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 Becoming a snake god (private)

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Neah Senju
Neah Senju

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PostSubject: Becoming a snake god (private)   Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:06 am

Neah awoke earlier than  usual this day from It was nearly the crack of dawn. he yawned and stretched his arms and legs in his bed and bent over and scratched his butt sleepily as he shuffled towards his bathroom. Hi body felt so much stronger after yesterday’s vigorous training session so much so he could already tell a small difference. he was faster now than he was. This pleased him immensely as he went and showered off and soon emerged from his bathroom draped around his waist was a towel. Today was going to be a even greater day for his training today he was going to learn a new jutsu and improve his sealing abilities as well as his weapons. He quickly clothed himself in his usual attire and grabbed his bag he had from yesterday and put in him snacks as well as a fresh new canteen of water.

He cracked his neck to the side and sprinted out of his home at top speed and soon found himself at the training ground much faster than he had anticipated. The sun was already just creeping over the horizon the desert glowing slightly from the red suns rise from the horizon. It was a truly picturesque moment and wish he could capture its splendor and beauty. Sadly though Neah was no artist well unless you count being a master of ninjutsu a form of art. He stretched out his arms towards the sky his coat gently flapping behind him as he enjoyed the moment of tranquility.  Perhaps living within the desert had some benefits after all.He chucked and reached behind him and grabbed his canteen and took a long drag from it and cracked his neck to the sides. He was most excited right now if he were any ore excited he would be bouncing off the sand dunes. he chuckled at the thought and shook his head and put the canteen away and slapped his cheeks together to psyche him up/ He was going to be doing a bit of ninjutsu training this day. After all its not everyday a man learns His very first S ranks ninjutsu.

He cleared his throat and and closed his eyes for a few moments taking int the empty wasteland and memorizing the beauty of this days sunrise. He quickly reopened his eyes and smirked. He raised his arms upwards and shouted "You hear me world you wont keep me contained i will be the strongest in the land of fire!" He panted a few times and slowly returned his arms to his side. He bite down on his thumb and made  In half a second he made the Boar,Dog, Bird, Monkey and finally the Ram seal and placed his hand down on the ground and said "summoning jutsu!" A large white smokescreen appeared before him and once again there before him was his faitheful friend Bachi. The little white snake flicked her tongue out and looked curiously at neah. "Summoning me again neah-sama I am most honored  is there something you need?" He bent down and slide his hand down and bachi affectionatly slithered up it and perched herself on his shoulder. "Well bachi actually yes i had a question about a jutsu on the snake jutsu scroll." The snake turned her head curiously " What was the jutsu you were wondering about." Neah paused for a few moments and spoke " zit was the eight branches technique." the summon widened her eyes in fear at the technique. "That is a S rank technique neah-sama are you sure you can handle it i do not know much about it only what i have heard in rumors."

Neah smirked and nuzzled his cheek against bachi. " I will be fine bachi after alli am a ninjutsu master just tell me what you know please old friend." Bachi hesitated for a few moments and sighed. " As you wish Neah sama but you have been warned." He slithered down off his shoulder and slithered onto the ground and would stare up at him in a worried fashion. She woould pause for a few more moments looking upon her friend and sighed once again and would speak. "From what I have heard of this technique you transform into a giant eight headed serpent that is larger than the chief of the snake and even slightly taller than a tailed beast. Your physical body will remain inside the snakes and you are capable of being able to move about it without disrupting the jutsu in a sense it is a avatar sort of from." Neah was shocked at learning about the mimmense power of the eight branches technique. If he was taller than a bijuu he would be able to help defend against one should one roam and threaten his village. It would be a excellent chance for him to show his worth to the council. His smilled broaded wider at the aspect of this and he shook his head bringing himself back to earth. He bent down onto the ground and gently stroked Bachis head in gratitude. and spoke in a kind and warm tone. "Thanks bachi I knew I could always count on you for some help when I need it. Would you care to stay and witness my training if not then you can go back."

The snake shook her head " No no i wish to stay and watch and be a witness to this and see how this jutsu works." Neah nodded his head and narrowed his eyes in concentration. This jutsu he was about to undertake required no handseal which in his defence would prove to be very useful to him. he grinned and muttered only one phrase "yamata no jutsu!" Suddenly his body quickly formed into a large white mass and he could feel himself growing larger and larger by the millisecond. He looked down as the eight serpent heads burst outwards as well as there tails sprouting.  he chuckled within the the great serpent his eyes alight with greed at the transformation almost becoming intoxicated by the sheer power and size of the jutsu. Bachi stood below neah frightened at the transformation which quickly brought him back to his senses. The middle snake head opened its mouth and the upper half of neah appeared dripping with a green fluid around his body. "It's ok bachi don't worry im still here." Neah turned toward the east and saw a large rock about 10 meters away. he outstretched his seven heads and wrapped around it and smirked  at the sheer speed of the serpents heads and bodies. This was truly a magnificent technique to have. He laughed as he then crushed the boulder with a simple squeeze and returned his heads back to there proper order. "This is spectacular i feel nearly invisible with this jutsu hahaI am glad you were here to witness it bachi."

Neah quickly ended the jutsu and returned to his original form and shook off the green fluid like a wet dog from his body.  Well then let me see what else i should learn any suggestions bachi? Bach s quickly returned back to Neahs side and chuckled as she crawled up his back "Well neah-sama you could always learn some more elemental ninjutsu after all it never hurt to have to many." Neah chuckled and nodded his head at bachi. "You have a good point my old friend let me see I have no water style I should remedy that." He cracked his neck and would pick up ocha and begin to traverse the desert heading to a known oasis he had found. It wouldn't take him long to get there and when he did it was just as beautiful and peaceful as it was when he ran into his new friend and clansmen gen. He slowly set Bachi down on to the ground and took off his sandals and walked into the pond. He was going to start off with learning some basics first after all there was no real rush. He silently stood watch as he combed his memory about water style ninjutsu. He remembered one jutsu immediately. It wasn't particularly powerful but it however was useful in areas with large amounts of water. He muttered to himself "Well here goes nothing." He quickly formed the tiger hand seal and set about his journey as he and his body became one with the water. It was a most curious sensation but he will admit it felt rather nice. He would not remain under the water long though and he and his body returned to its original state as he crack his knuckles. "Well that was a easy one let me see what else I can learn."

Wc 1,472
Words used for training: 1,200 (learned Yamata no jin and Hiding in water technique)
Words remaining:272
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Neah Senju
Neah Senju

Posts : 258
Join date : 2015-02-27
Age : 31

PostSubject: Re: Becoming a snake god (private)   Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:20 pm

Bachi would hiss in enthusiasm since she had no hands to clap with being a snake and all. Neah chuckled and clapped for bachi instead. " Alright let me see now let me see if i can learn some more suiton do you have any suggestions bachi?" The snake paused for a few moments and pondered this question. She knew of a few jutsu but sadly she sould not preform them due to her belong without a element at the moment. "Well neah-sama there are quite a few differnt jutsu you could learn fro water style i suggest getting something used for defense." neah gently rubbed his chin in pondering as he sat down into the water. "Hmmm defensive you sure bachi you andI both know im more of the offensive type but i trust your recommendations they have yet to be bad advice.

Bachi smiled and nodded her head proudly and somewhat arrogantly. " Thank you neah sama i may be small but i am pretty knowledgeable. Now i suggest learning the along the C rank level or higher." Neah nodded his head and cleared his throat. He closed his eyes and slowly combed his mind through the memories once again. He had spent much of his youth pouring over jutsu scrolls wanting to learn as much as possible. there were quite a few jutsu he could pick through but he would need to pick one at a time he wanted to be careful and didn't wat to overtax his system from the training. Perhaps he should go with a hiding ninjutsu that way he would be safe from detection should he travel along the road he could be virtually invisible. There were quite a few different techniques withing this category but there was one one for water style. That jutsu was the Dustless Bewildering Cover jutsu. He sighed and quickly stood up and looked down at bachi. " I have made up my mind bachi i shall instead Be going with learning a different technique though it could be classified as defensive." He formed the tiger handseal and soon his body disappeared leaving behind no trace his body and form would have no physical form and he would be undetectable through chakra sensing.

He smiled as bachi looked about frantically for him and he would end the jutsu as he stood before bachi and made a scary looking face. the snake hissed and recoiled and panted angrily at neah. He would burst out laughing at his little prank as bachi recovered from the shock. " haha haha... oh man the look on your face bachi priceless hahaha." Bachi hissed angrily and looked at neah " I was not scared neah you just caught me off guard is all." she coiled up on the sand rather annoyed at the prank and narrowed her eyes as she would continue to watch neah do his training. He looked over at bachi and began to feel some guilt about scaring her. But it was all in good fun and he would make it up to her. He smiled as he looked down and saw a desert mouse move towards the oasis next to him and drink from the water. He smiled and would move slowly and would gently scoop up the little creature and gentle stroke its back.

The little creature was frantic as he tried to calm it. He turned to bachi and smiled and spoke. "Hey bachi Lunch is on me." He smirked and tossed the little mouse towards bachi. Her eyes widen as she saw the mouse coming towards her as her stomach growled and she leaped into the air and quickly coiled around the tiny little mouse and constricted around it. She nodded her head and spoke "Apology accepted neah-sama Itadakimasu!" she crushed the little mouse and unhinged her jaw and began to devour the little creature. He would return to his training as he did not wish to watch her eat her meal. Not to mention it was a tad disturbing to him. " Alright lets get another few jutsu done and then im heading back to clean up and pack. My time in suna is drawing to a close and i wish to return to the leaf village." He once again closed his eyes in concentration and shifted through the known volumes of scrolls he had about water style and earth style ninjutsu. "Perhaps it was time for him to learn something more offensive.

He knew he was going to be pushing himself to the limit this day but already he was slowly beginning to feel a little fatigue. He bent down on the waters surface and scooped up some water and was about to splash his face when he came to a sudden realization. He looked down at the scooped up water and smirked and laughed. "Ohh I have just gotten a great idea bachi time for me to learn two more water style jutsu. The potent idea he had would combine clone jutsu as well as trap ninjutsu that could be used as a defensive manner. He was going to learn both the water clone jutsu and then the water prison jutsu. Oh he could not wait to learn them they are a perfect combination and work extremely well together not to mention he could always have them sealed inside a scroll. he licked his lips slowly and sighed. Perhaps he would start off with learning the water clone jutsu that seemed to be of a more practical idea. He already had the shadow clone jutsu but the water clone jutsu was just as good and would cost him less chakra to create per clone. "alright time to learn the water clone then onto water prison jutu now let me see if my memory is correct the water clone handseal is just the tiger seal."

He cracked his neck to the side and then cracked his knuckles. he formed the tiger hand seal and to the sides of him stood two water clones as they quickly formed into duplicates of himself. he smiled as he looked at them. "My my aren't we the handsome devils." the clones and him laughed in unison/ " alright boys you know why i brought you here lets move on to the second phase of the operation shall we. "then clones nodded there heads and also cracked there knuckles. "Time for the water prison jutsu now the seals for that are a bit long but we should easily be able to form them within a second after all our ninjutsu skills are very high. The clones smirked in smugness and pride at there skills as well did neah. Alright the seals are Snake, Ram, Horse, Hare, Ram, Horse,Hare then spread our Hands so they are spread in front palms facing out out or just do the snake hand seal Snake, Ox and then finally clap our hand." the clone nodded there heads in understand and spoke in unison "Seems simple enough lets get to it. The clones would quickly form the hand seals and would form a dome of water around each of them as well as neah. The water was very different than he expected it was much heavier probably due to the density of the chakra infused with in the water. He smiled and gave a thumbs up and ended the clone jutsu and in turn dispersed the water prison jutsus. He fell to the water his knees within the oasis as he coughed up a little bit of water.

WC 1264
Words used for training 800 ( Learned water clone jutsu and water prison jutsu)
Words remaining 736 from previous post
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Neah Senju
Neah Senju

Posts : 258
Join date : 2015-02-27
Age : 31

PostSubject: Re: Becoming a snake god (private)   Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:46 pm

He panted slightly as he coughed up some more water of of his lungs and looked over at bachi. He gave her a reassuring smile as she looked over at him with concern. " Even though she had half the mouse in her mouth.  he chuckled and wiped off his lips with his sleeve and spoke with a calm tone. "Well mental note try not to use that on myself if i do not half too."Bachi shook her head and returned to swallowing the tiny little mouth neah had given her. It was about time he should mix up his training a little bit. He was going to move onto a mixture of learning two high ranking ninjutsu one water style and one earth style. He was somewhat excited since these would be his very first elemental A rank ninjutsu. There was so much to choose from it was hard to decide. There were so many different possibilities for A rank ninjutsu to learn from. He licked his lips slowly and greedily as he took a few steps out of the water.

He looked down at bachi as she swallowed the mouse he had given her. She placed her jaw back in place and let out a loud belch which made him snicker. He walked over towards bachi and picked her up and placed her on his shoulder. ' Ughh careful neah sama" bachi would say in a uncomfortable manner. He smiled and leaned down and kissed the side of her head. " Don't worry bachi ill be careful i know you just ate and all but i had to pick you up after all I don't want you getting hurt. He sighed and would make up his mind quickly. He would traverse the sands for a little bit and get away from the oasis. he did not wish to cause any damage to the little ray of hope hidden within the desert. He was first going to learn the earth style jutsu swamp of the underworld. It had a great range and most of all it was very hard to miss with. He exhaled as he dove into his mind and found the information he was looking for delved into a memory. He had asked his father to show him some of his stronger jutsus when he was much younger. But even now he can remember as clear as day the hand seals his father had weaved. He brought his hands together and quickly formed the boar and finally the tiger handseal and before him in the vast desert 3 meters away the sands surface changed in a instant and became a dark viscous purple like fluid the size of a large pond.

He nodded his head in appreciation at the splendor at it and would mover onto a secondary training. He was going to learn the Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique. He now had a ample supply of water thanks to his swamp of the underworld. It would take him a little longer than usual to complete the hand seals since this technique had so man. After forming the final hand seal  he paused for a moment and shouted " Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!" Using the water provided by his swamp he surged and gather up the water several meters high and smiled as he fired it out towards the desert. He paused and would pant a few times and fall to one knee as he spat and looked up. The sheer decimation the jutsu he just unleashed was astounding it looked as if a tsunami had hit the desert. He chuckled and disperse the swamp of the underworld jutsu and turned his back and returned to suna with bachi on his shoulder . She smiled and spoke "Nice job neah-sama  call me again if you interested in having company for more training." She poofed off his shoulder but he continued through the smoke and headed into the sand villages direction getting ready for his journey home.

(Zanji exit)

WC: 670
Twc: 3,361
words used for training: Used excess 736 plus 700 from this thread to train the two A rank jutsu used 1400
Excess remaining 106.
Jutsu Trainied:
jutsu learned:
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a snake god (private)   

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Becoming a snake god (private)
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