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 Not So Lazy Day [Open, NK]

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PostSubject: Not So Lazy Day [Open, NK]   Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:51 pm


It was hot.
It was hot and he didn't understand how that was the case. Kumogakure was basically placed in the mountains, and if it was in the mountains didn't that mean it should have been cool? Didn't air get cooler the higher up you go? It made no sense and he didn't get it in the slightest. For some reason though, no one else seemed bothered by how hot it was. Kuro could feel himself being cooked alive, yet all the people around him brushed it off.

Then again, he just finished going through a long list of errands, all of which required him to run at max speed to not get caught up in a line (people were persistent when it came to sales after all). Plus he had on black sweatpants and a dark colored jacket... probably not the brightest idea, but he was far too lazy to be conscious of what he was going to do that day and pick out something proper. Yep.

With five bags in each hand, Kuroi walked through Kumogakure, his cheeks very red while sweat began to drip down the sides of his head. Breathing heavily his emerald green eyes scoured the area, looking for some sort of place he can rest at. It took a bit of time, but once he did find a spot he almost cried tears of joy.

It was a bench.
Next to an ice cream stand.

The boy looked like a zombie as he made his way over to the bench, dropping down onto it the minute he was close enough. He then rested his bags on the ground and sighed before sitting up in his new seat. Mhm, that was enough work for him. The rest of the day would be his lazy day. Nothing but relaxation. However, it would start with him buying a nice creamy treat from the stand to his left, a pretty sweet plan in his opinion.

Kuroi leaned forward, with much effort, to take a peak at the ice cream prices. Twenty ryo for one cone, a decent price. He reached into his pocket to fish out some change, and then proceeded to count what he had. And it was... fifteen ryo. He was five short. "Se... seriously?" he mumbled while staring at the amount in his hand. After several seconds of silence he fell back into the bench, looking up at the sky with a blank expression on his face.

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Kumo Jounin
Kumo Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Not So Lazy Day [Open, NK]   Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:17 pm

Another nice day in the kumogakure the sun was resting high in the sky. Yago was going to enjoy his day off today since it was rare for him to even have one now day's. Since the council enjoy having him in nearly all there meeting him being the current hyuuga clan leader and all.

Yago would be seen in his normal attire of all black. His black scandals, black pants, black shirt with his clan symbol on it and a black jacket. His infamous demonic mask was not on his face today but tied to his side. He rarely didn't have it on his person if it was not on his face. Yago long white hair was flowing freely down his back. Today was your normal day indeed. Yago was taking a walk down the village market place. Yago of course being greeted by everyone he walked by. Getting stopped a few times by civilians and merchants so they could chat with him about nothing of real importance. He believe they just really enjoyed talking to him for whatever reason. That was when Yago spotted him a small boy with multiple bags in each other prompt himself on a bench barely a few meters away from Yago. The boy seemed to be sweating a bit. From the looks of it due to either him carrying all though bags or from him doing all that shopping by himself. Whatever the reason Yago became intrigued by the boy as he now walked over to the child.

Yago watched as the boy looked at the ice cream stand next to him and pulled out some ryo. The disappointment that was shown on the boy's face was clear to Yago that he may not have enough money to pay for stand ice cream. Yago now hovering next to the ice cream stand as the man bowed to Yago before asking him if he wanted anything. It had been some time since Yago indulged himself in a nice treat. " Tell me what do you think is the best flavor I could have right now?" Yago asked the vendor. " For you sir anything you want will be complimentary". The vendor stated back to Yago a kind gesture indeed but not the answer he was looking for. Yago then turned to the boy who had gotten his attention before. " Hey kid what do you think is a good flavor to get?" Yago who body was slightly turned to face the boy who was perched on the bench looking into the sky. Yago stood there waiting for the boy to respond.
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Kumo Jounin
Kumo Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Not So Lazy Day [Open, NK]   Fri Aug 21, 2015 4:40 am

As Yago stood there he realize either the boy was tired or just didn't feeling like having a conversation with him. Regardless of which Yago had now lost interested in even talking to the boy had he smiled slightly at the vendor and declined to take anything from him. Yago turned and looked at the boy once more before turning away and walking back to the hyuuga compound.

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PostSubject: Re: Not So Lazy Day [Open, NK]   

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Not So Lazy Day [Open, NK]
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