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 TEtra's Mission Thread

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PostSubject: TEtra's Mission Thread   Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:54 am


Seyusuko had arrived at the meeting location. The woman had appeared before a small group of people. One had been male. He was somewhat small compared to Seyusuko herself. No, he was downright tiny. It was funny how he had such a big attitude for such a little guy. Sey had made note that she was the only reinforcement that was sent. This of course had the small man in an uproar. Explaiming that this woman was nothing more than a wench that shouldn't have been made a ninja. She was too tall, she was too weak, she was too slow. It was all quite amusing to Seyusuko how he held himself in such regard. She would let him talk his talk. She wasn't getting paid to respond to him, she was getting paid to actually protect the group of people. Well, to be fair she was getting paid to protect him. So they others didn't matter in her eyes. They could all die horrible deaths and Sey wouldn't lift a finger. The moment the young loud mouth would be hurt or otherwise would be when she made her move. It was a thing of which she didn't care for, but she'd do it anyway. Sey's body would move with the caravan for what seemed like ages.

It felt as though it was happening through the different days. But there was only really perhaps three days time of travel total. The second day, however, was when everything went from annoying to bad. The one thing that Sey disliked the most was random bandits. They were annoying more than anything. Sey's body would enter into the relaxed stance of Eien no Bi. She'd stand there as ten bandits surrounded the Prince and the cart. Sey herself would stand there somewhat close to the prince as they began rummaging through the carts with swords pointed at both Seyusuko and the prince. How pitiful. The little man was now screaming his head off about how Sey was good for nothing and didn't accomplish anything and was a failure at her job. Pitiful. As the bandits moved in to grab the prince, Seyusuko spoke out in a stone like monotone voice which echoed through the air.

"You don't want to do that."

Sey's body would shift but only slightly as the man scoffed at her comment. The instant that the bandit laid a single hair upon the prince he was flown backwards into a tree causing it to fall down on top of him with little effort. Seyusuko looked as though she didn't mvoe a single inch. She stood there, staring forward as the little loud man was finally quiet for a moment. It was then that a large brute of a man appeared from behind the bandits. He held a giant war-hammer like object as he stared down at Sey with her golden eyes staring back. The giant of a man would stare at Seyusuko with a burning passion to destroy her with all of his might. Pitiful once more. He lifted the large hammer over his head as it came crashing down. As it struck down on top of Sey a loud crunch happened. The next thing to note is that dust was blown everywhere along with debris. Silence. Everyone looked to the area where the smoke was and saw only smoke. Finally, it began to clear only to see the large woman standing there with her hand holding the hammer. Her body was impaled several feet into the ground causing a crater. But yet she stood there unharmed.

Sey's body would slowly lift the hammer off to the side before letting it drop to the ground causing a large crashing sound. As the dust from that small aspect cleared, Sey would stare at the man who was before her. The large man who held the giant hammer. He was furious and scared all at the same time. The large man displayed weakness. It was so sad to see such a strong being attempt to do something so stupid. She would cast aside her thoughts and begin stepping forward. She made no effort to talk to the man. Nor did she make an effort to bother doing anything. No, instead, she'd simply stand several inches before the man. She would seemingly make no movements, however, in reality she'd tear the man limb from limb. A moment after she would seemingly appear behind the man. As she stood there, the man would fall to pieces. The rest of the men that followed his command all scurried away screaming and yelling. How pitiful. They managed to keep their lives but for now, that wasn't that much of a great accomplishment. Sey would stand there, the area barren of all things except the prince and her. There, she would escort the Prince back to where he wanted to go. The rest of the trip he was actually silent. It was calming and enjoyable.

Seyusuko would stand before the Kage now, after having dropped off the Prince. She was being debriefed. She offered no more explanation than the simple words she gave as testament.



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TEtra's Mission Thread
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