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 A Progressively Busier Day In Voltaire Hayashi's Life

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PostSubject: A Progressively Busier Day In Voltaire Hayashi's Life   Fri Aug 14, 2015 4:05 am

Voltaire had been progressively busier and busier in the last few weeks. Things were starting to pile up around the village and he felt that it was truly his duty to keep up on all of these things as effectively as humanly possible, or well above that, he thought to himself, as it was the job of a Shinobi, in a sense, to be well beyond what a human was capable of doing. And today he was going to be making this world even more magical by filling it with even more skilled Shinobi. It was a very important duty that he would make a habit of if all possible and feel deep pride in doing it even one time. He walked into the academy and took a right, then walked down four doors to the class room where he would be giving his lecture. It was a small room, he thought, more suitable for something that one would call a demonstration, but that would be just fine for now. Fifteen children who become Shinobi who pursue a specific area of the trade just because of his words would be enough to make him feel wonderful on the inside. Today he was going to be doing puppetry, as he felt that Medical ninjutsu advertised itself with the respect and ability to heal your friends, and of course, there are few things that amaze a child more than a marionette. He brought with him two identical puppets, his Twin Wasp puppets. They were dangerous, but only on his command or if touched. He would do a good job of keeping them out of the reach of the children. When he closed the door behind him and walked up to the front of the room the teacher greeted him excitedly, introducing him to the class as, "This is Dr. Voltaire Hayashi, and he will be teaching us about using puppets in combat!"

Without any further explanation about what he was going to do quite yet, he opened up his coat and pulled out the two wasps who were curled up and hidden in his white coat.  He tossed them up into the air, sending them over the heads of the children. Some of them squealed, all of them ducked, and the teacher tried to put himself in between the puppets and the students, and just before the threats made any sense, glowing blue threads came out from Voltaire's fingers that caught the wasps, making them come instantly to life and hover above the class, floating up nearly the top of the high ceiling. All of the sounds of fear were replaced by sounds of utter astonishment, including from the educator who he had hoped would have seen this sort of thing before, but apparently not. He was probably a weaker Chuunin, but at least he was making use of what he did learn by propping up those who could surpass him. He started to speak now only that he had the full attention of the class. Voltaire Hayashi knew well that a pair of wide eyes was equal to a set of open ears.
"This is no trick or illusion," he told the class room full of mesmerized individuals of various ages and skill levels, "you control these puppets by using strings made out of your own chakra with a shinobi art known both as puppetry and more officially but less commonly as Kugujutsu. The better you get with this ninja skill, the more puppets you can control with a single hand." The strings slowly shortened, pulling the Twin Wasps back into the palms of his hands, curling up into balls as they made contact with the skin of his hands before he put them back in his coat. Having felt that he had explained the basics relatively well, he left the room without another word.

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PostSubject: Re: A Progressively Busier Day In Voltaire Hayashi's Life   Fri Aug 14, 2015 4:53 am

Voltaire Hayashi walked away from the wonderful place of education and off to his place of work, both happy to be at the place that he called his second home, or sometimes even his only one true home, but he was also sad because he knew that he was doing one of his least favorite parts of this job. He was to be doing some work as an orderly, which meant that he was going to have to get into a fight without actually injuring somebody. He could not leave even a small scratch or bruise on the man without both ruining his reputation and damaging the actual patient, which he was trained to care about as a doctor. He knew that he would probably not have that same level of empathy with every sick person who came to his practice, but that was probably a very good thing, or at least a less than negative quality. He would not be trying to reverse it at the very least, not yet anyway.

When he walked into the institution he was greeted with the same level of respect as always, but now there was definitely an added dose of fear in the eyes of the employees that he could not immediately find any legitimate reason for, but after a few moments of watching people immediately glance away from him as he walked by them, he started to get any idea of why they may have developed a new found fear of him. This idea was reinforced when he looked into the cafeteria. They did not just look at him with a fear. They seemed to be eyeing him with a level of hatred, but that was not especially important to Voltaire Hayashi. He did what he wanted and that was no going to change. he would only feel regret about things that effected him directly. He had heard that the new head of staff of the kitchen was excellent and the food quality had actually improved drastically, so he was very proud of what he did at that point.

He went down the hall several yards further to a very heavy set of double doors. He knocked on the door  and a large man with a katana looked through the window of one of the doors and then opened up the door to let Voltaire Hayashi through. Any other Shinobi would have been required to point up at their Sunagakure no Sato head band to signify that he was on a mission, but Voltaire had been there for things as light as a medicine prescription to as heavy as a lobotomy. Voltaire really did enjoy the lobotmizing of the mentally ill, but that was not something that he got to do right now. There was no question as to where the disturbance was coming from, all that he had to do was follow the screams of the nurses. There was an angry man wearing only a hospital gown and the shredded up remains of straight jacket crouched down in a corner of the hall, sobbing heavily into one of his palms. His other hand was pressed up against his mid-section, but there was no blood visible. He was a large framed man, but the frame was all that seemed to be left. He was large boned with all of those bones entirely visible. He was extremely pale with white hair and equally pale stubble all over his face, not just the lower half of it. His eyes were a dull grey with blood shot whites. His entire body shook extremely hard with nervousness. There was a scalpel on the floor and one of the nurses had a giant cut on her forearm. Voltaire understood what he had to do.

When Voltaire approached the man leaped out at him, striking him with his hand. He struck with the hand that was over his abdomen and then moved the hand that he was crying where the other hand had been, pushing down on a specific spot on his stomach. Voltaire leaned back so that the man's weight would be distributed evenly across his upper body. Had he grabbed the arm of the man he would have not only bruised the arm of the elderly man, but quite possibly broken his bone. He wrapped one of his arms around the man and let him swing his knobby fists over and over and over and over into his prized face. He knew that the old man was not hitting very hard, not even hard enough to injure his own hands, and that as high as Voltaire Hayashi had gotten his durability up to, nobody was going to be damaged in any way shape or form by this assault as long as he did not let it go on for too long of a time. To bring it to an end he started to build up the chakra in his free hand, and wrap the other around in a hug, to pull the fabric away from the part of his skin that he was cradling. He started up the healing technique and immediately took to healing the purple bruise that he saw using the Healing Jutsu to ease his pain. It was like day and night. The man instantly calmed down and slumped down a little, to be caught by Voltaire before he could fall all the way down. Voltaire eased him slowly onto the floor before picking him up in a cradling way to lead him back into his room and place him back on his hospital bed.
"His straight jacket was on too tight and it left a terrible bruise on his body every time he tried to move his right arm," Voltaire said as he walked out of the room, back down the hall, and feeling all of the fear on his skin once more until he was back outside.

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PostSubject: Re: A Progressively Busier Day In Voltaire Hayashi's Life   Fri Aug 14, 2015 6:32 am

Voltaire Hayashi was exceptionally depressed after seeing how poorly his own staff was handling one of his mentally ill patients. Those who were suffering from any form of mental illness were some of the last people that one was to mistreat or abuse at all because they were the last people that the real world was going to be taking serious if they came forward with a report of something of that sort. Doctors had gotten away with terrible things, truly unspeakable things, just by doing them to patients who nobody would believe under any possible circumstances. If somebody regularly reported that something happened when it most obviously could not have, no matter how hard that individual believed what they were saying, they would be treated the same as pathological liars later on. He was on a calming walk in the direction of the school. He was exhausted already even though it was around an hour until noon. It was a whole hour away from being considered a day half complete, and that was enough to absolutely mentally and psychologically floor him.

Recess was going on when he walked next to the school yard, and a child ran up to him. He recognized this child as one of the children for whom he gave his last demonstration. He was something of a fat kid, for lack of a less amusing term at that point in time. He was darker skinned, shorter, and more on the plump side. He had dark features and pitch black hair. He dressed much more nicely than most of the children who were at his age, as he was definitely one of the younger kids as far as the academy students went. At most Voltaire Hayashi would have guessed that he would have been nine or ten at the very most, but he may have just had extremely immature facial features. He looked at Voltaire with such a genuine excitement that he felt his icy heart going lukewarm once more. The young child stuttered a little and then started to speak more clearly. He said to the man,
"Hey, Mister, um, I mean, Doctor Hayachi, Sir. Can you teach me anything else about puppets?" Initially, Voltaire Hayashi was more than ready to blow the kid off, but then he made eye contact and felt like he could not do such a thing any longer. Those big, brown eyes seemed to ask so much while staying so mind blowingly humble. It was enough to make him question the way that he lived his life and dealt with all of the people that he interacted with in a normal day. He enjoyed it, but he also so very much hated it. "Your Kugujutsu is really cool! I wanna know more about it!"

He grinned and nodded in agreement to the boy. He did not entirely know why, but he wanted to see this kid go far. This must have been what people called taking an interest in another human being. He had never really taken an interest in taking an interest in a human being in the past. He decided that he liked it and he was going to teach the boy a few things. He pulled out the two wasps from his coat again, and tossed them up into the air once again. This time he did not use both hands, or even any more than two fingers, to control his wasps. The left hand tossed them up and then he used his right hand to control the two of them using only his pointer finger and his middle finger. They buzzed close to the boy and Voltaire Hayashi let them hover a bit lower, their heads being about at the shoulder level of the boy. "Do not touch their stingers or anything lower than the heads," he said, speaking more in his usual, harsh and stern tone, than he had before with the child. He had no idea why he was so worried that the child would be afraid of how he was speaking to him. He really did not want this kid to be afraid. He just wanted him to be excited about the puppets enough to go into the trade later himself. That was the ultimate goal here.

The young boy raised his hand like he was still in the classroom, which Voltaire Hayashi found absolutely adoring and indefinitely endearing. Voltaire nodded as a way of letting the child know that he could ask whatever his question was. "How come that I can not touch the bottom part?" the child asked in speech that was a total wreck even for his age, but Voltaire would not be the type of teacher who missed out on a chance to reward the curiosity of a student.

"A pretty large amount of puppets used by ninja have special hidden compartments or triggered weapons inside of them that are set off by strings, pressure, or both. If you press on the bottom the stringer of these fake wasps is sent flying out of the body at extremely high speeds. If you are in the way it will put a hole in you quicker than anything else." Voltaire barely twitched his middle finger to make the wasp turn away from the boy entirely and then twitched that finger again. The metal stinger was sent flying out of the Twin Wasp, which blasted through about a foot and a half of sand. The boy jumped back out of surprise so quickly that his feet fell out from under him and he fell on his behind. The Twin Wasp floated down to get stinger and pushed it back into its body using its back legs. He pulled the puppets back into his jacket and said farewell to the child who was blown away.

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PostSubject: Re: A Progressively Busier Day In Voltaire Hayashi's Life   Sat Aug 15, 2015 5:31 am

Voltaire Hayashi believed himself to have been done with the school and its knowledge hungry children for now, but he found himself to be delightfully wrong shortly after. Another child came running up to him. "And you re a doctor too, right?" the little girl asked him, looking up at him with the wide and curious eyes of a child."Could you maybe teach us about that stuff too? Maybe?"The other children started to gather around her as well. Voltaire was becoming more and more aware of the fact that he was a spectacle to these children, but at least, he thought to himself, he was a far more educational spectacle than most of the things that the youth indulged in. That being said, he was more than willing to continue putting on a show for them. He was going to help make another batch of great ninja warriors with specialties in puppet mastery and medical ninjutsu skills if he could, and he very much felt like he could right about now.

"I would love to teach you a thing or two about the medical ninjutsu skill. It is something that you will find very useful as a ninja, I promise. To make it work, you will need to have very good control over your chakra. I personally refined mine with puppet techniques, but the average shinobi would start off with ninjutsu, as that is sort of the base off of which all of these things spring. Medical Ninjtsu exists for the betterment of the entire team, instead of just the improvement of a single ninja. When you learn something like this you become an asset to the entire village, and with that comes a degree of respect." After he made that statement Voltaire Hayashi could easily spot who in the class had been bullied or generally given a hard time. The eyes of those kids always lit up the brightest when somebody told them that they could be respected, and ironically, Voltaire had a lot of respect for that hunger in their eyes. They knew where the real power was. Voltaire spotted one of the children who had a scrape on his knee and gestured for him to come over to him. The boy first looked from side to side, then pointed at himself, and then came over after Voltaire nodded to confirm that it was indeed him who was being pointed at. When he came up to Voltaire, Voltaire leaned down and extended his hand to the boy's knee. His hand started to glow green and with its presence the scrape on the boy's knee was gone almost instantly. This elicited a variety of reactions, but a lot of them were just children screaming about how they were going to be medical ninjutsu users when they grew up, which really had been the point. With that, Voltaire turned around and started off on his way.

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PostSubject: Re: A Progressively Busier Day In Voltaire Hayashi's Life   Sun Aug 16, 2015 1:45 pm

After Voltaire felt secure in being done with his duties at the school yard, teaching the children what they could know, and feeling pretty good about himself for that as well as what he had been doing the whole rest of the day. This good feeling, as few rarely did in the life of Voltaire Hayashi, would hardly last longer than a moment. From the school yard he cut through alley, as he often did, because it was a short cut to the hospital that he had started to view as his true home. In the alley that he took to get himself to the office chair that he loved more than any other location that he had ever been in, he saw the graffiti  that had been the talk of the town before. It was a giant hour glass, similar to the one that was proudly displayed on his head band, in red with a an "X" cross over it. He hoped that he would be able to ignore this and let his day finally be over, but it would soon be apparent to him that this would not be his reality. When he reached the hospital there was a panicked courier looking for him in the lounge the moment that he entered. "There was an attack! A government employee was attacked!"

Voltaire glared irritably at the man who had just ruined his good day and said in a dark voice, "Yes, and there was just an affront on the ears of one of the medical ninja head of staff. Tell me what you want or leave." Voltaire was still on his course towards the stairs that he intended to take down to one of his two offices, this specific one being located just next to the morgue. He did not really intend to leave the man all alone and completely terrified, but walking away was a great trick to make somebody spit out what they were saying in a much more timely manner.

"The man was spotted at the village gate! We think that he was trained as a Shinobi, maybe a Genin or even a Chuunin! Here, just take this!" The courier gave him a small scroll that Voltaire opened to read immediately. It read as such: "There was a string of graffiti incidents in the village, especially on government buildings. At first it was thought just to be the act of juvenile delinquents attempting to find a reputation for themselves as criminals. This was mostly just being cleaned away until a city official leaving his office was assaulted by a young man who would have killed him if not for having been interrupted. There have been reports of a powerful looking man holding a can of spray paint standing in front of his artwork. You are to take this man down either via an arrest or an execution." It also listed the stats of the assailant. He had a two in both taijutsu and bukijutsu as far as physical skills went, and that meant that Voltaire could assume that his best stats were those pertaining to his physical ability, but he had no need for assumptions. It stated that he had moderate levels of speed and strength, low durability, and no jutsu skills to speak of. He also seemed to be near by.

Voltaire Hayashi slipped the scroll into his inner jacket and removed his Twin Wasps and took off running at full speed to the gates of the village. Before he even saw the man he realized that same symbol he had seen before, the symbol of Sunagakure no Sato with a large X drawn disrespectfully over it. The man standing in front of it was wearing a headband with a gash marked through it and holding a can of red spray paint which he was shaking around playfully; he probably enjoyed the sounds of the shaking aerosol can the same way that a baby enjoyed its rattle. His outfit was all a sandy yellow with specks of his red spray paint all over. Voltaire Hayashi could not tell if that was an accident or some sort of symbolism about his views of Sunagakure no Sato and the society that he felt it represented. He was pale with dark hair, green eyes, and heavy circles under his eyes. His build was above average, though he was a bit short.
"So! I stick one pig and they send a dog, huh? Isn't that just like them!" Voltaire sat still, at first, and replied only by tossing his Twin Wasps up into the air and using his strings to keep them up there, floating above the two of them and just between them. Angry to have been ignored, the would be missing nin charged at Voltaire, swinging at Voltaire with his left hand and landing a hit dead on Voltaire's chest. It was a strong hit, but it wasn't enough to even take the out of the lungs. Voltaire would feel the next blow quite fine. It was a blow to the face with the bottom of the red spray paint can. The man would continue to leave punches and strikes with the metal can to his body again and again, but neglected to pay any attention to Voltaire's own hand, his right hand, which was drawing the wasps closer and closer to the two of them, creeping up behind the man. The man had hit him a good forty or fifty times, and the pain was starting to become noticeable, but still excessively bearable. It was like a june bug flying into him repeatedly and hurt only because of how repetitive the strikes were. Unlike the criminal that he was facing, Voltaire Hayashi was the type of man who would prefer to end things in one fatal blow. One now hovering just behind the criminal, with the stringer aimed at his spine, just at the back of his neck, slammed down, killing the man instantly. This was Voltaire Hayashi's way. He slipped the puppets back into his coat pocket and left, dragging the corpse with him, since its final resting place was right next to his office anyway.

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PostSubject: Re: A Progressively Busier Day In Voltaire Hayashi's Life   

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A Progressively Busier Day In Voltaire Hayashi's Life
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