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 Mission: Boar Hunting [Mission/Private]

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Takeshi Uchiha
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Kiri Genin

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PostSubject: Mission: Boar Hunting [Mission/Private]   Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:30 am


Takeshi got up bright and early, ready for some action! He flipped himself out of bed, crouched on the ground, pulling a kunai from under his pillow, and looked around silently with his eyes, pretending he was on a covert mission and he needed to be very careful. One false move and that would be the end of him. He rolled on the tatami floor, stopped, looked around again, sniffed the air, searched for anything out of place, even a shadow, even a crumpled piece of paper!

'Ah ha! Got you now!', the boy thought, seeing a crumpled piece of paper he'd missed tossing in the wastebasket. The boy quickly launched his kunai at the piece of paper and BAM! He it it straight on. "Take that! Haha you're dead!, the boy said, laughing. He went over and removed the kunai as if it were a slight struggle to remove it from a dead body. He them threw the paper into the actual trashcan. The boy was quite happy. He'd just had a lot of fun. However, it was now time to go clean himself up, get dressed, and go. The world was waiting for the one tiny Genin to come out of his house and take on the world!

So, after washing his face, putting on deodorant even though he lacked any pubic hair at all yet, the boy applied shaving cream to his face and lightly shaved, even though he didn't have any facial hair either. This was all practice for growing up! It was enough shenanigans now however. The boy thought he looked good and he smelled good. He ran to get dressed, stuffed his clothes with his equipment, and ran out of his room. First detour was to the kitchen! he went and grabbed an apple and a banana from the fruit basket and ran out of the house, threw his boots on, and skedaddled. Off to the stinky Jounin outpost!

He ran like the dickens all the way there, went inside, and he went right away to the bulletin board and found a mission, that this time, was surprisingly interesting! Someone in Kiri, a new restaurant owner guy, wanted a shinobi to take down a few wild boars and bring them back to his restaurant. He wanted three exactly. Takeshi had to think for a moment where boars might be living around here, and then he remembered the misty forest not too far from the village. He'd go there! He first needed to rent some equipment though. He went to to a hunting supply store and rented a crossbow and a quiver of arrow bolts. he slung the quiver over a shoulder and held the crossbow proudly in his hands, of course after paying the nice man who worked here in order to rent it in the first place. Now it was time to go hunting!

It took him about ten minutes to get out of the village proper and out into the wild misty woodlands. From here, Takeshi would activate his Chakra Sensing technique and  he'd quietly and carefully make his way into the woods, feeling out for a few chakra sources that should be weak, but rather strong compared to squirrels and rabbits and such, and smaller than a deer, but larger than a badger. It took him a while to find the right signatures, but when he did, he went in that direction, while carefully reaching back to draw an arrow, and he cocked this into the crossbow and locked it. Loaded and ready to fire.

Grunting sounds were heard ahead, not too far away and behind some bushes. The boy was very very careful however. He smelled blood. Apparently the boars had either found a dead animal to scavenge, or they had killed a smaller animal to eat it. This couldn't be good. If Takeshi gave himself away, the next thing he knew, he could be on their menu as well, and Takeshi couldn't have this. If he let the boars eat him, he'd never get that bacon he always wanted. Instead it would be the other way around, the bacon getting that human it always wanted. So, the boy was very quiet, and he was glad he alreadyy had his bow ready to fire.

He came up to the bush an he lay down on the ground. He could see the feet of the pigs through the bushes. He was now waiting for one of them to sit down. What happened however, was one boar was sniffing around, catching the scent of Takeshi, and it dropped it's snout low and leaned down to look under the bush. When it did this, Takeshi's fingers had already flown to the call of the bow resting in the crook of his arm. A twang sound was heard, followed by a loud and annoying squeel. He struck the monstrous hairy pig right between the eyes, and it was falling over now, kicking and screaming as it was dying. One down...two to go. Only problem? Well, when Takeshi stood u, he saw five boars, not just the intended three. Even worse you say? They were charging him!!

Takeshi jumped immediately, and found himself on the back of one of the razorbacks. It bucked and tried to dislodge the boy, while others ganged up, trying to ram him with their tusks and pull him off of the boar he was on. Takeshi took a kunai in one hand, and a shuriken in another. He threw the shuriken at the boar closing in on his left, tossing it right into it's eye. Not a lot of damage, but it was enough to half blind the beast. It only proved to make matters worse however. In the meantime, Takeshi had his legs tightly straddled around the boar's barrel like form. He stabbed now at the back of the boar's neck at it's base. He repeatedly stabbed it, blood gushing out everywhere. it squealed loudly and kicked. It now rolled on the ground, and Takeshi had no choice but to jump off of it. The half blind boar in it's maddened wake, rammed into the injured boar Takeshi had just been mounted on/ It gouged it's side with a tusk and got stuck, stuck in it's comrade's side. The two boars went wild, basically starting to kill each other. Takeshi guessed that was ok though. They were helping him out too.

Now....there were two more boars. These ones were smaller, and they looked frightened. Maybe they were piglets. Takeshi cocked another arrow in his bow, and he thought as he looked at them, thinking, 'They're not adults. I have my three boars too, so maybe i should leave it as is and let these two live. However....they don't have parents anymore to keep them safe. They'd be dead meat if I left them. It might be more merciful to kill them now.',a nd so with that being decided, he launched an arrow at one piglet, loaded another arrow, and shot the other. Now all the boars were dead. Takeshi somehow didn't feel so excited anymore about this hunt. He sort of felt like a murderer, but at the same time, wasn't that what a shinobi was? A shinobi was a warrior who killed others. They were trained to kill. They used lethal weapons, and they harnessed their own chakra to form weapons. Takeshi was a killer. He had to let all of this sink in, but he couldn't let this meat go to waste either. He went over therefore, took out another kunai, and started carving the fur off of the animals and cutting the meat into strips. The man at the restaurant had profusely instructed to clean the animals. After all this was done, Takeshi packed away the meat, having to make a few trips, and cover his kills so that carnivores might not find them, but he eventually got all the meat to the restaurant man. When the day's work was done, the boy went home to spend time with his family. He really needed to talk to his Dad and stop trying to dodge being around him because it hurt him to see him in pain.

[Mission complete. overkill. Exit.]

[1374/300 required WC] [400 acquired EXP. 200 Ryo.]
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Mission: Boar Hunting [Mission/Private]
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