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 Aburame, Kamakiri

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Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin

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PostSubject: Aburame, Kamakiri    Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:55 am

Name: Aburame, Kamakiri
Nickname: N/A
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Height: 6’3”
Weight: 175
Appearance: Lithe describes the boy’s body rather well, his long height serving to lengthen his well-muscled frame. However, this frame does belie an explosive power as the young man possesses an extreme strength and a highly defined physique. He stands tall with a proud air to him, broad of shoulder and narrow of waste, one can tell upon closer inspection that he clearly is of top physical condition. Notably, his fingers are quite long, even considering his height, and he tends to gesture with them a good deal when he speaks, though this happens with extreme rarity.

Fitting with his clan heritage, the man has very pale skin, not so much so as to be ghostly, but close, his skin seeming to rarely see the sun. Unlike the majority of his clan, though, is his hair, a collection of medium length locks of a delicate, pale blond. This, paired with his narrow and sharp featured face, gives him a rather foppish air that seems to clash with his penchant for both bugs and brawling. Additionally of note, he wears an eyepatch in the shape of a spade at almost all times over his left eye, covering up the lackluster visual organ there. While his eyes is technically functional, too many bad hits in the ring have resulted in it having never properly healed and, as such, it’s easier for him to simply cover it than see out of it.

Village: Konoha
Character Rank: D Genin
Clan: Aburame
Element: N/A

Personality: Kamakiri rarely speaks. Ever. He has grown up with an entirely psychotic twin who never seemed to shut up and parents who paid him a great deal of attention. Combined with his normal introversion has resulted a neigh legendary status for hearing him speak. When he is prodded to finally produce words, he keeps them short, almost clipped, but retains a certain air of almost grudging politeness, as he does not believe in treating people poorly without cause. That said, this has nothing to do with genuine love of people or anything like that.

No, Kamakiri is an angry person. Not dramatic angry, not angsty angry, but enraged angry. On a very deep level, Kama hates everything and everyone. He hates the air and the sea and the sky. He hates the stars and the sun and the moon. He hates, though likely would not articulate this in the same way, existence itself, though not so much that he would willingly end it all by his own hand. Regardless, beneath any kindness or seeming niceties burns an unbounded, unbridled rage towards everyone and everything he meets, save, as it would seem, the insects which inhabit his bodies, creatures of whom he holds the highest jealousy.

Aside from this, Kama remains calm at almost all times. While his rage burns beneath, he still seems to see the world with a high degree clarity and can generally remain calm even in stressful or high intensity situations. Analytical to a point, he is not some kind of planning genius and generally prefers his bare fists to more deceptive styles of fighting, though he is not above deceiving to get what he wants. After all, he essentially leads a double life as it is. Lies are nothing new to him.

Character History: Loved by his family, Kamakiri grew up with great displeasure regarding his family and clan. Born as the younger of twins, he suffers from a rather typical case of not being the chosen heir and thus not having great privilege. This is not, exclusively, what has caused him this anger though. His parents loved him a great deal and showed minimal favoritism to his brother, even going so far as to teach him the same techniques and afford him the same opportunities that the older one was given. However, in all matters of clan politics, Shiro came first.

Kama never wanted to be a leader though. He also never wanted to be the clan heir. He just wanted to not be the twin, clone, and frequent shadow of a raving lunatic. He frequently suffered because of his brother’s misdeeds, which once again did not affect him that much. He suffered in silence. What annoyed him, what sparked an unending anger for the people around him, was this strange refusal to admit that Shiro might be unfit to inherit the clan and that just maybe they should consider someone else. Still, he couldn’t fault his parent too harshly as it wasn’t just them but the whole clan’s fault.

He did find release though. He never went to the academy as a young child, unlike his brother, and instead was largely left to his own devices. He soon found a pastime that he could not get enough of: boxing. Well, boxing as a lose term. By day he trained himself at local gyms and by night he entered into illicit fight rings where old men bet tirelessly for and against him. He cared not for the money or the fame or the power. He just liked the fight, the sensation, the pain and blood and fists. And so he went, again and again, and eventually built a bit of a name for himself, though very few recognize or acknowledge him in the daylight.

After some time, he grew bored and enrolled himself in the academy, graduating easily and without much difficulty, his extensive background in both his clan related techniques and fighting prowess allowing him to excel where his younger classmates did now. His parents, and his clan, felt some level of pride in this as he continued on the clan’s path, though he cared not for their affections. He spends most of his time now doing a great deal of nothing, waiting to potentially be assigned to some kind of team and not caring much for if that ever becomes a reality.

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PostSubject: Re: Aburame, Kamakiri    Sat Sep 26, 2015 9:28 pm


This character is gucci~
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Aburame, Kamakiri
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