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 Beginning of a New Age [EVENT]

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The Council


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PostSubject: Beginning of a New Age [EVENT]   Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:04 pm

The tournament in Kirigakure was held in an arena that did a wonderful job in reflecting their geography. As the name of their nation as well as their village would lead one to believe, and quite accurately so, it was a moist place. And this arena, far from being an exception, was intentionally flooded. This water, unlike a lot of the water in the Land of Water, was warm. It was not a hot spring, but something done by the council to help with the plant growth, to allow a more diverse grouping of fish here than in the rest of the village, and add several extra challenges to those fighting here. Though tree roots as well as fallen logs sprouted up in several places along the surface, on days like these the air was cold, which added to the fog when it hit the warmer water, and damaged visibility. Even if some sort of wind release Jutsu was used to take care of the fog, it would quickly be back anyway. The water temperature is also a massive bane to those who use aquatic summoning beasts, at least as far as the more dangerous and common that one would associate with water went. Most of the dangerous summoning beasts were species who came from the bottom of the sea and greatly preferred ice cold water, like sharks, squids, or octopus. Octopus? Octopuses? Octopi? I think they all work.

This was about a fourth of a mile squared, and the closer one got to the center the less space there was that could be stood on safely. The first four feet from the edge were stable enough to be walked on easily by any Shinobi. The balance would be a little shifty, but one could not see the water below in that area. In fact, just beyond this area there was perfectly solid land. It was fenced away from them as to better define the parameters of the area that was allowed for combat use. Damaging the fence would count as a disqualification, as would going above or below it. This would be known by any observant contestant or even viewer because this short list of rules was on aluminum signs tied to the fencing every five or ten feet for good measure. This was a safety measure more for the audience than it was for those in the battle.  The next ten feet after that going towards the center had spiraling tree roots and vines and clumps of dirt to keep things walkable to anybody who played in the river growing up, which was probably a super majority in this village more than any other. The water had become about half of the visible surface as of now. The next twenty feet after that had some sparse tree roots coming from the largest trees, though at this point even those roots were little more than pencil thin vines that could bear no fruit. The water was now a definite majority of what was visible. The next several feet were nothing but water on the surface with a few fish coming up every now and then to catch a beetle who made the mistake of coming down for a drink. As you neared the center you would occasionally find split logs, each about three feet long by six inches wide. There were eight of these in total floating around. At the very center there was a nine by nine foot square of solid land, with stone surrounding it to keep that dirt packed in. This went all the way down in the mile deep, man made lake. Trees grew along three of the four edges, blocking it off from every view but the East, as once contestant would be coming from the North and the other would be coming from the South. In the back of this little garden there was a stone tablet with the symbol of Kirigakure no Sato, the symbol of the Uchiha clan, and a very arrogant message that hinted at who they may have been trying to give some advantage to here which read, "Only the blessed and the cursed may see their objectives."

The arena, as all of the best ones always were, was surrounded by stadium style seating. The support beams that held it up off of the ground were behind the aforementioned fence, as a safety measure, of course. Had wood been used it would surely have rotted by now without frequent treatment that the village simply could not afford to be doing all the time, so this whole structure was concrete. At the East and top there was a box where one of the council members would be watching for various reasons. His duty would be to make sure that no rules were broken, to make sure that the one who was reported to have won the event had actually won, and to make sure that a murderer was not going to be taking the throne. A Shinobi was a killer, but a murderer was a man who would take the lives of his fellow Shinobi. The North and South sides around the bottoms had a very special feature to get the contestants into the section denoted by the ten foot tall fence covered in signs. They had concrete stair cases coming down from the bleachers that could be drawn back in once the two arrived into the battle area. Akio was being waited for in the North, and Rei was being waited for in the South. The Medical Shinobi from The Council watched from the West end, the Taijutsu Shinobi right there with him to make sure he got there as fast as humanly possible.

Spectator Rules:
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First Mizukage Rei-Sama

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PostSubject: Re: Beginning of a New Age [EVENT]   Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:29 am

Rei stood in the stadium, waiting for the event to start, his Mitama earring hidden by his thick raven black hair. His position was near the stairs that descended down into the arena, which was quite impressively created for such purposes as spectated battles. Looking around, Rei could see that many people had shown up, village citizens and shinobi alike: all were here to see a good fight, but most importantly, they were all here to witness their rising Mizukage. They wanted to see the competence of their future leader to know if they would be in safe hands and guided to a greater future than the present. There were only two participants, which made things more interesting: it also concerned Rei. He had counted on multiple opponents to gauge and understand some of their combat abilities before being thrown into the arena with them. The identity of his opponent was unknown, despite his vigilance in watching those who signed up for the event, the singular opponent had been wearing an assortment of impressive armor that even hid all but their eyes. The only notable feature on that person had been their bright eye color, it wasn't enough for Rei though. Whoever his opponent was to be, he couldn't and wouldn't treat them with disregard. Often the most dangerous of enemies was the ones you knew nothing about, regardless of their skills and personal ability.

He was stationed at the South entrance of the arena and his opponent was to be stationed at the opposite end: Rei could imagine if there was more opponents, then it likely would have been a free for all battle. This somewhat worked in his favor though, he was confident but tactical and shrewd with his plans: facing off against one opponent gave him the ability to plan more carefully an methodically several steps into the battle. By looking at the size of the arena, he could see that it was roughly 1/4th of a mile, so roughly 1,500 ft of terrain, including a flat rocky surface, root terrain and of course a section of water. His position provided him with a high vantage view of the arena, but not all was visible from any one spot: this arena was created to give safety to spectators, damaging the fences above and around the arena would mean disqualification. If that was the case, there were a few sheer destructive techniques that he wouldn't be able to use in this environment for fear of completely engulfing the stadium and the spectators with it.

Finally it was time to descend the stairs and wait on the rough stone platform area. He had been briefed before the contest was to begin, a Medical Shinobi and a Taijutsu squad were on standby if things got out of hand. Killing blows were not permitted in this contest, it was a respectful battle between two competing shinobi for the title of Mizukage. If someone were brave and skilled enough to attempt their hand at leadership, Rei would prefer to not kill them because of the valuable influence they might have, as well as their skill. In these days, every useful and skilled shinobi was deem irreplaceable in the shinobi world. While Rei didn't know who his opponent would be, he respected their choice to participate in this contest. If Rei alone had signed up, he likely would have automatically been deemed Kage by default, but that didn't mean the villagers would all respect and believe in him. Sometimes a show of skill and bravery was necessary to spark the villagers' hearts and minds into giving faith to their leaders. While it was a bother to the antisocial Uchiha Jounin, he saw the value of this event and wouldn't shirk away from it. He disliked having his skills before public eye, but he wouldn't hold back on this opponent either. The title of Mizukage would require him to show a strong but merciful hand, to allies and enemies alike. Unfortunately, Rei lacked pity and mercy: a cold calculative antisocial person by nature, the best he could manage was to not kill whoever his opponent was to be.

He would wait idly by, doing stretches and breathing in the fresh moist air to get his heartrate into a proper tempo and his body prepared for combat. A light fog shrouded the environment from below, that would make it difficult to see too far in advance: up from above, the view would be much more clear. The watery terrain was to Rei
s advantage, having the Suiton element in such an advantageous environment would provide him with using the surrounding to his advantage. Remember the fundamentals of battle. he mentally reminded himself, often the fundamentals of battle were the only thing you could rely on against an unknown opponent. It seemed that everything went back to the days as an academy student and up till now. he had learned much and embraced the life of a shinobi even at a young age despite his abusive uncle's hatred for his shinobi talent. His now deceased sister Yin had always encouraged him to try his best and that had kept the boy motivated all throughout his childhood.

Finally it was time to begin and Rei was allowed to cross the flat expanse and into the fenced part of the arena. Water was thick on the ground, soaking his shinobi sandals in the couple inches of water that seemed to stretch across the battleground. From his position, he could see that there was a slight incline in the ground: ration dictated that if that steady incline continued, there would be a higher and dryer point in the area. As a shinobi of Kirigakure, many shinobi possessed the Suiton affinity, much like Rei himself. Being caught out in the open and around watery terrain could put any match into a quick undisputed victory. I should find an advantageous spot. he told himself and began to head Northeast through the light mist. Having went this direction, he would quickly find the 9x9 spot of dry flat land: this would be the staging ground for the initial attack, which was likely to be an ambush on either party's part. Rei intended to be the one with the successful ambush.

Here he would being. He sensed out in all directions with his sensing skill and located his opponent's chakra source, having found the location and distance of the foe, he would begin to perform quick handseals. A thick mist would form around the location and roll in around the flat dry expanse o envelope it in a blinding mist. More handseals would be formed as the mist in the center of the dry ground would gather together silently but quickly to form a replica of Rei: because of the nature of the mist, doujutsu techniques like the Sharingan and Byakugan wouldn't be able to see chakra sources clear in the mist, so it would be difficult to tell whether this was the real Rei or not. All they would see from a distance would be his shadowy figure turned in the opposite direction they were to come from. Rei would unroll a length of ninja wire out a short distance in front of the clone and then position himself to the left side of where his opponent was sensed to be coming from. A simple threee handseals transformed him into a common rock, matching the structure and color of the rocks used to hold this dry ground from falling apart.


Sensing10 Chakra
Hidden Mist5 Chakra
Water Clone10 Chakra
Transformation2 Chakra
Chakra Pool400-27=373 Chakra
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Ume Uzumaki 2


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PostSubject: Re: Beginning of a New Age [EVENT]   Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:29 pm


"Honestly, this would truly be a disappointment if the other contestant doesn't show their beautiful face. I came to see a fight, a fight that will give me hope for the future!" Dajjal would say to the one that sat close to him.

"Are you serious, is that why you came?" The one he said that to would say, looking up at him with a confused look on their face.

"Actually, no I didn't. What I just said was all a lie.... I only came here to... I don't know. I have no real purpose here... watching such things or being involved in them aren't my cup of tea at all. " Dajjal would say, his warm smile staying on his face as he spoke.

"So are we going to leave?" The person would ask confused.

"Nope, we stay and just watch."

made by sei

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Akio Uchiha
Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

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PostSubject: Re: Beginning of a New Age [EVENT]   Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:58 pm

Entering the arena from his assigned end of the field the Chunin would begin to stretch in preparation to the fight. Rolling his shoulder under the scale like clay armor the boy would grin behind the mask of the armor. Raising his head and leering from under the red kasa that was on his head the boy would hum softly noticing that the fog was way too think to see Rei who was with no doubt at the other end of the arena. Taking a deep inhale of the moist air around him Akio could feel his throat burning. He still hadn't fully recovered from being ambushed during his last mission and the bruises on his arms and chest were still present, although that wouldn't be important since the armor covered all of them.

As he slowly walked toward the center of the arena Akio would keep an eye out for anything around him that could be considered a threat. Having crossed roughly 1/4th of the arena Akio would be about 100 meters from his entrance as he would notice the shadowy figure of his Sensei which stood about 100 meters in front of Akio. Be a clone or not the Chunin had his suspicions of his new Sensei's plans. He couldn't say if they were right or not, although as he contemplated rushing Rei the Chunin would consider the figure being a clone. After all Rei was smart about things like this and surely wouldn't leave himself out in the open. Although Akio also considered that Rei might just be cocky and trying to test him. Either way Akio would not make the first move as he watch the figure, being sure to take in his surrounds in case this was actually just a distraction.

Observing his surroundings the Chunin would quickly notice the fog thicken around him, Hidden Mist technique most likely. Akio had seen it seeing as it was a jutsu created within Kiri and only known by the shinobi of the village. Although on the other hand it could just be a coincidence and the fog might have just thickened on it's own. Either way Akio would remain on his feet as he watched for Rei to emerge from hiding or the figure in the mist to make a move itself. "An Uchiha, strong, independent full of life to give to the world." Akio would whisper to himself as he remembered the words of his old Sensei once more.

Keeping an eye out Akio would being to get a bit restless with waiting, although he knew his situation and would be smart about this fight. If he had any hope in leaving he would have to collect himself and play it defensively seeing as Rei had the upperhand with him being a Jounin and Akio only holding the title of Chunin. Thinking through his strategy in his head Akio would remain completely silent as to not give away is identity to Rei or his location if Rei somehow hadn't seen him by now.

WC: 508
Chakra: 180/180
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First Mizukage Rei-Sama

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PostSubject: Re: Beginning of a New Age [EVENT]   Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:32 am

Even while yet transformed into a rock, Rei still sensed the opponent's chakra source. To his surprise, being stationary hidden and waiting, he was given time to reflect on the nature of the chakra. This wasn't the chakra source of a Jounin, but a shinobi less than Jounin- or had they previously used up a good portion of their chakra pool on jutsu or strategy already? Rei couldn't be certain, but as the opponent was enveloped by Rei's hidden mist technique, the opponent had stopped in his tracks and decided to play it safe. The opponent had come from the east and refused to come closer to the shadow in the mist: the thick trees blocked the view of the sold ground on all sides by by that of the East, this is the direction Rei had come from himself only a few minutes before his opponent and set up his ambush. Rei's hidden mist technique was thick and large, having gone further around the area and making it impossible for anyone outside of the arena to be able to see or ascertain the contestants. Aside from his opponent who could only make out the shadowy form of Rei's water clone, only one other person would be able to see into the mist: that person was the proctor who was watching from above to ensure that no rules were broken and no one was killed.

Playing it safe I see... Rei saif to himself mentally, he had expected this from any Kiri shinobi who knew of the technique. Entering a mist technique was surely to spell death for anyone who acted in a rash manner. Even so, Rei had planned a counter method for an opponent who was cautious once aware of the unnatural mist that had enveloped them. Still transformed into a rock, Rei willed his water clone to move about. Rei's base tactic in fighting was a fundamental of the shinobi academy, to undermine your opponent's confidence is key to victory. Giving your opponent a false sense of confidence or preying on their over-confidence was one of the most deadly tools any shinobi possessed. For a moment, Rei's water clone would remain stationary and its back turned to Akio. Visibility was low and even Rei's opponent was nothing more than a shadowy silhouette standing by the entrance of the grove peering in.

Rei's transformed rock position was only a few feet from his water clone's position position to the left side, three feet closer to his opponent's stationary position. Rei willed his water clone to begin to move, the water clone would begin to walk in his opponent's direction, slightly straight and intentional. Slightly straight because Rei had a plan, as his water clone passed his hiding position, he released the hold on the transformation technique and remained in a huddled position on the ground. The small puff of smoke mixed with the thick mist that enveloped the entire area, along with the water clone which blocked the shadowy line of vision, provided perfect coverage for Rei as he reverted to his natural form and was low to the ground. He got into a crouched position behind his water clone and performed the tiger handseal, then another jutsu without any handseals: as he did this, his water clone imitated his tiger handseal movement in the shadows that his opponent would likely take as a sign of using ninjutsu. Two more clones appeared, one on either side of the first water clone in the middle. Few and far between were those that knew the shadow clone technique, the most common was the regular clone technique and water clones- being that this was a watery terrain full of thick mist, anyone might have guessed these were water clones. Only those who knew Rei's techniques personally would have known he was capable of the shadow clone technique.

As the two clones would appear on either side of Rei's first water clone, two more would appear much further back out of sight and transform into puddles of water near the two ends of the ninja wire. The mist directly behind his opponent would swirl silently and collect the moist droplets of water and form into a water clone. The real Rei, which was still hidden and crouched behind his three clones, shifted his feet silently to the farthest right clone and positioned himself behind it. Whether or not the water clone behind his opponent was noticed or not, Rei would cause it to attack with abandon with the aqua edge of a kunai at any exposed part on his opponent's tough looking armor. As the water clone would initiate its attack, two of the clones before the opponent would rush towards them. These two were the middle and left as they dashed towards the opponent who would be struck by ambush: the first one being a water clone which closed in first and would bolt tackle the opponent. Whether the opponent dodge or stood his ground, the rear charging clone of Rei would angle its intended path in whatever direction the opponent would be after the two water clones made their assault. In its attack, the clone would appear to strike at the opponent's openings with a strong one-armed punch. Instead of striking however, the clone would suddenly detonate and explode violently in a 10m radius right on top of his opponent's position.

This explosion would be just outside of Rei and his last clone's standing area, unwilling to let his tactical advantage to end, Rei would have his last clone charge the latest position of his foe. As soon as the blast would clear, his last clone would dash forward as Rei himself threw a shuriken from the misty shadows: this shuriken would pass expertly under the arm of his clone as it rushed his opponent's position. The projectile weapon would strike first and grab his opponent's attention even if for just a moment as his clone suddenly leaped into the air in a flying jumpkick kick at his opponent's face. The kick would land hard and even as his opponent would recover, the water clone would break apart at the seams and burst into water. Rei himself after throwing the shuriken from the misty shadows, would cause his left arm to break off of his body but connected with thick sewing threads and shoot upward into the air out of his opponent's line of sight through the mist and then crash down on top of the opponent just as the water clone struck him. As the water clone would burst into water, the arm connected by long powerful tendrils of thread would wrap around his opponents body, binding his arms and hands to seal his movement and ability to perform jutsu. At the same time, the water from the water clone would suddenly change its outward burst and close in around the opponent and form a aquatic sphere of water and seal their position. Due to the heaviness of the water pressure, the opponent trapped inside would be unable to move or breathe.


Hidden Mist(Upkeep)3
Water Clone10
Shadow Clone118 times 2
Hiding in Water5
Great Clone Explosion25
Earth Grudge Fear Threads10
Water Prison10
Chakra Pool
Shadow Clone ChakraX2
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Akio Uchiha
Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

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PostSubject: Re: Beginning of a New Age [EVENT]   Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:49 pm

Noticing the figure turn to face his direction and began to walk toward him. Watching it form a hand seal and then witnessing two more clones form Akio would become suspicious as to if this was really a clone or not. Although he would not have much time as they closed in on Akio. They would be just within the distance to see their features when Akio would begin to form hand seals as fast as he could. Tiger, boar, ox, dog. Then in his haste Akio wouldn't notice the slight shadow cross between the three clones as Rei changed his position. The kunai from the clone behind him would collide with his shoulder becoming a bit nervous he would quickly form the last hand seal, snake, right before the water clones would reach him. His body being replaced with a log along with a puff of smoke which would hid him from sight as the shadow clone would contact with the log, blowing all three clones and itself up along with the log.

Reappearing after the explosion Akio would react quickly while he had the cover of the smoke from the explosion to hide his actions. Standing in the center of where the explosion was as the smoke would clear, glaring at what he expected was the last clone, or possibly even the true Rei himself Akio would grin under the mask of his armor. Seeing the clone charge at him Akio would form the same hand seals, tiger, boar, ox, dog, and finally snake. Although he would knead his chakra to replace his body with one of his dummy clones. The clone would appear just as Akio would to Rei's sensing as the shuriken struck it directly in the clones neck. Blood running from the cut as the kick from Rei's clone would strike it directly in the face. Raising his head to try and breath the clone would be caught with in the water prison with it's head sticking out as Rei's real hand wouldn't be able wrap around him immediately since it would strike the kasa of the armor and shatter a chunk of it off. Continuing through to break a decent amount of the mask causing it to fall to the ground. Revealing all of Akio clone's face and his hair would show through the section of the kasa that was broken by Rei's strike.

Gargling as he spoke the clone would act just as Akio would in it's situation. Looking toward Rei he would attempt to speak. "I just....wanted to make you proud." He would speak in a stained voice due to the shuriken lodged in his neck. Using the cover to his advantage Akio knew he would appear to quick for anyone, besides maybe Rei if he was looking for him, to actually see him right away. Before anyone could look for him and the fact most would be focus on the clone Akio would form a few more hand seals, dog, boar, ram. Transforming into a senbon, an item that would be too thin for any to see through the fog and the dirt below wouldn't resonate any sound as it hit the ground.

As the real Akio was safely to the side and hidden from view the clone would continue with it's act as if it were the real Akio. " thing though...I'm glad you won. I know..." He would cough violently threatening to dislodge the shuriken, but luckily no such thing would happen. "I'll do a great job...leading the village." Akio would witness the events through the clones eyes, but didn't control it's actions, everything it was saying was genuinely what Akio would be saying in the same situation.

Remaining where he was the real Akio, still using a senbon as his disguise was set on just remaining where he was. After all he was not interested in actually becoming the Mizukage and was only here to test his ability and prove himself in the eyes of his Sensei. This much he had done seeing as how much Rei had actually expended to eliminate him and still hadn't done so. While he could continue and try to actually beat his Sensei Akio did not wish to do so. Although if his Sensei were to find out the clone was not the real Akio and pursue him the Chunin was not one to shy from a challenge. For now though the young Uchiha would remain where he was and hope that Rei would either buy the act or realize what Akio was doing and just act as if he believed the clone was his real opponent.

WC: 781
Total: 1289
Chakra: 155.5/180

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PostSubject: Re: Beginning of a New Age [EVENT]   

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Beginning of a New Age [EVENT]
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