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 Noba Clan - Scorch Release

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Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin

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PostSubject: Noba Clan - Scorch Release   Sat Aug 08, 2015 9:08 pm

Clan Name: Noba Clan
Clan Location: Sunagakure (as per Canon)
Size: 5
Clan Ability Description: Scorch Release (灼遁, Shakuton, Viz: Scorch Style) is a combined nature transformation kekkei genkai made up of techniques that mix fire and wind-based[1] chakra to create variations depending on the ratio. From incinerating flames to scorching temperatures that evaporate water. Naturally being of fire nature it holds a weakness to water release but not to the extent of normal fire release. Water turns to steam. The Release is far hotter and more ferocious.

The members of this clan seem to be unaffected by extreme temperatures of the dessert. Having a higher tolerance for unforgiving heat and function with a low level of hydration. Clan members have a higher tolerance towards fire based Jutsu.

Katon based Jutsu experience an increase of Damage by 1-rank.
Katon based Jutsu used against these clan members experience a decrease of damage by 1-rank

History: The Noba Clan originates from the Sunagakure Village not every Noba member is able to use the Scorch Release. The Noba clan were nomads largely moving home ever so often. Some say that Sunagakure's heat and lack of water is because of this clan. This however is not the case. The Noba clan was absorbed by the newly found village Sunagakure and has been part of said village ever since. The Current Head of the Noba clan is Takiya Noba.

The clan members tend to have a red circumference around their eyes. Some offspring display dark red or orange in their hair color. Burnt hands often hint towards the clan but that is the same with any fire clan.

The clan symbol is of a spiraling fire ball, some might see the resemblance with the uzumaki clan's whirlpool but the circles are flared instead of straight. The clan symbol is often branded onto the bodies of the clan members. It is most common to have them branded on their forearm or shoulders.

Bloodline Reputation: Not even their neighbors know who they are.
Clan Jutsus:

Name: Scorch Release: Incinerating Flare Technique
Rank: C
Type: offensive
Element: Scorch
Range: Short to Medium
Handseals: Monkey, Tiger, Rat
Speed: (Only if possible; Refer to Speed stats)
Description: The user creates several flaming orbs that resemble small suns. These orbs rotate around the user and can be freely controlled to attack enemies. When an orb touches an opponent, it apparently evaporates all the water inside their body, leaving them in a mummified state. When this happens, steam can be seen emitting from the opponent's body.[2] However, this technique is vulnerable to Water Release, which can be used to dissipate the heat, becoming steam.[3]

Name: Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder
Rank: B
Type: offensive
Element: Scorch
Range: Medium to Long
Handseals: Tiger
Speed: (Only if possible; Refer to Speed stats)
Description: combines several of her flaming orbs to create a single massive one, which then violently explodes with enough force and power to incinerate a large area around it. When this happens, steam can be seen emitting from the area.
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Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Noba Clan - Scorch Release   Sun Aug 09, 2015 1:43 pm

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Noba Clan - Scorch Release
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