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 Passing Time

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PostSubject: Passing Time    Sun Sep 06, 2015 3:29 pm

The sun was at its highest point over the desert, providing scorching heat. But for the presence of the undying wind that swirled and cooled the heat, then the citizens of Sunagakure would be in trouble. The skies above the desert were absent clouds, leaving a clear view towards the soft blue blanket of space above. What lay beyond the blue was utter darkness, evident by the night skies that ruled when the sun hides itself. At the far end of the village, reaching the edge or very limits of the hidden sand village, sat a pair of vagabonds. The usual wanderers found the time to partake in a meal and a few drinks between each other. It had been such a long time that they even talked among themselves at all. It has been three years and forty seven days to be precise, not that Horus was counting. And even still the Vagabond and his compatriot hardly said any words among each other. Before the man was five rows of ten and one row containing only two. The unknown contained within each row were the black arrows of Horus’ Flying Dragon Bow. The vagabond was busy adding his flying thunder god seal markings to each arrow. Horus took great care when going through this whole process. The whole process carried on for at least half an hour, with the vagabond acting as a kind of conveyor build. The system worked for the vagabond and he saw no reason to even change it. Horus seemed quite content with his current disposition, and despite his apparent tranquil state. He was very much working vigorously in order to accomplish what he had set out to do.

Having concluded his application of the markings or seal to the arrows, Horus glanced over at his bow. The Flying Dragon Bow is four feet long in length, and is completely black on color. There are carving running along the bow, and these carvings are painted in silver. Which then makes the bow black and silver in appearance. Despite its jet black color, this ordinary bow is also quite the sight to behold. It is quite long for your typical bow, but it was designed to complement the height of its wielder. This wielder being Horus and no one else. The bow is very sturdy, and can quite easily defend against other weapons of the same level and below without breaking or being cut. As any one can imagine, the bow has both an upper and lower limb, with a bow knock on either side. The grip or handle is consisting of a rope like material carefully wrapped around it. The grip extends a good ten inches in length and rests in the middle of the bow no doubt. The bow’s stave also has a metal caps attached to it. Which allows the wielder to use to stave in order to stab, while causing blunt force damage. The bow string is also black in color, and it is said that only Horus can pull the bow’s string and not struggle to utilize the weapon. The admiration of the weapon was complete and now it was time to put the weapons away for the time being. But before he could proceed to the next course of action. The vagabond took two arrows and fired them of east and west of his current position. The man had placed a marker, so that he may be able to return to the village at any point. That and this was in a secluded area too, which no one seems to frequent at all.

The two arrows lodged themselves deep into their respective posts, made of concrete by the looks of it. The arrows were so far in, that pulling them out would require a great deal of effort. There was also the fact that, where the arrows are was obscured from a person’s clear viewpoint. The vagabond was being extremely careful it seems. He was planning ahead, having a backup plan if necessary. Following this, Horus also proceeded to seal his Dragon Bow in a generic seal contained on his left wrist. The Shinobi also sealed the all fifty remaining arrows into the seal contained on his right wrist. With that said, Horus then exited the village from the back, which extended into the vast desert. The man travelled to the most outer corner of the desert, a good ten miles away before travelling even further. The end result was him leaving a marked arrow in different locations of the desert. All about five hundred meters apart from one another. Following this, Horus suddenly vanished and returned to his previous spot in the village. The man was like a magician it seems. And so he decided to leave the area for a moment to do some sightseeing.

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PostSubject: Re: Passing Time    Wed Nov 11, 2015 3:41 pm

The Kazekage returned to his playground, which so happened to be a secluded spot within the village. Hardly anyone frequented the area in which he found himself, and as such, it meant he could easily get on with training and not have to worry about being disturbed. This was important to the Kazekage, since he recently found out that he had something hidden within and he was desperate to test his limits. He had grown more curious than ever, and it was high time he tested his limits. There he was currently sitting down with his legs crossed in a Zen position. Horus was in a tranquil state, but that didn't mean he wasn't being as vigilant as ever. And as for those who didn't yet know. Horus of the desert is a tall individual, standing at 6'1, appearing to tower over those that are more vertically challenge. The Shinobi possess a certain presence about himself, considering that he doesn't seem to care all that much for appearances. Horus appears to be more unkempt than anything else, which is why he was dubbed the vagabond based on appearance alone. Handsome is not to be associated with Horus, he was far from being a lady killer too. A most average looking person, often so scruffy and rough around the edges. Horus as he stands now, have long brown hair, that falls perfectly in the sense that he doesn't try to style his hair. The unkempt style however adds more to his appearance than it takes away. His hair is spiky and reaching beyond his shoulders in terms of length. A portion of his locks often covers his right eye, leaving only his innocent, while sadistic looking green eyes. Horus' eyelids are red and black in color, with the top half being black and bottom being red in appearance. Many would often liken it to eyeliner, but he is not the sort to dabble in make up.

Horus has bandages wrapped around his neck, well placed as to not be used against the man. Strangely enough, Horus also had bandages, better yet a pair of tags that seem to stick diagonally on either side of his face. One is particular sits diagonally on his left cheek. Meanwhile the other tag sits of the right side of his face. This particular tag sits just along his chin area and his throat. Both tags also has Kanji written on them, and whether or not what is written is obscene is up for debate. Despite the scruffy and vagabond like appearance of Horus, the man's face is always clean shaven. Although he himself often questions why he even bothers to try and keep up appearances. There is also a pair of black jewels earring in either ear, but there are not made of metal. Wrapped around the abdomen area of Horus are also bandages, and above those are also even more random tags stuck to his body. None of the tags on his body are as of yet of a explosive nature though. Furthering this, Horus sports a green and red Kimono.

This Kimono is held in place by a brown rope tied around his waist. The knot from the tied rope sits of the left side of Horus' hip. See picture or think Orochimaru's attire. Horus very rarely wears both sleeves of his kimono over his shoulders. His right hand and shoulder is usually covered up by his Kimono. But as for his left shoulder, it was almost always exposed, as Horus tends to leave the sleeves swaying at his side. The Shinobi again has numerous tags on his arms, that are visibly to onlookers. The entirety of their visibility of course depends on the manner in which he sports his attire. Moving downward to his trousers, Horus sports a green pair trousers, but is of a darker green compared to his kimono. The Kimono worn by Horus of course sits over his trousers, reaching to his mid thigh section.

To stick to the theme of him being a vagabond, Horus wears no shoes or sandals. Instead the man has his leg and feet wrapped in bandages. And over these bandages are a kind of long black socks, with his length of his trousers tucked inside them. Again, please see picture for reference. When all is said and done, Horus also possesses a strong body, showing that he takes pride in his own health as a Shinobi. The vagabond had learned something truly important about himself recently. As it turns out, he was not who he said he was. Then again, this wasn't entirely his fault, since he lived his life as a normal Shinobi is expected to. As far as he was concerned, he had no special ties to anyone. No advantage over your average Shinobi by possessing a bloodline limit. If anything the vagabond viewed those in the possession of such things to be far too arrogant. It was unbecoming and Horus could never have foreseen himself in such a situation. Whatever it was that was happening to this man, he was keen on learning even more. The Kazekage closed his eyes for a moment meanwhile remaining still. His Chakra sensing abilities was in full effect trying to sniff out any unwanted guests. A few moments passed by and the Kazekage could feel his Chakra morphing. It had taken on another likeness, and while he sat there a Kunoichi came to him in a vision of sorts. A women appeared before him with long green hair, standing at six foot six inches tall, somewhat dwarfing the Kazekage but no by a great deal. It wasn't every day that Horus would come across a woman taller than he was. The vagabond was six foot one inches tall after, but none of that truly mattered.

Horus was currently trying to find the meaning behind all this and so the man kept an eye on the woman. The word Ōtsutsuki was whispered in his ears, and as this happened. The eyes of the female morphed, the left eye carrying the Sharingan and the right eye carrying the Byakugan. In the center of her forehead was a third eye of the Rinnengan. Strangely enough Horus found himself in the same situation with the same identical Dojutsus. Who was this woman and why did both of them have these Dojutsus, and why are they referred to as Ōtsutsuki? The vagabond wasn't exactly certain about any of this at all. The vision soon faded and Horus opened his eyes, with the veins on the side of his face bulging. They veins seemed connected to his eyes somehow, and without realizing it at first. Horus had awaken his Byakugan, now seeing things far clearer than before. The Kazekage seemed focused as not only did his sensory abilities covered a vast range, but his own eyes granted him to ability to see far beyond his normal scope. He however noticed that while having almost a three hundred and sixty degree field of vision. There was one blind spot that he couldn't get rid of. It however made a difference whenever he titled his neck. All this did was simply shifting the blind spot from one place to another. His suspicions had been confirmed, which meant he could now accomplish a lot more than he had originally thought. The restrictions placed upon had been lifted now. Horus now needed to research further and ascertain what his limits are.

If anything Horus was a little fearful that his own persona might change as a result of this. It was very important that the man remained the same. And just for his benefit, he needed to remind himself who he is and who he wished to remain. Horus is quite the enigma among his fellow Shinobi, and as such one may find it a difficult task to liken the man to anyone characteristic. Horus often exceeds expectation, whether it has a positive or negative impact on others or himself. The Shinobi likes what he likes and carries a certain dislike for things that are not to his liken. Despite his title as a vagabond, Horus posses certain defining qualities that makes him unique. He is a hard worker at all times, always putting in a great deal of effort to accomplish his task. This is the genius of the man, because he believes that no matter your circumstances. One should never succumb to the usual stereotypes, and thereby deprive oneself of life's pleasures. This is to say, Horus will always seek to compete with the best of them all. Never one to let the advantages given onto others, become a disadvantage or deterrent to himself. Horus possess certain skills, and he works extremely hard in order to ensure he is the best of what he does. And if he isn't, he should at least be able to do toe to toe with those of the same profession.

Horus is a hearty individual, and quite the independent Shinobi too. Horus will at times keep to himself, never seeking out unwanted company. But he does however enjoy companionship when its worth his time. He is a keen observer and highly perceptive too. A most intelligent and most unorthodox Shinobi, one possessing a most complex mind. Horus likes to study and learn new things, and to also develop new Jutsus. He is also very committed to his role as a Shinobi and takes it very seriously. Horus will at times partake in the occasional drink, liking the company of women and brothels. If he has money to spend, he will spend it for the right reasons and to enjoy life's pleasures. Suffice to say he is also a womanizer, despite not being a man that could be associated with such things. Horus can show signs of being of a kind heart, and will sometimes demonstrate pity on others. However, he can be rather brutal and less hesitant than most when it comes to getting the job done.

He does not believe in taking chances, especially when it could easily have a butterfly effect so to speak. Horus is also very interested in weaponry, probably more so than Ninjutsu and other forms of Jutsu. Horus enjoys relaxing and playing games when the need arises to do so. He likes a good tea, and also loves his food. The vagabond does enjoy the quiet moments, and seem to find loud mouth and obnoxious persons most detestable. Not to say Horus himself wouldn't become as rowdy as any other, but he believes in a time and place for everything. Horus can be the most honest person you've ever met, and then uncharacteristically be the most dishonest and deceptive person you will ever come across. He is somewhat of an eccentric bastard, and loves a bit of sarcasm to add light to a dull situation. The man can be comedic at times, before experiencing a shift in his mood. Which then brings forth a much more stern individual.
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Passing Time
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