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 A New Beginning(Open, No kill)

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PostSubject: A New Beginning(Open, No kill)   Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:37 am

*Tap* *Tap*. Basibo felt something that struck him, though gentle and tender, it was enough to awaken the young Hyuuga from his state of sleep. The tapping led to him being annoyed,letting out a huff and then closing in on his lower body, he would roll to the left slightly and roll back right, getting back to his starting position. He would regain his consciousness at this time, but he was not entirely free from the drowsiness sleeping caused just after awakening.
Rubbing his eyes whilst closed, he would reach for the air above him, hoping to touch someone before he opened his eyes. "who is that?" He shouted, only for him to see Mr Badu before him. Once he saw the man, he would sit up a bit, "Good morning sir" he would say , letting out a deep breath just after.. Mr Badu would reply ."Hey Basibo, you better get up and running, today's your day, hahanaha" the man would laugh grumpily. "Today you will train your byakugan, I don't know how you'll do it but you just have to" he said. Basibo nodded to the man's words although he didn't know why it was of concern, he didn't eben know how to train it, nor was the byakugan his, it belonged to Basibo, and it was his body, no man would tell him what to do. But there was a bit of sense in it, because he had to get stronger, that was why he nodded.
"Okay, I will train the byakugan, is that all sir?" He would sa, addressing the man with a bit of respect in an informal tone. The man's inspection of Basibo made him a little glad His lips would curl into a smile, putting his two hands behind his back and intertwined, the man with a long kimono would walk out of the room, Basibo on the other hand kept his eyes fixated on him, the man began to gain distance from Basibo with every step, and Basibo didn't miss a moment, after the man closed the door, he would think of his parents a little, his mind visualised his father, his mother and himself, they were laughing, and holding hands
The actual realisation that his family wasn't there for him and that what he just felt was not real would make tears form on his lower eyelid, blinking, the mass of water that had accumulated there would slide down his soft cheeks down into the crinkled bedsheets that the bed wore .
A few drops would stain the cloth even more before his rubbed his eyes off the tears. Standing up slowly, not uttering a word, he would make his way to his bathroom, dishing his clothes and taking a nice shower. When he would emerge from the bathroom, he was clothed with just a towel, which was engirdled to his abdomen. He would get into something suitable for the day.
A blue shirt with stripes made up of different colours at various parts of the shirt could be seen around him, taking a belt and wearing a ¾ trouser, he would tighten the grip the trouser had on him with the belt , just after that he got into a blue sandal. Heaving a huge sigh of relief, he would prepare his mind for the day, for rigorous training, for intense and for passionate training

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PostSubject: Re: A New Beginning(Open, No kill)   Thu Dec 10, 2015 12:38 am

The young Hyuuga stood up, ready on the go, he would make soft and gentle thuds on the floor of his dwelling more like he was a lone male lion prowling for prey. Although, any random observer wouldn't know why he did this, maybe it was just because he didn't want the man knowing when he got out . Just as he continued on in his little stampede towards the door, stream of words would cascade in his mind. Each set blasting the previous away while the present ones faced the same fate as the ones that were brushed off his mind until his mind wouldn't be able to take words no more. "How would he even approach the training, how would he even just go out and start training  without any tutor or any way to go around it" Those were the words that rang in Basibo's mind and a few others, though they only lasted for seconds before they would be taken over by another in his mind.
       Taking that brief moment of soundless pause, he would remember his parents once again, only to brush it out with the thoughts that roamed about his mind.
  Looking at the walls of his room, he would push the door open, walking past the sitting room till he got to the entrance to those that wanted to enter the house,  or the exit to those that wanted to exit the house. Which ever name, Basibo touched the door knob and titled it slightly, but still enough to purge force enough to make the moment capable of opening the door.
  A progressive disturbance of the air would occur, which stemmed out from the creaking sound that occurs when opening the door, just as the door kept opening, the sound became more and more loud with every increase in the angle that defined its motion
  Basibo stepped out without emotion, he neither felt happily nor sad, his mood was at equilibrium as some would call it or just neutral. Looking before him were houses that were arranged in an irregular pattern, his main reason for looking beyond him was to look at the horizon, to see how far the day had progressed, though he had enough logical and intellectual ability to deduce that it was still dawn. Still, his eye level would rise, looking upwards,
though it was hard to look at the horizon, due to the sun still sleeping behind it. Just walking around was something boring to him, everywhere he found was water-logged or filled with too many vegetation, too commercial or just not ideal. Walking around the whole of Kirigakure, his eyes darted left to right, hoping that the journey would be short-lived, but no, he kept walking, he kept walking for long time, which had made him start sweating in his armpits, his face dripping of sweat, and his body charged by the sun.
Just as he continued walking, he eventually saw a place, near the docks, that had a large jungle there, Basibo took swift steps, running but not with full strength. At first, upon entering, he was heavily slowed down by the arrangement of the plants. It was just like walking in a corn field, the forest was very thick , but he continued, the more he progressed, the more faster je got, the space between each tree or plant was increasing and Basibo loved it. After a long run, Basibo found an ideal place, not what he liked to call perfect, since dew was still everywhere and the ground was a little soaked, but he didn't want to go further, so he just sat there.
The moment his butt touched the ground, it sent shivers into him, thinking that the place was too cold, Basibo decided to leave, but knowing fully well that the more he got himself worked up, the more thermal energy his body acquires. So he stood there , ready to train.

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PostSubject: Re: A New Beginning(Open, No kill)   Sun Dec 13, 2015 4:57 pm

Basibo stood there, thinking about the training he would soon have gave him a little pressure. his heart began to pound, of course he wasn't doing this for anybody, but he knew that he was always trying more than he could, maybe that's because he was the only one his parents had, life had been pretty tough, even though he as taken in by a group of ex-iwa citizens, he still couldn't find solace in them. He was more like a loner. He had conjured a clan to escape once, but he didn't, being with them was still better than being with no one. His face would descend down until hr ssaw nothing more than the marshy landscape and his feet. Unbeknownst to him was how to go about the training, but he sljld DL it however he chose. Heaving a sigh, he breathed in deeply and exhaled, his lips would separate from each other and his vocal chords would work in unison with them to produce the words "Here we go", closing his eyes and exhaling out deeply again just before they came out. Once those words were said, his hands wlhld instantly come together to form the tiger handseal, not that It was necessary to do so, but he just felt like doing it, immediately his hands came together, he would close his eyes, silent, and still, he didn't move. The environment experienced a pause, during this Time, a moment of silence and calmness was experienced by him. manipulating his chakra, he would instantly flick his eyes open, revealing veins that had bulged out near his eyes and his eye took an entirely different colour. His eyes had now transferred into what people would call the byakugan, however, that byakugan was a weak one, the weakest to be precise. it couldn't even see much and that was why. he wanted to train it.
Though he had no specific method of going about it, he did know that hisy tiring himself out and developing a serious eye ache could yield an expected and favourable result. Basibo stood there, with his byakugan, he attained near 360° vision on that spot, a man void of option first option was digging as much information about the environment, with that, his eyes began to visualize and take in everything around him. His first action was using the byakugan to scan the dirt, his eyes moved from one place to another, seeing what he wouldn't be able to see if he stood in one position. That was when he began to notice the few details he hadn't noticed when his byakugan wasn't on. He saw dried twigs of trees and branches that had completely blended with thE soil in terms of appearance, lying loosely on the floor. He could see ants moving, fighting and carrying their loot through a passage dug below the ground which he didn't know off. Lots and lots were unveiled to him, then Basibo began to magnify objects as they pleased him, he kept doing this, trying to identify and discern the parts of small insects that was in the vicinity, the way the fibres in leaves were arranged, the length of the antenna of some creatures, e.t.c. he got to know them with the vision that he housed. Soon, the young Hyuug continued doing what he felt pleased him, he looked T whatever he wanted to, and started moving around, he tested his ability to the fullest ,although he as running low on chakra, that didn't stop him from discovering every possible ability that the basic stage of the byakugan housed. Eventually thinking of trying it on real people with chakra, Basibo decided to walk to the city, taking gentle steps, taking everything g around him . After a long walk, he got to the town. Looking at the. hakra network of different individuals, after. a long time of straining, he was able to identify chakra sources and distinguish them from one another.
After a long day, Basibo returned home , by that time, his chakra had been depleted drastically, So much time had passed, but one Thing he knew was that his eyes were feeling different . Once he stepped home, he headed straight for his bed, lying on the bed with the ample amount of sweat that was on him, this didn't phase him as much though, since he had more to worry, his head was banging, his eyes had something in tthem that wanted to bulge out and a lot more, however, his predicament would be short lived as he would enter a blissful slumber that lasted for hours.
Upon waking up, the first thing he would be struck with was the same sensation in his eyes. Finally letting it out, a new byakugan would activate in his very eyes

Adept Byakugan acquired
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PostSubject: Re: A New Beginning(Open, No kill)   

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A New Beginning(Open, No kill)
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