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 Circus of Slaughter [A-Rank, Private]

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Kiri Chunin

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PostSubject: Circus of Slaughter [A-Rank, Private]   Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:12 pm

Mission Briefing:

Having just finished breakfast Akio would yawn as he cleaned up the dishes, washing them before placing them on a cloth to dry. Not too long ago the young Uchiha had gotten a promotion from Genin to Chunin and he had accepted his first solo A Ranked mission. Grabbing his hitai-ate from the top of his dresser as he tightened it loosely around his neck, letting it hang loose with it resting on his collarbone. Leaving his house Akio would not have to actually walk into the village for this mission, seeing as his destination would be not far from his house which was located outside of the village itself. Akio had been tasked with convincing a group of presumed squatters to leave the forest near the village or gain permission from the village, meaning they would have to either pack up or agree with the village and hope they are treated generously. The latter Akio honestly didn't see happening, but he was told to try and come up with a business agreement with the group. Although it would all depend on the groups outlook on the whole situation to be honest.

Taking his time as he left the house Akio would slowly make his way down from the buildings elevated and secluded position before walking at a steady pace through the forest. For the most part Akio would seem to be taking a walk through the forest with the amount of small hiking trails surrounded by brush and the like that dwarfed the trails in comparison. Not able to see too far into the forest due to the tall trees Akio would have nothing to go own besides sound. Which wasn't helpful since Akio was about to backtrack and start he search over, believing that he might have actually gotten lost. However, Akio's thought of such a thing would be interrupted as he heard the faint sound of clapping and cheering. Stopping for a second to listen to the sounds and locate Akio would turn to face it's direction before continuing on his way in the same slow paced manner.

After what had seemed like the longest walk ever Akio would finally come to a clearing where a dirt circle with a few poorly made stands and benches dotted the clearing. Honestly Akio was not sure if he had found the right group or simply stumbled upon a completely new one. From what he was told these people were known as a popular circus among the local population including Kiri itself. Although they didn't seem like a circus at all from the looks of the small camp. While there were handlers and animals which were in truth quite talented they seemed to be struggling from the looks of the stands and the lack of any shelter besides a few small tents that Akio figured were the circus member's private living quarters.

Noticing an act that involved what seemed to be a rather docile tiger the Uchiha would put the mission to the side for the moment as he would take a seat and watch the act unfold. Bringing out a few items from a bag he had set beside the dirt circle the handler would set them up in a sort of course-like fashion. Then he would begin to coax the tiger through the coarse. Following the handler's orders the tiger would first make his way through a metal tube that was just his size, a simple task that would begin the course. The act would become more complex as the tiger continued along it. After the tube the tiger would continue on to a gap in the course, grabbing a hoop the handler would bring it closer to the tiger in a swift, swinging motion before swinging it back and then swinging it one last time. Every swing the tiger would turn to the hoop and jump through it before repeating the action for a total of three jumps through the hoop with no complications.

While he was not entertained by the act Akio did find at least some enjoyment in it as he enjoyed cats quite a bit even if they were of such a large stature. Relaxing back on the bench Akio would continue to watch as the tiger preformed the third act, sitting on a small cylinder that was only a bit bigger than one of his paws as he sat on his back legs. Hoping down from the cylinder the tiger would move on to the last obstacle, a large net that was hung vertically with two tall wooden posts with a third post that stood about two meters over the net and had a single length of knotted rope from it. While Akio grew curious as to what the course was all about he couldn't say he was impressed by any of the actual obstacles themselves. Then as he watched the tiger would quickly jump onto the net, climbing it quickly as it used it's momentum to jump from the top of it and grab the length of rope with it's front paws. After which the tiger would swing on the rope once before letting go, performing a back flip before landing flat on it's feet. As the tiger posed the crowd would clap before the handler would bow and walk away with the tiger following him.

Having seen enough Akio would glance around the area, quckly finding a tent larger than the other's which seemed to have a small line of people leading to it. Walking up to the tent he would be stopped from entering as two big men blocked him by lowering their arms in front of the entrance. Although as they saw is Kiri hitai-ate they would nod and allow him to continue in. Locating the woman who seemed to be in charge Akio would walk up to her.

As he approached her the lady would raise a brow, noticing the boy's hitai-ate that was resting in front of his neck. "A shinobi from the village an interesting sight, but what brings you here?" She asked Akio as she seemed to be a bit concerned as to what his intentions were. "I am here to inform you that you are not permitted to set up a camp here." Akio would say, noticing his words had caused the woman's eyes to narrow. She seemed a bit aggravated, although would not say anything as Akio spoke up once more. "However the village would like to strike up a deal instead of kicking you out. While I don't know specific details I would imagine they would be able to fund you for tents and the such. They would probably want a percent of the profits though."

While she was not excited the woman seemed content as she nodded slowly. "Perhaps that would work out, I'll send someone to talk out the details tonight. Tell them they have a deal as long as it is reasonable and my representative will be there before sundown." Nodding in response Akio would turn to face the exit of the tent. "I'm glad we could come to an agreement." He said before walking out of the tent and exiting the area. He would head straight for the village as he had successfully completed his first A-Rank mission alone.

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Circus of Slaughter [A-Rank, Private]
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