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 Scorpion Influx: Genesis{Mission}

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Kyoto Yoshida

Kyoto Yoshida

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PostSubject: Scorpion Influx: Genesis{Mission}   Tue Aug 11, 2015 7:58 pm

Mission Name: Scorpion Influx
Rank: C-Rank
Type: NPC
Client: The Village
Exp/Ryo Reward: 250 Exp|300 Ryo
Mission Description: As of late citizens have been noticing a great deal of Scorpions in the village. Given their venomous sting, this has easily become an issue that needs to be dealt with with urgency. Do your share by eliminating at least 10 Scorpions. They are no bigger than your typical scorpion, but be careful to not get stung. If you do you forfeit over your ryo reward for treatment to the venom.
Location: Sunagakure
Additional Information: N/A
Eligible Members: Sunagakure Ninja

At the butt crack of dawn the a priest strolls through Sunagakure happily, trying to spread the gospel of his lord, Jashin. "Heellooo fellow villagers! Ninja and civilans, our lord Jashin has come to me! Gave me visions about..." The priest stops talking as he notice the people of Suna are completely ignoring him. "...its ok Kyo. They'll be judge and then will be crying to me for help. Pfft. See if i try then.." he says to himself as his stroll come to an end and he begins moving towards the Village's Gate. "Well im to meet..Sachiro..Sackio...??? atleast i think thats him. Well we are to meet up here for the mission. hopefully its not some dumb kid." Revealing that hes now on his way to a mission, only thing is hes partnering up with someone he known little to nothing about. But in Kyo's mind, this is a perfect opportunity to spread the word of Jashin to his ninja peers and eventually add to the Church of the lord himself. Just a smile is seen on Kyo's face as the thought excitedly replayed in his head, waiting for his mission partner to come join. "The Church Of Jashin!"
Only minuets has passed and Kyo already grew impatient. "....This guy.. is taking forever! Lord Jashin wouldn't want someones whos late all the time! I mean how hard can a couple of bugs be?" Without hesitation, the priest move right outside of the village where he almost instantly run into one of the many scorpions he had to get rid of "Ha! Gotcha!" Moving towards the little bug, Kyo raises his foot over it then slamming it down on the scorpion. Squishing noise was heard after that but nothing gross or anything. Kyo continues to walk around the village looking for scorpions to squash. "Come on out you little critters! Lord Jashin is calling you home! Be happy and rejoice!"
Not too long after the provoking another four scorpions came out to rush Kyo! "Heh." Kyo snickers as he crack a smile "You fooooooollllssss!" In almost what seems to be slow motion, Kyo once again picks his foot up and quicky stomp on the four charging scorpions, one at a time. Ta! Ta! Ta! Ta! "If this isnt THE easiest mission there is then I dont know what is!" All of a sudden a quick jolt of pain runs through Kyo's leg. Not much pain more like a pinch.." Oh shit..?" Turning around and now looking down to his heel, Kyo sees another scorpion, jabbing him with his stinger."Fuccccckkkkkkk! Nooooooo! My fight money!!!!" A stipulation the mission stated. "If stung by the poisonous scorpions, the mission taker shall resign the reward money. In order to cover the cost for the cure" A sigh was let out of Kyo as he stops joking around and hurrys and steps on this scorpion. "Well..gotta pick up another mission after this one i guess.." Kyo decided its time to finish this up so he can either go home or get another mission.
Aftre a of couple minuets of walking out side Kyo spots two more of the bugs. Splat! All what was heard from the stompage Kyo had put onto them...something crucial at that.. "annndd.." Kyo can hear some more scorpions but cant really tell for sure, where they at. But not too long after, a rock caught kyo's eyes. Bending down to pick up the rock slowly reveals to be nothing!. "Hmmm.."Kyo ponders to himself as another prick comes down on his foot again, this time already knosthe reason. "you Jashin damn bastards..." Kyo sounded ticked as he jumps up, turns in mid air and throws the rock onto the scorpion making it explode with the force behind the throw! Soon after, rushing to avenge his fallen brother, another scorpion rushes out of no where! But is easily dealt with with another foot stomp from the priest. "i think that should do it... might call it a day with this nonsense.." says kyo as he heads back into the village.

Reward: 250exp
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Early Man
Suna Genin
Suna Genin
Early Man

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PostSubject: Re: Scorpion Influx: Genesis{Mission}   Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:47 pm

Sachio had heard word yet again that the scorpion infestation has returned and began to plague the sands of Sunagakure. They were such troublesome creatures that were rather vexing, not only to the people, but Sachio and many other Genin in the village especially. Not only were they troubled by their presence like the citizens were, but the Genin and some others were tasked with the piss poor job of alleviating the village of them. The task was simple enough however. Only ten needed to be killed by each ninja the mission was given to. A select number of shinobi was specifically picked to eliminate a certain number of the critters to make sure they weren't being killed to the point of endangering their species nor troubling the villagers. *crunch* Believe it or not, scorpions were a big part of the Sunagakure community, mostly medical wise, but Sachio could probably find some prey that they killed and ate frequently that was beneficial to humans. But medically *squish, crunch*, they were very helpful creatures, landing in the ranks of herbs, spiders, and serpents with their toxins and possibly even antidotes. *crunch*. With this one he just squished, Sachio had to tap the front/toes of his shoes against the ground to make the remainder of the dead insect fall off. Nasty little buggers they were. Continuing his trek through the sands Sachio began to notice a small volume of other shinobi were scouring around, necks craned forward, eyes squinted, looking high, looking low. Sachio figured he really needed to get a move on with other Shinobi going for scorpions as well. If he wasn't quick he'd be looking for what was turned into a scarcity due to the other shinobi. Sachio surely didn't want to be out here all day and night so he picked up the pace. With a large lump some of ninja searching on the ground for the scorpions, Sachio figured he'd take to higher grounds. Roving atop roofs, he found a small cluster of the stinger armed arachnids and they found him. They were pretty violent, perhaps aware that their species was being killed off by the shinobi in the village? Sachio chuckled at this, they were huddled in a shadow covered corner, three in number each with their stinger arched ready to defend themselves. Sachio sighed, he could just step on them, but he didm't want to risk getting stung. He remembered last time when a kid got caught with a stinger and his ankle was swollen like it was an over filled water ballon. A few hand seals made in a  blur, the Chunin made an academy generic clone. The insects obviously didn't have the mental capacity to tell apart the two or figure that the clone didn't have tangibility, a shadow, etc. With that Sachio departed the building to loop around and climb up on another side while the clone held their attention. Already in a shadow, Sachio's descending foot didn't draw their attention and a relieving *crunch, squash, bleckit* was heard as each was killed, yummy. That was seven killed, so Sachio was entitled to kill three more of the scum, simple enough. He had begun to notice a pattern as well, they seemed to be lingering in the shadows. Sachio couldn't blame them, cause these heat was ravaging. Keeping that in mind as he proceeded along the rooftops *crunch* he kept his eye scanning the shadows in the small corners as he proceeded, but was still careful to be aware of his surroundings and obstacles as to not crash or miss a step. *squish* One more remained and Sachio was dripping sweat at this moment, perhaps taking he rooftop route wasn't smartest, especially while traversing them, the physical exertion was tiring. Heading to the oasis for a drink, he found his last target and completed his mission before getting a drink of water to hydrate himself. *crunch*

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Scorpion Influx: Genesis{Mission}
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