan: the easiest way to thwart the plan was to separate the Council and hide them away in secure locations. First thing was first though, they needed a small and short passage to recite to ensure none of them had been taken control of. After agreeing on a passage to recite, the Council sent away the messenger falcon handler and sent him to summon a group of Jounin. Before the Council could go to the secure locations, they needed individuals assigned to tasks such as defending the village, evacuating the civilians and of course, going after and killing or capturing Eito. The priority was the citizens of the village and ensuring their safety: without people, a village was worthless. A group of fifteen Jounin were summoned to the Council room and awaited instructions: the Council took each one's skills and experience into consideration and separated them into three groups of five. Five for securing the village's safety and starting evacuation drills, five for defending the village against Eito's puppets, and five for following their Anbu operative and taking down Eito.
The Council themselves didn't need a security force, they were skilled enough and eliminating outside factors such as possible controlled body guards would further increase the rates for their plan's success. They breifed all the shinobi present on the situation and explained to them the vague abilities of this Eito enemy and his sizable attack force. After briefing and sending the Jounin away to their tasks, the Council went their separate ways to their secure hiding places: this task would take at least three or four days to complete before they coul re-emerge. One of their secretaries was appointed temporary power to kept things together while they were away. One to each corner of the village in a predetermined personal bunker to ensure their safety and secrecy, no one would be allowed to know of or enter these bunkers until the situation was resolved. Truth be told, each and every one of the Council expected to hear explosions and sounds of battle by the next day or so. Only time would tell though, they hated the fact they they were hiding, though it was for the sake of the future's village.
There was one loophole in their plan however. While the messenger falcon handler was loyal to the village, he too was a part of a clan. He possessed short blue hair and wore glasses, in fact, he was a part of Rin's clan and he knew of Rei's personal vendetta against Eito. Rin was this man's friend and he knew that Yin had been Rin's best friend: if anyone deserved a shot at killing Eito, it was to be Rin and Rei. After being dismissed and sending in all of the Jounin requested, this man made his way back to the falcon station and cared for the tired falcon that had flown well and done its job perfectly. After feeding the bird and putting it to rest in a cage, the man took out a scroll of his own and began to write information that he knew of into a scroll and attached it to another falcon with the intent of sending it to his friend Rin. He entrusted the message to his most loyal bird, a bird raised only to deliver messages to those of his clan. After giving the bird the scroll and the intended target of the message, he released the bird out the window and watched it fly down int the village. He knew what it meant, if anyone intercepted the message or learned what he had done, it would have meant traitorous actions and he would be sent to death.
The bird flew true and flew in the direction of Rin's house, upon arrival, the bird landed in her window and stood there for a few hours until Rin returned from visiting Rei. A wide cheerful smile was on her face as she went through the house of her parents, her mother smiling knowingly and her father just grunting. She went to her room and instantly saw the messenger falcon. She took the scroll and recognized the insignia of the clansmen. She performed their secret handseal for the clan to unseal the scroll and began to read over the contents. She read for a long and hard time as she took in the information and realized that the death of Yin had a much bigger impact on Rei and the village. While she understood why Rei had lied to her about Yin's death, it still made her somewhat mad that he had kept that lie to her for around three months now. Did he ever intend to tell her the truth? Whatever his reasons may have been, she knew she couldn't hold it against him: Yin was his sister and it was difficult to talk about his beloved sister being murdered. Rin wouldn't be like that though, she now knew the truth and information that Rei would surely want to know.
She rolled up the scroll and resealed it to ensure its secrecy. She passed by her parents and gave them a warm hug and then set back out with the explanation that there was something she needed to do. She traveled across the village back towards Rei's place and knocked on the door. Rei opened the door moments later and smiled at her, she tried to smile back but her mind was troubled. Rei's smile disappeared as he realized from Rin's facial expression that something serious had happened. He invited her in and they say together in the livingroom as Rin unsealed the scroll and handed it to Rei. He took the scroll and read it for several minutes, reading it twice just to be sure he was accurate in the understanding. After reading it, he looked at Rin and realized that she now knew the truth. He bowed his head to her, I'm sorry Rin, I just couldn't tell you the truth because it hurt too much. he apologized and of course she forgave him, she already had after realizing his reasons beforehand. She placed her hand on his face and lifted his head to kiss his lips and hug him tightly in a warm embrace.
I forgive you Rei, but don't you ever lie to me again. Got it? Now... what do you want to do about this? she asked him and pointed towards the scroll. Rei knew that she and someone in her clan had gone out of their way to secure him this information for revenge, he couldn't let it go to waste... but he also didn't want to endanger Rin or the possibility of her clansmen being found out. Truthfully he admitted that Rin's friend in the clan knew what it meant to give Rin and him such vital information, Rin's friend was prepared to die if that was necessary. That was a burden off of Rei's shoulders, but there was still Rin. While she was a skilled shinobi and a couple ranks higher than him, she was also the love of his life and the one last person he didn't wish any harm to come to. He knew it would be impossible to make her understand, even more impossible to stop her from coming with him on such a dangerous journey of vengeance. Rin sensed his hesitation and the look on his face, she knew what he was thinking. I'm going with you Rei. I won't let you do this alone, besides I deserve as much right as you do to get revenge on Eito for my best friend. There it was, Rin's irrefutable logic that disallowed Rei the option of not taking her. He chuckled softly and hugged her back, it was so hard to win an argument against a woman sometimes.

Chapter 7

Do you have everything packed? Rei asked Rin as they were getting ready to go. They were packing for the trip, packing light but prepared. They weren't planning to be gone long, just long enough to kill Eito and exact their vengeance for their beloved Yin. Rin opened her little pack and peered inside, she counted an assortment of ninja tools and other weapons. She zipped it up and nodded to Rei as she put the pack on er back and slung the shoulder straps on her shoulders. Her hair was tied up in a small tight bun, just like she always wore it on a serious mission, she wore her flak vest to sport Kirigakure's colors over her usual attire. Rei didn't like the idea of taking her but he couldn't stop her: she was surely more skilled and experienced in combat than he was, but deep down he was afraid of losing her as well. Rin knew his concerns but she had no intentions of dying, rather, she intended to keep Rei from doing something foolish and getting himself killed instead. Rin figured she owed her best friend that much, Yin wouldn't have been happy if she knew her baby brother was going to die while trying to avenge her death.
I'm ready Rei, are you all set? We still haven't figured out a plan for taking Eito out or infiltrating his little army village of puppets. She was stating the facts that both of them knew but neither had formulated a plan of action yet. It was best to not make a plan until they could assess the situation for themselves and have a better understanding. Still, it was important to be prepared and so both had agreed to gather as many of their ninja tools as possible and together they would devise a plan of action after they could survey the village and Eito's position for themselves. It wasn't an ideal situation and they would have to take advantage of the mock evacuation drills later than evening to sneak out of the village undetected. They didn't want to be followed or found out, for it would both bring up questions about what they were up to and implicate and incriminate Rin's clan member friend in the process. Rin went over to the stove and threw the scroll of information into it and watched it burn away until there was no evidence left of it.
For a while, Rei hadn't bothered to wear his normal clothing. Only recently had he gotten back into taking missions for the village of Kirigakure, so he hadn't yet fully prepared his shinobi uniform. It seemed almost cliche and ironic that this "mission" was the one that he was finally prepared for. He sat naked on the bed as he began to wrap up his arms and legs tight in white cloth bandages. Once done, he put on his meshnet pants and shirt. Afterwards, he put on his black shorts and short sleeve black shirt. He looked into his ninja pouch and counted his own tools, he had stocked up on them recently and it was al for this moment. He zipped the pouch up and tied it to the middle of his lower back where it usually rested. He slipped on his black shinobi shoes and tied his ninja headband to his forehead. I'm ready Rin. Let's just get there first, then we can make up a plan like we discussed. Speed is of the utmost importance right now, the evacuation drills will be starting pretty soon. We won't get another opportunity like this to slip out. Rin nodded, Rei was right. He may have been a few years younger than her, but he possessed the intellect and maturity of someone far older than himself.
With their belongs all secured, they stayed in the little house they now lived in together. After Yin had died and Rei and Rin became an official couple, Rin had moved out of her parent's place and moved in with Rei. It had happened only recently and some would arguably say it was too soon. They didn't care. Both of them were shinobi of Kirigakure who lived to die for their village: who could blame them for rushing and making something real and meaningful when they could die at any time during a war or some other unfortunate situation? Rin's parents didn't oppose, her mother was happy and her father had a very short and straight forward conversation with Rei right before Rin had moved. That conversation was few in words, but it was both meaningful and threatening. Rei hadn't taken offense to RIn's father's words, he was a caring and protective man of his family: RIn was starting a family of her own with Rei and her father wanted to be sure that Rei was up to the task for raising and protecting that family he was now making. Rei promised the man that he would do everything within his power to protect, nurture, love and ensure Rin's happiness. It was enough for the old man, he had shaken Rei's hand, finally accepting him as a son-in-law.
Thinking back on that day only a few days ago, still made Rei a bit embarrassed. He had a big responsibility from that day onward, but first, there was a dark part of their history that both he and Rin needed to do together and set their past behind them. As a member of the Uchiha clan, it was looked down upon to marry someone from outside the clan because there was a chance that the children born might not have the sharingan eyes. Once Rei had cared a great deal for that opinion: even going so far as to argue with his beloved sister when she had first started dating Eito. Now though, Rei understood what she meant when she had said that it didn't matter. It didn't matter, plus Rei and Rin weren't planning on having children for quite some time. For now, they would enjoy a small and simple life as shinobi in love and serving the village they loved and protected. In their own way, even though this mission was of a personal interest, it was also in the best interest of the village. If the two of them could take out Eito, his little kamekaze army would fall apart uselessly and the village would be safe with no need to send and risk a large force fo their shinobi force to quell the attack.
Rin and Rei sat close together on the bed as they waited for darkness to come. Rei sat on the bed while Rin sat straddled in his lap and hugging him close, he wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in her breasts as they waited in silence and listened. An hour passed and not a word between them, they knew what each other was thinking and planning, there was no need for words at the time. They sat close until they heard the sounds of a siren as the shinobi began to practice the evacuation drills, that was Rin and Rei's sign to start their own little mission. Rei tilted his head up from Rin's chest as Rin looked down and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a warm and affectionate kiss. He kissed her back and hugged her tightly as they got up and got ready to set out. They left the house together and separated on the street as people began to rapidly walk int the directions that the shinobi of the village began to direct them. Rei and Rin took to the shadows and alleys as they traveled in silence and secrecy until they reached the wall of the village. They followed the side of it and exited the gate of the village as a large group of citizens were entering. After leaving the gate and going down the road and around the nearest bend to avoid sighting, they met back up and waited in hiding to make sure that no one had seen or followed them.
The immediate area away from the village was buzzing with activity as some of the smaller villages near Kirigakure came within the walls of the village to participate in the evacuation drills. It had been sent ahead that there could be a possible attack to their village leaders and the message had emphasized secrecy, so those villagers too were under a false sense of peace as they practiced evacuation drills. Of course anyone with more than half a working brain could put two and tow together and know that someone had caused concern within the village's group of leaders, something big enough to cause them to instill mass citizen evacuation drills. While it went unspoken, that was what many of the men were thinking as they held their families close. No one could afford to lose their little children in this mess: if people began to panic, they would began to run and trample those below them. The majority of those were children and terrible things could happen to children in the midst of a crowd who was fearful and neglecting of their little ones due to fear. The best they could do was keep their children within arm's distance and try their best to stay calm. Staying calm was difficult though when humans were fearful with no real reason to fear: they always let their unknowing minds assume and get the better of them.
It would take two days roughly to travel to the location for Rin and Rei, they would spend most of the first day traveling carefully but in a swift manner to cover as much ground as possible. The more ground they could cover the first day, meant they could rest and travel at a more leisure pace the second day and not be worn out before a possible battle. The couple traveled closely together within each other's line of vision as they dashed from tree to tree and avoided the ground as much as possible. If they could avoid travel on the ground, then if they were being followed, it would be extremely difficult to track them, even with a tracker-nin. Any seasoned shinobi knew the best methods for avoiding being detecting or followed: obviously Eito had known that too and used such methods to originally escape the villag after killing Yin. If only he and the other Uchiha brothers with him had been able to capture of kill him back them, the village wouldn't be at risk of an impending attack from the psychotic bastard now. Rin knew Rei blamed himself for the recent attention Eito had gotten and how it affected their beloved village: she couldn't do anything about it though, she hoped that Rei would feel better after they killed Eito and put an end to the past and focus on making a brighter future together.
The two of them traveled swiftly but carefully as they didn't know if Eito would send his army in advance or not. The report had said that the Anbu present at the village would attempt to slow him down as much as possible without any direct contact or alerting Eito of his presence. At most, Rei figured that would give them two days. Their travel there would have to be within that two day time frame and it was likely that Eito would be busy mobilizing his little force of explosive puppets by the time they arrived there. A general plan was beginning to form in his mind with how they would deal with him, but first they needed a territorial advantage and knowledge on the terrain to successfully slay Eito and prevent him from escaping. By the time darkness came around, the couple had traveled a great distance and were very tired: they couldn't afford to stop and camp just yet though. First they had to scout out the immediate area for dangers or being watched. After being certain they weren't followed or being watched or in any danger, the two of them set their packs down and set up a small campsite to sleep in. They dug a hole and built a fire within the hole to prevent anyone from seeing their campfire. Since it was night time, they didn't need to worry about burning wet wood since no one would be able to see the smoke from their campfire. They pulled out their sleeping bags and slept in each other's arms by the campfire after making a small shelter of brush over their location to hide them from view of travelers.
The two of them slept peacefully for several hours and woke up just before dawn as they doused the small embers still burner. They made sure to soak them and the surrounding area in water from a nearby river to prevent a forest fire, but also to prevent anyone from determining how long ago the fire had been active. After that, they packed up their sleeping bags and packs and set off at the tops of the trees again. Their pace would be average, not too fast but not slow enough that they would be late. Today they needed to save the majority of their strength to fight and defeat Eito and anything that got in their way. Today they spoke as they traveled more closely in a pair to discuss a small idea of a possible plan: the general idea was to separate Eito from his puppets to provide the most effective chance of killing him without sustaining any serious injuries themselves or dealing with his explosive human puppets. That much the two of them could agree on, but Eito's own skills were largely unknown. It was likely that Eito was a very skilled shinobi from some other village, possibly a spy or Anbu even. He had somehow taken control of several Kirigakure tracker-nin and now possessed a village full of innocent villages with explosives inside of them.
As far as those villagers went, it was already much too late for them. Eito had taken his time over the last few weeks to systematically dissect and implant them with explosives and other weapons. Along with that, he had added preservative to their bodies to keep the corpses from rotting too soon for his plans: during the daylight, he had hidden the majority of them inside and away from the sun to prevent the sun decay. Rin and Rei traveled for several hours until they neared the location marked on the map they had pinpointed the coordinates onto: a small village was just up ahead and it was indeed the one that Eito was using as his fortress with explosive puppets. If worse came to worse, they could detonate the explosive puppets to cause a distraction and attack Eito with surprise. They would prefer to simply separate him from all of those explosives though: but ideally it would be much much easier to just blow him up with all of his explosives inside that village. They couldn't be sure that Eito would die in that massive explosion and he was a slippery bastard. There simply wasn't room for error in their planning. Once they would scope out the area, they could formulate an effective plan to ambush and slay Eito.

Chapter 8

The Anbu opened his eyes as he recognized that he was waking from his much needed sleep, his eyes darted about quickly in every direction and he listened carefully to ensure that there were no signs of danger about him. Waking up was one of the most vulnerable states to be in. After confirming the safety of his position, the Anbu struggled for a second and then broke free from the dirt and climbed above ground. Though he had an Doton affinity, it was near impossible to perform handseals while submerged beneath the solid earth: it was much easier to simply break free of the ground and reform the technique. After freeing himself, he wiped himself down of loose dirt and mud to ensure that it didn't give away his position somehow. Looking around and gaining his bearings, he confirmed the location of the village that Eito now controlled. Performing several quick handseals, his feet sank into the earth once more as his body began to be enveloped by the earth up to his face. It was finally time to start hindering Eito's plan and allow his village to prepare ample time for a pre-preemptive counter strike.
After sinking into the ground, he began to move silently but swiftly for a distance until he would reach the village. He didn't disturb the topsoil or make rumbling sounds or shake the ground as he moved: a skilled shinobi with the Doton element such as himself had such mastery over the earth that he could travel unnoticed by most any shinobi and monitor them safely. That being said, combat was not his strong suit, he was more skilled in sneaking and monitoring, but he too had some ideas on how to fght against such a large force. Clandestine strikes would be most effective in this manner: to keep Eito on his toes and working hard while not understanding the nature of the Anbu's attacks would be the ideal situation. He traveled a distance and saw the village in sight, it was still early morning and he had yet to begin his surveillance of the area. Eito seemed to be working by himself and that meant he would have to sleep at some point: the question was, when? Had he slept during the time the Anbu had taken refuge beneath the earth and slept himself? Or was he now sleeping?
Again the Anbu entered the gate and passed undetected by the dangling human puppets: the greater majority of the puppets now looked deceased and rotting. It owuldn't be too long before Eito would be forced to take action before his army began to fall apart. The Anbu knew his job was to delay that army's marching as long as possible. Before he could do any kind of sabotage, he needed a better understanding of how things had changed since the night before. If he started taking actions without understanding how things had changed since his last survey around the village, could potentially put him at a disadvantage if things went south and he needed a way to escape. He began to move about beneath the ground and looking at the puppet corpses carefully and their positioning in the village and on the ground. Most of all the units were still in their respective places and standing or sitting like lifeless dolls. A plan began to formulate in the Anbu's mind of how he could undermine Eito's work without giving away his own position or alerting the puppet master that someone knew of his location and plan.
The Anbu made a full circle around the village, even going as far as to scale the tower Eito had been seen in previously. The man wasn't there but the tower was booby trapped if he tried to tamper with anything: the puppet master must have been hiding somewhere secure to sleep during his most vulnerable state. How long Eito had been gone and possibly sleeping, the Anbu couldn't say, but if he was gone and no where to be seen at the time being, that meant that there was still time before Eito prepared the army in a formation for marching towards Kirigakure. With that forth-right knowledge, the Anbu began to enact his own plan. He searched until he found a secluded and secure position where he could perform techniques without being seen or heard. He entered beneath a house into their basement level before materializing his body again above ground. Carefully he went to the upper levels of the house and onto the roof after thoroughly searching the house: it was abandoned except the corpse of a baby that had been forgotten during Eito's dominance of the humans in the village. It was such a sad sight, the Anbu couldn't help but feel anger at the puppet master's cruelty.
That anger fueled the Anbu's plan as he began to perform many handseals. He was a master of the Doton element, but he was also very gifted with the Suiton element: in this type of open environment and mixed with his Doton element, he could perform some serious techniques and still remain under the radar. After performing the last handseal, he clapped his hands and then held the fingertips together with the palms open. Through this space between his open palms, he sucked in a large breathe as he mixed Suiton chakra into his breathe and breathed out. He breathed through the middle of his open hands and into the air, nothing seemingly came from his mouth but in all reality, he was breathing a concentrated torrent of water that would raise into the air and change the weather in the surrounding area. While it would have been quite easier to invoke a storm with a Raiton type chakra, the Anbu didn't possess that. Instead he had learned how to circumvent the Raiton chakra by inducing the air particles with large amounts of water in the air. This would cause a natural phenomena in the air and current ions to create a small scale storm in the location the Anbu was presently in.
While the range and location were limited, the technique would serve this purpose. Clouds began to slowly form in the area around the village and closed in around it. The clouds blocked out the sun and darkened the village as the Anbu stood on the roof of a building and began to perform more handseals. With the storm currently going, he could undermine the earth, literally. As the raindrops began to fall and soak into the ground, the Anbu finished his second set of handseals. By now the rain was heavy and loud, likely Eito would notice the storm but assume it was a natural storm. In fact, Eito would likely be glad for the storm which would shield his puppets from the harsh rays of the sunlight until he was ready to move them. The Anbu was counting on this line of reasoning as he enacted his second set of jutsu. The earth beneath the village began to soften at an incredibly fast rate. Bodies and buildings alike that were touching the ground began to sink into the ground a good ways. The intent was to create a pseudo-natural sink hole to draw the little village and the surrounding area into to slow down Eito's progress. If he could force Eito to spend a few hours pulling his explosive puppets out of the muddy mess, he would be successful in his mission.
The Anbu looked up at the storm, he had used up a lot of chakra between the storm and the mud around the village: even though he had only awoken a few hours ago, he was very tired and exhausted from the overuse of chakra. This storm would last a while and further increase the thickness and softness of the mud: hopefully, the storm would slowly cause the whole village, puppets and all to be consumed and impossible to retrieve. For now though, the Anbu needed to retreat back to his previous safe place and go rest until the storm was passed. Feeling accomplished, he descended the stairs of the building and back into the basement as he enacted his earth traveling technique again and submerged himself completely. He passed beneath the house and traveled much easier through the dirt now that it was soft and muddy. He left the village through the front gate and went back the path he had taken before to his previous resting place. His resting place was just outside the range of the storm and much higher in elevation so he could watch the storm and the village from a distance if he felt the necessity.
Rei glanced in Rin's direction as they traveled, she was a bit ahead of hit but they were moving at an even and matched pace. Both of them were eager to get there but dreaded the encounter. The man named Eito, their target was a heartless man who had brutalized and murdered the person closest to both of them, for little more reason that seemingly just for his personal pleasure. Eito deserved a slow and painful death, but as it stood, neither of them could afford him such a deserving death: they would have to settle for a quick and precise killing blow if they wanted to ensure he didn't get the opportunity to attack the village with his army of explosive human puppets. If they were given the chance to give Eito a slow and painful death, both of them would jump on that opportunity, but they both knew and understood that acting rash or careless could result in their own deaths. More than anything, neither of them wanted each other to die, they had already lost Yin to this man, neither of them could stand to lose anything else: especially Rei.
Rin knew that the one who had the most to lose from this was Rei, even though they had talked about it and promised each other to not act rash or too soon, Rin knew that Rei would be pushing his limits to not out right attack and attempt to kill the man. If it were a normal target, that wouldn't be much of an issue, though Rei was a younger shinobi, he was skilled and intelligent. Eito was on a whole different level however: as someone who had out-maneuvered tracker shinobi, set the village on high alert and accrued a large force of innocent civilians and used them as weapons: Eito simply wasn't someone they could afford to underestimate or specifically enjoy their assassination of him. Rin, the village is up ahead a short ways. We should stop and rest a bit before he go forward to encounter Eito. Rei called forward to tell Rin his opinions. Rin agreed, it would be fool hearty to rush into the fight when they could first relax and prepare themselves mentally and physically. She slowed her pace and looked around for a spot to stop and rest: Rei caught up with her in her slowed pace and together they descended the trees and landed in a small clearing surrounded by thick brush.
We can rest for maybe an hour before we are ready to go to the village. Rin said after looking at the sun and guessing how much of a gap in time had passed since they had set out that morning. They had rested th enight before after a long travel and still traveled a long distance the second day, but not as long as the first. Rei looked at the sun and came to the same conclusion, this was the second day of travel and the sun was about at the noon mark for the day. They roughly had six or seven hours before the sun set and darkness came. In one hour, they would go towards the village and scout the area to come up with a better understanding. They could attack at day or night, depending on how the village was set up and whether or not they could locate and monitor Eito's position. Rei sat down on a fallen log and Rin sat close to him, she placed her hand in his and clasped in an affectionate way and smiled at him. Despite his mental strain and stress for the mission they were doing, it was good to have Rin with him. She took out the roughness and allowed him to be able to relax enough to feel like a human.
His smile faded a moment later when he saw a spot on the grass not too far away. He stood up and walked forward to inspect what he saw. Rin frowned momentarily as she didn't understand what he was doing, but her eyes followed his line of movement and soon came to the same understanding. Above the spot on the grass was a tree with a branch that had exploded some time ago and still sported charred branches. Below that was the remains of a corpse of a human, likely a shinobi. In fact, it was the Tracker shinobi who had warned the village with the original coordinates who had been killed by his two turned tracker shinobi allies. Rei and Rin both recognized the corpse from the pieces of clothing, ninja headband and shattered mask that remained. Very little of the corpse remained, the animals and insects had mostly taken all of the meat from the body so only the skeleton remained. Upon seeing the corpse of the tracker shinobi, Rei got a sick feeling in his gut. The sickness wasn't from the corpse, it was from the fear that Rin could possibly end up the same way. Rin, I want you to promise me that you will stay here and not follow me into the village. Rei said in a very serious tone.
Rin sighed in exasperation and agitation. She knew that sooner or later Rei would try to stop her from following him, that was part of the rash action she had been considering. She hoped that they could get passed that and he would trust her as a shinobi instead of forcing his opinions of protection over her as his lover. No Rei! I will not allow you to go into the village by yourself to fight Eito. I have as much right as you do to kill him! Besides, I don't want you to die! she blurted out suddenly, her emotions being brought up at the idea of losing him. Rei was asking her to stay and not know of be able to affect the outcome of Rei's fight with Eito: he was being selfish and fearful for her. While she understood why, she couldn't allow him to go by himself. She folded her arms in a defiant way and stood her ground. Rei sighed and pleaded with her for the whole hour. Both of their emotions were very high, it was their first real argument since they had gotten together, so neither of them knew how to deal with the situation. Finally, Rin agreed to stay behind, but only in order to appease Rei's feelings. Once he would set out, she would follow behind him to protect him.
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Chapter 9

Rei set out on the path towards the village after spending a bit of time with Rin in planning. They would both travel together to the village and scout out the village's defenses and make an appropriate plan of action. Rei walked in front and Rin walked a bit behind them, they had argued a bit back at their camp spot about the village and Eito and how to deal with him. Rei wanted Rin to be safe, Rin wanted Rei to be safe: one wanted to do this mission alone to protect the other. The other wanted to do the mission together to protect the one that wanted to do the mission alone. Neither of them could really agree because they were only concerned for each other's safetly. Rei wanted to walk beside Rin, he needed the emotional support for facing off against the man who had killed his dear big sister. Rin wanted to walk beside Rei, but he was too bent on protecting her because of his love for her and his desire for revenge for his big sister. She wished Rei would see what she saw: he was being narrow minded because of his fear of losing her and he was placing himself in unnecessary danger.
The village is just up ahead, I am starting to see the buildings now. Rei called back to Rin. She sighed deeply, pushing her concerns aside for the immediate actions and planning necessary. She ran to catch up to him and stood beside him as they stood out over a small ledge that overlooked the village below. That's weird, the mission details said nothing about the village being in shambles... Rei's voice trailed away as his eyes inspected the surroundings of the village. Rin took in a sharp breathe as she looked herself, the village Eito was using as a base of operations was half buried beneath hardening mud. The village itself seemed to have shifted with the traveling mud and weight of th buildings, the buildings themselves were all uneven and sunk into the mud several feet. the doors on the buildings were sealed shut from being submerged several feet below the ground level. Not only was it the buildings, but the people as well. Rin felt sick at the sight but Rei had already steeled his heart for casualties. It was reported that these people were beyond help anymore, so Rei looked at them as potential and dangerous weapons in Eito's service rather than people anymore.
Rin was a different story however: while she was a shinobi, she possessed a soft, warm and kind heart. Looking on at the devastation and misuse of human life sickened her. While the human puppets still seemed to be under Eito's control, the majority of them were stuck waist deep in hardening mud. The upper halves of their bodies slumped from their position and their puppet master seemed to not be actively trying to up-heave them from their stuck positions. Rin held her mouth over her hand as she looked at the decaying corpses baking in the harsh sunlight: it sickened her gut. On their way up here, they had crossed a small but concentrated storm around the village's area: this storm must have been what caused the village to sink into a small hole. Rei stood up from his kneeling scouting position and placed a hand on Rin, both of them knew it was too late for the small village: the best that could be done for them was to entirely bury the village and its deceased inhabitants to respect their deaths. Using them as puppets and weapons was a disgrace to human life.
Come on Rin, let's go. We still need to scout out the other side of the village so we can come up with a thorough plan. He squeezed Rin's shoulder gently to let her know it was time to move. She looked away from the village and shed a single tear, nodded her head in understanding and stood together with him. Despite their different opinions on how this should be done, both of them agreed that Eito deserved and needed to die. The sight of the village's misfortune fueled Rin's desire for vengeance and justice: she swiftly walked alongside Rei as they skirted the side of the village and found another vantage point to inspect the village from. This position was much closer and lower to the village than their first cliff they had found. This time it was a small ridge line adjacent to the village. Strong winds kicked up along the ridge line and drowned out most words that the two wound say to each other. Instead, the couple just looked intensely in the village's direction and made mental notes of prominent areas. With their hands, they signaled to specific areas in and around the village.
I will go along the village's parameter and set some traps to prevent Eito from escaping! Rin yelled at the top of her lungs to be heard ovr a large gust of wind that blew by them. Rei turned his head to the side and listened as he heard her instructions and then nodded. While he didn't want her in direct contact with Eito, he figured since she too deserved the right in deciding Eito's death, that skirting the village and setting traps would be fine. A movement within the village caught his eyes, a single person was walking about the village and inspecting the damage of the muddy storm. There was only one person it could be naturally, Eito. Rei saw the figure but was too far out to make out the distinction: Rin saw the person too and assumed the same. She looked from the position in the village and followed it back to Rei's eyes, he was staring the man down. She needed to move and set up her traps before Rei decided to do something foolish. She leaned towards him and placed her soft hands on his face: that drew his attention away from the village as he turned to look at Rin. She leaned in and kissed him and said something too low to be heard by the wind around them and then skidded down the side of the ridge line towards the village's south side.
While Rei wasn't too certain what she had said, he knew it was important to both her and him. She was concerned for his safety and he was concerned for her own safety. He knew how much he meant to her and he didn't plan to put his life in too much danger, but some danger was necessary to kill this despicable man named Eito. Rei followed Rin's example and skidded down the far side of the ridge line and headed in the opposite direction of Rin. He didn't like the idea of separating, but it was vital for his tactic to work. The two of them had worked out a small plan on the ridge line and they were now moving to enact it. Each step was important but not all together necessary for victory: erroneous factors could put an early stop to a fully developed strategical plan. Instead the couple was going off of a general plan with several base ideas that was easy enough for both of them to understand if things didn't go well for one or the other. Rin skirted the side of the village and began to inspect several parts that were obvious areas of travel: she kept low and to the shadows to prevent from being spotted.
Rei went to the other side in a less stealthy manner: his idea was to be stealthy enough to pass most of the puppets and get close to Eito but not stealthy enough to avoid detection. His plan was to make Eito think he held the advantage, being his base of operations and spotting an enemy in his little village. Rei knew it was a dangerous move, but Eito was a flight risk and a coward: he manipulated others and forced people into doing his dirty work. If Rei confronted him head on, chances were high that the cowardly man would simply up and leave instead of feeling compelled to attack Rei. The chances would b higher if Rei was close enough for Eito to recognize him: though a few months had passed, Rei was certain that Eito still remembered Rei's sister and of course him as well. In fact, Rei was counting on it. His revenge would be all the sweeter when Eito would realize he had targeted th wrong family to break apart for his own selfish desires. Rei would make him regret the day he had decided to manipulate and toy with Yin's innocent and loving heart before brutalizing her body and murdering her.
The Anbu yawned as he slept for a couple of hours and then rolled his face within the dirt to look in all directions for safety reasons. He waited a few moments to listen and feel out in all directions until he was satisfied he was safe. After deciding he was safe, he struggled a moment and then broke free of the earth about his body. Once again he dusted himself off and peered in the direction of the village. His vantage point allowed him a great view of the village and how it made him smile as he recognized and approved of the damage his subtle jusu had on the village and Eito's plans. Whether Eito assumed it was the work of a shinob or not, the Anbu couldn't know: but he had done all within his power to make it look like a natural disaster. He performed his routine handseals again and went about melding into the earth once again and began to move at a subtle speed as he headed towards the village. I wonder what I can do today to slow him down. Pretty sure I'm about at my limit for tricks though, soon Eito will know for certain he is being fooled and will step up his pace. Of course stepping up the speed of his plan wasn't always a good thing: the Anbu had weighed the option to mak him act hastily, but decided against it because the village of Kirigakure was unprepared.
Rin wiped a large amount of sweat from her brow as she stood up and admired her own handiwork. Over the last fifteen minutes, she had been working quickly but skillfully to erect traps around the general area of the village to prevent Eito from escaping. She had been with Rei long enough now and on missions to work together well: even in intense and swift situations, Rei was accustomed to noticing her traps and knew when to avoid or lead a target straight into them. She wasn't at all concerned for his safety over her traps: few of them were truly lethal. Her real concern was for Rei himself and how this event in his life might change him. He was a shinobi, though a young one but only a few years younger than herself. He was an Uchiha and it was known that Uchiha could let their passions overtake their own judgment and make rash decisions. While skilled and powerful, they were also prone to that very passion as a weakness. Rei cleared her concerns as she focused on the traps and tried to trust in Rei's own judgment and skills.
She moved to the side of the next area nad began to assemble another trap, one more and this are would be locked down. Either Eito or puppets that tried to come through here would fall prey and sustain injury or destruction to her many traps. Feeling confident, she had dropped her guard: as she stood up, she felt the sharp edge of a kunai against her throat. Who are you?... A voice trailed off behind her and grabbed her shoulder. Rei closed her eyes, her own foolishness and clouded thoughts had allowed someone to sneak up on her and put her in a fatal and vulnerable positions. She wanted to turn her head to see her assailant, but she was afraid it was Eito.
Rei was cautious at first as he approached the front gate to the little village: surely there would be sentry or something on alert here. All he was met with though were corpses half buried in the ground and no longer operational: these corpses just hung lifelessly in the dirt and continued to decay from the harsh sun's rays. Rei dropped his guard a little bit, there wasn't a reason to be so on edge right now, he needed to save his senses and nerves for whenever he found and dealt with Eito. Without fully dropping his own sense of safety, Rei went through the gate after walking passed the corpses and skirted the outter edge of the village while peering in towards the center. If Eito was there, his base of operations would likely be at the center. The problem was, these puppets were being controlled by chakra strings, if Rei were to go about tugging on these strings while he moved: he would both alert Eito of his presence and likely causes the closest puppet to explode. Puppets were controlled with chakra strings however and Rei was an Uchiha. He simply blinked once and his eyes flickered on crimson. A myriad of chakra strings were spun through the area, intersecting and overlapping as they covered the majority of the inner village and some of the key points in the outer area of the village. Rei hoped that Rin had avoided these strings when she was setting up her traps. No explosions, alarms or sounds of fighting had broken out, so Rei could only assume Rin had been successful.
If I were Eito... where would I be hiding?.. Rei asked himself as he looked around. The report had said that Eito had been operating at the top of the tower in the center of the town. Rei peered up there and saw all of the chakra strings leading to that central point: naturally, one would assume that is where Eito was. One small detail caught Rei's attention however. While all of the strings of chakra were below the level of the tower, there was a single strand of string that seemed out of place and extended out and further than the rest of the strings. That string was more towards the rear of the village. Rei nodded to himself, that strand was just too much out of place to be coincidental. He picked up the location it was headed in and went in that direction at a swift but controlled and silent pace. If he could just go through with his plan, Eito would be long dead before the Kirigakure Jounin ever arrived. The idea was to get out of the little village and back into Kirigakure before any of Kirigakure's shinobi saw them and asked them questions: the last thing Rei wanted was for Rin to suffer from his own vendetta against Eito.

Chapter 10

So... someone has been tampering with my plans it would seem... said Eito as he sat in a dark room by himself, secluded away from the rest of the buildings full of his puppets. The village had fallen into a sink hole after a long rain: the ground had become muddy and extremely soft, enough so that the buildings, his moving corpses and the very village itself had either sunk or shifted drastically. Eito had been asleep after a very long two days of operations and puppet transformations: he had needed the sleep and was at his most vulnerable point. Being a shrewd and tactical person, he knew that if someone somehow found his village and tripped any of his chakra strings, it could cause an explosion in that section of the village to deal with the intruders. Being as it was explosions and he knew not where or if any enemies would be visiting him, he figured it best to separate himself from the puppets to a solitary building far enough away to avoid collateral damage. It was a wise move and he hadn't been bothered while he was sleeping: he had waken up about seven hours later and found the majority of his puppets and the village surrounded and sunken into hardening mud.
At first he had assumed it was a natural disaster, divine intervention: he hated divinity anyways, he only trusted what he could manipulate and understand. With much vigor, he had taken his time and energy to free up a large portion of his puppets and store them away from the harsh sunlight inside buildings that were still accessible. It had taken quite some time and chakra, which left him feeling exhausted afterwards. Glad that the deed was done and his little force of explosive puppets was now free, or rather, a large part of his puppets, he could begin to set his plans into motion to overtake the village of Kirigakure. Or so he thought until a couple of his chakra strings had twitched and pulled in some direction of the village: that was his alarm. There was at least one intruder within his little village and he needed to deal with them before they got away. It was troublesome news: either there was a straggler in the village who had escaped him, someone had found the village as a traveler and entered... or his securing of the previous three tracker shinobi wasn't as secure as he had thought. The first two seemed more plausible, the idea of his plot being discovered in such a timely manner seemed more like paranoia rather than logic.
Point being, he needed to find whoever it was and do away with them and quite possibly add them to his ever growing number of corpses before they could escape and warn nay surrounding villages. The problem here was that if it was a shinobi and they had directly affected the storm and caused his little villae to sink into a mud hole, the chances are that they somehow had a stake in this matter. That opinion reinforced Eito's idea that it was someone from this little village he had accidentally left alive and was now acting out in retaliation for their villagers. Whoever it was, they were skilled and intelligent: he didn't like intelligent people, skilled ones, he could make plenty useful... but the intelligent ones were dangerous to his plans. He peered down at the finger that had twitched with his chakra strings: his fingers were divided up by chakra strings for the ten different sections of the village, he knew which direction the intruder was in. He didn't need to take any weapons with him, the majority of all his weapons were already out and about in the village. He opened the door to his dark room and walked out into a half destroyed building: it served as the perfect hiding spot, enemies always looked for more prominent places when he was literally hiding in plain sight in the most obvious of places.
With his hiding place still secure and no signs of intruders in the area, he turned his direction in the area that had signified an intruder. As he went, he waited until he got within the area and then twitched his fingers as he drew his chakra strings tight and caused four puppets in the area to raise up and began to move about in a circular manner between the corners of four buildings which was the area he was coming from. He emerged from the shadows of the corners of the buildings and pushed his puppets out in four directions as he surveyed the immediate area to find the intruder. His puppets were spread out in four separate corners to protect him from all sides and provide himself with a strategic advantage of numbers and surprise attacks on someone who might try to attack him with a surprise attack. He was a bit perplexed though as he went into the area and looked for an enemy, all he saw were a few of his puppets lying on the ground with their chakra strings cut. That was a troubling sign, whoever the enemy was, knew that he was using chakra strings to control the corpses... smart and skilled shinobi- this was turning into a situation he didn't like at all. He twitched his finger and pulled two more puppets in, these two closer to his body. Something strange on the puppets cause his eyes though and caused alarm within his mind.
Crimson eyes watched Eito as the man walked through the area of the village, Rei was watching him hungrily with deadly red eyes that sought the destruction of the puppet master. He was filled with range and wanted so bad to out right attack the man and strike him down with the kunai he held gripped in his hand: he had a plan though and it was a good one, all he had to do was wait for all of the pieces to fall into place. Eito strolled out into the middle of the street and sent his four puppet guards in four directions, the man noticed the few corpses in the center of the street with their chakra strings cut: realizing that this was likely a trap, Eito had pulled in the only two remaining puppets effective in the immediate area as body guards. That was what Rei was waiting for. Rei had intentionally pulled the chakra strings to get Eito's attention and drawn him into the trap area, Rei had cut the strings of all the corpses but a couple in the area to force Eito into using those two puppets. Upon realizing it was an ambush, Eito had drawn in the puppets: those puppets that were still functional were the booby traps.
Having previously been stuffed with exploding tags, Rei had placed a couple of his own exploding tags onto the puppets and left them them for Eito to use. Now that Eito was on alert and drew in the puppets, Rei had to act quickly before the man realized something was wrong. Rei performed a single technique, intentionally causing his exploding tags to light up and detonate. He was too late however: Eito had realized the ploy just in time. As Rei's explosive tags lit up, Eito leaped backwards and pulled his four other corpse puppets in close to shield him from the blast of the two puppets. The four corpses had protected Eito from the first two corpses, but Eito forgot that he had previously stuffed exploding tag within the bodies of nearly all his corpse puppets. The first explosion caused a chain explosion, the kinetic force knocked Eito farther back where he hit a wall and fell to the ground and chunks of meat and building debris flew everywhere. Rei had shielded his eyes from the explosion involuntarily, the blast had been more effective than he had imagined, there had been a lot more explosive tags in the corpses than he had thought.
He had felt the heat from the explosion and the roar of the explosion had deafened him for a moment. After the explosion had passed, Rei stood up and rushed out into the street and looked around at the damage: he needed to find Eito before the man could recover his senses. More than likely the man had died in the large explosion, but in the off chance that he didn't, Rei knew that Eito couldn't afford a prolonged fight, especially with all of his corpse weapons as collateral damage. Chunks of burnt meat and splattered blood were all over but there were no signs of Eito, Rei's body tensed up as he realized that Eito had taken very little damage from the explosion and likely used that chance to escape. Just to be certain though, Rei went to one body after the next in the area to ensure that they were all corpses and not just Eito pretending to be dead. None of them were, the man was nowhere to be found and Rei felt panic as he knew that he had just missed his chance to deliver a killing blow to the man that had killed his sister and threatened the village of Kirigakure. He sheathed his kunai in the ninja pouch and fell to his knees and punched the ground repeatedly in frustration.
Little did he know, Eito wasn't finished just yet. There was only one target and it was a young male, surely he hadn't thought passed that first explosion. Eito had too many plans here with far too many tools and other equipment to let a single shinobi to ruin his plans. After surviving the blast, Eito had scaled the roof of a building and laid low on his back and cradled his left arm. The blast had torn off his left arm and he had to hide so he could tend to the wound so he didn't bleed out. While Rei was searching the corpses around the area, Eito had sealed shut his amputated arm and was now watching him. At first Eito hadn't recognized Rei, but the longer he looked, the more he came to remember. This boy was an Uchiha and the younger brother of his latest victim within Kirigakure: it was all this boy's fault that his previous plan had been a failure and set him back to this village instead of just outside the village. He had been preparing a corpse farm in anticipation of a major distraction from another village conflict. He was going to take that opportunity after mummifying his fresh corpses and turning them into corpse weapons and would have attacked the Council when they least expected it. This boy Rei had ruined his plan when he had come too early: it was Eito's fault though for not being careful enough. Somehow Rei had tracked him back to his farm and found the corpses, he had reported it to his clan and Eito had to flee and leave all of his work behind.
Now Eito had the chance to pay back this boy for ruining his initial plan, instead of out right killing the boy, controlling an Uchiha would provide him with much desired information and the ability to traverse the village and get close to the Council. Eito stood up straight on the roof and steadied his position, he had lost a bit of blood from the loss of his arm and it was hard to stand properly. Fortune would have it that his dominant arm, his right arm was still very much in tact. Eito pulled out a single senbon needed from a little surgery case at his waist and began to charge some of his chakra into it. After a moment of chakra, he receded his chakra flow and waited as he watched for Rei to stop moving. Soon enough, the young Uchiha had fallen into a fit of failure and rage as he fell to the ground and cursed his luck for his failed vengeance. Eito smiled to himself, some shinobi just gave up too easily. In one quick and controlled throw, Eito flung the senbon needle in Rei's direction. The uchiha's back was turned to Eito's position and the senbon needle was directly perfectly at the Uchiha's cerebral cortex.
Eito grinned and laughed quietly to himself in glee as the needle's aim was true, but then  a frown crossed his face as another object obstructed his needle's path. A young shinobi woman had approached behind of Rei and lined herself up by pure coincidence. The needle struck the back of her head and neck just as she gently touched Rei's shoulder to pull him out of his frustration. Rei knew Rin's touch and relaxed as she had touched him, he wiped away his tears of frustration and stood up and turned to look at her. A look of confusion crossed his face just as a look of confusion crossed Rin's face. She winced in pain as she recognized something was wrong inside of her head.
Eito cursed from atop the roof loudly, such bad luck! He could still recover from this though: with a handseal, he activated his chakra within the senbon needle and began to overtake Rin's motor skills. Rei... I can't feel my body! she cried out as she lost the feeling in her arms and legs. Rei took an alarmed step towards her and her body responded by pulling out a kunai. Her kunai hand stabbed straight into Rei's side, Rin looked down horrified and screamed: Rei blinked as he couldn't comprehend what was going on. Rei! Someone is controlling my body! Rin shouted in fear as her striking arm pulled the kunai out of Rei's side and prepared her arm back for a second stab.
Instincts alone saved Rei, that and the scream of Rin as she desperately fought to regain control of her body. Suddenly her mouth fell silent and she looked at him as though dead-eyed. Ahh.. finally the fullness takes effect. Now I can control this girl to kill the boy, since they seem to share some connection. Eito said out loud as he gloated in glee. He twitched a finger and Rin's body began to move in a blur of stabbing and slashing movements, Rei barely dodging each one. In his downtime, Eito had been studying the human body and the brain, learning how to control it with chakra impulses. While not as fast as electricity, the chakra was still quick and efficient enough to keep the host alive and under control indefinitely. The downside was that it was such a precise technique, that he could only remotely control one person completely.
Fight it Rin! Eito is here still somewhere! Just hold on until I find him! Rin said urgently and pleaded to Rin as her body kept trying to slash him to ribbons. Rei was too quick to be stabbed after the first surprise attack, but his body was tired and he was sustaining a serious injury from the first stab. With his body injured and his mind in chaos about how he was supposed to deal with Rin being controlled by Eito, he didnt realize he was backing up into a pile of corpses.
That's it.. jut a little further. said Eito as he directed Rin's body to steer Rei into the corpses. Rei was concerned with Rin but his eyes connected with hers: his back was turned to the pile of corpses not too far behind him, but Rin could see them clearly. her eyes signified danger and emphasized behind him: while her body was being controlled and her eyes had been previously deadened, Rei;s encouragement and words had brought her back just enough to look around. All of her body was controlled except her eyes, all of her concentration was on her eyes as she was crying in fear and frustration. Rei noticed her crying and alarmed eyes, he took another step back and followed her gaze to the pile of corpses. Four corpses laying together, full of explosive tags. With him looking that way, Rin's body stabbed again, this time sinking into his left arm and drawing his attention. He grabbed her arm and pulled the weapon free of his own arm and leaped as far as he could to the side. Eito used a handseal and detonated the corpses just as Rei began to jump.
With his concentration broken, Rin momentarily gained control of her own body and threw herself on top of Rei's body as the corpses grew brightly and then exploded. The explosion sent both Rin and Rei flying into the window of a building nearby. Rin's corpses protected Rei from the brunt of the explosion as they were sent flying. His back slammed into the glass and broke through it as they were carried to the far side of the room and the front of the building collapsed. Rei lay there broken with shards of glass embedded in his arms and legs, he was in a  lot of pain but he still struggled to sit up and check in Rin. Shards of glass dotted her body as well, but the explosion had done irreparable damage to her body and she was barely hanging on to her own life. Rei began to cry, too shocked for words. Rin reached up as he held her head in his lap, her looking up at him. She held his face in her hands just as she always did lovingly, just as Yin had done on her last moments of breathe. Rei... I.. I.. she struggled to say. Her face suddenly contorted in pain and then her eyes closed as blood began to fill up her mouth and pour out. She had suffered too much internal bleeding from the impact of the explosion, combined with the blood loss from all the glass shards Rin had lost too much blood. Her hands fell slack and to the ground as her last breathes left her body. Rei was in too much shock for final words and began to scream in agony.
Eito stood motionless atop the roof, his eyes seemingly looking into the destroyed building that the couple of love birds had been tossed into by the explosion. Behind him stood the lone Anbu that had been sabotaging his operations. A long sword protruded from Eito's chest, the blade had pierced his heart and he had died before he could ever see whether or no the had killed the Uchiha boy or not. Moments later, a group of Jounin appeared nearby and asked for a report. The Anbu gave them a short rundown and ordered them to assist him in removing the rubble of the building to save the two young shinobi of Kirigakure. Together the group worked swiftly and removed the majority of the rubble. Pity and sadness overtook them as they unearthed Rei holding the now dead Rin, both covered in blood. Upon seeing the sunlight again, Rei screamed out once more in agony, his sharingan eyes bright red and tears of blood pouring out of his eyes. He felt light headed afterwards and his eyes slowly closed as he fell into an unconscious state, his right hand still holding Rin's hand tightly.
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Uchiha's right of passage(Private- Training Sharingan)
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