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 Hitomi Shiruku

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Hitomi Shiruku
Kiri Jounin
Kiri Jounin

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PostSubject: Hitomi Shiruku   Sat Aug 15, 2015 10:13 pm

Name: Hitomi Shiruku
Nickname: Hato-White Dove
Age: 16 yrs
Gender: Female

Height: 5"0
Weight: 100lbs
Appearance: Bright auburn hair long and goes past her knees with such length with bright blue eyes that shine with life. Tiny in all aspects and almost looks to young for her age, even her face retains her baby fat cheeks making her rounded face seem childish in all ways and fairly innocent. Her pale skin is still healthy enough to retain a pink tone of life to it rather than be paperwhite.
She almost looks like a doll if she were to sit still and hardly looks anything of her age. She is grown in the breast area but merely to a C meaning she can be told apart from other children but she's still not a teenager in the looks by any means other than her breasts alone. Her outfits tend to be free flowing and light colors of blue and purple. It's also obvious her height and weight are lacking, she's very short for her age with barely at 5"0. Not to mention her weight is light enough to wind herself off the ground quite easily being only at 100 lbs. It's fairly easy to spot her in a crowd with her hair peeking out among others however she's not as easily approachable.
However if one were to spend enough time to see her they'd notice she has what's called scoliosis, this is what primarily hinders her strength as her back is so oddly shaped that it causes pain to have to lift things or even sit properly, as a result she has a slightly off gait when walking, which both helps and hinders her due to the pain but also the enemy has trouble assuming her movement since her off gait puts her position out of whack. For more specifics on this ailment, it is Neuromuscular Scoliosis which wasn't caused from an accident or injury but rather was from birth. Yes even her father had this in the same way which is why he's seen leaning on his left rather than be tall and proud looking in many times she remembers him. Her's hasn't quite hindered her enough to have her lean even when just standing.

Village: Konoha
Character Rank: Chuunin-C
Clan: N/A
Element: Wind(Futon)

Personality: Calm, Quiet, usually to herself. She tends to avoid others not because she doesn't like them but just fearful of them. She tends to be very timid and but bullying is not an answer since she will ignore just about everything you do until you piss her off enough, otherwise she won't let you bully her. When she practices she usually does it alone being that her father isn't able to teach her. If she feels a connection to someone, a sort of trust she'll open up to them very quickly and show her true colors of care. She likes many things which include, the sound and feel of a good passing breeze, birds of all kinds and especially when in flight, anything to deal with the idea of flight interests her entirely. However she does have an interest within the medical field, not so much the idea of death but the idea of securing a life or help aiding others.

Now concerning the fact of her dislikes is pretty tied together, she doesn't trust other people nearly at all. In fact just randomly coming up to her would scare her off more than anything. She also can't stand those overly prideful of themselves or worse those who put others down, let alone harm others, not that she wants to beat them down, but she keeps note of their actions and since she is within the medical field she could easily remember who did what and even go so far ignore their wounds or ailments all together as payback. It seems cruel however she believes in an eye for an eye treatment. She also has a striking fear of storms due to her past experiences with them being with horrific outcomes. Though it's only attained to natural storms, not lightning jutsu or other sorts just natural figments.
Character History: During her Baby or toddler years she was within a safe haven of her family. Her father being a retired worker known as Heizu, and though he had no clan or outstanding potential he did his work without qualm and thus was given some pride to his family’s name. Her mother, named K?ki, sews and seams kimono dresses and other outfits of sorts to sell to market. Her mother was from a dying clan however Hitomi herself didn't gain the potential from her and neither her brother did either, leaving the clan bloodline to die out with her mother.

During her years as a young child the very clan her mother had was being hunted down and mistaken for another clan with similarities to hers. Her mother was the next victim towards these attackers and during this times the children; especially Hitomi had no idea of this danger and was innocent to the troubles her mother soon faced. So during a night at supper it was storming outside pretty harshly however things seemed normal and calm, however at a single flash of lightning an intruder seemed to have appeared out of nowhere into the house. Hitomi’s mother immediately went to her children to protect them where as Heizu the father took a fighting stance and began to fight back the intruder. However more and more came without a second to stop and breathe for the poor man.

After a long fight they had unfortunately overtaken her father and left him out cold but not dead. They aimed to take Hitomi’s younger brother Tamotsu as they weren't sure if he was part of his mother’s clan. With that her mother drove them back by attacking them to protect him and just barely defeated them but not without the attackers leaving a cut from a kunai on her little brother, and leaving her mother crippled to using one of her hands by breaking it. Hitomi came out of it unscathed and healthy, however as she soon found her father wasn't waking up or snapping out of being knocked out, not to mention he was bleeding pretty badly.

Her mother took the choice to mend what she could of her wounds and carry him and her son to the hospital, with Hitomi close by. From then on she gained an abnormal paranoia of natural storms, thinking that at any moment someone of great power could appear and take someone’s life, even her own, and it could be anyone at all. Her mother was left to become a seamstress as she could no longer use jutsu nor learn how to use only one hand to do so, with the other crippled beyond repair. Hitomi took up caring for her baby brother and her father being kept in the hospital for years, deep in his coma-like state from the dangerous wounds he carried from that night on.

As she grew into a child and joined schooling, things were different. Rather than be open with others she seemed secluded and away from her classmates and teachers. She couldn't feel to trust anyone due to the incident and so she scared others off or ignored them to the point of running away. When it finally came to picking what she wanted to be, she decided to become a med-nin. Not only to learn how to heal her mother’s crippling ailment, and her brother’s scar, but also to possibly one day awaken her father and have him return to her happy life she once had.

The test to become a stronger came, and she did fine on it. She was able to sufficiently show that she was normal in grades but excellent in survival. She was easily able to avoid many dangers. She may have a frail body but she had a strong ability and affinity towards chakra control she was able to climb tree tops to avoid danger or attacks and even hide among the wild animals by mimicking them with some basic jutsu learned within the academy. She came out well from this, once again unscathed and healthy. Luck wasn’t just on her side, it was survivability and mental health and she learned it well from her past and from her self-training she had enforced upon herself to learn.

She now studies more medical knowledge and seems curious to dive into human testing just too somehow cure her ailing father, as she was willing to do or learn anything to get him back. All but trust another individual, since she couldn't even come to trust the leaders or elders, not even her teachers or instructors. Only her family, and no one else could she dare to work with for fear of being overtaken and used as her family was once before. She may not have a clan, but she does have a plan, especially for the future and for herself. She may seem selfish, and she may just be, however she feels her reasons are more than justified.

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Hitomi Shiruku
Kiri Jounin
Kiri Jounin

Posts : 308
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PostSubject: Re: Hitomi Shiruku   Sun Aug 23, 2015 2:53 pm

Bump for completion
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PostSubject: Re: Hitomi Shiruku   Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:33 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hitomi Shiruku   

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Hitomi Shiruku
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