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 Training for Future Prevention [NK]

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PostSubject: Training for Future Prevention [NK]   Sat Oct 03, 2015 12:08 pm

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ime hadn't cease to progress since the day of the joint attack from the Bijuus. Some perhaps wished it would or rather wished it would rewind, but surely such a thing wouldn't happen and it was only with such a mind set accepting such a thing that the village could move on. In response, the village did seem to move on. Investigation teams were sent out to try to get clues on the strange happening and today there was a small team of shinobi that were training with combatting one of the Bijuu in mind. This Bijuu being Shukaku of the Desert. With manipulation over the sand in an area where volumes of his own being were so vast and at his disposal, should he return he would undoubtedly have the upper hand yet again. That said, today Sachio was the focus of the Bijuu Defense Squad today and he was as siting a Jounin in leading a regime on combatting the Ichibi. With his Jiton, mimicking the combat style of the beast came naturally to him and in fact, it was who Sachio crafted his Jiton jutsu after. "As we all know the Shukaku use Sand Manipulation and some other Fuuton and Doton natured jutsu to battle. Luckily within he confines of Sunagakure, we have a shinobi who battles in a similar manner with but a small redundant difference in preferred medium." Sachio was standing off the shoulder of the man slightly behind him as he spoke to the twenty or so shinobi of all ranks from Genin to Jounin that were out in front of them. They were just outside the village in the sands where training could be a bit more aggressive sense destruction of one's surroundings wasn't so big of a deal. "With nothing else to say, we'll begin with a two on one at Sachio's disadvantage. Go."

Sachio's Iron Sand and Powder were already released prior and actually spread out over the area to encompass 50m. This was to simulate the sand that Shukaku had control over, with it obviously being spread all around him. Sachio stood int he middle of the black volumes of grain spread all about and he silently eyed the two eager shinobi that stood to face him first. He was limited to Jiton, Doton, and Fuuton as of now so he had no reason to where his mummy like garbs and came dressed in a samurai looking outfit. Short kimono with long sleeves that stopped at the waist, an obi sash, short shinobi pants that were bound at the shins by bandages that went down to the ankles where shinobi sandals covered his feet, and lastly his Sunagakure headband tied around his right bicep. The speaker had moved out the way and the other shinobi would step back as well to stay out of the way and give the three fighting the space they needed to battle freely within the 50m arena.

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Training for Future Prevention [NK]
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