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 Hiding in the Sand[Private,Mission]

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PostSubject: Hiding in the Sand[Private,Mission]   Wed Aug 12, 2015 2:26 pm

With one other ninja, Sachio was out for a bit of training. He had a big mission later today that involved infiltration of another country, his first insertion mission actually and he was shamelessly excited. Before he left however, he needed a certain skill under his belt and mastered. Sensing chakra for him wasn't much work. It came rather naturally to him. Extending his range of perception with his own energy, it was like expanding one's existence to touch things normally not touchable. A very handy tool in the line of work Sachio had taken, but, but suppressing chakra was something he had yet to learn. It was a very important skill for one to have, not only in foreign countries, but in one's own land. What if an attack were to occur or just an invading army was approaching and he needed to get away. Without the ability to suppress his chakra, he could be a liability and that wasn't a possibility Sachio enjoyed. Out in the desert a few meters away from the village, Sachio was training with another Chunin, one who had mastered chakra suppression and was actually a sensory ninja. Already having had the principles explained to him, all that was left was execution. The training routine was simple and it was like a game of hide and seek. Sachio was about 100m away from where they were when the Chunin explained the idea of chakra suppression to him and by now the Chunin should be seeking Sachio out. To make the training more intense, they had sound themselves a nice area where sand was notorious for constantly being blow about in the air mimicking a very light sandstorm.

Sachio was laying against a sand dune, still as can be and focused on doing what he thought was making his chakra unnoticeable to generic sensory. He'd have to have the technique near perfect for it to work however. The two were the only ones out here, so even the slightest ping in his chakra would make him detectable with him being one of two chakra pools out in the area they were in. His breathing was well paced, in through the nose and out through the mouth silently. "For the most part you're doing a good job." The voice startled Sachio and came form atop the sand dune he was hiding against. Looking up at the Chunin he waited for notes on his performance. "But you're still prepping a bit of chakra to be prepared to react at a moments notice. That's what I'm able to pick up on and what others will be able to pick up on again. Try again, then we'll move on to chakra suppression while moving." Sachio nodded and headed out, this time calming down his body from its normally high strung condition to a more laced state where he was still physically prepared to retaliate, but without chakra. It wasn't a feeling he liked, he felt vulnerable since he wasn't a Taijutsu practitioner, but he figured that's how it was supposed to feel since one wouldn't normally fight and suppress chakra at the same time.

Chakra Suppression Learned 524/500
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Suna Genin
Suna Genin
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Posts : 179
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in the Sand[Private,Mission]   Wed Aug 12, 2015 3:58 pm

Mission Details:

Sachio felt he had mastered the idea of chakra suppression and it had been roughly half an hour since he last interacted with the Chunin. Last time it had only taken the ninja about five measly minutes to locate him. Releasing his bind on his chakra, he let the resource flow freely throughout his body and waited. It only took moments for the Chunin to arrive this time. "Looks like you really got the hang of that huh?" Sachio nodded, eyes squinted due to the sand looking out in the distance. "Yeah, I even have the hang out chakra suppression while moving, I think I should be good to go on that mission now. I really appreciate your help." The Chunin nodded. "I have one more thing I'd like to teach you though, before you leave at least." Sachio looked up at the sky, he hadn't had the time, he would barely have time to rest before he had to depart for the mission. "Can't, I need to head back and prepare for the mission." The Chunin sighed, but understood and together they headed back to the village and Sachio rested up.

With the time of day the moon gazed down on the village comfortably showing no signs of moving anytime soon. The sun had long ago set and Sachio had rested up and prepared for his mission. Where he was now was at the gates of Sunagakure with two other shinobi that also bore the rank of Chunin. They were clothed like typical cliché shinobi in all black. A short kimono on the torso with a fishnet shirt underneath. Black shinobi pants gathered below the knee where shin guards and ninja tabi were. The short kimono stopped at the elbow, letting arm guards reign over the forearm area where the fish net shirt also resided until it stopped at the wrist. Around his neck Sachio had a black scarf that only had loose slack in the front. The knot was agains the back of his neck resting harmlessly.

Together the trio reviewed the mission at hand, at least their first order of business. This was to get to the Land of Rivers in one piece and of course undetected. Crouched down in a circle, one of the shinobi drew in the sand, this shinobi was assigned to be the leader of the mission. "We're here-" He drew a rough sketch consisting of shapes of Sunagakure, a circle then its walls depicted with a few lines. "The Land of Rivers is a good deal of space to the east." He slid his finger to the right signifying east to where they'd need to go then dotted some spots along this line. "These are villages we'll come across on the way there. Two of which we'll rest at. This one-" He pointed at a dot, it was near the end of the line that had a curved line drawn cutting it off, this being the border of the Land of Wind signifying where the Land of Rivers stopped. "This village closet the the Land of Rivers is one we will surely rest at. Here we will ensure we are prepared once more, hydrate, go over the mission once more, rest for maybe an hour if we make good time, and things of that nature. Unless there are objections, we will also rest here." This dot was in the middle of their journey, it sounded good to Sachio. "No issues on my behalf." The other Chunin agreed and the three stood, the leader brushing his foot over the illustration destroying it. "Alright lets get a move on then."

One more kick in the sand to make sure the plan was erased, the trio departed the village. Quickly they moved through the sands of Sunagakure. They did much more running than they did walking, Sachio was perfectly fine with this given their insertion in the Land of Rivers was to happen at a precise time. This meant that the faster they moved now, the more time they'd have at the last small village to rest and prepare. Not that Sachio needed to, but perhaps he could find something to paint or something. "Just to make sure." They were still running, have continued beyond a village that could be faintly seen in the distance. "Everyone knows how to suppress their chakra and sense out chakras correct?" A wave of relief washed over Sachio as he could answer affirmative to this. "Yeah I'm good." Sachio had just learned the technique a bit earlier, not even a full day ago, so he was still a bit rusty, but he had been executing the technique throughout the whole day to practice sustaining suppression. "Same here." "Good, this should be an easy mission then." Sachio wondered why the Chunin said that, cause he himself felt that it'd still be very dangerous and definitely not easy, he held his tongue though.

Mission Complete
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Hiding in the Sand[Private,Mission]
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